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On the Run An Ivy Malone Mystery Book 3

On the Run  An Ivy Malone Mystery Book  3 Author Lorena McCourtney
ISBN-10 1585586145
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 320
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Super senior sleuth Ivy Malone is spunkier than Miss Marple, with a curiosity that just won't quit. That inquisitiveness has gotten her into plenty of trouble, including murder, mayhem, and a place on a mini-Mafia hit list. Now Ivy's headed across the country with a stray cat and God as her only companions. But just when she thinks she's safe, two dead bodies turn up-discovered by Ivy, of course. A flock of emus, a survivalist outpost, and paintball are just a few of the strange things Ivy has to deal with in order to solve this latest crime. But will anyone believe the truth? On the Run, the third book in the Ivy Malone mysteries, is a mix of great fun and great suspense. Readers will love Ivy's latest lively adventure.

Invisible An Ivy Malone Mystery Book 1

Invisible  An Ivy Malone Mystery Book  1 Author Lorena McCourtney
ISBN-10 9781585585199
Release 2004-08-01
Pages 320
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She's not your average crime fighter! Ivy Malone has a curiosity that sometimes gets her into trouble, and it's only aggravated by her discovery that she can easily escape the public eye. So when vandals romp through the local cemetery, she takes advantage of her newfound anonymity and its unforeseen advantages as she launches her own unofficial investigation. Despite her oddball humor and unconventional snooping, Ivy soon becomes discouraged by her failure to turn up any solid clues. And after Ivy witnesses something ominous and unexplained, she can't resist putting her investigative powers to work again. Even the authorities' attempts to keep Ivy out of danger and her nosy neighbor's match-making schemes can't slow her down. But will the determination that fuels this persistent, quirky sleuth threaten her very safety? "I laughed out loud. McCourtney's charming mystery debuts a voice both enchanting and startling."-Colleen Coble, author of Without a Trace "McCourtney's skill at blending whimsy, quirks, and questions into a lead character makes Invisible a must read."-Lois Richer, author of Dangerous Sanctuary "Invisible is a treat! Ivy Malone is a heroine with spunk and determination!"-Carol Cox, author of A Stitch in Time

Dolled Up to Die The Cate Kinkaid Files Book 2

Dolled Up to Die  The Cate Kinkaid Files Book  2 Author Lorena McCourtney
ISBN-10 9781441242617
Release 2013-07-15
Pages 320
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When Cate Kinkaid receives a frantic call about a triple homicide, she drives to the scene against her better judgment--aren't triple homicides more up the police department's alley?--only to find that the victims are not quite who she expects. Now she has a new rule to add to those she's learned in her short stint as an assistant private investigator: always find out if the victims actually have human DNA. Because these three do not. But who would shoot this nice lady's dolls? What possible reason could the shooter have? And then there's the startling discovery of another victim, who definitely does have human DNA . . . With tension that is matched only by humor, Dolled Up to Die is the exciting second book in Lorena McCourtney's The Cate Kinkaid Files. Mystery fans won't find a place to stop and take a breath in this fast-paced and intriguing tale.

Your Chariot Awaits

Your Chariot Awaits Author Lorena McCourtney
ISBN-10 9781418571443
Release 2007-10-09
Pages 320
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A new "cozy mystery" series featuring a woman and her limousine! In the course of one week Andi McConnell turns sixty, loses her job, breaks up with her boyfriend, and receives an unexpected inheritance from an eccentric rich uncle--a sleek black stretch limousine with bulletproof windows. She knows it's totally impractical--yet the limo has an allure that Andi can hardly resist. The allure is considerably dampened, however, with the discovery of a dead body in the trunk. So Andi joins forces with a nosy but charming former TV private eye in a bumbling and often hilarious attempt to find the killer. Fasten your seatbelt! Your Chariot Awaits is a perfect combination of mystery, mishap, and mayhem--with the quirkiest and funniest of chauffers who's set to take you on the ride of a lifetime.

In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight Author Lorena McCourtney
ISBN-10 9780800759551
Release 2005-01
Pages 311
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Ivy's mutant curiosity, oddball humor, and quirky sleuthing skills are put to the test again when new neighbors and snooping strangers disrupt her quiet town. Book two of the Ivy Malone Mysteries.

