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Our Lives to Live

Our Lives to Live Author Kanwaljit Soin
ISBN-10 9814641979
Release 2015
Pages 267
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Our Lives to Live: Putting a Woman's Face to Change in Singapore explores and documents how women's roles, choices, and voices in Singapore have changed in the last 50 years; how women, from all sectors of society, have helped to shape the Singapore we know today. The 31 chapters, some with a more academic slant, others with a distinctly personal tone, reflect the rich diversity and depth of women's contributions to Singapore's evolution in the last half century, and also point to the problematical areas that still need attention. The perspectives in this book are provided by three generations of women, and they put a human face -- the woman's face -- to the tremendous changes in Singapore society over the past 50 years. The authors include some of Singapore's most accomplished women in many different fields -- Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob, political scientist and diplomat Chan Heng Chee, global women's activist Noeleen Heyzer, sociologist and politician Aline Wong, food ambassador Violet Oon, sports legend Pat Chan, law lecturer and playwright Eleanor Wong, and novelist Meira Chand.

Our Lives to Live

Our Lives to Live Author Kanwaljit Soin
ISBN-10 9789814641999
Release 2015-05-05
Pages 288
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Our Lives to Live: Putting a Woman's Face to Change in Singapore explores and documents how women's roles, choices, and voices in Singapore have changed in the last 50 years; how women, from all sectors of society, have helped to shape the Singapore we know today. The 31 chapters, some with a more academic slant, others with a distinctly personal tone, reflect the rich diversity and depth of women's contributions to Singapore's evolution in the last half century, and also point to the problematical areas that still need attention. The perspectives in this book are provided by three generations of women, and they put a human face — the woman's face — to the tremendous changes in Singapore society over the past 50 years. The authors include some of Singapore's most accomplished women in many different fields — Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob, political scientist and diplomat Chan Heng Chee, global women's activist Noeleen Heyzer, sociologist and politician Aline Wong, food ambassador Violet Oon, sports legend Pat Chan, law lecturer and playwright Eleanor Wong, and novelist Meira Chand. Contents:Fifty Years of Change and Struggle for Equality (Aline Wong)Women and an Age-Friendly Singapore (Angelique Chan)A Home-schooling in Financial Fitness (Audrey Chin)Preparing Our Children for the Future (Carmee Lim)My Life to Live (Chan Heng Chee)My Choices (Choo Wai Hong)Where Will Women Be in 50 Years? (Chye Shu Wen)The Coming Out of the Political Singaporean (Constance Singam)I'd Rather Be a Good Wife Than a Good Woman (Eleanor Wong)Street Smarts and Social Enterprise (Elim Chew)Women in Labour (Evelyn S Wong)Nurturing Nature (Geh Min)Cooking for Their Country (Gretchen Liu)We Must Have Women in Parliament (Halimah Yacob)Singapore Style (Jennifer Schoon)The Woeful Wombs of Singapore (Kanwaljit Soin and Margaret Thomas)The Gifted Who Discern and Say It for Us (Koh Tai Ann)Violence Against Women — From Shadows to Sanctuaries (Kokila Annamalai)Mothering and Parenting: The Superwoman Myth (Lai Ah Eng)Women in the Singapore Economy — The Inequalities Continue (Linda Y C Lim)Sing Women! (Madeleine Lee)Singapore's Women's Charter: Revolution or Evolution? (Malathi Das)Meetings with Remarkable Women — The Making of Lim Mei Lan (Meira Chand)Beyond Diplomacy — Women Creating Change Through the United Nations (Noeleen Heyzer)The Power of Sport (Pat Chan)Women of Faith and Advocacy (Phyllis Ghim-Lian Chew)The Women in My Life: Ages of Wisdom (Renyung Ho)Domestic Labour in Singapore — The Long Road (Siti Nadzirah Samsudin and Braema Mathi)Childbearing in Singapore — Do We Have Real Choices? (Teo You Yenn)Two Sex Workers Speak (Vanessa Ho)A Woman's (Man's) Place is in the Kitchen (Violet Oon)Our Journey, Our History — The Milestones in the Path of Women in Singapore Readership: Southeast Asian and Singaporean history students; members of the general public who are interested in learning more about the trajectory of Singaporean women's struggles, contributions, and status over the past 50 years. Key Features:A vibrant and compelling collection of perspectives — some provocative, some a touch irreverent, all thoughtful and relevant — by women about women and their role and contributions to SingaporeAppealingly designed by well-known artist and illustrator, PK Cheng — with hand-drawn colour caricatures of each authorPart of the World Scientific Publishing 50 years of Singapore collection celebrating Singapore's half-century of independenceKeywords:Women;Singapore;50 Years pf Independence in Singapore;Ageing;Population;Fertility;Economy;Entrepreneurship;Labour Movement;Domestic Work;Civil Society;Women's Charter;Law;Sex Workers;Politics;International Diplomacy;Education;Singapore Literature;Food;Fashion;Culture;Sports;Religion

