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Notes from the Underground

Notes from the Underground Author Fyodor Dostoyevsky
ISBN-10 9783736802575
Release 2018-04-25
Pages 177
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Notes from the Underground is a novella by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Notes is considered by many to be the first existentialist novel. It presents itself as an excerpt from the rambling memoirs of a bitter, isolated, unnamed narrator (generally referred to by critics as the Underground Man) who is a retired civil servant living in St. Petersburg. The first part of the story is told in monologue form, or the underground man's diary, and attacks emerging Western philosophy, especially Nikolay Chernyshevsky's What Is to Be Done?. The second part of the book is called "Àpropos of the Wet Snow", and describes certain events that, it seems, are destroying and sometimes renewing the underground man, who acts as a first person, unreliable narrator. Dostoyevsky again confronts the concept of free will and constructs a negative argument to validate free will against determinism in the character Kirillov's suicide in his novel The Demons. Notes from Underground marks the starting point of Dostoyevsky's move from psychological and sociological themed novels to novels based on existential and general human experience in crisis. War is described as people's rebellion against the assumption that everything needs to happen for a purpose, because humans do things without purpose, and this is what determines human history. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche called Dostoevsky "the only psychologist, incidentally, from whom I had anything to learn."

Notes from Underground and the Double

Notes from Underground and the Double Author Fyodor Dostoyevsky
ISBN-10 9780141904092
Release 2009-01-29
Pages 352
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'Notes from Underground' (1864) is a study of a single character, 'the real man of the Russian majority', and a revelation of Dostoyevsky's own deepest beliefs. One of his best critics has said of the first part that it forms his 'most utterly naked pages. Never afterwards was he so fully and openly to reveal the inmost recesses, unmeant for display, of his heart.' 'The Double' (1846) is the nightmarish story of Mr Golyadkin, a man who is haunted or possessed by his own double. Is 'Mr Golyadkinjunior' really a double or simply a fearful side of his own nature? This uncertainty is what gives urgency and horror to a tale which may be read as a classic study of human breakdown.

Notes from Underground White Nights The Dream of a Ridiculous Man and Selections from The House of the Dead

Notes from Underground  White Nights  The Dream of a Ridiculous Man  and Selections from The House of the Dead Author Fyodor Dostoyevsky
ISBN-10 0451529553
Release 2004
Pages 237
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Collects several stories and features "Notes from Underground," in which the narrator leaves his life as an official and goes underground, where he makes obsessive observations on utopianism and the irrational nature of humankind.

Notes from the Underground

Notes from the Underground Author Fyodor Dostoevsky
ISBN-10 1985259184
Release 2018-02-10
Pages 76
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Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky, was a Russian novelist, journalist, and short-story writer whose psychological penetration into the human soul had a profound influence on the 20th century novel.

Notes on the Underground

Notes on the Underground Author Rosalind H. Williams
ISBN-10 0262731908
Release 2008
Pages 283
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Real and imagined undergrounds in the late nineteenth century viewed as offering a prophetic look at life in today's technology-dominated world.

Notes from Underground the Grand Inquisitor

Notes from Underground  the Grand Inquisitor Author Fyodor Dostoyevsky
ISBN-10 9781101666234
Release 2003-11-07
Pages 272
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"The connection between these works is unmistakable, as is their direct relation to Dostoevsky's life—sensational, harrowing, and frenzied." —From the Introduction by Ralph E. Matlow

Notes from Underground

Notes from Underground Author Stephen Duncombe
ISBN-10 9781621062912
Release 2014-11-28
Pages 256
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Much history and theory is uncovered here in the first comprehensive study of zine publishing. From their origins in early 20th century science fiction cults, their more proximate roots in Ô60s counter-culture and their rapid proliferation in the wake of punk rock, Stephen Duncombe pays full due to the political importance of zines as a vital network of popular culture. He also analyzes how zines measure up to their utopian and escapist outlook in achieving fundamental social change. Packed with extracts and illustrations, he provides a useful overview of the contemporary underground in all its splendor and misery.