Deeper Water

Deeper Water Author Robert Whitlow
ISBN-10 9781418566081
Release 2008-06-01
Pages 400
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The Tides of Truth novels follow one lawyer's passionate pursuit of truth in matters of life and the law. In the murky waters of Savannah's shoreline, a young law student is under fire as she tries her first case at a prominent and established law firm. A complex mix of betrayal and deception quickly weaves its way through the case and her life, as she uncovers dark and confusing secrets about the man she's defending--and the senior partners of the firm. How deep will the conspiracy run? Will she have to abandon her true self to fulfill a higher calling? And how far will she have to go to discover the truth behind a tragic cold case?

Something Buried Something Blue

Something Buried  Something Blue Author Lorena McCourtney
ISBN-10 0692816070
Release 2016-12-28
Pages 296
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Seniors Ivy Malone and Mac MacPherson have warily circled the idea of marriage for some time while Ivy was on the run and hiding from the murderous Braxton clan. Now the Braxtons are out of the way, and Mac and Ivy have made the Big Decision. They're getting married! The plans are made, the date is set. A church wedding, of course, complete with heirloom wedding gown and Ivy's old friend, Magnolia, walking her down the aisle, and a buffalo barbecue afterward. Except there are the problems of a dead body, a big pile of money, and a killer who is cheerfully willing to bring their plans to a deadly halt. Join Ivy and Mac for another lighthearted adventure through danger and mayhem in this first book in the new Mac 'n' Ivy Mysteries series.

The Blue Moon

The Blue Moon Author Lorena McCourtney
ISBN-10 0824947258
Release 2007-10-01
Pages 312
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While cleaning her office at the Sparrow Island Nature Conservatory, Abigail Stanton discovers a stunning blue diamond necklace hidden in her desk. Who could have hidden it there and why? Abby finds out that the jewel may be the famous Blue Moon diamond, and legend has it that anyone possessing this gem is doomed. Despite Abby`s attempts to keep the discovery quiet, the whole island is talking about it. Claims from “ owners” are flying in. Thugs threaten Abby. And the service dog belonging to Abby`s wheelchair-bound sister, Mary, is kidnapped. Soon, Abby begins to wonder if there is any truth to the legend of the Blue Moon. Can she find the real owner before it`s too late? Readers will delight in joining up with Abby on another adventure that will keep them guessing to the last page!

Love Me If You Must Patricia Amble Mystery Book 1

Love Me If You Must  Patricia Amble Mystery Book  1 Author Nicole Young
ISBN-10 1441232915
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 384
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Professional renovator Tish Amble decided long ago that staying in one place is about as exciting as peeling wallpaper from plaster. So before the paint in each newly transformed home is dry, Tish is researching her next move. This time she chooses a small town in Michigan with a dilapidated Victorian that challenges her imagination. But Tish's idyllic small-town dream fizzles when she finds more in the creepy basement than what was revealed on the seller's disclosure-what looks like traces of foul play. With a hovering police officer living next door and a possible love interest just two doors down, Tish has her hands full. Will she discover the truth before it's too late?

A Fool and His Monet Serena Jones Mysteries Book 1

A Fool and His Monet  Serena Jones Mysteries Book  1 Author Sandra Orchard
ISBN-10 9781493401802
Release 2016-02-23
Pages 336
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Serena Jones has a passion for recovering lost and stolen art--one that's surpassed only by her zeal to uncover the truth about the art thief who murdered her grandfather. She's joined the FBI Art Crime Team with the secret hope that one of her cases will lead to his killer. Now, despite her mother's pleas to do something safer--like get married--Serena's learning how to go undercover to catch thieves and black market traders. When a local museum discovers an irreplaceable Monet missing, Jones leaps into action. The clues point in different directions, and her boss orders her to cease investigating her most promising suspect. But determined to solve the case and perhaps discover another clue in her grandfather's murder, she pushes ahead, regardless of the danger. With spunk, humor, and plenty of heart-stopping moments, Sandra Orchard gives readers an exciting string of cases to crack and a character they'll love to watch solve them.

Elementary My Dear Watkins

Elementary  My Dear Watkins Author Mindy Starns Clark
ISBN-10 9780736933025
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 320
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Jo Tulip narrowly escapes an attempt on her life when her ex-fiancé, Bradford, saves her after she is pushed in front of a train, but her investigation into the accident uncovers clues with ties to Europe.


