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Number Treasury3

Number Treasury3 Author Margaret J Kenney
ISBN-10 9789814603713
Release 2015-06-18
Pages 324
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This resource volume is an enlargement as well as an update of the previous edition. The book aims to introduce the reader to over 100 different families of positive integers. A brief historical note accompanies the descriptions and examples of several of the families together with a mix of routine exercises and problems as well as some thought provokers to solve. Number Treasury3 especially aims to stimulate further study beyond the scope of the introductory treatment given in the book. The emphasis in Number Treasury3 is on doing not proving. However, the reader is directed to think critically about situations, to provide explanations, to make generalizations, and to formulate conjectures. To engage the reader from the start, the book begins with a set of rich Investigations. These are standalone activities that represent each of the chapters of the book. Contents:A Perfect Number of Investigations 28 = 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14Numbers Based on Divisors and Proper DivisorsPlane Figurate NumbersSolid Figurate NumbersMore Prime ConnectionsDigital Patterns and Noteworthy NumbersMore Patterns and Other Interesting Numbers Readership: Secondary and intermediate classroom teacher and tertiary mathematics education instructor; undergraduates whose interest is in teaching mathematics at the pre-tertiary level and the segment of the general public for whom mathematics might be a hobby. Key Features:Differs from other books that treat numbers (formally or informally) because it contains numerous exercises and problems, detailed examples for the reader to follow, and the narrative is kept to a minimumHas broad appeal for different audiencesIs a gateway to families of positive integers which leads and encourages the reader to go beyond the book to deeper study of the topics presentedKeywords:Subsets of Positive Integers;Number Types/Families;Introductory Facts About Numbers

Number Treasury 3

Number Treasury 3 Author Margaret J. Kenney
ISBN-10 9814603686
Release 2015
Pages 312
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"This book is a great choice for teachers as well as students who are interested in either recreational mathematics or in studying interesting number patterns. The activities can easily be used in both middle and secondary mathematics classrooms as enrichment topics. They would also be appropriate for use in math clubs and to challenge advanced learners. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves exploring interesting properties of numbers." Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School "It is indeed an extremely rare occasion when a book can be used as a reference through such a broad level of math classes. This one is an existence proof." Mathematical Association of America "I recommend this book as a resource for developing lessons that extend students' understanding of the properties and relationships of numbers. The investigations allow students to make conjectures and generalizations about numbers and act as mathematicians." Mathematics Teacher "Many of the provided activities would be suitable for the high-school classroom, and could give students the opportunity to explore certain aspects of mathematics with a degree of independence." Mathematical Gazette This resource volume is an enlargement as well as an update of the previous edition. The book aims to introduce the reader to over 100 different families of positive integers. A brief historical note accompanies the descriptions and examples of several of the families together with a mix of routine exercises and problems as well as some thought provokers to solve. Number Treasury3 especially aims to stimulate further study beyond the scope of the introductory treatment given in the book. The emphasis in Number Treasury3 is on doing not proving. However, the reader is directed to think critically about situations, to provide explanations, to make generalizations, and to formulate conjectures. To engage the reader from the start, the book begins with a set of rich Investigations. These are standalone activities that represent each of the chapters of the book.

Arithmetical Wonderland

Arithmetical Wonderland Author Andy Liu
ISBN-10 9780883857892
Release 2015-11-16
Pages 240
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Arithmetical Wonderland is intended as an unorthodox mathematics textbook for students in elementary education, in a contents course offered by a mathematics department. The scope is deliberately restricted to cover only arithmetic, even though geometric elements are introduced whenever warranted. For example, what the Euclidean Algorithm for finding the greatest common divisors of two numbers has to do with Euclid is showcased. Many students find mathematics somewhat daunting. It is the author's belief that much of that is caused not by the subject itself, but by the language of mathematics. In this book, much of the discussion is in dialogues between Alice, of Wonderland fame, and the twins Tweedledum and Tweedledee who hailed from Through the Looking Glass. The boys are learning High Arithmetic or Elementary Number Theory from Alice, and the reader is carried along in this academic exploration. Thus many formal proofs are converted to soothing everyday language. Nevertheless, the book has considerable depth. It examines many arcane corners of the subject, and raises rather unorthodox questions. For instance, Alice tells the twins that six divided by three is two only because of an implicit assumption that division is supposed to be fair, whereas fairness does not come into addition, subtraction or multiplication. Some topics often not covered are introduced rather early, such as the concepts of divisibility and congruence.

