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Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance

Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance Author Debasis Bagchi
ISBN-10 9780123964779
Release 2013-07-26
Pages 568
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Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance: Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength provides a comprehensive overview to understanding the integrated impact of nutrition on performance. The book is divided into five main themes: An introductory overview of the role of nutrition in human health Various types of physical exercises, including cardiovascular training, resistance training, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, bioenergetics, and energy balance. This section also covers the nutritional requirements associated with various fitness programs, as well as exercise and nutritional requirements in special populations, including the pre-pubertal, young, elderly, and disabled. Sports and nutritional requirements. The molecular mechanisms involved in muscle building A thorough review of various food, minerals, supplements, phytochemicals, amino acids, transition metals, small molecules and other ergogenic agents that have been implicated in muscle building and human performance This book is an ideal resource for nutritionists, dietitians, exercise physiologists, health practitioners, researchers, students, athletes, trainers, and all those who wish to broaden their knowledge of nutrition and its role in human performance. Discusses the impact of nutrition, including food, minerals, vitamins, hormones, trace elements, etc., that can significantly attenuate/improve human performance and sports Addresses the molecular and cellular pathways involved in the physiology of muscle growth and the mechanisms by which nutrients affect muscle health, growth and maintenance Encompasses multiple forms of sports/performance and the salient contribution of appropriate nutrition on special populations, including nutritional guidelines and recommendations to athletes Strong focus on muscle building

Sports Nutrition Needs for Child and Adolescent Athletes

Sports Nutrition Needs for Child and Adolescent Athletes Author Chad M. Kerksick
ISBN-10 9781466579750
Release 2016-04-27
Pages 299
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As the number of child and adolescent athletes continues to increase each year, more children are being exposed to greater training volumes and increasing physical demands—making the need for nutritional and recovery guidance increasingly important. While massive amounts of empirical research are published each year on responses and adaptations to exercise and nutrition, a relative lack of this data is focused on children and adolescents. Filling this need, Sports Nutrition Needs for Child and Adolescent Athletes explores the optimal sports nutrition needs for the child and adolescent athlete in three, detailed sections. The first section—Nutritional Foundation—supplies a comprehensive look at topics that relate to nearly every athlete. It focuses on the need for optimal nutrition in youth athlete populations, highlighting energy, body composition, hydration, and both macro- and micro-nutrient requirements. The second section—Special Considerations in Child and Adolescent Athletes—focuses on topics that are more specific. This section includes coverage of the impact of common recreational drugs on exercise performance, steroid use in youth and associated dangers, key elements of working with diabetic and other clinically relevant populations, as well as discussions that relate to overweight and weight-conscious athletes, respectively. The final section—A Hands-On Approach—reviews nutritional programs for both child and adolescent athletes. It uses an easy-to-understand approach to discuss and apply situations that can challenge athletes, their parents, and coaches by making sure young athletes are well fueled and recovered for all sporting situations. For the purposes of the research presented in this book, a child athlete is defined as an athlete between the ages of 7 and 12 years while an adolescent athlete is defined as an athlete 13–17 years of age.

Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition

Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition Author Heather Hedrick Fink
ISBN-10 9781449690052
Release 2013-11-25
Pages 600
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Revised and updated to keep pace with the growing changes in the field, the Fourth Edition of Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition provides students and practitioners with the latest sports nutrition information and dietary practices, and prepares them to assist athletes and fitness enthusiasts in achieving their personal performance goals. Early chapters provide an introduction to sports nutrition and give a thorough explanation of macronutrients, micronutrients, and water and their relation to athletic performance. Later chapters focus on the practical and applied aspects of sports nutrition including behavior change through consultations and weight management. Chapter 15 targets the unique nutrition requirements of special populations such as athletes who are pregnant, vegetarian, or have chronic diseases. The text concludes with a chapter dedicated to helping readers discover the pathway to becoming a sports dietitian through education and experience. New to the Fourth Edition: New discussion of sports nutritionists as evidence-based practitioners Current MyPlate food group recommendations Revised discussion of the relationship between current body weight and carbohydrate intake, as well as the types and the amounts of carbohydrates that should be consumed during exercise New Food For Thought callouts identify related material in Sports Nutrition Workbook and Assessments Updated statistics, guidelines, and regulations found throughout the text, including obesity statistics, carbohydrate intake and vitamin needs."

The Teenage Body Book

The Teenage Body Book Author Kathy McCoy
ISBN-10 0399525351
Release 1999
Pages 240
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An updated manual for teenagers and their parents offers clear and comprehensive information about all aspects of mental and physical health for adolescents, discussing diets, sex, drugs, peer pressure, and much more. Original.

