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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence Author John S. Mitchell
ISBN-10 9781118990148
Release 2015-02-27
Pages 344
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Provides the foundation and tools that are essential for an enterprise to bring Operational Excellence into their organizational culture; gain maximum results, benefits and value Strategies for and implementing details for enterprises at all levels of maturity from those with programs in place to those looking to improve safety, health, environment performance as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations Includes topics from concept to sustainability satisfying knowledge requirements of all levels in the organization Defines program objectives; develops improvement strategies; identifies and prioritizes improvement opportunities; implements improvement plans; monitors, continuously improves and sustains results Applicable to a broad variety of operating enterprises, academic institutions and third party implementing organizations

Applied Operational Excellence for the Oil Gas and Process Industries

Applied Operational Excellence for the Oil  Gas  and Process Industries Author Dennis P. Nolan
ISBN-10 9780128028025
Release 2015-08-13
Pages 240
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Applied Operational Excellence for the Oil, Gas, and Process Industries offers a straightforward practical guide for oil and gas companies to understand the comparisons and contrasts between various types of safety management processes, including the standardized structure and ongoing extended benefits that operational excellence can bring to an oil and gas company. The goal of achieving operational excellence is to reduce costs, improve productivity, and enhance efficiency—in other words, operational excellence contributes to the bottom line. Following along with pre-built success in the process industries, many companies in the oil and gas industry appear to use a subset form of operational excellence, yet many are unsure or unaware of all the safety system components that will truly benefit the company holistically, and current literature is only applicable to the process and manufacturing industries. Packed with clear objectives and tools, structure guidelines specific to oil and gas, and guidance for how to imbed your existing safety program under the operational excellence umbrella known as "One-Step Merger," this book will help you establish an overall safety culture vision and challenge your organization to achieve higher levels of safety management and overall company value. Explores how to solidify a foundational operational excellence program applicable for your oil and gas company Clarifies the differences and benefits among various programs under operational excellence (OE), such as SHE (safety, health, and environment), PSM (process safety management), and SMS (safety management system) Explains how to audit and consistently assess how oil and gas OE systems are planned, implemented, and managed, with explanations on cost and time impacts as well as administrative protocols Includes a glossary, acronym appendix, and additional references for further reading

The Leadership Book of Numbers

The Leadership Book of Numbers Author Theo Gilbert-Jamison
ISBN-10 9781477208922
Release 2012-07-11
Pages 128
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This book is great required reading for anyone who desires to learn how to be a more effective leader. It is intended to inspire, provide vital how-to’s, and to shape the mindset for building and retaining a highly effective team, committed and dedicated to achieving the key priorities of the organization. In a clever, practical style, The Leadership Book of Numbers (Volume 2) will help you resolve these dilemmas and many others: • What is my role as a leader in creating and sustaining a culture of service excellence? • What are the seven signs of a bad boss, and how do I overcome them? • How do I hold my staff accountable for driving excellence? • How can I drive excellence with I am working with a lean staff? • How do I gain the support of my C-Level and earn their respect? • How do I engage my staff to anticipate the unexpressed wishes and needs of the customer? • How do I confront unacceptable behavior with confidence, professionalism, and finesse? • How do I foster an environment where the focus on internal customer service is as intense as our emphasis on excellent external customer service? • As a leader, what are some common things I should never assume or take for granted? • How do I foster and environment where employees are empowered to resolve customer problems and exceed their expectations? • What is the key to creating a memorable experience for every customer? Theo has spent a decade working with organizations to implement effective leadership practices that lead to employee self-accountability, self-motivation, and self-worth. For more information about Theo Gilbert-Jamison and her firm, Performance Solutions by Design, please visit our website