Tell Me the Number Before Infinity

Tell Me the Number Before Infinity Author Becky Taylor
ISBN-10 0977307085
Release 2016-03-01
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A memoir from two perspectives, the daughter's, Becky, and her mother's, Dena Taylor, about a girl who has a quirky mind (and genius, hence the title,) an eccentric family, and cerebral palsy. The Taylor's pivotal action hugely contributed to California's historical mainstreaming and transporting disabled children into the public schools.

Number treasury

Number treasury Author Stanley J. Bezuszka
ISBN-10 0866510788
Release 1982-11
Pages 198
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Number treasury has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Number treasury also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Number treasury book for free.

It s Okay to Manage Your Boss

It s Okay to Manage Your Boss Author Bruce Tulgan
ISBN-10 047090156X
Release 2010-08-13
Pages 208
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Get what you need from your boss In this follow-up to the bestselling It's Okay to Be the Boss, Bruce Tulgan argues that as managers demand more and more from their employees, they are also providing them with less guidance than ever before. Since the number one factor in employee success is the relationship between employees and their immediate managers, employees need to take greater responsibility for getting the most out of that relationship. Drawing on years of experience training managers and employees, Tulgan reveals the four essential things employees should get from their bosses to guarantee success at work. Shows employees how to ask for what they need to succeed in their high-pressure jobs Shatters previously held beliefs about how employees should manage up Outlines what employees must get from their managers: clear expectations; the skills needed to perform their jobs; honest feedback, recognition or rewards A novel approach to managing up, It's Okay to Manage Your Boss is an invaluable resource for employees who want to work more effectively with their managers.

Cameos for Calculus

Cameos for Calculus Author Roger B. Nelsen
ISBN-10 9780883857885
Release 2015-11-16
Pages 186
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A thespian or cinematographer might define a cameo as “a brief appearance of a known figure,” while a gemologist or lapidary might define it as “a precious or semiprecious stone.” This book presents fifty short enhancements or supplements (the Cameos) for the first-year calculus course in which a geometric figure briefly appears. Some of the Cameos illustrate mainstream topics such as the derivative, combinatorial formulas used to compute Riemann sums, or the geometry behind many geometric series. Other Cameos present topics accessible to students at the calculus level but not usually encountered in the course, such as the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality, the arithmetic mean-geometric mean inequality, and the Euler-Mascheroni constant. There are fifty Cameos in the book, grouped into five sections: Part I Limits and Differentiation; Part II Integration; Part III Infinite Series; Part IV Additional Topics, and Part V Appendix: Some Precalculus Topics. Many of the Cameos include exercises, so Solutions to all the Exercises follows Part V. The book concludes with References and an Index. Many of the Cameos are adapted from articles published in journals of the MAA, such as The American Mathematical Monthly, Mathematics Magazine, and The College Mathematics Journal. Some come from other mathematical journals, and some were created for this book. By gathering the Cameos into a book we hope that they will be more accessible to teachers of calculus, both for use in the classroom and as supplementary explorations for students.

