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No Weapon Formed

No Weapon Formed Author Michelle Stimpson
ISBN-10 1499642784
Release 2014-05-21
Pages 248
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In this sequel to Michelle Stimpson's beloved debut novel, Boaz Brown, LaShondra and her Boaz, Stelson, are living the ideal American lifestyle, except for the subtle and not-so-subtle ways society keeps reminding them that they aren't the norm. She's African-American, he's Caucasian, and their oldest child is already tackling the question of identity. It's bad enough when outsiders show their ignorance or disdain. But when the issues come from family, LaShondra finds herself wondering if Stelson can truly comprehend the challenges looming on the horizon. When a church picnic leads to a head-on clash between LaShondra's fears and Stelson's optimism, the truth prevails. But that's just the beginning.LaShondra learns that the drama during the family outing was only a set-up for an even more rigorous spiritual battle to save her family. After turning her back to the pressures at work and yielding to Stelson's leadership, LaShondra finds herself interceding for a husband she hardly even recognizes anymore. Is this the beginning of the end for the couple that truly endeavored to honor God's ways, or will this season fortify their marriage for His glory?

Divas of Damascus Road

Divas of Damascus Road Author Michelle Stimpson
ISBN-10 9780446561266
Release 2009-05-30
Pages 368
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A family of Christian women battle issues of unwanted pregnancies, overeating, mental illness and traumatic childhoods, hoping that--like Saul's encounter with God on the road to Damascus--their lives will turn around.

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Their Eyes Were Watching God Author Zora Neale Hurston
ISBN-10 0252017781
Release 1991
Pages 231
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When Janie Starks returns home, the small Black community buzzes with gossip about the outcome of her affair with a younger man

His First Wife

His First Wife Author Grace Octavia
ISBN-10 9780758295224
Release 2013-09-03
Pages 320
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Reprinted Edition Kerry Jackson knows exactly where the other woman lives--the one her husband, Jamison, denies exists. He tried to convince Kerry that pregnancy is making her paranoid. But out at 5 A.M., she's determined to catch him in the act. Instead she ends up arrested, wondering how she went from wealthy Atlanta debutante to jilted wife. But the stakes are too high for regrets, even if it means igniting a chain of events that will have shocking consequences for everyone. Because Kerry is Jamison's first wife, and she plans to be his last, even if it means taking her biggest gamble ever. "Octavia creates a wonderful story of love, betrayal and life." --APOOO Book Club Includes bonus material!

Stepping Down

Stepping Down Author Michelle Stimpson
ISBN-10 1491210591
Release 2013-07-26
Pages 272
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Mark has been pastoring New Vision church for six years now, and all his hard work is about to pay off as the church approaches mega-church status. But while Mark has been busy building the church, his own household has been crumbling to pieces. After ignoring divine guidance, Mark finds himself caught up in the appearance of a scandal that threatens to tear the church apart. And his wife's secrets only add insult to near-fatal injury. Sharla would have done just about anything to be a mother...and, actually, she did. She was willing to pay the price for her mistakes, but she never dreamed someone else might have to suffer instead. How close can she come to confessing her past without jeopardizing her future? Stepping Down is the eighth full-length novel from National Bestselling Author Michelle Stimpson. As the granddaughter of a pastor and the great-granddaughter of a bishop, she explores a conflict many spiritual leaders still encounter today. Readers will enjoy this fast-paced, hard-hitting novel that addresses the ageless question: How can a man run the church if he can't run his own household?

King s Baby

King s Baby Author Emerson Rose
ISBN-10 1523960329
Release 2016-02-17
Pages 528
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The law can't touch me, but a life of crime is a life of punishment without handcuffs. I'm the last living heir to the Romero drug empire, and the glory shines like $hit. With money and power comes death and destruction. I lived it. I suffered through it. And then I found her. I didn't know her name was Holland. I didn't know she was a violin prodigy. I didn't know she was the one pure and good thing I'd capture for my own. And then I destroyed her. She carried my child. My hope. My legacy. And I had to protect them both...even if it meant doing the unthinkable.

Only Love

Only Love Author Victoria H. Smith
ISBN-10 1502889048
Release 2014-11-09
Pages 310
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~ Aubrey ~ He's not what I expected. He's just... so much more than I imagined he'd be. Cops around here aren't exactly honorable, and yet, I found myself trusting the one in my own backyard, quite literally the floor above me. Still, my instincts have been wrong before. My heart tells me to let him in completely, to love him completely. But I learned to stop following my heart a long time ago. ~ Adam ~ She's locked up tight and won't let go. A single mother, she's bound by the struggles she hides from the world around her. These trials do nothing but burden her, test her in the worst possible way. But I have struggles of my own, secrets, and with their depth, they don't just test me. They consume me and have the capability of breaking me completely, of breaking us completely. ~ Aubrey & Adam ~ Only love will help us. Only love will save us.

A Man s Worth

A Man s Worth Author Nikita Lynette Nichols
ISBN-10 1601629680
Release 2008
Pages 248
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In this insightful and thought-provoking novel, a pastor's friend is lured onto a dangerous path by a scheming woman.