50 Years Of Social Issues In Singapore

50 Years Of Social Issues In Singapore Author Chan David
ISBN-10 9789814632638
Release 2015-04-15
Pages 348
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The social context of Singapore is changing rapidly, and understanding how people think, feel and behave in various situations has become a key driver of effectiveness in addressing social issues. 50 Years of Social Issues in Singapore provides a comprehensive review and examination of various social issues at multiple levels of analysis including the individual, group and society.This invaluable book adopts a translational approach to social issues in Singapore by explicitly bridging intellectual and practical perspectives. Contributed by a distinguished team of authors, the chapters examine the critical ideas underlying public debates of social issues and their policy and practical implications.The book is organized into three parts. Part I examines issues of population and social fundamentals in Singapore such as ageing, marriage, urban planning, healthcare and racial and religious harmony. Part II analyses Singapore's social progress through issues of inclusivity such as social mobility, developing communities and marginal groups that deserve more attention. Part III focuses on core principles and social processes related to social justice, doing good, social media and approaches to understanding and addressing social issues in Singapore.Most importantly, the chapters in this book clearly identify many of the critical, unresolved and emerging questions on various social issues that will guide the next generation of public discussion and policy deliberations on what matter in Singapore.

50 Years Of Science In Singapore

50 Years Of Science In Singapore Author Lim Hock
ISBN-10 9789813140912
Release 2016-12-12
Pages 616
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As part of the commemorative book series on Singapore's 50 years of nation-building, this important compendium traces the history and development of the various sectors of Singapore science in the last 50 years or so. The book covers the government agencies responsible for science funding and research policy, the academic institutions and departments who have been in the forefront of the development of the nation's scientific manpower and research, the research centres and institutes which have been breaking new ground in both basic and applied science research, science museums and education, and the academic and professional institutions which the scientific community has set up to enable Singapore scientists to serve the nation more effectively. Each article is chronicled by eminent authors who have played important roles and made significant contributions in shaping today's achievement of science in Singapore. Professionals, academics, students and the general public will find this volume a useful reference material and an inspirational easy read.

Singapore s Health Care System

 Singapore  s Health Care System Author Chien Earn Lee
ISBN-10 9789814696074
Release 2015-11-13
Pages 404
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' How did Singapore''s health care system transform itself into one of the best in the world? It not only provides easy access, but its standards of health care, not only in curative medicine but also in prevention, are exemplary. Fifty years ago, the infant mortality rate (IMR) was 26 per thousand live births; today the IMR is 2. Life expectancy was 64 years then; today, it is 83. The Singapore Medicine brand is trusted internationally, and patients are drawn to Singapore from all over the world. And while many countries struggle to finance their health care, Singapore has developed a health care financing framework that makes health care affordable for its people and gives sustainability to the health care system. Reliability is provided by a professional workforce that seeks to continually learn, improve and become ever more proficient with cutting edge technology while emphasizing the relational aspects of health care by nurturing compassion and maintaining high standards of integrity. Convenience and safety are enhanced by a unifying IT system that enables the portability of medical records across health care institutions. All these have been achieved not by chance but by careful planning, strong leadership and dedicated people who are prepared to learn from Singapore''s own experience while adapting best practices from around the world. But the system is not without challenges — not least those of an aging population, and an increasing market influence. This book provides a fascinating insight into the development of Singapore''s health care system from the early days of fighting infections and providing nutrition supplementation for school children, to today''s management of lifestyle diseases and high-end tertiary care. It also discusses how the system must adapt to help Singaporeans continue to "live well, live long, and with peace of mind." Contents:The Transformation of the Health of Our People: An Overview (Lee Chien Earn & K Satku)A Brief History of Public Health in Singapore (Joan Sara Thomas, Ong Suan Ee, Chia Kee Seng & Lee Hin Peng)Evolving the Governance of Public Healthcare Institutions — A Continuous Improvement Journey (Elizabeth Quah & Neo Boon Siong)Paying for Healthcare (Lai Wei Lin)Healthcare Regulation (Harold Tan, John C W Lim, Se Thoe Su Yun, Suwarin Chaturapit, Melissa Tan, Eric Chan, Ng Mui Kim, Cynthia Kwok, Sia Chong Hock, Foo Yang Tong, Wang Woei Jiuang & Dorothy Toh)Fifty Years of Clinical Quality (Voo Yau Onn)The Growth and Development of Healthcare Professionals (K Satku & Lee Chien Earn)Nursing Manpower Development (Ang Wei Kiat & Pauline C J Tan)Health Promotion — Our Journey (Chew Ling, Jeanne Tan, Jael Lim, Lyn James, Derrick Heng & Chew Suok Kai)Primary Care (Lim Wei & Adrain Ee)Singapore''s Hospitals — Introduction (Lee Chien Earn)Ages and Stages: Five Decades of Community and Residential Services in Singapore (Wong Loong Mun, Nixon Tan, Toh Kong Chian & Jason Cheah)Our IT Journey — One Patient-One Record (Low Cheng Ooi & Peter Tan)Traditional Chinese Medicine (Ng Han Seong)Global Health — Singapore''s Contributions (Yeo Wen Qing, Lyn James, Derrick Heng & Chew Suok Kai)Challenges in Healthcare (Lee Chien Earn & K Satku) Readership: General public, doctors, policy makers, health care workers, and medical students. Keywords:Health System;Public Health;Health Promotion;Primary Care;Hospitals;Financing;Governance;Patient Safety;Quality;Global Health'