The Ergogenics Edge

The Ergogenics Edge Author Melvin H. Williams
ISBN-10 UVA:X004107140
Release 1998-01
Pages 317
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In this text, the author examines, explains, grades, and recommends more than 60 substances or techniques that have been or might have been used to improve athletic performance. From supplements to stress management techniques, he weighs the effectiveness, safety, and legality of each aid.

Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease

Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease Author Maurice Edward Shils
ISBN-10 0781741335
Release 2006
Pages 2069
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Distinguished experts provide in-depth information on historic landmarks in nutrition, specific dietary components, nutrition in integrated biologic systems, nutritional assessment through the life cycle, nutrition in various clinical disorders, public health and policy issues, and more.

Nutrition and Performance in Masters Athletes

Nutrition and Performance in Masters Athletes Author Peter R.J. Reaburn
ISBN-10 9781439871874
Release 2014-10-15
Pages 393
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Addresses the Aging Process and Its Effect on Sports Performance Age-related changes influence all physiological systems, including those used during exercise and sport. Highlighting masters athletes—older adults who train and compete in organized sports—Nutrition and Performance in Masters Athletes examines the extent to which regular physical training can impact these changes. This book bridges the gap between theory and practice, addressing nutritional, exercise and sport sciences, and the actual performance of masters athletes and older exercisers. It reviews in detail many age-related changes that occur in the physiological systems, provides implications of these changes for masters athletes, coaches and clinicians, explores scientifically-based methods to maximize sprint, strength and power, team sport players, endurance and ultra-endurance performance, and focuses on the unique nutritional needs of master athletes. Examines the Growing Body of Knowledge on Masters Athletes Each chapter has been written by a world-leading authority in their field. Contributors focus on a specific topic and discuss available research. Incorporating information from studies on younger and older athletes and healthy older non-athletes, they help determine the training and nutrition implications for sports medicine professionals and clinicians, masters athletes and coaches, and future research directions for academic and postgraduate students. The book includes material on endurance, ultra-endurance, speed, strength and power, and team sports athletes. Sections cover macronutrients (carbohydrate, fat and protein needs), micronutrients (vitamin and mineral needs), fluids and hydration; supplements and ergogenic aids, nutrition for chronic disease, and the training/nutrition needs of every type of masters athletes. Nutrition and Performance in Masters Athletes is highly recommended for medical and health professionals, fellow academics, postgraduates with an interest in masters athletes, as well as masters athlete coaches and masters athletes, and administrators wanting to assist their members.

Better Nutrition

Better Nutrition Author
Release 1999-01
Pages 80
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Reaching nearly 1 million readers monthly, Better Nutrition celebrates 70 years as a leading in-store distributed magazine for health conscious consumers. Widely distributed to thousands of health-food stores and grocery chains across the country, Better Nutrition provides authoritative, well-researched information on food nutrition, dietary concerns, supplements and other natural products.

Essentials of Sports Nutrition and Supplements

Essentials of Sports Nutrition and Supplements Author Jose Antonio
ISBN-10 1597453021
Release 2009-02-11
Pages 691
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This volume is a comprehensive textbook for the undergraduate course in sports nutrition. Focusing on exercise physiology, this text is to be used in a certification course sponsored by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN).

Ultimate Sports Nutrition

Ultimate Sports Nutrition Author Frederick C. Hatfield
ISBN-10 0809248875
Release 1987
Pages 204
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In an age when the winning edge is measured in milliseconds, athletes must apply every resource to gain that edge. Ultimate Sports Nutrition offers state-of-the-art methods of diet and supplementation for achieving super fitness and peak athletic performance. Nutrition and fitness expert Dr. Fred Hatfield not only gives the latest advancements in nutritional sciences but tells you how to implement them into a total nutritional program that can drastically improve both strength and endurance. More importantly, he explains--in layman's terms, perhaps for the first time--how to enhance chemical interactions to achieve superior performance capabilities, carrying the reader light years beyond Durk Pearson's formula for "life extension" into the realm of life enhancement. Interspersed with graphics, charts, and anecdotes from top athletes and coaches, this book details guidelines for gaining weight, losing weight, improving muscle-to-fat ratio, and eating and supplementing during the season, off-season, and preseason. While keeping in mind the specifics of each sport and its physical demands, Hatfield discusses it all--from amino acids to energy enhancers, from herbs to metabolic activators to effective Soviet formulas--giving today's athlete the ultimate in peak performance. Dr. Frederick C. Hatfield, author of the bestselling Bodybuilding: A Scientific Approach, has written more than 15 books on training, conditioning, nutrition, and bodybuilding.

