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One More Time

One More Time Author Mike Royko
ISBN-10 0226730727
Release 2000-05-15
Pages 322
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Culled from 7,500 columns and spanning four decades, the writings in this collection reflect a radically changing America as seen by a man whose keen sense of justice and humor never faltered. 11 halftones.

Royko in Love

Royko in Love Author Mike Royko
ISBN-10 9780226730790
Release 2010-09-15
Pages 256
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Street-smart, wickedly funny, piercingly perceptive, and eloquent enough to win a Pulitzer Prize, Mike Royko continues to have legions of devoted fans who still wonder “what Royko would have said” about some outrageous piece of news. One thing he hardly ever wrote or talked about, though, was his private life, especially the time he shared with his first wife, Carol. She was the love of his life, and her premature death at the age of forty-four shook him to his soul. Mike’s unforgettable public tribute to Carol was a heart-wrenching column written on what would have been her forty-fifth birthday, “November Farewell.” His most famous and requested piece, it was the end of an untold story. Royko in Love offers that story’s moving and utterly beguiling beginning in letters that “Mick” Royko, then a young airman, wrote to his childhood sweetheart, Carol Duckman. He had been in love with her since they were kids on Chicago’s northwest side, but she was a beauty and he was, well, anything but. Before leaving for Korea, he was crushed to hear she was getting married, but after returning to Blaine Air Force Base in Washington, he learned she was getting a divorce. Mick soon began to woo Carol in a stream of letters that are as fervent as they are funny. Collected here for the first time, Royko’s letters to Carol are a mixture of sweet seduction, sarcastic observations on military life, a Chicago kid’s wry view of rural folk, the pain of self-doubt, and the fear of losing what is finally so close, but literally so far. His only weapons against Carol’s many suitors were his pen, his ardor, and his brilliance. And they won her heart.

For the Love of Mike

For the Love of Mike Author Mike Royko
ISBN-10 0226730735
Release 2001-04-28
Pages 270
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Shares articles covering a wide range of topics, from the "ex-Cub" factor in baseball to a private screening of "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls."


Boss Author Mike Royko
ISBN-10 9780452261679
Release 1988
Pages 216
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In probing the career of Chicago's mayor the author illuminates the workings of the political machine which runs the city

The Best of Royko

The Best of Royko Author Mike Royko
ISBN-10 1572842555
Release 2018-08-14
Pages 416
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A collection of legendary columnist Mike Royko's best work from the Chicago Tribune, edited by his son David Royko.

Early Royko

Early Royko Author Mike Royko
ISBN-10 9780226730752
Release 2018-07-01
Pages 232
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Combining the incisive pen of a newspaperman and the compassionate soul of a poet, Mike Royko became a Chicago institution—in Jimmy Breslin’s words, "the best journalist of his time." Early Royko: Up Against It in Chicago will restore to print the legendary columnist’s earliest writings, which chronicle 1960s Chicago with the moral vision, ironic sense, and razor-sharp voice that would remain Royko’s trademark. This collection of early columns from the Chicago Daily News ranges from witty social commentary to politically astute satire. Some of the pieces are falling-down funny and others are tenderly nostalgic, but all display Royko’s unrivaled skill at using humor to tell truth to power. From machine politicians and gangsters to professional athletes, from well-heeled Chicagoans to down-and-out hoodlums, no one escapes Royko’s penetrating gaze—and resounding judgment. Early Royko features a memorable collection of characters, including such well-known figures as Hugh Hefner, Mayor Richard J. Daley, and Dr. Martin Luther King. But these boldfaced names are juxtaposed with Royko’s beloved lesser knowns from the streets of Chicago: Mrs. Peak, Sylvester "Two-Gun Pete" Washington, and Fats Boylermaker, who gained fame for leaning against a corner light pole from 2 a.m. Saturday until noon Sunday, when his neighborhood tavern reopened for business. Accompanied by a foreword from Rick Kogan, this new edition will delight Royko’s most ardent fans and capture the hearts of a new generation of readers. As Kogan writes, Early Royko "will remind us how a remarkable relationship began—Chicago and Royko, Royko and Chicago—and how it endures."