Jane Author Michelle Onuorah
ISBN-10 0692373268
Release 2015-02-11
Pages 412
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Orphaned. Neglected. Hurt and abused. Jane Daugherty has survived what can only be described as the childhood from hell. After years of mental, physical, and sexual abuse, she has become a fiercely independent young woman - closed off from human connection. Unable to trust people or their ability to be kind, she has vowed to build a new life for herself so that she never has to rely on others again. At 24-years-old, she is fulfilling this vow, successfully working as the youngest tenure-track professor at the University of New York. Brilliant and remarkably accomplished, Jane's life takes an unexpected turn when she is reunited with the childhood friend she protected in foster care. Alexa Masterson introduces Jane to the family that adopted her, a family that includes her older brother, Aiden Masterson. Instantly drawn to each other, Aiden and Jane embark on a relationship that will either destroy them both or shape them into the man and woman they were always meant to be. Can what started as lust transform into love? And what will bring about the transformation that they ultimately need? **Please note there is occasional cursing, mild violence, and unapologetic references to sexuality and spirituality within this work of fiction. Reader discretion is advised.**

Materialities of Ritual in the Black Atlantic

Materialities of Ritual in the Black Atlantic Author Akinwumi Ogundiran
ISBN-10 9780253013910
Release 2014-10-03
Pages 418
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Focusing on everyday rituals, the essays in this volume look at spheres of social action and the places throughout the Atlantic world where African–descended communities have expressed their values, ideas, beliefs, and spirituality in material terms. The contributors trace the impact of encounters with the Atlantic world on African cultural formation, how entanglement with commerce, commodification, and enslavement and with colonialism, emancipation, and self-rule manifested itself in the shaping of ritual acts such as those associated with birth, death, healing, and protection. Taken as a whole, the book offers new perspectives on what the materials of rituals can tell us about the intimate processes of cultural transformation and the dynamics of the human condition.

Sugar Love

Sugar Love Author Victoria H. Smith
ISBN-10 1530641837
Release 2016-04-01
Pages 306
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Sugar... That's some kind of name, isn't it? It wasn't any type of name I'd heard of, but across the world, it seemed I was the only one. You see, he's an international superstar, talented, sexy, and one day, he comes walking into my record store. He tells me he wants to buy some music, and later on, wants to get to know me a little better. I had no idea he was here for his American debut, nor that he was one of the most successful rappers South Korean music had ever seen. If I had, I might not have been so frazzled when I found out and accidentally kidnapped him. But then again... Maybe that wouldn't have mattered anyway.


Nudge Author Richard H. Thaler
ISBN-10 9781101655092
Release 2009-02-24
Pages 320
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From the winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics, Richard H. Thaler, and Cass R. Sunstein: a revelatory look at how we make decisions—for fans of Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow New York Times bestseller Named a Best Book of the Year by The Economist and the Financial Times Every day we make choices—about what to buy or eat, about financial investments or our children’s health and education, even about the causes we champion or the planet itself. Unfortunately, we often choose poorly. Nudge is about how we make these choices and how we can make better ones. Using dozens of eye-opening examples and drawing on decades of behavioral science research, Nobel Prize winner Richard H. Thaler and Harvard Law School professor Cass R. Sunstein show that no choice is ever presented to us in a neutral way, and that we are all susceptible to biases that can lead us to make bad decisions. But by knowing how people think, we can use sensible “choice architecture” to nudge people toward the best decisions for ourselves, our families, and our society, without restricting our freedom of choice. More than 750,000 copies sold

The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol Author Dan Brown
ISBN-10 9781400079148
Release 2010
Pages 639
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The discovery of a mysterious object in the U.S. Capitol building and a subsequent kidnapping lead Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon into a web of mysterious codes, secret locations, and hidden knowledge.

St Elmo

St  Elmo Author Augusta Evans
ISBN-10 9781429044882
Release 2010-09-15
Pages 516
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St Elmo has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from St Elmo also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full St Elmo book for free.

The Book of Snobs

The Book of Snobs Author William Makepeace Thackeray
ISBN-10 BSB:BSB10753599
Release 1856
Pages 100
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The Book of Snobs has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Book of Snobs also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Book of Snobs book for free.

Work Song

Work Song Author Danielle Allen
ISBN-10 1517383374
Release 2015-09-16
Pages 432
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When society tries to put you in a box, knock the walls down. -Tati Green "You have a pretty face" is such a back-handed compliment. It's like telling me that my face is beautiful, but the rest of me is not. Despite what society says, my curves are hot. My love life, on the other hand, is not. My mom says I'll never find love because of my weight. My sister says I'll never find love because of my personality. My almost-fiance says I'll never find love because I'm incapable of loving anyone. My mom and sister are full of it, but my ex kind of has a point. At twenty-seven years old, I've never been in love. I date a lot, yet sparks never fly. But when I experienced the heart-pounding, skin tingling feeling for the first time, I didn't think it would be caused by a guy I've never met. And I damn sure didn't think he would end up holding my future in his hands in more ways than one."

Active Complementarity

Active Complementarity Author Morten Bergsmo
ISBN-10 8293081562
Release 2011
Pages 571
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'Positive complementarity' has become a trendy term since the 2010 Kampala Review Conference. Little thought went into its definition when it was first coined in informal discussions at the International Criminal Court in 2003. 'Complementarity' in the Court's Statute is a passive admissibility threshold below which the Court will not investigate or prosecute. The process to construct national ability to investigate and prosecute core international crimes, on the other hand, requires tireless efforts by numerous international and national actors for many years to come. Democratizing the access to legal information should lie at the heart of such capacity building and knowledge-transfer. One way of reducing existing conditions of inequality faced by war crimes lawyers and investigators operating in different jurisdictions is to facilitate the direct access of national actors to legal sources and knowledge. This book seeks to make the existing capacity building discourse more practical, focused and real. It brings together contributions by persons with expertise in the practice of capacity building, the development and maintenance of tools that can be used to make knowledge-transfer more effective and sustainable, and international criminal law. The Legal Tools Project of the International Criminal Court - a technical platform that can be used by those who intend to strengthen capacity - is discussed in some detail.