The Power of Convergence

The Power of Convergence Author Faisal Hoque
ISBN-10 9780814416969
Release 2011-05-18
Pages 256
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From technology giants to major airlines to government agencies, the landscape is littered with the shells of once-promising enterprises that failed to do one thing: Converge their impressive technology initiatives with their business strategies. With countless opportunities lost and billions wasted, these examples provide a much-needed wake up call that it is time to institutionalize a set of repeatable management practices to successfully run an organization. The Power of Convergence makes the case-and lays the groundwork-for a new understanding of the role of technology in business. No technology should be developed or deployed without a full vision of how it advances business goals, addresses customer needs, or both. Beyond that, technology should be so tightly intertwined with strategy that the two drive each other, with each at the ready when market opportunity materializes-however suddenly. With compelling examples of successes and failures at organizations from Ford Motor Company to the FBI, The Power of Convergence provides the framework and mechanisms for uniting business and technology, seeding horizontal collaborations and partnering opportunities, and capturing strategic possibilities created through convergence.

Corporate Sustainability as a Challenge for Comprehensive Management

Corporate Sustainability as a Challenge for Comprehensive Management Author Klaus J. Zink
ISBN-10 3790820466
Release 2008-05-06
Pages 268
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Sustainability has become a topic of global relevance: Corporations and other economically acting organizations increasingly need to realize economic, environmental and social objectives in order to survive. Supplementary to "classical" environmental management, realizing corporate sustainability requires comprehensive approaches which allow the integration of social and economic aspects. Such concepts can be found e.g. in international excellence models mainly based on a TQM thinking but also in the field of human factors in organizational design and management. Understood as systems approaches, they include the interests of all relevant stakeholders with a mid- or long-term time perspective and are thus highly linked with the principles of sustainable development. In this book internationally leading scientists discuss the issue of sustainability from their perspective, resulting in an innovative view on different management approaches under the umbrella of corporate sustainability.

Visual Workplace Visual Thinking

Visual Workplace Visual Thinking Author Gwendolyn D. Galsworth
ISBN-10 9781351792530
Release 2017-08-16
Pages 278
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Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking (VWVT) was written by the acknowledged leading expert in workplace visuality. While other books touch upon visual workplace tools and practices, no other author has addressed the topic with the clarity and depth presented here. This is a seminal book, considered by many the definition of the field itself. First published by a small, independent press in 2005, the book won the prestigious Shingo Research Prize in the same year. It was then and remains the only book of its kind that describes the conceptual and practical foundation for workplace visuality, derived from dozens of hands-on implementations in some of the world’s best or most challenging companies. Written not by an academic, but by a hands-on practitioner who has worked for three decades with companies in various phases of visual transformation, the work carries the reader from the usual starting point of 5S through to the full power of the visual-lean® alliance. The book’s 11 chapters are in four sections. The first defines the visual workplace in relation to operational excellence, along with the eight building blocks of visual thinking. The next section, which targets the cultural conversion, is unexpectedly thrilling as it describes the genuine transformation of both company and employee which is at the heart of every visual conversion. Section 3 maps the logic and sequence of Dr. Galsworth’s 10-Doorway template as you learn about the visual side of 5S, visual standards, visual scheduling, visual material control, visual metrics, visual problem-solving, visual leadership as well as the visual machine® and visual-lean®office. The final section of VTVW places visual management within the visual continuum, shows you how to use the ten doorways to assess your own company, and concludes with a discussion of the visual-lean alliance, illustrated through a conversion case study. With over 25 full-color albums of visual solutions, 50+ graphs and charts, a detailed table of contents and in-depth Index, this 277-page book positions the technologies of the visual workplace as a premier improvement strategy on every company’s journey to operational excellence.

