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Maths Basics for Ages 7 8 Key Stage 2

Maths Basics for Ages 7 8  Key Stage 2 Author Paul Broadbent
ISBN-10 1843150697
Release 2002
Pages 32
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Maths & English Basics are specifically designed for home study and to work alongside the primary curriculum. The series strengthens numeracy and literacy skills from the pre-school years right through to secondary school. English Basics works alongside the activities and tasks set out in the National Literacy Strategy. The exercises follow the actual subjects of the Literacy Hour, week by week, topic by topic.

Numeracy Basics

Numeracy Basics Author Paul Broadbent
ISBN-10 1858054583
Release 1999
Pages 32
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This is an activity book designed to practice key numeracy skills with children aged 8-9. It is one of a series linked to the government's new Numeracy Strategy and gives advice on mental mathematics activities aimed to refresh skills learned at school as well as real-life mathematical problems. Notes to parents provide guidance on the activities, gives suggestions for further projects and information on the curriculum in the forthcoming academic year to help prepare the child for school.

Education and Mind in the Knowledge Age

Education and Mind in the Knowledge Age Author Carl Bereiter
ISBN-10 9781135644796
Release 2005-04-11
Pages 544
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In this book, Carl Bereiter--a distinguished and well-known cognitive, educational psychologist--presents what he calls "a new way of thinking about knowledge and the mind." He argues that in today's Knowledge Age, education's conceptual tools are inadequate to address the pressing educational challenges and opportunities of the times. Two things are required: first, to replace the mind-as-container metaphor with one that envisions a mind capable of sustaining knowledgeable, intelligent behavior without actually containing stored beliefs; second, to recognize a fundamental difference between knowledge building and learning--both of which are essential parts of education for the knowledge age. Connectionism in cognitive science addresses the first need; certain developments in post-positivist epistemology address the second. The author explores both the theoretical bases and the practical educational implications of this radical change in viewpoint. The book draws on current new ways of thinking about knowledge and mind, including information processing, cognitive psychology, situated cognition, constructivism, social constructivism, and connectionism, but does not adhere strictly to any "camp." Above all, the author is concerned with developing a way of thinking about the mind that can usher education into the knowledge age. This book is intended as a starting point.


Apprenticeship Author Great Britain: Parliament: House of Lords: Select Committee on Economic Affairs
ISBN-10 9780104011157
Release 2007-07-20
Pages 237
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Apprenticeship : A key route to skill, 5th report of session 2006-07, Vol. 2: Evidence

Tracking Adult Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Tracking Adult Literacy and Numeracy Skills Author Stephen Reder
ISBN-10 9781135903305
Release 2008-09-16
Pages 412
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Understanding the origins of poor literacy and numeracy skills in adulthood and how to improve them is of major importance when society places a high premium on proficiency in these basic skills. This edited collection brings together the results of recent longitudinal studies that greatly extend our knowledge of what works in raising skill levels, as well as the social and economic returns to improvement. Many fundamental research questions in adult education involve change over time: how adults learn, how program participation influences their acquisition of skills and knowledge, and how their educational development interacts with their social and economic performance. Although a growing number of longitudinal studies in adult basic education have recently been completed, this book is the first systematic compilation of findings and methods. Triangulating findings from different methodological perspectives and research designs, and across countries, this text produces convergence on key conclusions about the role of basic skills in the modern life course and the most effective ways of enhancing them.

Junior Maths

Junior Maths Author David Hillard
ISBN-10 190573526X
Release 2009
Pages 336
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Junior Maths Book 3 is a rigorous and challenging textbook for pupils aged 9+ (Year 5 upwards) and helps pupils to prepare for success at Common Entrance. This book consolidates the material already covered in the Junior Maths course and introduces new topics such as percentages, ratio and proportion, line graphs and probability, all of which will lay the foundations for success in Common Entrance and other entrance exams at 11+. - Covers the new numeracy framework to ensure pupils are learning the most up to date material - Combines the traditional standard method with the mental approach to challenge all abilities and satisfy all needs - Includes a huge bank of practice material including problem solving exercises to ensure pupils have plenty of practice material The Answer Book is now available as a free download. Also available from Galore Park - Junior Maths Book 1 - Junior Maths Book 2 - 11+ Maths Practice Exercises - 11+ Maths Practice Exercises Answer Book - 11+ Maths Revision Guide

Gifted Children

Gifted Children Author H. J. O. Milne
ISBN-10 PSU:000021335563
Release 1991
Pages 191
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"Selected papers from the Second State Conference, celebrating ten years of service, by the Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children Inc., Griffith University, Mount Gravatt Campus, 15-17th June, 1990".

