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Optimization Issues in Web and Mobile Advertising

Optimization Issues in Web and Mobile Advertising Author Subodha Kumar
ISBN-10 9783319186450
Release 2015-11-13
Pages 70
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of optimization issues and models in web and mobile advertising. It begins by discussing the evolution of web advertising over time. This is followed by the discussion of prominent pricing models. The reader is provided with a basic overview of different optimization issues involved in web advertising. The earlier models mainly considered the problem of scheduling ads competing to be placed on a web page. Here, the ads were specified by geometry and display frequency, and both of these factors were considered in developing a solution to the advertisement scheduling problem. These models were similar in nature to the problem of scheduling ads on newspaper or television, but the pricing structure in these models were different from those in newspaper or television ads. As the web advertising evolved, the initial models were augmented by considering how the schedule of ads is changed based on individual user click behavior. Thus, these models considered personalization in web advertising. The book also presents methods to help solve these models. More recently, there has been tremendous growth in mobile advertising. This book also provides the details of business model in mobile advertising, and presents solutions for the optimization problem involved in mobile advertising. Additionally this book looks to key future trends in web and mobile advertising (such as Fading Ads) and the associat ed challenges that come with it. For instance, the future trends in pricing models are more towards action-based pricing rather than impression-based pricing.

Model Driven Development and Operation of Multi Cloud Applications

Model Driven Development and Operation of Multi Cloud Applications Author Elisabetta Di Nitto
ISBN-10 9783319460314
Release 2016-12-22
Pages 149
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This books is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This book summarizes work being undertaken within the collaborative MODAClouds research project, which aims to facilitate interoperability between heterogeneous Cloud platforms and remove the constraints of deployment, portability, and reversibility for end users of Cloud services. Experts involved in the project provide a clear overview of the MODAClouds approach and explain how it operates in a variety of applications. While the wide spectrum of available Clouds constitutes a vibrant technical environment, many early-stage issues pose specific challenges from a software engineering perspective. MODAClouds will provide methods, a decision support system, and an open source IDE and run-time environment for the high-level design, early prototyping, semiautomatic code generation, and automatic deployment of applications on multiple Clouds. It will free developers from the need to commit to a fixed Cloud technology stack during software design and offer benefits in terms of cost savings, portability of applications and data between Clouds, reversibility (moving applications and data from Cloud to non-Cloud environments), risk management, quality assurance, and flexibility in the development process.

Implementing Mobile Language Learning Technologies in Japan

Implementing Mobile Language Learning Technologies in Japan Author Steve McCarty
ISBN-10 9789811024511
Release 2016-10-06
Pages 97
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This book explores theoretical and practical aspects of implementing mobile language learning in university classrooms for English as a Foreign Language in Japan. The technologies utilized, such as smartphones, iPads, and wi-fi, integrate students’ hand-held devices into the campus network infrastructure. The pedagogical aims of ubiquitous mobile learning further incorporate social media, blended learning, and flipped classroom approaches into the curriculum. Chapter 1 defines mobile language learning within dimensions of e-learning and technology-assisted language learning, prior to tracing the development of mobile learning in Japan. Chapter 2 documents the sociocultural theory underpinning the authors’ humanistic approach to implementation of mobile technologies. The sociocultural pedagogy represents a global consensus of leading educators that also recognizes the agency of Asian learners and brings out their capability for autonomous learning. Case studies of universities, large and small, public and private, are organized similarly in Chapters 3 to 5. Institutional/pedagogical and technological context sections are followed by detailed content on the implementation of initiatives, assessment of effectiveness, and recommendations for other institutions. Distinct from a collection of papers, this monograph tells a story in brief book length about theorizing and realizing mobile language learning, describing pioneering and original initiatives of importance to practitioners in other educational contexts.

Multi hop Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Multi hop Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks Author Shalli Rani
ISBN-10 9789812877307
Release 2015-09-21
Pages 69
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This brief provides an overview of recent developments in multi-hop routing protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). It introduces the various classifications of routing protocols and lists the pros and cons of each category, going beyond the conceptual overview of routing classifications offered in other books. Recently many researchers have proposed numerous multi-hop routing protocols and thereby created a need for a book that provides its readers with an up-to-date road map of this research paradigm. The authors present some of the most relevant results achieved by applying an algorithmic approach to the research on multi-hop routing protocols. The book covers measurements, experiences and lessons learned from the implementation of multi-hop communication prototypes. Furthermore, it describes future research challenges and as such serves as a useful guide for students and researchers alike.