The Joy of SET

The Joy of SET Author Liz McMahon
ISBN-10 9781400884483
Release 2016-11-07
Pages 320
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Have you ever played the addictive card game SET? Have you ever wondered about the connections between games and mathematics? If the answer to either question is "yes," then The Joy of SET is the book for you! The Joy of SET takes readers on a fascinating journey into this seemingly simple card game and reveals its surprisingly deep and diverse mathematical dimensions. Absolutely no mathematical background is necessary to enjoy this book—all you need is a sense of curiosity and adventure! Originally invented in 1974 by Marsha Falco and officially released in 1991, SET has gained a widespread, loyal following. SET's eighty-one cards consist of one, two, or three symbols of different shapes (diamond, oval, squiggle), shadings (solid, striped, open), and colors (green, purple, red). In order to win, players must identify “sets” of three cards for which each characteristic is the same—or different—on all the cards. SET’s strategic and unique design opens connections to a plethora of mathematical disciplines, including geometry, modular arithmetic, combinatorics, probability, linear algebra, and computer simulations. The Joy of SET looks at these areas as well as avenues for further mathematical exploration. As the authors show, the relationship between SET and mathematics runs in both directions—playing this game has generated new mathematics, and the math has led to new questions about the game itself. The first book devoted to the mathematics of one of today’s most popular card games, The Joy of SET will entertain and enlighten the game enthusiast in all of us.

Reverse Mathematics

Reverse Mathematics Author John Stillwell
ISBN-10 9781400889037
Release 2018-01-02
Pages 200
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This book presents reverse mathematics to a general mathematical audience for the first time. Reverse mathematics is a new field that answers some old questions. In the two thousand years that mathematicians have been deriving theorems from axioms, it has often been asked: which axioms are needed to prove a given theorem? Only in the last two hundred years have some of these questions been answered, and only in the last forty years has a systematic approach been developed. In Reverse Mathematics, John Stillwell gives a representative view of this field, emphasizing basic analysis—finding the “right axioms” to prove fundamental theorems—and giving a novel approach to logic. Stillwell introduces reverse mathematics historically, describing the two developments that made reverse mathematics possible, both involving the idea of arithmetization. The first was the nineteenth-century project of arithmetizing analysis, which aimed to define all concepts of analysis in terms of natural numbers and sets of natural numbers. The second was the twentieth-century arithmetization of logic and computation. Thus arithmetic in some sense underlies analysis, logic, and computation. Reverse mathematics exploits this insight by viewing analysis as arithmetic extended by axioms about the existence of infinite sets. Remarkably, only a small number of axioms are needed for reverse mathematics, and, for each basic theorem of analysis, Stillwell finds the “right axiom” to prove it. By using a minimum of mathematical logic in a well-motivated way, Reverse Mathematics will engage advanced undergraduates and all mathematicians interested in the foundations of mathematics.

The Mathematics Lover s Companion

The Mathematics Lover s Companion Author Edward R. Scheinerman
ISBN-10 9780300223002
Release 2017-03-21
Pages 296
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Twenty-three mathematical masterpieces for exploration and enlightenment

Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap Author Vicky Neale
ISBN-10 9780191092435
Release 2017-09-28
Pages 208
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In 2013, a little known mathematician in his late 50s stunned the mathematical community with a breakthrough on an age-old problem about prime numbers. Since then, there has been further dramatic progress on the problem, thanks to the efforts of a large-scale online collaborative effort of a type that would have been unthinkable in mathematics a couple of decades ago, and the insight and creativity of a young mathematician at the start of his career. Prime numbers have intrigued, inspired and infuriated mathematicians for millennia. Every school student studies prime numbers and can appreciate their beauty, and yet mathematicians' difficulty with answering some seemingly simple questions about them reveals the depth and subtlety of prime numbers. Vicky Neale charts the recent progress towards proving the famous Twin Primes Conjecture, and the very different ways in which the breakthroughs have been made: a solo mathematician working in isolation and obscurity, and a large collaboration that is more public than any previous collaborative effort in mathematics and that reveals much about how mathematicians go about their work. Interleaved with this story are highlights from a significantly older tale, going back two thousand years and more, of mathematicians' efforts to comprehend the beauty and unlock the mysteries of the prime numbers.

Computational and Algorithmic Linear Algebra and n Dimensional Geometry

Computational and Algorithmic Linear Algebra and n Dimensional Geometry Author Katta G Murty
ISBN-10 9789814632157
Release 2014-07-31
Pages 480
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This undergraduate textbook on Linear Algebra and n-Dimensional Geometry, in a self-teaching style, is invaluable for sophomore level undergraduates in mathematics, engineering, business, and the sciences. These are classical subjects on which there are many mathematics books in theorem-proof style, but this unique volume has its focus on developing the mathematical modeling as well as computational and algorithmic skills in students at this level. The explanations in this book are detailed, lucid, and supported with numerous well-constructed examples to capture the interest and encourage the student to master the material.

