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Ordering the City

Ordering the City Author Nicole Stelle Garnett
ISBN-10 9780300155051
Release 2014-05-14
Pages 289
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This work highlights the multiple, often overlooked, and frequently misunderstood connections between land use and development policies and policing practices. In order to do so the book draws upon multiple literatures as well as concrete case studies to better explore how these policy arenas intersect and conflict.

Lost Classroom Lost Community

Lost Classroom  Lost Community Author Margaret F. Brinig
ISBN-10 9780226122144
Release 2014-04-11
Pages 224
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In the past two decades in the United States, more than 1,600 Catholic elementary and secondary schools have closed, and more than 4,500 charter schools—public schools that are often privately operated and freed from certain regulations—have opened, many in urban areas. With a particular emphasis on Catholic school closures, Lost Classroom, Lost Community examines the implications of these dramatic shifts in the urban educational landscape. More than just educational institutions, Catholic schools promote the development of social capital—the social networks and mutual trust that form the foundation of safe and cohesive communities. Drawing on data from the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods and crime reports collected at the police beat or census tract level in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, Margaret F. Brinig and Nicole Stelle Garnett demonstrate that the loss of Catholic schools triggers disorder, crime, and an overall decline in community cohesiveness, and suggest that new charter schools fail to fill the gaps left behind. This book shows that the closing of Catholic schools harms the very communities they were created to bring together and serve, and it will have vital implications for both education and policing policy debates.

Property and Practical Reason

Property and Practical Reason Author Adam J. MacLeod
ISBN-10 9781107095762
Release 2015-04-30
Pages 268
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Presents a moral argument, grounded in natural law, for private property and the limits of rights.

Nineteenth Century Cities

Nineteenth Century Cities Author Stephan Thernstrom
ISBN-10 0300094655
Release 1969-03-01
Pages 448
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14 essays cover cities in United States, Canada, England, France, and Columbia. Contributors include Norman Birnbaum, Stuart Blumin, Michael Frisch, Clyde Griffen, Herbert Gutman, Michael Katz, Peter Knights, Lynn Lees, Anthony Maingot, Joan Scott, Leo Schnore.

Rebuilding Urban Places After Disaster

Rebuilding Urban Places After Disaster Author Eugenie L. Birch
ISBN-10 9780812204483
Release 2013-01-09
Pages 416
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Disasters—natural ones, such as hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes, and unnatural ones such as terrorist attacks—are part of the American experience in the twenty-first century. The challenges of preparing for these events, withstanding their impact, and rebuilding communities afterward require strategic responses from different levels of government in partnership with the private sector and in accordance with the public will. Disasters have a disproportionate effect on urban places. Dense by definition, cities and their environs suffer great damage to their complex, interdependent social, environmental, and economic systems. Social and medical services collapse. Long-standing problems in educational access and quality become especially acute. Local economies cease to function. Cultural resources disappear. The plight of New Orleans and several smaller Gulf Coast cities exemplifies this phenomenon. This volume examines the rebuilding of cities and their environs after a disaster and focuses on four major issues: making cities less vulnerable to disaster, reestablishing economic viability, responding to the permanent needs of the displaced, and recreating a sense of place. Success in these areas requires that priorities be set cooperatively, and this goal poses significant challenges for rebuilding efforts in a democratic, market-based society. Who sets priorities and how? Can participatory decision-making be organized under conditions requiring focused, strategic choices? How do issues of race and class intersect with these priorities? Should the purpose of rebuilding be restoration or reformation? Contributors address these and other questions related to environmental conditions, economic imperatives, social welfare concerns, and issues of planning and design in light of the lessons to be drawn from Hurricane Katrina.

The Death and Life of Great American Cities

The Death and Life of Great American Cities Author Jane Jacobs
ISBN-10 9780525432852
Release 2016-07-20
Pages 480
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Thirty years after its publication, The Death and Life of Great American Cities was described by The New York Times as "perhaps the most influential single work in the history of town planning....[It] can also be seen in a much larger context. It is first of all a work of literature; the descriptions of street life as a kind of ballet and the bitingly satiric account of traditional planning theory can still be read for pleasure even by those who long ago absorbed and appropriated the book's arguments." Jane Jacobs, an editor and writer on architecture in New York City in the early sixties, argued that urban diversity and vitality were being destroyed by powerful architects and city planners. Rigorous, sane, and delightfully epigrammatic, Jacobs's small masterpiece is a blueprint for the humanistic management of cities. It is sensible, knowledgeable, readable, indispensable. The author has written a new foreword for this Modern Library edition.

Walkable City

Walkable City Author Jeff Speck
ISBN-10 9781429945967
Release 2012-11-13
Pages 320
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Jeff Speck has dedicated his career to determining what makes cities thrive. And he has boiled it down to one key factor: walkability. The very idea of a modern metropolis evokes visions of bustling sidewalks, vital mass transit, and a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly urban core. But in the typical American city, the car is still king, and downtown is a place that's easy to drive to but often not worth arriving at. Making walkability happen is relatively easy and cheap; seeing exactly what needs to be done is the trick. In this essential new book, Speck reveals the invisible workings of the city, how simple decisions have cascading effects, and how we can all make the right choices for our communities. Bursting with sharp observations and real-world examples, giving key insight into what urban planners actually do and how places can and do change, Walkable City lays out a practical, necessary, and eminently achievable vision of how to make our normal American cities great again.