50 Years Of Engineering In Singapore

50 Years Of Engineering In Singapore Author Cham Tao Soon
ISBN-10 9789814632317
Release 2017-10-13
Pages 204
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An underpinning force in Singapore's remarkable 50-year transformation into a sophisticated world-class city, engineering has contributed significantly to the nation's economic, infrastructural and social developments. A joint publication by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore, and World Scientific Publishing, to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday, 50 Years of Engineering in Singapore brings to life the extraordinary engineering feats across multiple disciplines and tells the stories of these exceptional engineers who, with their determinations and courage, turned the little red dot into a jewel of a city. A vibrant record of engineering excellence, the publication traces the goliath challenges impeding the nation's growth over the past five decades, and the engineering innovations that brought about wealth creation, higher standards of living, and enhanced liveability. This compendium covers land transportation (ERP system, MRT and LRT, roads and buses system); water management and engineering; energy (supply and maintenance); manufacturing in the areas of electronics, precision engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical/bio-medical engineering; housing/cities/infrastructure and land use (reclamation and underground); air and sea hub; and telecommunications, ICT and software. Contents: Foreword by DPM Teo Chee HeanForeword by Er. Edwin KhewEditor's Remark by Prof Cham Tao SoonAcknowledgementsLand TransportationWaterEnergyManufacturingBuildings & InfrastructureAerospaceInfocomm TechnologyOffshore & MarineHealth & SafetyConclusion: Engineers for the FutureIndex Readership: Researchers, professionals, academics, and laymen interested in all aspects of engineering. Keywords: Global Hub;Manufacturing;Electronics Engineering;Chemical Engineering;Bio-Medical Engineering;Infrastructure;Transportation;Water Management;Energy;SoftwareReview:0

Perspectives on the Security of Singapore

Perspectives on the Security of Singapore Author Barry Desker
ISBN-10 9789814689359
Release 2015-07-22
Pages 352
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Perspectives on the Security of Singapore: The First 50 Years explores the security of Singapore in the last 50 years and its possible trajectories into the future. This volume brings together the diverse perspectives of a team of academics with different expertise, ranging from history to political science to security studies with a common interest in Singapore. The book is further boosted by the recollections of key civil servants involved with foreign affairs and defence, such as S R Nathan, Peter Ho, Bilahari Kausikan and Philip Yeo. Contents:IntroductionPart 1:Singapore's Conception of Security (Ang Cheng Guan)National Security and Singapore: An Assessment (Norman Vasu and Bernard Loo)Deliquescent Security Threats: Singapore in the Era of Hyper-Globalisation (Alan Chong)Singapore and Global Governance: Free-Rider or Responsible Stakeholder? (Tan See Seng)The Challenge of Strategic Intelligence for the Singapore Armed Forces (Kwa Chong Guan)Desecuritisation and after Desecuritisation: The Water Issue in Singapore–Malaysia Relations (S R Joey Long)Singapore's Security in the Context of Singapore–Malaysia–Indonesia Relations (Bilveer Singh)Singapore's Relations with Malaysia and Indonesia (Theophilus Kwek and Joseph Chinyong Liow)International Missions of the Singapore Armed Forces: How Far Would You Go? (Katie Tan and Ong Weichong)Why the FPDA Still Matters to Singapore (Ralf Emmers)Singapore in ASEAN's Quest toward a Security Community (Mely Caballero-Anthony)Singapore and the Great Powers (Khong Yuen Foong)The Changing Terrorist Threat Landscape in Singapore (Rohan Gunaratna)Managing Religious Diversity in Singapore: Context and Challenges (Mohammad Alami Musa and Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib)Part 2:Personal ReminiscencesSafeguarding Singapore's Security: Defence and Diplomacy (S R Nathan)Organising for National Security — The Singapore Experience (Peter Ho)Pragmatic Adaptation, Not Grand Strategy, Shaped Singapore Foreign Policy (Bilahari Kausikan)Dr Goh Keng Swee and the Building of Singapore's Defence Industrial Capability (Philip Yeo)Conclusion: Strategic Certainties Facing Singapore in 2065 (Barry Desker) Readership: Undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and academics, and general public interested in security studies in general and in Singapore. Key Features:This is possibly the first scholarly collective effort/book on the subject of security of SingaporeThe contributors are academics within (and associated with) the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), the only school cum think-tank that specialises in security issues in SingaporeThe contributors include former top civil servants who played a significant role in the shaping and conduct of Singapore's foreign and defence policiesKeywords:Security;Foreign Policy;Singapore