Sez Who Sez Me

Sez Who  Sez Me Author Mike Royko
ISBN-10 UVA:X000401845
Release 1982
Pages 263
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More than a decade's worth of essays by the Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist capture the essence of big-city American life, from neighborhood taverns to backroom politics

Dr Kookie you re right

Dr  Kookie  you re right Author Mike Royko
ISBN-10 0452265150
Release 1990
Pages 28
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Mike Royko is a Pulitzer Prize-winner whose column in the Chcago Tribune is syndicated in 525 newspapers worldwide. In this, his sixth and possibly his funniest collection, he on, he takes on televangelists, Avon ladies, and elevator etiquette with customary verve.

Like I Was Saying

Like I Was Saying Author Mike Royko
ISBN-10 0515084166
Release 1985
Pages 324
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A selection of one hundred of Royko's columns, from the last twenty years, includes lampoons of newspaper tycoon Rupert Murdoch and Ronald Reagan and portraits and anecdotes about Chicago and its inhabitants

Wrigley Field s Amazing Vendors

Wrigley Field s Amazing Vendors Author Lloyd Rutzky
ISBN-10 9781439664896
Release 2018-07-09
Pages 96
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In 1970, a vendor at Wrigley Field had an amazing idea to turn his personal camera away from the baseball diamond and toward his fellow ballpark hawkers as they went about their daily jobs of selling souvenirs, programs, hot dogs, ice cream, and soft drinks. Along the way, he also captured images of other employees--ushers, security staff, commissary workers, and union officials. The result, Wrigley Field's Amazing Vendors, offers a never-before-seen perspective of major-league baseball that Arcadia Publishing is proud to include in its Images of Modern America series. The subjects themselves are amazing: a blind Frosty Malt vendor; a singing peanut vendor; a Coca-Cola vendor who went on to become an economic adviser to the president of the United States. Many of the vendors photographed in the 1970s are still in the aisles of Wrigley Field today. Others left for new career opportunities. A few became legends in vending history.

Mike Royko The Chicago Tribune Collection 1984 1997

Mike Royko  The Chicago Tribune Collection 1984 1997 Author Mike Royko
ISBN-10 9781572844926
Release 2014-11-04
Pages 4500
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Mike Royko: The Chicago Tribune Collection 1984–1997 is an expansive new volume of the longtime Chicago news legend’s work. Encompassing thousands of his columns, all of which originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune, this is the first collection of Royko work to solely cover his time at the Tribune. Covering politics, culture, sports, and more, Royko brings his trademark sarcasm and cantankerous wit to a complete compendium of his last 14 years as a newspaper man. Organized chronologically, these columns display Royko's talent for crafting fictional conversations that reveal the truth of the small-minded in our society. From cagey political points to hysterical take-downs of "meatball" sports fans, Royko's writing was beloved and anticipated anxiously by his fans. In plain language, he "tells it like it is" on subjects relevant to modern society. In addition to his columns, the book features Royko's obituary and articles written about him after his death, telling the tale of his life and success. This ultimate collection is a must-read for Royko fans, longtime Chicago Tribune readers, and Chicagoans who love the city's rich history of dedicated and insightful journalism.

A Chicago Tavern

A Chicago Tavern Author Rick Kogan
ISBN-10 1893121496
Release 2006
Pages 115
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Chicago newspaperman Rick Kogan plunks down at a barstool at the Billy Goat Tavern and tells the tales of the city landmark, which became a haven for newspaper reporters, policemen, politicians, and anyone else drawn to the hospitality and showmanship of hardworking William “Billy Goat” Sianis and his often antic, uniquely comforting establishment. The story begins in the summer of 1934, when a baby goat fell off a truck and limped into a tavern owned by Greek immigrant William Sianis, and a Chicago icon was born. Later, when he and one of his goats were barred from entering Wrigley Field during the 1945 World Series, the Cubs’ eventual loss to Detroit fueled a legend as enduring as their fans’ “Wait ’til next year” mantra. Kogan writes about some of the regulars, visitors, employees, and luminaries found at the tavern, including columnist Mike Royko and the young stars who immortalized the tavern in the Saturday Night Live "Olympia Diner" skit—John Belushi, Bill Murray, and Don Novello—and discusses Sam Sianis, Billy's nephew and the current owner. Let the Goat In! In the summer of 1934, a baby goat fell off a truck, limped into a tavern owned by Greek immigrant William Sianis, and a Chicago icon was born. The Billy Goat Inn became a haven for newspaper reporters, policemen, politicians, and anyone else drawn to the hospitality and showmanship of hardworking "Billy Goat" Sianis and his often antic, uniquely comforting establishment. But did Billy jinx the Cubs? When he and one of his goats were barred from entering Wrigley Field during the 1945 World Series, the Cubs' eventual loss to Detroit fueled a legend as enduring as their fans' "Wait 'til next year" mantra. Today there are seven Billy Goat Taverns, including one in Washington, D.C., and Billy's nephew, Sam Sianis--a celebrity in his own right--oversees what Illinois Senator Dick Durbin called "a national institution." Rick Kogan's affectionate tale plunks you down at a barstool next to some of the Billy Goat's regulars, visitors, employees, and such luminaries as columnist Mike Royko, and those young stars--John Belushi, Bill Murray, and Don Novello--who immortalized Sam and the tavern in the Saturday Night Live Olympia Diner ("Cheezborger, Cheezborger! No fries . . . chips!") skits. "I remember . . . I miss . . .," someone will say, and names and faces begin to float through the tavern air. . . In these echoes Kogan lets you see and hear why taverns remain essential social focal points and lets you understand what makes a Chicago original.


