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Non dualism in Eckhart Julian of Norwich and Traherne

Non dualism in Eckhart  Julian of Norwich and Traherne Author James Charlton
ISBN-10 9781441139665
Release 2012-10-25
Pages 192
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The words 'me,' 'mine,' 'you,' 'yours,' can mislead us into feeling separate from other people. This book is an exhilarating contribution to the spirituality of non-duality or non-separation. Meister Eckhart, Mother Julian of Norwich and Thomas Traherne are interpreted as 'theopoets' of the body/soul who share a moderate non-dualism. Their work is brought within the ambit of non-dual Hinduism. Specifically, their passion for unitive spiritual experience is linked to construals of both 'the Self' and 'Awakening', as enunciated by Advaita Vedanta. Charlton draws on poetry, theology and philosophy to perceive fresh connections. A commonality of interest is proposed between the three Europeans and Ramana Maharshi. The concept of non-duality is basic to much of Asian religion. On the other hand, Christianity has usually ignored its own non-dual roots. This text contributes to a recovery, in the West, of the vital, unifying power of non-dual awareness and connectedness.

108 Mystics

108 Mystics Author Carl Mccolman
ISBN-10 9781781808771
Release 2017-01-03
Pages 288
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This is a user-friendly and potentially life-changing introduction to the wisdom teachings of 108 of the greatest mystics in the Western tradition. McColman's premise is that we all need teachers and companions to assist us in developing rich interior lives. It celebrates the universal power and wisdom of the teachings of the mystics, highlighting the ways in which their words can help anyone find greater love, purpose and a deeper sense of God's presence. McColman organizes the mystics into nine categories: visionaries, confessors, lovers, poets, saints, heretics, wisdom keepers, soul-friends and unitives, and he covers a wide range of mystics including Martin Luther King, Hildegard of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, Dag Hammarskjold and C.S. Lewis, plus Evelyn Underhill, Simone Weil, Thomas Merton and Bede Griffiths.

The Thirst of God

The Thirst of God Author Wendy Farley
ISBN-10 9781611646108
Release 2015-09-04
Pages 160
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"There is a rich tradition of wonderful women and other contemplatives who are great resources for thinking differently about Christianity. They emphasized divine love, human compassion, and the radical possibilities of contemplative practices. They were not afraid to criticize the church and indeed thought of their challenge as crucial to their faith. We do not have to lose faith with the beautiful wisdom of this story of intimate and compassionate love, dwelling among us and within us, if we do not want to." —from the acknowledgments and note to readers To those seeking a more open, progressive approach to Christian faith, the Christian past can sometimes seem like a desert, an empty space devoid of encouragement or example. Yet in the latter years of the Middle Ages a quiet flowering of a more accessible, positive approach to Christian belief took place among a group of female mystics, those who emphasized an immediate, nonhierarchical experience of the divine. In this enlightening volume, Wendy Farley eloquently brings the work of three female mystics—Marguerite Porete, Mechthild of Magdeburg, and Julian of Norwich—into creative conversation with contemporary Christian life and thought. From alternatives to the standard, violent understandings of the atonement, to new forms of contemplation and prayer, these figures offer us relevant insights through a theology centered on God's love and compassion. Farley demonstrates how these women can help to refresh and expand our awareness of the depth of divine love that encompasses all creation and dwells in the cavern of every human heart.

The Corpus Hermeticum Annotated Edition

The Corpus Hermeticum  Annotated Edition Author G. R. S. Mead
ISBN-10 9783849619114
Release 2012
Pages 83
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This is the extended and annotated edition including * an extensive annotation of almost 10.000 words about the history and basics of Gnosticism, written by Wilhelm Bousset The so-called Hermetic writings have been known to Christian writers for many centuries. The early church Fathers (Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Clement of Alexandria) quote them in defense of Christianity. Stobaeus collected fragments of them. The Humanists knew and valued them. They were studied in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and in modern times have again been diligently examined by many scholars. Contents: I. Poemandres, the Shepherd of Men II. To Asclepius III. The Sacred Sermon IV. The Cup or Monad V. Though Unmanifest God Is Most Manifest VI. In God Alone Is Good And Elsewhere Nowhere VII. The Greatest Ill Among Men is Ignorance of God VIII. That No One of Existing Things doth Perish, but Men in Error Speak of Their Changes as Destructions and as Deaths IX. On Thought and Sense X. The Key XI. Mind Unto Hermes XII. About The Common Mind XIII. The Secret Sermon on the Mountain

