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Instrumentarien zur Steuerung von Einzelhandel in Deutschland und Spanien

Instrumentarien zur Steuerung von Einzelhandel in Deutschland und Spanien Author Florian Michallik
ISBN-10 3631610793
Release 2010
Pages 409
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Die raumordnungs- und stadtebaurechtliche Steuerung von Einzelhandelsvorhaben ist ein viel diskutierter Problemkomplex auf deutscher, spanischer und europaischer Ebene. Im Vordergrund steht dabei das Ziel nachhaltiger raumlicher Entwicklung. Diese Arbeit untersucht die deutschen und spanischen Steuerungsinstrumentarien und ihre Systematik. Der Einfluss europarechtlicher Regelungen wird beleuchtet. Vertieft wird zudem auf die Gesetzeslage in den Autonomen Gemeinschaften Katalonien und Valencia eingegangen. Im Rahmen einer umfassenden rechtsvergleichenden Analyse werden mogliche Anreize fur eine noch effektivere Einzelhandelssteuerung untersucht. Gleichzeitig gewahrt die Arbeit einen umfassenden allgemeinen Einblick in das spanische Raumordnungs- und Stadtebaurecht."

Las condiciones de vida de la poblaci n pobre desde la perspectiva territorial

Las condiciones de vida de la poblaci  n pobre desde la perspectiva territorial Author Julio Alguacil Gómez
ISBN-10 8489397309
Release 2000
Pages 378
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Las condiciones de vida de la poblaci n pobre desde la perspectiva territorial has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Las condiciones de vida de la poblaci n pobre desde la perspectiva territorial also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Las condiciones de vida de la poblaci n pobre desde la perspectiva territorial book for free.

Arte y Cemento

Arte y Cemento Author
Release 2005-10-15
Pages 168
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La revista decana de la prensa profesional de la construcción, líder del sector. Proporciona a los profesionales y empresas el conocimiento necesario para el desarrollo de sus proyectos y obras, tanto en su aspecto de edificación residencial, como en el industrial y comercial. Está dirigida a fabricantes y prescriptores; como arquitectos, aparejadores, instaladores, técnicos.

Informaci n comercial espa ola

Informaci  n comercial espa  ola Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105027267132
Release 1989
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Informaci n comercial espa ola has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Informaci n comercial espa ola also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Informaci n comercial espa ola book for free.

Collaborative Planning

Collaborative Planning Author Patsy Healey
ISBN-10 0774805986
Release 1997
Pages 338
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In this important new book Patsy Healey draws on a very wide range ofdevelopments in social, political and spatial thought to propose a newframework for planning which is rooted in the institutional realitiesof the emerging world of the twenty-first century. International inscope and comprehensive in its range, it points a way forward forspatial planning activity, from a narrow technical and procedural focustowards a communicative and collaborative model for achieving commonpurposes in the shared spaces of our fragmented societies.

GIS Online

GIS Online Author Brandon Plewe
ISBN-10 MINN:31951D01642866H
Release 1997
Pages 311
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This book is the ideal guide for readers who want to build a Web site based on GIS and mapping technology, or to include maps on their Web sites. It describes the concept of geographic information retrieval and data sharing, outlines motivations for sharing geographic data, and includes step-by-step instructions through the planning and development stages of the Web site. The book also includes an overview of the software available to accomplish these tasks, as well as a brief introduction to the Internet.“As a GIS manager who must decide whether to make GIS data widely available via the Internet, I found this book thought provoking…The examples and Web addresses make this book a useful tool that's readable by both technical and non-technical decision makers.” (Keywords: Advanced GIS)

Bolet n oficial del estado Gaceta de Madrid

Bolet  n oficial del estado  Gaceta de Madrid Author Spain
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105217592547
Release 1983
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Bolet n oficial del estado Gaceta de Madrid has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bolet n oficial del estado Gaceta de Madrid also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bolet n oficial del estado Gaceta de Madrid book for free.