Battle for Hearts and Minds

Battle for Hearts and Minds Author Tarn How Tan
ISBN-10 9789814713634
Release 2015-08-28
Pages 280
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The Singapore 2011 General Election was dubbed by some as the first "Internet" election. How far is this true and to what extent did old and new media influence voting behaviour and political participation? What was the role of Facebook, Twitter, party political websites, political discussion and the alternative and conflicting information offered online? What theoretical insights can be gleaned about media and its use by voters? This edited volume provides an in-depth analysis of these questions through a first-ever survey of media use, political traits, political participation and attitudes towards media, and through experiments, content analysis and interviews. This landmark collection of essays also lays the groundwork for understanding future elections, including the next general election. It also serves as a valuable record of the state of affairs on the ground in the rapidly shifting dynamics of a Singapore political landscape that is undergoing dramatic and unprecedented transformation. This book will appeal to researchers in political communication, political science and media communication. It will also be of interest to policy makers, members of media, community leaders and observers of the impact of media on politics. Contents:Rashomon Effect: Introduction (Arun Mahizhnan):Not Quite an "Internet" Election: Survey of Media Use of Voters (Tan Tarn How and Arun Mahizhnan)Legal Landmines and OB Markers: Survival Strategies of Alternative Media (Cherian George)Untapped Potential: Internet Use by Political Parties (Debbie Goh and Natalie Pang)Pro, Anti, Neutral: Political Blogs and Their Sentiments (Natalie Pang and Debbie Goh)Who Calls the Shots? Agenda Setting in Mainstream and Alternative Media (Paul Wu Horng-Jyh, Randolph Tan Gee Kwang and Carol Soon)Different But Not That Different: New Media's Impact on Young Voters' Political Participation (Trisha T C Lin and Alice Y H Hong)The Leap from the Virtual to the Real: Facebook Use and Political Participation (Marko M Skoric)David vs Goliath: Twitter's Role in Equalising Big-Party Dominance (Xu Xiaoge)Lifting the Veil of Ignorance: Internet's Impact on Knowledge Gap (Debbie Goh)Squaring Political Circles: Coping with Conflicting Information (Natalie Pang)The Silence of the Majority: Political Talk During Election Time (Weiyu Zhang)Conclusion (Tan Tarn How)AppendicesAbout the Contributors Readership: Students, educators, academics, media, policymakers, policy makers, community leaders, members of civil society and the lay intelligent reader. Key Features:Landmark study which examines the impact of media on Singapore electionsChapters which looks at niche areas like influence of social media on political traits, voting behaviour, knowledge gap and political talk during the electionsKeywords:Elections;Social Media;Politics;Alternative media;Party websites;Political Traits;Political Narratives;Political Discourse;Media Usage;Knowledge Gap

Food Foodways and Foodscapes

Food  Foodways and Foodscapes Author Lily Kong
ISBN-10 9789814641234
Release 2015-10-21
Pages 260
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Food Foodways and Foodscapes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Food Foodways and Foodscapes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Food Foodways and Foodscapes book for free.

50 Years of Singapore and the United Nations

50 Years of Singapore and the United Nations Author Tommy Koh
ISBN-10 9789814713061
Release 2015-08-03
Pages 400
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In 2015, Singapore marks the 50th anniversary of its independence, and the United Nations (UN) the 70th anniversary of its founding. This book celebrates 50 years of a mutually beneficial relationship between Singapore and the UN. In the early years of Singapore's independence, the UN system provided Singapore with many benefits which were helpful in Singapore's journey from the Third World to the First. As Singapore has made progress in its developmental journey, it is now able to give back to the international community through programmes such as the Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP), under which officials from developing countries are offered training in areas which are beneficial to their countries. Singapore has actively contributed to improving global governance and strengthening institutions that are important to the management of global issues at the UN, IMF, World Bank, IMO, etc. The Singapore Government has also sent its soldiers and police officers to participate in UN's peace-keeping and peace-making operations. This volume brings together 45 essays by Singaporeans who have made or are making important contributions to the work of the UN system. The reader will be able to learn about the UN as seen through the eyes of Singaporeans who have served as Ambassadors to the United Nations in New York and Geneva, the World Trade Organization, or as professional staff in the various specialised agencies, programmes and funds that are part of the UN. We hope that the life stories and experiences shared by the essayists will remind readers that although Singapore is a very small country, we are a good global citizen and have tried to make this a better world. Contents:Foreword by PM Lee Hsien LoongMessage by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonPreface by Tommy Koh, Li Lin Chang and Joanna KohStatement to the 20th Session of the General Assembly by S RajaratnamAddress to the UN 50th Anniversary Special Commemorative Meeting by Goh Chok TongUnited Nations (New York)United Nations (Geneva) · WTO · GATTUnited Nations Specialised AgenciesUnited Nations PeacekeepingUnited Nations Secretariat Readership: Statesmen, policy-makers, diplomats, scholars and anyone who may be interested in Singapore and the United Nations, and international relations. Keywords:United Nations;Singapore;GLobal Governance;UN System;Nation-Building;Small State