All the Math You ll Ever Need

All the Math You ll Ever Need Author Steve Slavin
ISBN-10 9780471674023
Release 1999-03-29
Pages 240
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A sharp mind, like a healthy body, is subject to the same rule of nature: Use it or lose it Need a calculator just to work out a 15 percent service charge? Not exactly sure how to get the calculator to give you the figure you need? Turn to this revised and updated edition of All the Math You'll Ever Need, the friendliest, funniest, and easiest workout program around. In no time, you'll have total command of all the powerful mathematical tools needed to make numbers work for you. In a dollars-and-cents, bottom-line world, where numbers influence everything, none of us can afford to let our math skills atrophy. This step-by-step personal math trainer: Refreshes practical math skills for your personal and professional needs, with examples based on everyday situations. Offers straightforward techniques for working with decimals and fractions. Demonstrates simple ways to figure discounts, calculate mortgage interest rates, and work out time, rate, and distance problems. Contains no complex formulas and no unnecessary technical terms.

The Great Literacy Debate

The Great Literacy Debate Author Andrew Goodwyn
ISBN-10 9781136705755
Release 2012-03-29
Pages 192
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This book is the first definitive, and objective, attempt to examine the actual impact of The National Literacy Strategy, and its secondary version, The Framework for English.

Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development Author Jon M. Werner
ISBN-10 9781133707479
Release 2011-10-01
Pages 688
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This comprehensive text covers the entire field of human resource development, from orientation and skills training, to career and organizational development. It shows how concepts and theory have been put into practice in a variety of organizations. This sixth edition of HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT reflects the current state of the field, blending real-world practices and up-to-date research. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Basic Maths For Dummies

Basic Maths For Dummies Author Colin Beveridge
ISBN-10 9781119975625
Release 2011-07-26
Pages 284
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Whether you are returning to school, studying for an adult numeracy test, helping your kids with homework, or seeking the confidence that a firm maths foundation provides in everyday encounters, Basic Maths For Dummies, UK Edition, provides the content you need to improve your basic maths skills. Based upon the Adult Numeracy Core Curriculum, this title covers such topics as: Getting started with the building blocks of maths and setting yourself up for success Dealing with decimals, percentages and tackling fractions without fear Sizing Up weights, measures, and shapes How to handle statistics and gauge probability Filled with real-world examples and written by a PhD-level mathematician who specialises in tutoring adults and students, Basic Maths For Dummies also provides practical advice on overcoming maths anxiety and a host of tips, tricks, and memory aids that make learning maths (almost) painless - and even fun.

Excel Basic Skills Homework Book

Excel Basic Skills Homework Book Author Pascal Press
ISBN-10 1864412747
Release 1998
Pages 83
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Excel Basic Skills Homework Book has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Excel Basic Skills Homework Book also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Excel Basic Skills Homework Book book for free.

Help Your Kids with Maths

Help Your Kids with Maths Author Carol Vorderman
ISBN-10 9780241011874
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 264
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A simple, visual guide to helping children understand maths with Carol Vorderman Reduce the stress of studying maths and help your child with their homework, following Help Your Kids with Maths a unique visual guide which will demystify the subject for everyone. Now available with text that lights up as you read along and playful images and sounds. Updated to include the latest changes to the UK National Curriculum and with additional content on roman numerals, time, fractions and times tables, Help Your Kids with Maths helps you solve maths problems step-by-step. Using clear, accessible pictures and diagrams - and covering everything from basic numeracy to more challenging subjects like statistics and algebra - you'll learn to approach even the most complex maths problems with confidence. Includes a glossary of key maths terms and symbols. Help Your Kids with Maths (previous ISBN 9781405322461) is the perfect guide for every frustrated parent and struggling child, who wants to understand maths and put it into practise.

NSW Targeting Maths

NSW Targeting Maths Author Judy Tertini
ISBN-10 1920728074
Release 2002
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NSW Targeting Maths has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from NSW Targeting Maths also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full NSW Targeting Maths book for free.

Targeting Maths Dictionary

Targeting Maths Dictionary Author Garda Turner
ISBN-10 1920728147
Release 2003
Pages 76
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"This dictionary is an essential guide to the mathematical language and concepts used in Australian primary schools. Written with the young reader in mind, the Targeting Maths Dictionary provides clear and simple definitions. Filled with photos and diagrams, this colourful reference book will bring the language of mathematics to life for primary school students. Also included are many charts including symbols, abbreviations, shapes, prime numbers, Roman numerals and fraction and measurement conversion tables." -back cover.

Basic Maths for Adults

Basic Maths for Adults Author Vali Nasser
ISBN-10 1503052826
Release 2014-10-31
Pages 116
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This book is aimed at helping you do every day maths with ease. In addition if you are applying for jobs that require basic numeracy skills then this book will also be valuable. This will be particularly true if you want to improve your speed in the Mental Arithmetic and re-visit some areas in arithmetic especially if you did your maths a long time ago or not feel very confident in maths. He hopes that this book 'Basic Maths for Adults' will help those aspiring to pass basic numeracy tests or just brush up their everyday skills.

Understanding Maths

Understanding Maths Author Graham Lawler
ISBN-10 1842852655
Release 2011
Pages 203
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Who else wants to spend less time studying and be able to calculate correctly each time? Now in its fourth edition, this book has proved highly successful, selling thousands of copies per year over the last ten years. It is ideal for student nurses, engineers, primary school student teachers and parents who wish to help their children with maths.