Basics of Computer Networking

Basics of Computer Networking Author Thomas Robertazzi
ISBN-10 1461421047
Release 2011-11-04
Pages 84
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Springer Brief Basics of Computer Networking provides a non-mathematical introduction to the world of networks. This book covers both technology for wired and wireless networks. Coverage includes transmission media, local area networks, wide area networks, and network security. Written in a very accessible style for the interested layman by the author of a widely used textbook with many years of experience explaining concepts to the beginner.

Industry Interactive Innovations in Science Engineering and Technology

Industry Interactive Innovations in Science  Engineering and Technology Author Swapan Bhattacharyya
ISBN-10 9789811039539
Release 2017-07-22
Pages 620
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The book is a collection of peer-reviewed scientific papers submitted by active researchers in the International Conference on Industry Interactive Innovation in Science, Engineering and Technology (I3SET 2016). The conference is a collective initiative of all departments and disciplines of JIS College of Engineering (an autonomous institution), Kalyani, West Bengal, India. The primary objective of the conference is to strengthen interdisciplinary research and encourage innovation in a demand-driven way as desired by the industry for escalating technology for mankind. A galaxy of academicians, professionals, scientists, industry people and researchers from different parts of the country and abroad shared and contributed their knowledge. The major areas of I3SET 2016 include nonconventional energy and advanced power systems; nanotechnology and applications; pattern recognition and machine intelligence; digital signal and image processing; modern instrumentation, control, robotics and automation; civil engineering and structural design; real-time and embedded systems, communication and devices; advanced optimization techniques; biotechnology, biomedical instrumentation and bioinformatics; and outcome based education.

The Illusion of Risk Control

The Illusion of Risk Control Author Gilles Motet
ISBN-10 9783319329390
Release 2017-08-01
Pages 112
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This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This book explores the implications of acknowledging uncertainty and black swans for regulation of high-hazard technologies, for stakeholder acceptability of potentially hazardous activities and for risk governance. The conventional approach to risk assessment, which combines the likelihood of an event and the severity of its consequences, is poorly suited to situations where uncertainty and ambiguity are prominent features of the risk landscape. The new definition of risk used by ISO, “the effect of uncertainty on [achievement of] one’s objectives”, recognizes this paradigm change. What lessons can we draw from the management of fire hazards in Edo-era Japan? Are there situations in which increasing uncertainty allows more effective safety management? How should society address the risk of potentially planet-destroying scientific experiments? This book presents insights from leading scholars in different disciplines to challenge current risk governance and safety management practice.

Cooperative Vehicular Communications in the Drive thru Internet

Cooperative Vehicular Communications in the Drive thru Internet Author Haibo Zhou
ISBN-10 9783319204543
Release 2015-07-21
Pages 75
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This brief presents a unified analytical framework for the evaluation of drive-thru Internet performance and accordingly proposes an optimal spatial access control management approach. A comprehensive overview and in-depth discussion of the research literature is included. It summarizes the main concepts and methods, and highlights future research directions. The brief also introduces a novel cooperative vehicular communication framework together with a delicate linear cluster formation scheme and low-delay content forwarding approach to provide a flexible and efficient vehicular content distribution in the drive-thru Internet. The presented medium access control and vehicular content distribution related research results in this brief provide useful insights for the design approach of Wi-Fi enabled vehicular communications and it motivates a new line of thinking for the performance enhancements of future vehicular networking. Advanced-level students, researchers and professionals interested in vehicular networks or coordinated network sharing will find Cooperative Vehicular Communications in the Drive-thru Internet a valuable reference.

Distributed Computing and Monitoring Technologies for Older Patients

Distributed Computing and Monitoring Technologies for Older Patients Author Juris Klonovs
ISBN-10 9783319270241
Release 2016-01-21
Pages 102
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This book summarizes various approaches for the automatic detection of health threats to older patients at home living alone. The text begins by briefly describing those who would most benefit from healthcare supervision. The book then summarizes possible scenarios for monitoring an older patient at home, deriving the common functional requirements for monitoring technology. Next, the work identifies the state of the art of technological monitoring approaches that are practically applicable to geriatric patients. A survey is presented on a range of such interdisciplinary fields as smart homes, telemonitoring, ambient intelligence, ambient assisted living, gerontechnology, and aging-in-place technology. The book discusses relevant experimental studies, highlighting the application of sensor fusion, signal processing and machine learning techniques. Finally, the text discusses future challenges, offering a number of suggestions for further research directions.