Liveability in Singapore

Liveability in Singapore Author David Chan
ISBN-10 9789814667890
Release 2015-02-10
Pages 160
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Cities and countries around the world are focused on enhancing their living conditions through ways that go beyond the brick and mortar of urban planning. Just like in other highly-urbanised cities, life and living in Singapore is highly dependent on many other dimensions such as health, access to various services, social interactions, inter-group relations and community bonds. Social and behavioural factors will need to be incorporated when designing and implementing policies and interventions to enhance liveability. This invaluable book, based on the proceedings at the Behavioural Sciences Institute Conference 2014, documents an exchange of ideas among practitioners, academics and public intellectuals on liveability in Singapore. The book is organized into four parts. Part I provides an overview of liveability issues. Part II examines liveability from the perspectives of health and urban planning. Part III analyses the relationships linking quality of life to social class and social services. Part IV addresses specific questions on liveability in terms of public transport, cost of living, government's public communications, role of free market values in town planning, civil society, citizen well-being and whether there is a psychological gulf between government and people. This book will provide the reader valuable perspectives, an increased understanding of issues related to the liveability in Singapore and many potential applications to reflect on. Contents:Liveability Issues:Is Singapore Liveable? (Laurence Lien)Liveability Matters (David Chan)Panel Discussion 1 (Laurence Lien, David Chan and Jeremy Lim)Health, Urban Planning and Liveability:Health and Liveability (Jeremy Lim)Urban Planning and Liveability (Heng Chye Kiang)Panel Discussion 2 (Jeremy Lim, Heng Chye Kiang and Han Fook Kwang)Social Class, Social Services and Quality of Life:Social Class and Quality of Life (Tan Ern Ser)Social Services and Quality of Life (Ang Bee Lian)Panel Discussion 3 (Tan Ern Ser, Ang Bee Lian and Sudha Nair)Liveability in Singapore:Closing Panel Discussion (David Chan, Gerard Ee, Han Fook Kwang, Liu Thai Ker and Tommy Koh) Readership: Academics, undergraduate and graduates students, professionals interested in the various critical social and behavioural issues on liveability in Singapore. Key Features:Examining the various critical social and behavioural issues on liveability in SingaporeProviding a state-of-the-art analysis, identifying critical unresolved issues and proposing innovative solutions to the problems identified by a distinguished team of authorsThe wealth and diversity of experience, reputation and influence of the authors will provide a very wide reach and multiplier effect in the readership marketWritten in an active and conversational style making it highly engaging for the readerKeywords:Liveability;Well-Being;Quality of Life;Singapore

Leaders of Singapore

Leaders of Singapore Author Melanie Chew
ISBN-10 9789814719452
Release 2015-07-29
Pages 336
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Singapore is a unique city-state, an economic miracle, a political phenomenon. Many marvel at her very existence. How did Singapore survive? Who built this country? What is the secret of her success? Leaders of Singapore is a fascinating account of the history and development of Singapore from 1945 to 1995, narrated in personal, forthright terms by her most prominent citizens. In a series of remarkable and revealing interviews, Singapore's most famous, most powerful and wealthiest men and women reveal the mysteries and intrigues of the past, describe the triumphs and tragedies which shaped their lives, and share their strategies for success and achievement. This is a pioneering work. It goes beyond any other work in exploring and explaining, through the voices of her people, the source of Singapore's achievements: the Leaders of Singapore and their relentless, uncompromising and often brutal fight for survival. Prominent personalities in LEADERS OF SINGAPORE include the founders of the People's Action Party: Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye and S Rajaratnam, Lim Chin Siong, David Marshall, Devan Nair and Ong Pang Boon, who gathered in Lee Kuan Yew's smoke-filled Oxley Road basement, plotting revolution. They appear side-by-side with the original billionaires Lee Kong Chian, Tan Lark Sye, Tan Siak Kew, Runme Shaw, CK Tang, Ko Teck Kin, Kwek Hong Png, Ng Teng Fong, YC Chang, Tan Chin Tuan and Wee Cho Yaw. and a generation of nation-builders, activists, and artists who braved the initial shock of independence in 1966, and worked to ensure that Singapore survived, thrived, and prospered. Singapore's sages ? men like Lim Kim San, Michael Wong Pakshong, Wee Chong Jin, Lim Chong Yah, Arthur Lim and Liu Kang ? describe their challenges, failures and successes, and share nuggets of wisdom on survival, success, and life. Contents:Leaders of SingaporeBrave New World 1945?1955The Struggle for Singapore 1955?1965Creating a Nation 1965?1975Global City 1975?1985Thoughts on Retirement 1985?1995 Readership:General public interested in Singapore leaders and history. Key Features:LEADERS OF SINGAPORE tells the history of Singapore through the eyes, voices, and emotions of the original founding fathers of the country, who laid down the values, infrastructure, and operating principles which took Singapore from its founding in 1965 to its 50th Anniversary in 2015Throughout the book, historian Melanie Chew was crafted a true history of Singapore which is readable and engaging, as well as accurate and scholarly, delivering above all a good story, well toldFor the month of August 2015, the book will be available to all Singaporeans free of charge, by e-book download from the World Scientific Publishing website, as the author's gift to the nation in celebration of its 50th AnniversaryKeywords:Singapore;Singapore Pioneers;Singapore Business Leaders;History;Political Leadership;Lee Kuan Yew;Goh Keng Swee;Tan Lark Sye;Lee Kong Chian;Ko Teck Kin;Parkcane C Hwang;Tan Siak Kew;Runme Shaw;Tang Choon Keng;Rajabali Jumabhoy;David Marshall;Toh Chin Chye;CV Devan Nair;Lim Chin Siong;Lee Siew Choh;S Rajaratnam;Lim Kim San;Ong Pang Boon;Yusof Ishak;Wee Chong Jin;Tan Boon Teik;Lim Chong Yah;Winston Choo;Tan Chin Tuan;Wee Cho Yaw;Ng Teng Fong;Kwek Hong Png;Michael Fam;Michael Wong Pakshong;Chang Yun Chong;Alfred Wong;Ng Cheong Ling;Arthur S M Lim;S Shan Ratnam;Choo Hoey;Liu Kang;Lee Siot Tin;Syed Isa bin Semait