Rediscovering Value

Rediscovering Value Author Geary A. Rummler
ISBN-10 9780470933374
Release 2011-01-13
Pages 275
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"To paraphrase a number of philosophers, the major challenge any executive or manager (and especially any CEO) faces is that his or her experience of the reality of the organization is not the same as the reality itself. How then does an executive: 1) develop a more accurate and complete representation of the organization, 2) identify critical business issues and improvement opportunities across this system, 3) design a way forward, and 4) install the feedback and measurement mechanisms necessary to ensure the organizational system delivers the performance and stays on course? This is where this book comes into its own." -- Michael DeNoma president and CEO, Chinatrust Commercial Bank "Every CEO (or executive managing a business) should read and understand Rediscovering Value if they want to effectively lead and manage their company. Leading a company without an understanding of the value and resource dimensions and how to manage them is like flying an airplane without a navigation system. The team at PDL has done an unbelievable job of describing the principles of an organization and how to effectively organize, lead, and manage the enterprise. Our company used PDL's systems approach to planning and managing and it was like turning on the lights in a dark room. Our people became process- and work-focused and morale improved dramatically as we moved away from the silo approach of running a business. Rediscovering Value is a must-read for any executive." -- Steve Hassenfelt CEO, Granville Capital, Inc. From author of the acclaimed Improving Performance, an exploration of the concept of Value Management and technology, comes the next step resource that introduces the transformation model. Rediscovering Value gives a preliminary description of the SOE phase, and covers the dimensions of the model. The book dissects each phase of the model, and describes what is accomplished along each dimension, the criteria to reach the next phase, and the key challenges of each phase (Stabilize, Optimize, Exploit in detail). It lays out the success factors for effective process design, improvement, and management.

Run Grow Transform

Run Grow Transform Author Steven C Bell
ISBN-10 9781466504509
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 372
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Your customers want innovation and value, and they want it now. How can you apply Lean principles and practices throughout your enterprise to drive operational excellence, reduce costs while improving quality, enable efficient growth, and accelerate idea-to-value innovation? Shingo Prize-winning author Steve Bell and other thought leaders show you how—guiding you to more effectively align people and purpose, promote enterprise agility, and leverage transformative IT capabilities to create market-differentiating value for your customers. Combining research and insight with practical examples and in-depth case studies that can be put to immediate use, Run Grow Transform: Integrating Business and Lean IT is a must read for leaders and senior managers from all disciplines, showing you how to: Drive enterprise outcomes and strategy through adaptive Business/IT learning Maximize collaboration, leverage the knowledge and skills of your teams Overcome enterprise-wise obstacles commonly encountered by Agile development teams Improve infrastructure reliability and cost, learn how to get the best results from operations frameworks including ITIL, COBIT and ISO 20000 Apply Lean principles to Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management disciplines Make informed, value-based choices about outsourcing Tap into big data and social media to listen to and interact with the virtual voice of your customers Streamline management, collaboration, and communication systems Identify and measure the right things that lead to customer value What readers are saying: This book focuses on the most critical and challenging issue for any aspect of the development or use of IT: creating a collaborative learning culture. —Jeffrey K. Liker, Shingo Prize-winning Author of The Toyota Way Run Grow Transform takes the next logical step to driving enterprise value. This could be the game-changing playbook for IT 3.0. —Mark Katz, CIO & Senior Vice President, Esselte Corporation A powerful read detailing how companies can leverage their Lean IT transformation to supercharge the business. —Tom Paider, IT Build Capability Leader, Nationwide The consistent application of the practices described in this book has enabled Embraer to reap huge gains. I recommend this book as a desktop companion. —Alexandre Baulé, Vice President Information Systems, Embraer ... takes the reader a leap forward, ready for immediate application to bridge Lean and innovation. —Melissa Barrett, Enterprise Architecture & IT Strategy, Premera Blue Cross ... sets out the principles and practices necessary for success in the new economy. —Jez Humble, Author of Continuous Delivery Steve Bell has hit another home run with this book. Either your organization will adopt the wisdom contained in this book and thrive, or your competitors will do so and put you out of business. —Scott Ambler, Author of Disciplined Agile Delivery It’s rare to see truly new insight added to the Lean discussion. Steve Bell does just that by continuing to push the frontiers of Lean thinking. —Alexander Brown, COO, Scrum Inc. Steve Bell has mapped a new trajectory. I challenge any CIO to read Bell’s breakthrough work and not be compelled to start this journey to become a transformative leader in the creation of real and sustainable value. —Jeffrey Barnes, Society for Information Management (SIM), Regional Director, Advanced Practices Council All too often the IT organization is viewed as an impediment to lean transformation, when it truly can be a catalyst. Steve’s book sorts out all the noise, the jargon, and the "hero culture", guiding the reader to what is so obvious, yet so hard to see: build your culture around your customer! —Josh Rapoza, Director of Web Strategy and Operations, Lean Enterprise Institute Aligning Lean and IT is a great challenge with a big payoff. This book really shows how Lean and IT can create a strong enterprise; it’s a great inspiration. —Klaus Lyck Petersen, Solar A/S A must read for any organization that is pursuing continuous improvement. In today’s world, real business improvement cannot be achieved without the IT factor; this book will help any organization achieve the improvement that they are seeking. —Barry J. Brunetto, Vice President, Information Systems, Blount International Precise, concise, and entertaining, this book provides the reader with crucial tips on how IT can help enterprises survive and thrive in a fast-paced technological and economic environment. This is mandatory reading not only for businesses and IT organizations, but also for universities and policy makers. —Fuat Alican, PhD, Vice President, Central American Scientific Research and Education Center Not just for Lean Practitioners, Run Grow Transform is a must-have reference for any IT organization, regardless of size, age or industry, looking to move to the next level of performance. —Sarah Topham, Lean Deployment Leader, Information Technology & Product Management, Paychex, Inc. This is a long overdue book that addresses the key challenges for today's IT organization and puts Lean IT into a context that is too often lacking. —James Finister, Tata Consultancy Services The 'business as usual' scenario is not an option in today’s economy and global challenges. A transformation in methods, tools and frameworks is needed to guide our business decisions. This book is your first step! —Khuloud Odeh, IT Director, Grameen Foundation Delivering beyond the helpful folk wisdom and narrow techniques and technologies found elsewhere, Steve Bell and his contributors provide practical full value stream lifecycle methods for continuous improvement using Lean in an IT and customer (business) setting. —Martin Erb, Director of Professional Services, Pink Elephant Run Grow Transform clarifies the eternal quest of IT: to simply "running" of the business and to create innovative solutions to grow the business and create sustainable competitive advantage to transform the way customers interact with your business, in plain, actionable advice from one who has been on the front lines. —Tom Foco, Value Stream Solutions