Inventing Autopia

Inventing Autopia Author Jeremiah B.C. Axelrod
ISBN-10 9780520252851
Release 2009-06-02
Pages 401
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"Flat-out one of the most interesting books I've read in years. To say that a book about California might rank with Kevin Starr's Americans and the California Dream or Mike Davis' City of Quartz is dangerously high praise, but I think Axelrod's book may someday be in that league."—John Ganim, University of California, Riverside "Inventing Autopia thoughtfully weaves together planning and policy history with cultural history to great effect. It is sure to change our understanding of the ways in which Los Angeles not only grew and developed but envisioned itself in the era."—William Deverell, author of Whitewashed Adobe: The Rise of Los Angeles and the Remaking of Its Mexican Past

Zoning and Planning Law Handbook

Zoning and Planning Law Handbook Author Patricia E. Salkin
ISBN-10 0314961216
Release 2006
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Zoning and Planning Law Handbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Zoning and Planning Law Handbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Zoning and Planning Law Handbook book for free.

Rebel Cities From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution

Rebel Cities  From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution Author David Harvey
ISBN-10 9781844678822
Release 2012-04-04
Pages 187
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Explores cities as the origin of revolutionary politics, where social and political issues are always at the surface, using examples from such cities as New York City and Mumbai to examine how they can be better ecologically reorganized.

Zoning and Planning Law Handbook

Zoning and Planning Law Handbook Author Fredric A. Strom
ISBN-10 0314961216
Release 2006
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Zoning and Planning Law Handbook has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Zoning and Planning Law Handbook also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Zoning and Planning Law Handbook book for free.

The Disappearance of Objects

The Disappearance of Objects Author Joshua Shannon
ISBN-10 UOM:39015080875373
Release 2009
Pages 232
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In the years around 1960, a rapid process of deindustrialization profoundly changed New York City. At the same time, massive highway construction, urban housing renewal, and the growth of the financial sector altered the city’s landscape. As the new economy took shape, manufacturing lofts, piers, and small shops were replaced by sleek high-rise housing blocks and office towers. Focusing on works by Claes Oldenburg, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, and Donald Judd, art historian Joshua Shannon shows how New York art engaged with this transformation of the city. Shannon convincingly argues that these four artists---all living amid the changes---filled their art with old street signs, outmoded flashlights, and other discarded objects in a richly revealing effort to understand the economic and architectural transformation of their city.

Great American City

Great American City Author Robert J. Sampson
ISBN-10 9780226734569
Release 2012-02-15
Pages 534
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To demonstrate the powerfully enduring effect of place, this text reviews a decade of research in Chicago, to demonstrate how neighborhoods influence social phenomena, including crime, health, civic engagement & altruism.

Why Preservation Matters

Why Preservation Matters Author Max Page
ISBN-10 9780300218589
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 224
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Commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act, a critique of the preservation movement--and a bold vision for its future Every day, millions of people enter old buildings, pass monuments, and gaze at landscapes unaware that these acts are possible only thanks to the preservation movement. As we approach the October 2016 anniversary of the United States National Historic Preservation Act, historian Max Page offers a thoughtful assessment of the movement's past and charts a path toward a more progressive future. Page argues that if preservation is to play a central role in building more-just communities, it must transform itself to stand against gentrification, work more closely with the environmental sustainability movement, and challenge societies to confront their pasts. Touching on the history of the preservation movement in the United States and ranging the world, Page searches for inspiration on how to rejuvenate historic preservation for the next fifty years. This illuminating work will be widely read by urban planners, historians, and anyone with a stake in the past.

Urban Informality

Urban Informality Author Ananya Roy
ISBN-10 0739107410
Release 2004
Pages 338
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Examining the phenomenon of rapid urbanization in the Middle East, Latin America and South Asia at the turn of the 21st century, this volume presents new research on the use of space and the emergence of new forms of social and political power. It dwells particularly on the informality of many new settlements.

Revolution Detroit

Revolution Detroit Author John Gallagher
ISBN-10 9780814338575
Release 2013-03-15
Pages 208
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After decades of suburban sprawl, job loss, and lack of regional government, Detroit has become a symbol of post-industrial distress and also one of the most complex urban environments in the world. In Revolution Detroit: Strategies for Urban Reinvention, John Gallagher argues that Detroit's experience can offer valuable lessons to other cities that are, or will soon be, dealing with the same broken municipal model. A follow-up to his award-winning 2010 work, Reimagining Detroit, this volume looks at Detroit's successes and failures in confronting its considerable challenges. It also looks at other ideas for reinvention drawn from the recent history of other cities, including Cleveland, Flint, Richmond, Philadelphia, and Youngstown, as well as overseas cities, including Manchester and Leipzig. This book surveys four key areas: governance, education and crime, economic models, and the repurposing of vacant urban land. Among the topics Gallagher covers are effective new urban governance models developed in Cleveland and Detroit; new education models highlighting low-income-but-high-achievement schools and districts; creative new entrepreneurial business models emerging in Detroit and other post-industrial cities; and examples of successful repurposing of vacant urban land through urban agriculture, restoration of natural landscapes, and the use of art in public places. He concludes with a cautious yet hopeful message that Detroit may prove to be the world's most important venue for successful urban experimentation and that the reinvention portrayed in the book can be repeated in many cities. Gallagher's extensive traveling and research, along with his long career covering urban redevelopment for the Detroit Free Press, has given him an unmatched perspective on Detroit's story. Readers interested in urban studies and recent Detroit history will appreciate this thoughtful assessment of the best practices and obvious errors when it comes to reinventing our cities.

Urban America

Urban America Author Neil L. Shumsky
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105118405930
Release 1983
Pages 422
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Urban America has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Urban America also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Urban America book for free.