50 Years of Environment

50 Years of Environment Author Yong Soon Tan
ISBN-10 9789814696241
Release 2015-08-24
Pages 292
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In conjunction with Singapore's 50th birthday in August 2015, 50 Years of Environment: Singapore's Journey Towards Environmental Sustainability takes the reader through Singapore's environmental journey over the past 50 years, to its present day challenges and solutions, and seeks to explore what lies ahead for Singapore's environmental future. This book is divided into three parts. The first, drawn largely from the book Clean, Green and Blue: Singapore's Journey Towards Environmental and Water Sustainability, will explore the historical developments in Singapore's environmental journey and the development of NEWater. The second part will be a collection of essays that examine the present environmental challenges that Singapore faces and the ways in which it is addressing those issues through community engagement, international engagement, research and technology, and industry solutions in order to develop sustainable strategies and solutions. Part Three will bring the book to a close by tying the historical and contemporary threads together and discusses the future challenges for Singapore's environment. Contents:EndorsementsPrefaceAbout the EditorAbout the ContributorsAppreciationJourney to the Present:Reflections on Singapore's Environmental Journey (Tan Yong Soon, Lee Tung Jean and Karen Tan)Cleaning the Land and Rivers (Tan Yong Soon, Lee Tung Jean and Karen Tan)Applying Economic Principles to Environmental Policy (Tan Yong Soon, Lee Tung Jean and Karen Tan)The Search for NEWater: The Singapore Water Story (Lee Ek Tieng)Environmental Planning For Sustainable Development (Tan Yong Soon)Present Challenges:Frontier Research in Environment and Water: Integrated Research Approach for Sustainable Solutions (Lee Lai Yoke and Ong Choon Nam)Energy Transitions — Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Challenges in the Tropics (Nilesh Y Jadhav, Subodh Mhaisalkar and Hans B (Teddy) Püttgen)Developing a Vibrant Sustainable Energy Industry (Edwin Khew, Christophe Inglin, Sanjay Kuttan and Low Kian Beng)Community Engagement to Promote Environmental Ownership and Secure Our Future (Chew Gek Khim)Island in the World: Singapore's Environment and the International Dimensions (Simon Tay and Cheong Poh Kwan)Moving into the Future:Environmental Sustainability and Sustainable Development (Tan Yong Soon and Kwek Leng Joo) Readership: General readers who are interested in learning more about Singapore's environmental journey, present day developments, and the potential environmental challenges in the future. Key Features:Contains a great variety of contributions from leading individuals in the public, private and people sectors, and leading academics at the forefront of environmental research and developmentProvides a good overview of Singapore's history in improving environmental conditions, present challenges, and possible future developments for Singapore's environmentSuitable for a variety of readers, ranging from the general reader to academics and practitionersKeywords:Singapore;Environment;Sustainability;R&DReview: "Singapore's transformation from an impoverished and polluted island to the world's beacon of environmental progress has been nothing short of miraculous. Miracles, however, are hard to repeat elsewhere, therefore, we are very fortunate that Singapore's environmental transformation was not at all a miracle. Instead, it happened thanks to clever and consistent strategies and brilliant execution. Over the last 30 years, as I got to gradually know the Singapore miracle workers and their methods, I often prayed that other jurisdictions would learn the steps involved. This book about the Singapore miracle provides an opportunity for environmental leaders everywhere to extract the policies and procedures they need to bring about progress in their own jurisdiction." Dr Andrew Benedek Founder, Chairman and CEO of ZENON Environmental Inc. and Anaergia Inc. Winner of the inaugural Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize in 2008 "For a seriously resource-constrained nation, Singapore has come a long way since its independence in 1965. Very few people, if any, 50 years ago would have predicted that this city-state would become the envy of the world by 2015. While everyone knows and admires the remarkable progress of the past half century, not many people are familiar with the achievements in the field of environment and the enabling conditions that made this possible. One of the very few serious studies that is available is Tan Yong Soon's earlier book Clean, Green and Blue: Singapore's Journey Towards Environmental and Water Sustainability. The present text is a worthy complement that adds to the in-depth analysis of this important journey. The book is strongly recommended." Professor Asit K Biswas Distinguished Visiting Professor Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore and Co-founder, Third World Centre for Water Management, Mexico "This book charts a 50-year visionary journey that began on the right foot, with recognition that sustainable economic growth and a clean environment are mutually reinforcing goals. Over these decades, Singapore has moved from cleaning up the land and rivers, through controlling pollution and meeting water needs, to the current use of cutting-edge research and technology to build clean and renewable energy for the future. With the city-state now ranking near the top of the world in terms of environmental standards, the book offers many lessons for other countries looking for ways to meet the growing demand for water and energy while preserving a health-promoting environment." Dr Margaret Chan Director-General, World Health Organization "Singapore celebrates its 50th anniversary of nationhood in a milestone year as countries of the world come together to agree a climate-safe path to sustainable development. Since its establishment, Singapore has sought to leverage sound environmental stewardship and social engagement into prosperity and growth. Singapore has been remarkably successful. The 50 Years of Environment publication demonstrates how progressive policy such as ecologically sound natural resource management, incentives to innovate and emphasis on clean development are at the heart of this vibrant modern economy. This is a welcome addition to the global dialogue on development as a powerful case study for what is possible. As governments move towards a set of Sustainable Development Goals and a new, universal climate change agreement in Paris this year, the knowledge and experiences in this book showcase real world policy success and inspire the world." Ms Christiana Figueres Executive Secretary, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change "Singapore's success in becoming a developed country and, at the sametime, taking good care of its environment, is a vindication of what we were trying to achieve at the 1992 Earth Summit. This important book explains how Singapore did it and outlines present and future challenges as Singapore continues its journey into environmental sustainability and sustainable development." Professor Tommy Koh Chairman, Preparatory Committee and Chairman, Main Committee UN Conference on Environment and Development 2006 Champion of the Earth, awarded by UNEP 2006 President's Award for the Environment, Singapore "Singapore is well known globally for its brilliant economic success story. It deserves to be equally well-known for its environmental success story. It is truly remarkable that unlike other successful economies, Singapore did not sacrifice its environment in pursuit of economic growth. This is why this book edited by Tan Yong Soon could not be more timely. The world can learn a lot of lessons from this volume." Professor Kishore Mahbubani Dean, LKY School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, and author of The Great Convergence: Asia, the West, and the Logic of One World "With a population density of around 7,500 people to the square kilometre, Singapore is one of the most densely populated countries on Earth. This book of essays by some of those most closely involved shows how the country evolved through half a century of commitment and foresight into one of the world's most liveable cities with green spaces and fresh water and how it is addressing present environmental challenges to develop sustainable strategies and solutions. Others take notice and follow!" Lord Ronald Oxburgh Former Rector of Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (1993–2000) Former Chairman of the UK House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology (2000–2004) Honorary President of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association

Affordable Excellence

Affordable Excellence Author William A. Haseltine
ISBN-10 9780815724162
Release 2013
Pages 182
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A Brookings Institution Press and the National University of Singapore Press publication This is the story of the Singapore healthcare system: how it works, how it is financed, its history, where it is going, and what lessons it may hold for national health systems around the world. Singapore ranks sixth in the world in healthcare outcomes, yet spends proportionally less on healthcare than any other high-income country. This is the first book to set out a comprehensive system-level description of healthcare in Singapore, with a view to understanding what can be learned from its unique system design and development path. The lessons from Singapore will be of interest to those currently planning the future of healthcare in emerging economies, as well as those engaged in the urgent debates on healthcare in the wealthier countries faced with serious long-term challenges in healthcare financing. Policymakers, legislators, public health officials responsible for healthcare systems planning, finance and operations, as well as those working on healthcare issues in universities and think tanks should understand how the Singapore system works to achieve affordable excellence.