The Kaizen Event Planner

The Kaizen Event Planner Author Karen Martin
ISBN-10 1439827826
Release 2007-10-05
Pages 240
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Kaizen Events are an effective way to train organizations to break unproductive habits and adopt a continuous improvement philosophy while, at the same time, achieve breakthrough performance-level results. Through Kaizen Events, cross-functional teams learn how to make improvements in a methodological way. They learn how to quickly study a process, identify and prioritize improvement opportunities, implement change, and sustain their gains. Most importantly, they learn how to work with one another to solve problems rapidly and in a highly effective way. In The Kaizen Event Planner: Achieving Rapid Improvement in Office, Service, and Technical Environments, authors Karen Martin and Mike Osterling provide a practical how-to guide for planning and executing Kaizen Events in non-manufacturing settings, and conducting post-Event follow-ups to sustain the improvements made. Geared to continuous improvement professionals and leaders within the office areas of manufacturing, the service sector and knowledge-worker environments, this book provides the methodology and practical tools for generating measurable results, while building a motivated workforce and laying the foundation for continuous improvement. The Kaizen Event Planner provides those responsible for improving office, service, and technical processes with the skills to effectively scope the activity, engage the right people, and facilitate successful Events! An accompanying CD provides immediate access to a number of Excel-based tools.

Value Creation

Value Creation Author Florian Budde
ISBN-10 9783527612253
Release 2008-01-08
Pages 504
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Written by a global team of top managers and senior McKinsey experts, this expanded and completely revised second edition provides a wide-ranging manual on the subject of value creation in the chemical industry. Drawing on extensive first-hand management experience, several hundred consulting engagements, and in-depth research projects, the authors outline the key ingredients for managing chemical companies successfully. The book addresses in detail key issues of strategy and industry structure, describes best practice in the core functions of the chemical business system, looks at the state of the art in organization and post-merger management, and covers a selection of the most important current topics such as industrial biotechnology, the role of private equity, and the chemical landscape in China. Although mainly directed at executives and managers in the chemical industry, the knowledge contained in this comprehensive overview will also benefit scientists, engineers, investors, students, and anyone else dealing with management issues in this sector.