Royko Author F. Richard Ciccone
ISBN-10 0786751975
Release 2009-09-09
Pages 480
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With the incisive pen of a newspaperman and the compassionate soul of a poet, Mike Royko was a Chicago institution who became, in Jimmy Breslin's words, "the best journalist of his time." Royko was by all accounts a difficult man, who would chew out his assistants every morning and retire to the Billy Goat Tavern every night. But his writing was magic. No one captured Chicago like Mike Royko. No one wrote with his honesty, his toughness, his passion, and his humor. In this, the first comprehensive biography of one of the most important Chicagoans of the century, Dick Ciccone, a long-time colleague and editor of Royko's at the Chicago Tribune, captures Royko at his best and at his worst. We see Royko on his tenth drink of the afternoon. We see him sweating over columns minutes before deadline. We see him romancing his wife and torturing his legmen. We see him barbequeing ribs and riffing on politicians. Mike Royko was a man of the people. With his keen sense of justice and his murderous pen, he became the most widely read columnist in Chicago history. His column was syndicated in more than 600 newspapers across the country. With 7500 columns spanning four decades, Royko's writing reflects a radically changing America. Royko not only tells the story of one of America's greatest newspapermen, but also explores the dramatic changes in journalism over the course of the twentieth century.

The Neon Wilderness

The Neon Wilderness Author Nelson Algren
ISBN-10 1583225501
Release 2002-01-08
Pages 304
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Finally available again in paperback, this classic 1947 short story collection is the pure vein that Algren mined for all his subsequent fiction. 'Algren's short stories are now generally acknowledged to be literary triumphs' - NY Times 'Since the publication of The Neon Wilderness...Nelson Algren has been acknowledged as a master of that American Realism touched with poetry, which attempts to give voice to the insulted and injured. He is a philosopher...a moral force...and a wonderful user of the language' - Donald Barthelme

Forever Open Clear and Free

Forever Open  Clear  and Free Author Lois Wille
ISBN-10 0226898725
Release 1991-06-11
Pages 185
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Surveys the history of Chicago's lakefront to reveal the challenges which the citizens have encountered in their fight to prevent its urbanization


Pugetopolis Author Knute Berger
ISBN-10 9781459604308
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 374
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Knute Skip Berger is one of the most recognized commentators on politics, culture, business, and life in the Pacific Northwest. He's the Mike Royko/Jimmy Breslin of this part of the country. As Timothy Egan describes him in the Foreword to Pugetopolis, he is the region's ''crank with a conscience...a contrarian'' thinker who calls out the folly and hubris of mayors, governors, presidents, and gazillionaires.In his signature Mossback column, which ran for years in the Seattle Weekly and now on, Knute Berger comments on politics (the 50-year odyssey of mass transit), cultural matters (we got art out here in the provinces), the big natural world (what's left of it), enterprise (as in the Microsoft-Starbucks Industrial Complex), and odd local behavior (car-less living that allows mooching rides). As a third-generation Seattle native, he has the perspective to take the long view, so he knows there was a life without jackasses on jet skis, bear attacks in the suburbs, and not so many millionaires. Gathered in Pugetopolis are Knute Berger's best commentaries that provide grist for anyone's mental mill who wants to understand why the Pacific Northwest is a quirky place that is sometimes too liberal for its own good.

Bright Signals

Bright Signals Author Susan Murray
ISBN-10 0822371219
Release 2018
Pages 320
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Susan Murray traces four decades of technological, cultural, and aesthetic debates about the possibility, use, and meaning of color television within the broader history of twentieth-century visual culture.