Invisible Author Lorena McCourtney
ISBN-10 0800759532
Release 2004
Pages 320
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Average citizen Ivy Malone decides to do some sleuthing when vandalism hits her town to determine whether or not a suspicious string of events is related in this entertaining blend of suspense and whimsy. Original.

A Treacherous Mix

A Treacherous Mix Author Kathy Herman
ISBN-10 9780830775507
Release 2018-08-01
Pages 384
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When twenty-four-year-old Hawk Cummings wakes up by Beaver Lake at sunset, all he remembers is a dream about a spider that spewed venom. Then he realizes that Kennedy—the young woman he broke every vow to have an affair with—is gone. He rushes to her house only to find it empty. No furniture. No pictures. No sign that anyone lived there. Ashamed and confused, Hawk decides not to report anything to the sheriff. Then Hawk realizes that someone else in town knows what happened to his lover. He begins to fear for Kennedy’s life—and his own.


Whirlpool Author Lorena McCourtney
ISBN-10 078626246X
Release 2004
Pages 456
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Book 1 in The Julesburg MysteriesIn one year Stefanie Canfield has weathered the death of her mother, her husband's infidelity, and a difficult divorce. Then the plywood mill they still own together is destroyed by fire, and Stefanie becomes a suspect. Ryan, the arson investigator, turns out to be Stefanie's childhood friend, and their renewed friendship becomes a crucial bond in the dark and terrifying days that follow.

Delectable Mountains

Delectable Mountains Author Earlene Fowler
ISBN-10 0425206521
Release 2006
Pages 329
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"Volunteered" to take over rehearsals of a children's play for the musical director of her church, Benni Harper's entertainment career comes to a dismal end when she stumbles upon the corpse of the church handyman in front of the altar. Reprint.


Stillwater Author Melissa Lenhardt
ISBN-10 9781510700710
Release 2015-10-06
Pages 304
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Big secrets run deep. Former FBI agent Jack McBride took the job as Chief of Police for Stillwater, Texas, to start a new life with his teenage son, Ethan, away from the suspicions that surrounded his wife’s disappearance a year earlier. With a low crime rate and a five-man police force, he expected it to be a nice, easy gig; hot checks, traffic violations, some drugs, occasional domestic disturbances, and petty theft. Instead, within a week he is investigating a staged murder-suicide, uncovering a decades’ old skeleton buried in the woods, and managing the first crime wave in thirty years. For help navigating his unfamiliar, small-town surroundings, Jack turns to Ellie Martin, one of the most respected women in town—her scandal-filled past notwithstanding. Despite Jack's murky marriage status and the disapproval of Ethan and the town, they are immediately drawn to each other. As Jack and Ellie struggle with their budding relationship, they unearth shattering secrets long buried and discover the two cases Jack is working, though fifty years apart, share a surprising connection that will rattle the town to its core. Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Arcade, Yucca, and Good Books imprints, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction—novels, novellas, political and medical thrillers, comedy, satire, historical fiction, romance, erotic and love stories, mystery, classic literature, folklore and mythology, literary classics including Shakespeare, Dumas, Wilde, Cather, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Never Look Back

Never Look Back Author Kathy Herman
ISBN-10 9780307561671
Release 2009-02-19
Pages 336
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Forgiveness is one thing, but who really forgets? Ivy Griffith has been released from jail after serving time for covering up the strangulation death of a high school classmate ten years earlier. She’s paid her debt to society. Kicked her drug habit. She’s making a fresh start. Problem is, everyone in her hometown of Jacob’s Ear, Colorado, knows what she did. And her seven-year-old son, Montana, won’t stop probing about the father he has never met–the man Ivy was too stoned to even remember. Plagued by her own shame and her little boy’s cries for male affirmation, Ivy is thrilled when Rue Kessler takes an interest in Montana and her. Maybe, just maybe, he’s the answer to prayer she’s been waiting for. But Rue has a shadow hanging over his past and is suspected in a rash of bizarre, brutal beatings. He denies any involvement, and Ivy believes him–until she discovers he and Montana have kept a secret from her. At a loss for what to believe or where to turn, Ivy’s on the verge of despair and wonders if even God has given up on her. Or is something bigger at play here–something being orchestrated outside of her control that’s about to bring down the curtain on everything including her past? From the Trade Paperback edition.