Centuries of Meditations

Centuries of Meditations Author Thomas Traherne
ISBN-10 9781616402921
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 360
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For more than 200 years, Thomas Traherne's Centuries of Meditations was undiscovered and unpublished. The manuscript passed through many hands before finally being compiled into a book by bookseller and scholar BERTRAM DOBELL (1842-1914) in 1908. Centuries is a collection of poems written to express the rapture of life lived in accordance with God. Yet Dobell is careful to state that even though Traherne was a clergyman, there is plenty of beauty to be found in his poetry that does not require specific belief in Christianity or in God. Readers of many ages and persuasions will be touched by Traherne's passages on love and belonging.

Homies and Hermanos

Homies and Hermanos Author Robert Brenneman
ISBN-10 9780199753840
Release 2011-11-23
Pages 294
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Using the tools of sociological theory, Robert Brenneman seeks to discover why a pot-smoking, gun-wielding "homie" gang member would want to trade in la vida loca for a Bible and the buttoned-down lifestyle of an evangelical hermano (brother in Christ) - and to what extent this strategy works for the many youth who have tried it.

Core Data in Objective C

Core Data in Objective C Author Marcus Zarra
ISBN-10 1680501232
Release 2016-06-23
Pages 221
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Core Data is Apple's data storage framework: it's powerful, built-in, and can integrate with iCloud. Discover all of Core Data's powerful capabilities, learn fundamental principles including thread and memory management, and add Core Data to both your iOS and OS X projects. All examples in this edition are based on Objective-C and are up-to-date for the latest versions of OS X El Capitan and iOS 9. Core Data expert Marcus Zarra walks you through a fully developed application based around the Core Data APIs. You'll build on this application throughout the book, learning key Core Data principles such as NSPredicate, NSFetchRequest, thread management, and memory management. Start with the basics of Core Data and learn how to use it to develop your application. Then delve deep into the API details. Explore how to get Core Data integrated into your application properly, and work with this flexible API to create convenience methods to improve your application's maintainability. Reduce your migration difficulties, integrate your Core Data app with iCloud and Watch Kit, and use Core Data in a queue-based environment. By the end of the book, you'll have built a full-featured application, gained a complete understanding of Core Data, and learned how to integrate your application into the iPhone/iPad platform. This third edition updates all examples for OS X El Capitan and iOS 9, and gets you up to speed on changes in multithreading and batch processing. There's a new chapter on efficiently importing data from a network location, and a new discussion of how best to pre-load data into your application. What You Need: Mac OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 and a basic working knowledge of Objective-C

What s Wrong with Contemporary Art

What s Wrong with Contemporary Art Author Peter Timms
ISBN-10 0868404071
Release 2004
Pages 184
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The "packing, promotion and reception" of contemporary art troubles Peter Timms. Market demands dominate and art has been corrupted and trivialized. The problem, he argues, extends to the way art is taught in art schools, the art that artists make, the collecting and curatorial methodologies of galleries and museums, funding criteria, the way that art is written about and the media's depiction of art.

Meditation in Judaism Christianity and Islam

Meditation in Judaism  Christianity and Islam Author Halvor Eifring
ISBN-10 9781441162588
Release 2013-10-24
Pages 256
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Meditative practices have flourished in widely different parts of Eurasia, yet historical research on such practices is limited. Research to date has focused on contexts rather than actual practices, and within individual traditions. For the first time in one volume, the meditative practices of the three traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are examined. They are viewed in a global perspective, considering both generic and historical connections to practices in other traditions, particularly in India and East Asia. Their cultural and historical peculiarities are examined, comparing them both to each other and to Asian forms of meditation. The book builds on a notion of meditation as self-administered techniques for inner transformation, a definition which focuses on transformative practice rather than notions of meditative states and mystical experiences. It proposes ways of studying meditative practice historically, and concludes with an essay on the modern scientific interest in meditation.