Space Difference Everyday Life

Space  Difference  Everyday Life Author Kanishka Goonewardena
ISBN-10 9781135918637
Release 2008-02-19
Pages 334
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In the past fifteen years, Henri Lefebvre’s reputation has catapulted into the stratosphere, and he is now considered an equal to some of the greats of European social theory (Bourdieu, Deleuze, Harvey). In particular, his work has revitalized urban studies, geography and planning via concepts like; the social production of space, the right to the city, everyday life, and global urbanization. Lefebvre’s massive body of work has generated two main schools of thought: one that is political economic, and another that is more culturally oriented and poststructuralist in tone. Space, Difference, and Everyday Life merges these two schools of thought into a unified Lefebvrian approach to contemporary urban issues and the nature of our spatialized social structures.

Gender Identity and Place

Gender  Identity and Place Author Linda McDowell
ISBN-10 9780745677767
Release 2018-03-23
Pages 296
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Feminist approaches within the social sciences have expanded enormously since the 1960s. In addition, in recent years, geographic perspectives have become increasingly significant as feminist recognition of the differences between women, their diverse experiences in different parts of the world and the importance of location in the social construction of knowledge has placed varied geographies at the centre of contemporary feminist and postmodern debates. Gender, Identity and Place is an accessible and clearly written introduction to the wide field of issues that have been addressed by geographers and feminist scholars. It combines the careful definition and discussion of key concepts and theoretical approaches with a wealth of empirical detail from a wide-ranging selection of case studies and other empirical research. It is organized on the basis of spatial scale, examining the relationships between gender and place from the body to the nation, although the links between different spatial scales are also emphasized. The conceptual division and spatial separation between the public and private spheres and their association with men and women respectively has been a crucial part of the social construction of gendered differences and its establishment, maintenance and reshaping from industrial urbanization to the end of the millennium is a central linking theme in the eight substantive chapters. The book concludes with an assessment of the possibilities of doing feminist research. It will be essential reading for students in geography, feminist theory, women's studies, anthropology and sociology.

The Globalized City Economic Restructuring and Social Polarization in European Cities

The Globalized City   Economic Restructuring and Social Polarization in European Cities Author Frank Moulaert
ISBN-10 0191555525
Release 2003-03-27
Pages 302
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This book explores the dynamics that have accompanied the implementation of large-scale Urban Development Projects (UDPs) in nine European cities within the European Union (EU). It contributes to the analysis of the relationship between urban restructuring and social exclusion/integration in the context of the emergence of the European-wide 'new' regimes of urban governance. These regimes reflect the reawakening of neo-liberal policy and the rise of a New Urban Policy favouring private investments and deregulation of property and labour markets. The selected UDPs further reflect global pressures and changing systems of local, regional, and/or national regulation and governance. These projects, while being decidedly local, capture global trends and new national and local policies as they are expressed in particular institutional forms and strategic practices. The large scale urban interventions were deliberately chosen as reflections of a particular hegemonic and dominant expression of urban policy, as pursued during the 1990s. The book provides a panoramic view of urban change in some of Europe's greatest cities. The nine case-studies include: The Europeanization of Brussels, The Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, the new financial district in Dublin, the science-university-technology complex 'Adlershof' in Berlin, the 1998 World Expo in Lisbon, Athens's bid to stage the Olympic Games, Vienna's Donau City, Copenhagen's Oresund project, and Naples' new business district. These case-studies testify to the unshakable belief the city elites hold in the healing effects that the production of new urban mega-projects and -events has on their city's vitality and development potential. The book also analyses the down side of this development in terms of social exclusion, the formation of new urban elites, and the consolidation of less democratic forms of urban governance. The principal aim is to show how the production of these new urban spaces is actually also part of the production of a new polity, a new economy, and new forms of living urban life that are not very promising for a socially harmonious and just future for metropolitan urban Europe.