Notes from Underground

Notes from Underground Author Roger Scruton
ISBN-10 0825306612
Release 2014
Pages 216
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Set in the twilight years of the Czechoslovak communist regime, recalled from the suburbs of Washington, this novel describes a doomed love affair between two young people trapped by the system. Roger Scruton evokes a world in which every word and gesture bears a double meaning, as people seek to find truth amid the lies and love in the midst of betrayal. The novel tells the story of Jan Reichl, condemned to a menial life by his father's alleged crime, and of Betka, the girl who offers him education, opportunity and love, but who mysteriously refuses to commit herself. Through his encounter with the underground culture Jan comes to understand that truth will always elude those who pursue it, and will come only when they least expect it. Hope comes to him from Father Pavel, a priest in the underground church, who opens a door into the faith that has inspired and guided him. Jan is deeply moved by Father Pavel's vision, but distrusts it too. He attends the underground seminars, where the dissidents gather in defiance of the system; but here too distrust prevails. All roads that seem to promise freedom lead to dead ends. But what of Betka: is she the door that opens out of the underground or the door that finally shuts him in? As the story moves to its tragic conclusion the communist system enters its death throes. Jan enjoys freedom at last, only to understand that he has lost the love that would have made freedom meaningful."

Notes from the Underground and Other Stories

Notes from the Underground and Other Stories Author Fyodor Dostoyevsky
ISBN-10 1840225777
Release 2015-05-10
Pages 720
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With an Introduction and Notes by David Rampton, Department of English, University of Ottowa. Notes from Underground and Other Stories is a comprehensive collection of Dostoevsky's short fiction. Many of these stories, like his great novels, reveal his special sympathy for the solitary and dispossessed, explore the same complex psychological issues and subtly combine rich characterization and philosophical meditations on the (often) dark areas of the human psyche, all conveyed in an idiosyncratic blend of deadly seriousness and wild humour. In Notes from Underground, the Underground Man casually dismantles utilitarianism and celebrates in its stead a perverse but vibrant masochism. A Christmas Tree and a Wedding recounts the successful pursuit of a young girl by a lecherous old man. In Bobok, one Ivan Ivanovitch listens in on corpses gossiping in a cemetery and ends up deploring their depravity. In A Gentle Spirit, the narrator describes his dawning recognition that he is responsible for his wife's suicide. In short, as a commentator on spiritual stagnation, Dostoevsky has no equal.

Extremity Retained Notes From the Death Metal Underground

Extremity Retained  Notes From the Death Metal Underground Author Jason Netherton
ISBN-10 9781631734748
Release 2014-04-11
Pages 477
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Featuring original art by Matt "Putrid Gore" Carr and Gary Ronaldson, with design and typography from Tilmann Benninghaus and additional graphics by Timo Ketola. Contributors include (but are not limited to): Luc Lemay (Gorguts), Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse), King Fowley (Deceased), Stephan Gebidi (Thanatos, Hail of Bullets), Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity), Doug Cerrito (Suffocation), John McEntee (Incantation, Funerus), Marc Grewe (Morgoth), Ola Lindgren (Grave), Paul Ryan (Origin), Kam Lee (ex-Massacre, ex-Death), Tomas Lindberg (At the Gates, Lock Up), Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation), Robert Vigna and Ross Dolan (Immolation), Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder), Jacob Schmidt (Defeated Sanity), Esa Linden (Demigod), Dan Seagrave (Artist), Rick Rozz (ex-Death, Massacre), Steve Asheim (Deicide), Jim Morris (Morrisound Studios), Terry Butler (Obituary, Massacre, ex-Death), Mitch Harris (Napalm Death, Righteous Pigs), Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer), John Gallagher (Dying Fetus), Robin Mazen (Derketa, Demonomacy), George Fisher (Cannibal Corpse), Ed Warby (Gorefest, Hail of Bullets), Rob Barrett (Cannibal Corpse, ex-Solstice), Donald Tardy (Obituary), Moyses Kolesne (Krisiun), Takaaki Ohkuma (Necrophile), Paul Speckmann (Master, Abomination), Anders Jacobson (Nasum, Necrony), Carl Fulli (Epidemic), Matt Harvey (Exhumed), Steve Goldberg (Cephalic Carnage), Ben Falgoust (Soilent Green, Goatwhore), Phil Fasciana (Malevolent Creation), Tony Laureno (ex-Nile, ex-Angelcorpse), Alan Averill (Primordial, Twilight of the Gods), Jason Fuller (Blood Duster), Alex Okendo (Masacre), Dave Witte (Municipal Waste, Human Remains), Lee Harrison (Monstrosity) and many more.

Notes from Underground

Notes from Underground Author Thomas Cushman
ISBN-10 0791425444
Release 1995-07-06
Pages 403
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Describes the Russian rock music counterculture and how it is changing in response to Russia's transition from a socialist to a capitalist society. It explores the lived experiences, the thoughts and feelings of the rock musicians as they meet the challenges of change.