Mapping Archaeological Landscapes from Space

Mapping Archaeological Landscapes from Space Author Douglas C Comer
ISBN-10 9781461460749
Release 2013-01-10
Pages 276
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Mapping Archaeological Landscapes from Space offers a concise overview of air and spaceborne imagery and related geospatial technologies tailored to the needs of archaeologists. Leading experts including scientists involved in NASA’s Space Archaeology program provide technical introductions to five sections: 1) Historic Air and Spaceborne Imagery 2) Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imagery 3) Synthetic Aperture Radar 4) Lidar 5) Archaeological Site Detection and Modeling Each of these five sections includes two or more case study applications that have enriched understanding of archaeological landscapes in regions including the Near East, East Asia, Europe, Meso- and North America. Targeted to the needs of researchers and heritage managers as well as graduate and advanced undergraduate students, this volume conveys a basic technological sense of what is currently possible and, it is hoped, will inspire new pioneering applications. Particular attention is paid to the tandem goals of research (understanding) and archaeological heritage management (preserving) the ancient past. The technologies and applications presented can be used to characterize environments, detect archaeological sites, model sites and settlement patterns and, more generally, reveal the dialectic landscape-scale dynamics among ancient peoples and their social and environmental surroundings. In light of contemporary economic development and resultant damage to and destruction of archaeological sites and landscapes, applications of air and spaceborne technologies in archaeology are of wide utility and promoting understanding of them is a particularly appropriate goal at the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention.​

Software Sourcing in the Age of Open

Software Sourcing in the Age of Open Author Pär J. Ågerfalk
ISBN-10 9783319172668
Release 2015-04-21
Pages 77
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This SpringerBrief discusses multiple forms of open-source-inspired outsourcing: opensourcing, innersourcing and crowdsourcing. It uses a framework-based comparison to explain the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. By pointing out characteristics along with benefits and pitfalls of each approach, the authors provide nuanced and research-based advice to managers and developers facing software sourcing decisions. The differences and commonalities of these three emerging approaches are carefully analyzed. Chapters explore the primary challenges of reliability, efficiency and robustness in open-source methods. Examples from industrial cases are included, along with extensive references to recent research. The brief concludes with a comparative analysis of approaches and outlines key implications to be aware of when outsourcing. Software Sourcing in the Age of Open: Leveraging the Unknown Workforce is designed for professionals and researchers interested in outsourcing challenges. The content is also suitable for postgraduate students interested in contemporary software sourcing approaches.

Mass Customization

Mass Customization Author Paolo Coletti
ISBN-10 3642183905
Release 2011-04-11
Pages 100
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Mass Customization excites both Researchers and Practitioners because of the possibility to produce customized products with mass production efficiency. Mass Customization - An Exploration of European Characteristics gives an overview on the need for personalisation from a customer perspective, analyses Mass Customization theories and assesses relevant best practices of European and International markets. The results of a survey among more than 500 European customers show a declining willingness of customers to compromise on the issue of suitability of products to their personal needs and preferences, the possibility for companies to break brand loyalty and the influence of immediate availability, delivery time and price to the customer's willingness to take part in the co-creation process. Mass Customization has become important to business because of the difficulties of customers to find what they want despite an increase in product variety for many products over the past decades. The emergence of modern technologies in production and communication, however, allows companies to produce customized products without relinquishing economies of scale. With only few companies having taken this promising path, the authors believe that Mass Customization and Mass Customization related marketing strategies will play an essential role in the future and prompt both market leaders and their competitors to offer customization on a large scale for a vast variety of products.

New Models for Sustainable Logistics

New Models for Sustainable Logistics Author Salvatore Digiesi
ISBN-10 9783319197104
Release 2015-08-05
Pages 98
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This book introduces new inventory models to support decision-making when cost of externalities are jointly considered along with costs of logistics. Internalization of cost of externalities gives rise to new logistics costs estimates and functions which managers, researchers, lecturers and students should refer in facing with logistics issues. This book focuses on freight transports of industrial production systems. Logistics play a key role for industries since it reveals a critical function designed and managed to pursue economic goals. A large amount of literature is available providing models, which can be used to minimize logistic costs. However, these models usually neglect externalities. New Models for Sustainable Logistics: Internalization of External Costs in Inventory Management is comprised of three chapters. Chapter 1 provides a taxonomy of external costs figures as well as data set enabling the reader to perform reliable estimates of freight transport external costs. To this purpose, a full scale case study is developed. Chapter 2 describes a new sustainable inventory management model whose cost functions include externalities. The classical ‘Economic Order Quantity’ model is re-formulated and the new concept of Sustainable Order Quantity (SOQ) is defined. Finally, in Chapter 3 the SOQ model is formulated for different inventory management applications referred to both deterministic and stochastic production environments. Numerical examples are also provided.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Computing and Communication Systems