The Re innovation of Ford Motor Company to a Sustainable Lean Enterprise

The Re innovation of Ford Motor Company to a Sustainable Lean Enterprise Author Kenneth A. Ryan
ISBN-10 OCLC:83988477
Release 2006
Pages 198
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For many years the concept of Lean Manufacturing has been applied in automotive development as a tool to refine the manufacturing practices to the greatest efficiency possible through waste reduction. Continuous Improvement is a quality innovation process that supports this objective, based on the manufacturing pillar - work processes and scientific experiments must be controlled and constantly modified and improved by the people who do, and are accountable for the work. Continuous Improvement implicitly implies the understanding and recognition of what is a problem and problem solving techniques used to formulate the best countermeasures to those problems. The process of Lean Manufacturing embraces a philosophy of excellence, elimination of waste on value-added operations, employee involvement, and continuous improvement. It is a journey, an on-going process that results in improved customer satisfaction and hence corporate profits. Profit is the reward for customer satisfaction. Increase customer satisfaction and your rewards are higher profits. This is the best method to maintain or increase market share. Understanding the basic hierarchy and philosophy of how to increase profits is essential to creating a sustainable lean enterprise. The following structured process outlines the basic questions and answers for any company to ask itself: (1) Why are we here? [$] To Make Money! (2) How do we improve our business bottom line? [Customer Satisfaction] Give the customer the products they want with the quality they expect. (3) How do we give our customers what they want? [Structured Problem Solving] To give the customers what they want and expect, we must identify and understand variations in our processes and parts. (4) Every problem is a deviation from a standard! [Standardization] Strict adherence to process standards promotes structured problem solving and identification of variations. (5) How do we and our suppliers achieve process stability and system standardization? [Level Scheduling "Heijunka"] Level production schedule allows us and our suppliers to achieve production process stability. This thesis is about Ford Motor Company getting back to its roots, the heritage it started with the development of the moving assembly line and the original concept of Lean Manufacturing. This paper will focus on the creative steps outlined in the Process to Sustained Success procedure toward the journey of Lean Manufacturing. In addition, the current state of production processes, and recommended specific corrective actions for the re-innovation of Ford Motor Company to a sustained lean enterprise in a modern era will be discussed. Questions will be asked and answered such as: Can Ford achieve sustained success implementing "The Way Forward" plan, or does "The Way Forward" [16] plan need to incorporate the Process to Sustained Success to meet Ford's long-term goals? The benchmark company for comparison is Toyota Motor Manufacturing Corporation.

Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar Author Claude Fussler
ISBN-10 9781351280914
Release 2017-09-08
Pages 240
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This book, produced by a unique team of business experts and UN agencies, is designed to fill a critical void-between the support of more than 1,000 organisations for the globally recognised Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the need for this support to be translated into the day-to-day running of business to create value and improve performance. The ten Global Compact Principles cover human rights, labour standards, environmental responsibility and anti-corruption. But what does it mean to implement the Compact and its principles? How can the broad brush strokes of the Principles form the basis of management change? And how should companies establish benchmarks and performance indicators for implementation? For many companies, the journey is just starting. How can they ensure that they align with the Global Compact in ways that continue to reward their other business objectives? How should they embrace and capitalise on the Global Compact's potential for bringing together business, the public sector, trade unions and civil society in new partnerships? The aim of this book is to answer these questions by providing a performance model clearly grounded on the total quality management approach to assist businesses in putting the Global Compact into practice. Raising the Bar collects together and categorises a wealth of corporate responsibility tools, good practice and case studies in a structure familiar to anyone aware of business excellence models and demonstrates that values create value-leadership commitment to the Global Compact can impact both the boardroom and the shop floor, public image and balance sheet. Full of graphics and designed with accessibility in mind, the book will be a goldmine for managers looking for inspiration on how their businesses can be good corporate citizens and real proof that good business is also good for the bottom line.