The Best Short Stories of Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Best Short Stories of Fyodor Dostoevsky Author Fyodor Dostoyevsky
ISBN-10 9780375756887
Release 2001
Pages 292
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Notes from the Velvet Underground

Notes from the Velvet Underground Author Howard Sounes
ISBN-10 9781473508958
Release 2015-10-22
Pages 416
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**** COMPELLING - The Sunday Telegraph CONTROVERSIAL ... Sounes' book pushes the standard Reed narrative - The New York Times Lou Reed, who died in 2013, was best known to the general public as the grumpy New Yorker in black who sang 'Walk on the Wild Side'. To his dedicated admirers, however, he was one of the most innovative and intelligent American songwriters of modern times, a natural outsider who lived a tumultuous and tortured life. In this in-depth, meticulously researched and very entertaining biography, respected biographer Howard Sounes examines the life and work of this fascinating man, from birth to death, including his time as the leader of The Velvet Underground - one of the most important bands in rock'n'roll. Written with a deep knowledge and understanding of the music, Sounes also sheds entirely new light on the artist's creative process, his mental health problems, his bisexuality, his three marriages, and his addictions to drugs and alcohol. In the course of his research, Sounes has interviewed over 140 people from every part of Lou Reed's life - some of whom have not spoken publicly about him before - including music industry figures, band members, fellow celebrities, family members, former wives and lovers. This book brings Lou Reed and his world alive.

What Is It All but Luminous

What Is It All but Luminous Author Art Garfunkel
ISBN-10 9780385352468
Release 2017-09-26
Pages 256
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From the golden-haired, curly-headed half of Simon & Garfunkel--a memoir (of sorts): artful, moving, lyrical; the making of a musician; the evolution of a man, a portrait of a life-long friendship and collaboration that became one of the most successful singing duos of their time. Art Garfunkel writes about his life before, during, and after Simon & Garfunkel . . . about their folk-rock music in the roiling age that embraced and was defined by their pathbreaking sound. He writes about growing up in the 1940s and '50s (son of a traveling salesman), a middle class Jewish boy, living in a red brick semi-attached house in Kew Gardens, Queens, a kid who was different--from the age of five feeling his vocal cords "vibrating with the love of sound" . . . meeting Paul Simon in school, the funny guy who made Art laugh; their going on to junior high school together, of being twelve at the birth of rock'n'roll, both of them "captured" by it; going to a recording studio in Manhattan to make a demo of their song, "Hey Schoolgirl" (for $7!) and the actual record (with Paul's father on bass) going to #40 on the national charts, selling 150,000 copies . . . He writes about their becoming Simon & Garfunkel, taking the world by storm, ruling the pop charts from the time he was sixteen, about not being a natural performer, but more a thinker . . . touring; sex-for-thrills on the road, reading or walking to calm down (walking across two continents--the USA and Europe). He writes of being an actor working with directors Nicolas Roeg (Bad Timing) and Mike Nichols ("the greatest of them all") . . . getting his masters in mathematics at Columbia; choosing music over a PhD; his slow unfolding split with Paul and its aftermath; learning to perform on his own, giving a thousand concerts worldwide, his voice going south (a stiffening of one vocal cord) and working to get it back . . . about being a husband, a father and much more.

Notes from the Underground

Notes from the Underground Author Frank J. Morlock
ISBN-10 9781434457394
Release 2009-10-01
Pages 96
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Based on the 1864 novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from the Underground features a highly charged encounter between the nameless narrator (the "Underground Man") and a prostitute named Lisa. A classic portrayal of the underbelly of Russian (and modern) society.

Underground To Canada

Underground To Canada Author Barbara Smucker
ISBN-10 9780143178026
Release 2008-06-03
Pages 240
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Taken away from her mother by a ruthless slave trader, all Julilly has left is the dream of freedom. Every day that she spends huddled in the slave trader’s wagon travelling south or working on the brutal new plantation, she thinks about the land where it is possible to be free, a land she and her friend Liza may reach someday. So when workers from the Underground Railroad offer to help the two girls escape, they are ready. But the slave catchers and their dogs will soon be after them…

Poor people

Poor people Author Fyodor Dostoyevsky
ISBN-10 UVA:X000613140
Release 1917
Pages 236
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Poor people has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Poor people also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Poor people book for free.