Strength Training and Sports Nutrition for Men

Strength Training and Sports Nutrition for Men Author Paul Wanlass, D.C.
ISBN-10 9781304788788
Release 2014-01
Pages 154
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This book is designed specifically for men who want to improve their nutritional habits and increase strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, maintain a healthy weight, and decrease the recovery time between workouts or sporting events. Common injuries for male athletes depend on the sport, but may include: neck, upper back, or low back pain, sprains of the ligaments in the arms and legs, strains of the muscles in the arms and legs, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, and ankle sprains from poor neuromuscular coordination. This book is designed to help condition your body to prevent these injuries.

Food Nutrition and Sports Performance III

Food  Nutrition and Sports Performance III Author Ronald J. Maughan
ISBN-10 9781317981220
Release 2013-08-21
Pages 152
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As sport has become more professionalised over the last thirty years, so the role of nutrition in promoting health and performance has become ever more important to athletes who search for the extra edge to succeed in their respective sports. With the expansion in the provision of medical and scientific support services in elite sport, those who advise athletes have had to become adept at identifying those dietary strategies that will help them to outperform their competitors. This book is structured in two parts. The first analyses the science that underpins the nutritional goals of athletes, with a focus on the implications for athletes during training, competition and recovery. The second looks more closely at the practical implications for different sport categories, i.e. those that focus on strength, power or endurance, and on weight category sports, team sports and winter sports. This volume will be of value to sports dieticians and nutritionists and others involved in the care and support of athletes, as well as to those who take an interest in the subject of sport nutrition and competitive performance. Coaches and athletes will also find much of interest here. This book is based on the proceedings of the third in a series of Consensus Conferences in Sports Nutrition organised under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee. It was published as a special issue of the Journal of Sports Sciences.

Essentials of Creatine in Sports and Health

Essentials of Creatine in Sports and Health Author Jeffrey R. Stout
ISBN-10 1597455733
Release 2009-12-30
Pages 254
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With all of the misinformation regarding the effects of creatine supplementation on health and sports performance, this book brings together the information on how creatine affects body composition, exercise performance, and health. Supported by the International Society of Sports Nutrition, this volume is timely and vital for all professionals in the field of sports nutrition.

7 Weeks to 10 Pounds of Muscle

7 Weeks to 10 Pounds of Muscle Author Brett Stewart
ISBN-10 9781612431222
Release 2012-12-01
Pages 160
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Offers daily training plans for a workout regimen that promises ten pounds of muscle gain in seven weeks, in a work that features step-by-step lifting instructions and a meal plan for maximum muscle growth.

Functional Cross Training

Functional Cross Training Author Brett Stewart
ISBN-10 9781612432502
Release 2014-03-11
Pages 200
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Functional Cross Training has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Functional Cross Training also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Functional Cross Training book for free.

Nutritional Supplements in Sports and Exercise

Nutritional Supplements in Sports and Exercise Author Mike Greenwood
ISBN-10 1597452319
Release 2008-11-16
Pages 522
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In the ever-growing field of sports nutrition and nutritional supplementation, it is imperative to have a comprehensive and extensive guide, which is exactly what Nutritional Supplements in Sports and Exercise provides. The editors and authors have skillfully structured their research and findings as they deliver an accessible wealth of knowledge to the general population, while also maintaining academic and professional integrity through quality based and advanced scientific research, which renders it useful in the professional environment by sports nutritionists, exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning/personal trainers, athletic trainers, registered dietitians, college/ professional sports affiliates, and academic programs. Not only does Nutritional Supplements in Sports and Exercise significantly cover the physical aspects of supplement usage, but it also expands its breadth as it notes the psychological effects upon users and discusses its various governmental regulations, and attempts to understand the future of nutritional supplements as the industry continues its likely growth. Nutritional Supplements in Sports and Exercise covers a timely subject, and offers interested readers knowledgeable insight into a rising industry plagued by concerns and question.

Diets Designed for Athletes

Diets Designed for Athletes Author Maryann Karinch
ISBN-10 0736038345
Release 2002
Pages 221
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This book tells you what to eat, when to eat it, and why. It gives you sound nutritional advice and the information you need to perform optimally by understanding which supplements will work best for you and your sport.--[book cover]