The Going Lean Fieldbook

The Going Lean Fieldbook Author Stephen A. RUFFA
ISBN-10 9780814415702
Release 2010-12-01
Pages 224
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In Going Lean, author Stephen A. Ruffa introduced the groundbreaking principles of Lean Dynamics, revealing how leading companies go beyond chasing the most visible outcomes of lean to address the disconnects that cause operational waste to accumulate. Illustrated by compelling cases and clear examples, The Going Lean Fieldbook provides a logical structure and practical advice for applying lean principles throughout the organization. Useful as a stand-alone implementation guide and as a training resource, the book maps out a set path toward reaching a series of critical transformation levels, detailing the activities and the hazards that can derail the journey at each point along the way. Readers will learn how to promote stability, consistency, and innovation by first conducting a “dynamic value assessment” and attaining the buy-in that is critical to making business improvements work. Based on lessons of real-life firms from different industries that have successfully implemented lean methods, this is an in-the-trenches manual for anyone who wants to energize their organization.

Transformation to Performance Excellence

Transformation to Performance Excellence Author Sandra Cokeley
ISBN-10 0873896971
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 152
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Transformation to Performance Excellence has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Transformation to Performance Excellence also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Transformation to Performance Excellence book for free.

Business process management

Business process management Author Jim Hagemann Snabe
ISBN-10 UOM:39076002858830
Release 2008-12-01
Pages 411
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This book finally sheds light on Business Process Management (BPM) in the SAP environment. It explains what BPM is, why it is important in today's business world to manage your processes, and how to implement BPM in your company, both from the business and the IT perspective. Readers learn everything about SAP's BPM roadmap, a four-step approach to plan, prepare, execute, and monitor your BPM implementation. Once this generic roadmap has been explained, the decisive question is: How can SAP software be used more effectively to provide a company with business innovation? Extensive case studies from various large SAP customers and SAP itself illustrate how the concepts of BPM, Enterprise SOA, and the Business Process Platform go together and equip you for your next business challenges. Here, the capabilities of the new NetWeaver component SAP NetWeaver BPM are explained, and you get detailed advice on how to prepare your IT department for the transition.

Southern Sensei

Southern Sensei Author Mark Preston
ISBN-10 9781524562502
Release 2016-12-13
Pages 156
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The combination of southern hospitality and a structured recipe for lean operational success has led me to a passion for continuous improvement. I owe this passion and thinking to many mentors or sensei over the years. From the front porch to the board room, these lessons have translated into something a little bit simple but also a little bit unique. There are four key pillars in which this book has been created. Lessons: translating southern flair into improvement Questions: the best teachers ask the best questions Applications: effective lessons must be practiced to be effective Fun: passion translates to loving what you are doing for the right reasons The key lessons in lean include understanding the language of lean that anyone can understand, learning critical thinking elements that all leaders should know in order to successfully lead people and manage processes, creating system thinking and understanding, and learning tools that you can immediately implement at your company to engage your workforce and instantly uncover waste. This book has been designed to take your team on a structured and sustainable journey of improvement, not only as a team. It will also challenge your personal spirit of leadership. By applying these lessons in a fun way, it will inspire the entire team to take your company to a level of excellence.

Advances in Human Factors Business Management Training and Education

Advances in Human Factors  Business Management  Training and Education Author Jussi Ilari Kantola
ISBN-10 9783319420707
Release 2016-08-30
Pages 1284
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This book reports on practical approaches for facilitating the process of achieving excellence in the management and leadership of organizational resources. It shows how the principles of creating shared value can be applied to ensure faster learning, training, business development, and social renewal. In particular, the book presents novel methods and tools for tackling the complexity of management and learning in both business organizations and society. It covers ontologies, intelligent management systems, methods for creating knowledge and value added. It gives novel insights into time management and operations optimization, as well as advanced methods for evaluating customers’ satisfaction and conscious experience. Based on the AHFE 2016 International Conference on Human Factors, Business Management and Society, held on July 27-31, 2016, Walt Disney World®, Florida, USA, the book provides both researchers and professionals with new tools and inspiring ideas for achieving excellence in various business activities.