Proceedings of the International Conference on Computing and Communication Systems Author J. K. Mandal
ISBN-10 9789811068904
Release 2018-03-29
Pages 857
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The volume contains latest research work presented at International Conference on Computing and Communication Systems (I3CS 2016) held at North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong, India. The book presents original research results, new ideas and practical development experiences which concentrate on both theory and practices. It includes papers from all areas of information technology, computer science, electronics and communication engineering written by researchers, scientists, engineers and scholar students and experts from India and abroad.

Urban Infrastructure Research

Urban Infrastructure Research Author Alok Tiwari
ISBN-10 9783319304038
Release 2016-02-24
Pages 75
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This book reviews contemporary research on urban infrastructure in 76 Ethiopian cities. It examines urban infrastructure issues in these cities and covers a wide range of topics from sustainability and smart cities to research methods employed by urban infrastructure investigators with regard to Ethiopian cities. Research on urban infrastructure legitimacies and modalities has established its value worldwide in recent years, though it is still fairly young in the Ethiopian context. The first chapter outlines ongoing issues of debate concerning urban infrastructures, including but not limited to discourses on sustainability, smart cities, innovative financing methods, and potential partnerships. Urban infrastructure issues in Ethiopian cities are examined in the second chapter, while the third chapter presents a review of the most relevant literature for researchers. Findings show that the citations in the research reports are mainly from the materials available over the internet, including WHO, UN-Habitat and unpublished local materials. The fourth chapter identifies patterns in the findings and recommendations of the research reports discussed. The results reveal that there is a wider gap between supply and demand with regard to urban infrastructure in Ethiopian cities, a situation that is further aggravated because of the growing urban population and already existing backlogs. The fifth chapter reviews the essential methods employed by urban infrastructure investigators in Ethiopian cities. In this regard, the cross-sectional study method with the use of survey method has been broadly adopted among investigators. Lastly, the book presents a summary and recommendations. It was observed that the urban infrastructure boom in Ethiopia is primarily concentrated in the key cities, and the current pattern of urban infrastructure provision does not incorporate the notion of sustainability. Hence, the book calls for setting the agenda of future research on urban infrastructure and services in Ethiopian cities together with the universities, private sector and government, who should ideally collaborate to produce the knowledge needed to improve quality of life, welfare, productivity, and economic growth.

Internet Resource Pricing Models

Internet Resource Pricing Models Author Ke Xu
ISBN-10 9781461484097
Release 2013-08-13
Pages 87
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This brief guides the reader through three basic Internet resource pricing models using an Internet cost analysis. Addressing the evolution of service types, it presents several corresponding mechanisms which can ensure pricing implementation and resource allocation. The authors discuss utility optimization of network pricing methods in economics and underline two classes of pricing methods including system optimization and entities' strategic optimization. The brief closes with two examples of the newly proposed pricing strategy helping to solve the profit distribution problem brought by P2P free-riding and improve the pricing efficiency with the introduction of the price discrimination. The Internet resource pricing strategy is not only the key factor of Internet resource allocation efficiency, but also the determinant of the profit. The methods and models discussed in Internet Resource Pricing Models increase the efficiency of existing pricing strategies to ensure a sound and sustainable development of the Internet. The brief will help researchers and professionals working with this key factor of Internet resource allocation.

Designing the Digital Transformation

Designing the Digital Transformation Author Alexander Maedche
ISBN-10 9783319591445
Release 2017-05-22
Pages 492
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology, DESRIST 2017, held in May/June 2017 in Karlsruhe, Germany. The 25 full and 11 short papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 66 full and 19 short papers. The contributions are organized in topical sections named: DSR in business process management; DSR in human computer interaction; DSR in data science and business analytics; DSR in service science; methodological contributions; domain-specific DSR applications; emerging themes and new ideas; and products and prototypes.