Space Time and Architecture

Space  Time and Architecture Author Sigfried Giedion
ISBN-10 0674830407
Release 1967
Pages 897
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Analyzes contemporary architectural techniques, potentialities, innovations, and concepts as they apply to city planning

The Global City

The Global City Author Saskia Sassen
ISBN-10 9781400847488
Release 2013-04-04
Pages 480
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This classic work chronicles how New York, London, and Tokyo became command centers for the global economy and in the process underwent a series of massive and parallel changes. What distinguishes Sassen's theoretical framework is the emphasis on the formation of cross-border dynamics through which these cities and the growing number of other global cities begin to form strategic transnational networks. All the core data in this new edition have been updated, while the preface and epilogue discuss the relevant trends in globalization since the book originally came out in 1991.

Environmentally sustainable economic development

Environmentally sustainable economic development Author Robert J. A. Goodland
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105000291133
Release 1991
Pages 100
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This book makes it clear that unless development is distinguished from economic growth, the turn-off towards sustainable development will be missed. The interdisciplinary approach developed here is absolutely necessary to deal with the complex problems of environment and development. This publication reinforces the concept of ecological economics.

Public Places Urban Spaces

Public Places   Urban Spaces Author Matthew Carmona
ISBN-10 9781136020490
Release 2012-09-10
Pages 320
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Public Places - Urban Spaces is a holistic guide to the many complex and interacting dimensions of urban design. The discussion moves systematically through ideas, theories, research and the practice of urban design from an unrivalled range of sources. It aids the reader by gradually building the concepts one upon the other towards a total view of the subject. The author team explain the catalysts of change and renewal, and explore the global and local contexts and processes within which urban design operates. The book presents six key dimensions of urban design theory and practice - the social, visual, functional, temporal, morphological and perceptual - allowing it to be dipped into for specific information, or read from cover to cover. This is a clear and accessible text that provides a comprehensive discussion of this complex subject.

Distributed Urbanism

Distributed Urbanism Author Gretchen Wilkins
ISBN-10 0415562317
Release 2010
Pages 206
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What form of housing will emerge in Dubai, where the majority of the population are non-citizens and the average length of stay is three days? How will depopulating cities reclaim vacant space, reorganize infrastructure and redefine their economic identity? What type of architecture results from the prevalence of airborne contaminants? What kind of urbanism does Google Earth produce? Exploring the increasingly decentralized systems through which cities are organized and produced, Distributed Urbanism highlights the architectural practices that are emerging in response. Unlike early models of urbanism, in which centralized models of production, communication and governance were sited within a central business district, contemporary urbanism is shaped by remote, distributed mechanisms such as information technologies, (i.e. SatNav, Google Earth, E-trade, Photosynth or RSS web feeds) cooperative economic models and environmental networks, many of which are physically remote from the cities they shape. Consisting of a collection of case studies on global cities including Rotterdam, Tokyo, Barcelona, Detroit, Hong Kong, Dubai, Beijing and Mumbai, Distributed Urbanism draws on these cities in relation to current events, urban schemes and demographic data. All the contributors, a combination of commentators on urbanism and architecture, as well as practitioners in the field, are admired for their work in the area of urban change.

Understanding Urban Policy

Understanding Urban Policy Author Allan Cochrane
ISBN-10 0631211217
Release 2006-11-29
Pages 192
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This extensive review of urban policy explores the interaction of urban policy with changing perspectives on urban life and social welfare. An extensive review of urban policy since the 1960s. Examines a broad range of issues, such as race, economic regeneration and competitiveness, managing dangerous places, community and managerialism. The theme-based structure provides a new and innovative approach to the subject. Written in a clear, accessible style with pedagogic features to appeal to students from a range of disciplines.

Benchmarking Water Services

Benchmarking Water Services Author Enrique Cabrera
ISBN-10 9781843391982
Release 2010-05-01
Pages 164
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Benchmarking Water Services provides valuable info