Arunachala Puranam

Arunachala Puranam Author Robert Butler
ISBN-10 9781326055295
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Arunachala Puranam has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Arunachala Puranam also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Arunachala Puranam book for free.

So Much Light

So Much Light Author James Charlton
ISBN-10 098032971X
Release 2007
Pages 79
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Poetry, spirituality.

Showing of Love

Showing of Love Author Julian of Norwich
ISBN-10 UOM:39015056436663
Release 2001
Pages 848
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Showing of Love has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Showing of Love also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Showing of Love book for free.

A Christmas Treasury of Yuletide Stories and Poems

A Christmas Treasury of Yuletide Stories and Poems Author James Charlton
ISBN-10 0883658011
Release 1976
Pages 416
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Traditional and modern selections capturing the spirit of Christmas are brought together to be read aloud and to enhance the joyfulness of the season

Hagiography and Religious Truth

Hagiography and Religious Truth Author Rico G. Monge
ISBN-10 9781474235792
Release 2016-09-16
Pages 288
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The hagiographic materials from the world's religions can tell us much about the beliefs and practices of the people, yet the limited degree to which hagiography has been used as an instrument for understanding diverse religious traditions is surprising. Hagiography and Religious Truth provides a clearer understanding of the ways hagiography functions to disclose truth for practitioners and suggests various ways that these underexploited sources enrich our comprehension of broader issues in religious studies. This volume provides a much-needed cross-cultural and interreligious comparison of saints' lives, iconography, and devotional practices. The contributors show that hagiographic sources can in fact be "truths of manifestation,Â?? which function as vehicles for prefiguring, configuring, and refiguring religious, social, and cultural life. The editors argue that some meanings simply cannot be communicated effectively through historical-critical methodologies. By exploring how hagiography functions throughout several of the world's religious traditions, this volume illustrates how various modes of hagiography articulate religious ideas and uniquely represent conceptions of sanctity.

Love s Trinity

Love s Trinity Author Julian (of Norwich)
ISBN-10 0814653081
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 336
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The long text of the Showings (translated by Father John-Julian) is accompanied by commentary written by Frederick S. Roden, a lay affiliate member of the Order of Julian of Norwich. This companion is reflective yet learned and is designed to draw the reader more fully into an understanding and experience of what Julian tells us she saw and heard. In the text and commentary we begin to comprehend the truth summarized at the end of the Showings: Love was His meaning.

The Mystical Thought of Meister Eckhart

The Mystical Thought of Meister Eckhart Author Bernard McGinn
ISBN-10 UOM:39015053515824
Release 2001-01
Pages 305
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"Centuries after his work as a preacher, philosopher, and spiritual guide, Meister Eckhart remains one of the most widely-read mystics of the Western tradition. Yet as he has come to be studied more closely, a number of different Eckharts have emerged. Is he prophet of the remote God known only in radical negation and darkness, or messenger to the intimate God of Christ born in the human soul? Are his evocative German sermons the highest expression of his mystical vision, or do we find the key to his vision in the more scholastic, seemingly drier Latin works? For the first time, Bernard McGinn brings together in one volume the fruition of decades of reflection on these questions, offering a view of Eckhart that weaves together his strands as preacher, philosopher, and theologian."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

A Book of Showings to the Anchoress Julian of Norwich

A Book of Showings to the Anchoress Julian of Norwich Author Iuliana Norvicensis
ISBN-10 UOM:39015008280581
Release 1978
Pages 788
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A Book of Showings to the Anchoress Julian of Norwich has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Book of Showings to the Anchoress Julian of Norwich also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Book of Showings to the Anchoress Julian of Norwich book for free.