The Moral Rhetoric of Political Economy

The Moral Rhetoric of Political Economy Author Paul Turpin
ISBN-10 9781136835100
Release 2011-03-17
Pages 176
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Two of the most important economics treatise are Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments and Wealth of Nations and Milton Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom. In this book, Paul Turpin provides a rhetorical analysis of these texts arguing that both Smith and Friedman use argumentative and narrative depictions of character to reinforce a sense of societal decorum as a stabilizing foundation for their theories of liberal political economy. The comparison of Smith and Friedman by itself is a major contribution to the development of the history of economic thought. It adds a new, historical, depth to the heterodox analyses and critiques of twentieth century economics by writers such as Giocoli and Mirowski. The issue of the social constitution of identity, which is at the core of this book, is a hot topic in economic methodology and as such this book by a promising young historian of economic thought will be roundly applauded.

A Companion to the Archaeology of Religion in the Ancient World

A Companion to the Archaeology of Religion in the Ancient World Author Rubina Raja
ISBN-10 9781444350005
Release 2015-06-15
Pages 520
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A Companion to the Archaeology of Religion in the Ancient World presents a comprehensive overview of a wide range of topics relating to the practices, expressions, and interactions of religion in antiquity, primarily in the Greco-Roman world. • Features readings that focus on religious experience and expression in the ancient world rather than solely on religious belief • Places a strong emphasis on domestic and individual religious practice • Represents the first time that the concept of “lived religion” is applied to the ancient history of religion and archaeology of religion • Includes cutting-edge data taken from top contemporary researchers and theorists in the field • Examines a large variety of themes and religious traditions across a wide geographical area and chronological span • Written to appeal equally to archaeologists and historians of religion

The Circle

The Circle Author Alfred S. Posamentier
ISBN-10 9781633881686
Release 2016-08-23
Pages 300
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The circle has fascinated mathematicians since ancient times. This entertaining book describes in layperson’s terms the many intriguing properties of this fundamental shape. If math has intimidated you, this may be the ideal book to help you appreciate the discipline through one of its most important elements. The authors begin with a brief review of the basic properties of the circle and related figures. They then show the many ways in which the circle manifests itself in the field of geometry—leading to some amazing relationships and truly important geometric theorems. In addition, they explore remarkable circle constructions and demonstrate how all constructions in geometry that usually require an unmarked straightedge and a compass can also be done with the compass alone. Among other things, the reader will learn that circles can generate some unusual curves – many even quite artistic. Finally, the role of circles in art and architecture and a discussion of the circle’s place on the sphere bring "full circle" this presentation of a key element of geometry.

Number Treasury S uperscript2

Number Treasury S  uperscript2 Author Stanley J. Bezuszka
ISBN-10 0769000118
Release 2001
Pages 304
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Number treasury (grades 7 and up) : DS18120.

Probability and Expectation

Probability and Expectation Author Zun Shan
ISBN-10 9789813141513
Release 2016-07-14
Pages 208
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In China, lots of excellent students who are good at maths take an active part in various maths contests and the best six senior high school students will be selected to form the IMO National Team to compete in the International Mathematical Olympiad. In the past ten years China's IMO Team has achieved outstanding results — they have won the first place almost every year. The author is one of the senior coaches of China's IMO National Team, whose students have won many gold medals many times in IMO. This book is part of the Mathematical Olympiad Series which discusses several aspects related to maths contests, such as algebra, number theory, combinatorics, graph theory and geometry. This book will, in an interesting problem-solving way, explain what probability theory is: its concepts, methods and meanings; particularly, two important concepts — probability and mathematical expectation (briefly expectation) — are emphasized. It consists of 65 problems, appended by 107 exercises and their answers.