50 Years Of Asean And Singapore

50 Years Of Asean And Singapore Author Koh Tommy
ISBN-10 9789813225145
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 444
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On the 8th of August 2017, ASEAN will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding. ASEAN is of great importance to Singapore, the region and the world. In 1967, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN in short, was founded by five countries in Southeast Asia which had just gained independence from their former colonial masters, united by a determination for the region to live in peace and stability. Singapore was one of the five founding members of ASEAN, together with Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. The grouping was joined later by Brunei (1984), Vietnam (1995), Laos and Myanmar (1997), and finally, Cambodia (1999). ASEAN is today a very successful inter-governmental organization which promotes peace, stability, economic development and regional integration. This volume brings together 46 essays written by Singaporeans who have played a part in the partnership between ASEAN and Singapore. The reader will be able to glean an insight into the workings of ASEAN and Singapore's contributions to ASEAN through the lens of diplomats, academics, civil society leaders and officials. Contents: Foundational Documents of ASEANASEAN's ChallengesASEAN's Landmark AchievementsASEAN's External RelationsMaking of the ASEAN CharterASEAN and Civil SocietySingaporeans in ASEANPost-Charter ASEANASEAN's Future Readership: Academics, scholars, diplomats & civil society interested in ASEAN and Singapore. Keywords: ASEAN;Singapore;Regional GroupsReview:0

Singapore 2065

Singapore 2065 Author Euston Quah
ISBN-10 9814663379
Release 2015-07-30
Pages 456
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"This book is a collection of key insights from 50 iconic individuals of Singapore and beyond, and contains reasoned arguments, speculations and visionary expectations of Singapore's future in 50 years' time. The book discusses the distant future of Singapore's economy and the environment. What will Singapore's economic and environment landscape be like 50 years from now? Are there trends or scenarios common to the various discussions contained in this book? If there are, how big would be the impact of some of these trends? What and how should the government respond to these projections, expectations and informed visions of tomorrow? In sum, what would Singapore's economy and environment be like in 2065? The book explores a range of possible answers to these questions and more"--

Art Hats in Renaissance City

Art Hats in Renaissance City Author Lee Renee Foong Ling
ISBN-10 9789814630795
Release 2015-03-30
Pages 360
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Art Hats in Renaissance City is an anthology of the personal reflections and aspirations of four generations in the new ecostructure in Singapore, from those who help formulate policies to that of the individual artists, who have helped develop and build an exciting arts and cultural scene from scratch and into a viable economic model. As evidenced by the professions featured in this anthology, the scope of work within the creative and cultural industries is diverse, from backgrounds such as history, communications, management, economics, law, science, art, psychology and entertainment. Beyond theory, the anthology offers an authentic voice of real and lived experiences of the go-to people, their personal role in heritage development, and their thoughts and insights on our, albeit developing, art scene since Singapore's independence. In this anthology, discover the following and more! Behind-the-scenes champions of the arts in SingaporeCultural diplomats vs art professionals at workWhat constitutes a conducive art sceneWhich is the most expensive painting a prominent art collector has boughtTalents that know no bounds — beyond disabilitiesWhy "being able to play games" is importantHow museums became popularThe considerations before starting a theatreA career using music to soothe the emotionally and physically disabledTechniques or philosophies behind artwork of some artists including Cultural Medallists Wee Beng Chong, Tan Kian Por, Ho Ho Ying and Tan Swie Hian Contents:Leaders:Preparing for the Creative Economy: The Fusion of Arts, Business and Technology (Tan Chin Nam)The Development of the Cultural Ecosystem in Singapore, 1991–2011: A Personal Journey (Tommy Koh)The Evolving Role of Cultural Administrators in Singapore (Liew Chin Choy)Strategic Intent with Artistic Integrity (Goh Ching Lee)In Making Museums and Heritage Accessible! (Michael Koh)A Knight at the Esplanade (Benson Puah in Dialogue with Renee Lee)Cultural Diplomacy and Singapore Season (Carol Tan)Curators, Critics & Historians:Crossroads of History and Art (Alan Chong)A Museological Challenge: Presenting Living Cultures of the South Asians in a Museum Context in Singapore (Gauri Parimoo Krishnan)A Re-look at the Genesis of the Nanyang School (Kwok Kian Chow)Modern Art in Singapore: Pioneers and Premises (T K Sabapathy)The Slow Burn: Privatised Protest in Recent Contemporary Art from Singapore (Tan Boon Hui)Nan Qi: Authority Sex Money (Chong Huai Seng)Building a Collection (Quek Tse Kwang in Dialogue with Renee Lee)Artists & Practitioners:My Theatre Journey (Nelson Chia)Who's Who Among Asian Americans: The Mind Palace (Renee Lee with Wenhai Ma)Being Human: Music Therapy (Ng Wang Feng)Moving Forward with Tradition: A Personal Dance Journey (Som M Said)Very Special Arts (Yeo Lanxi)A Vision and a Mission: Development of Nanyang Inspired Music (Eric Watson with Tsung Yeh)Arts Scene (Adrian Pang)A Passion for Art, A Passion for Life (Benjamin Chee)Academicians:Music in Singapore since the 60s: A Personal Account (Bernard Tan)Music Education in 21st Century Singapore (Eleanor A L Tan & Chee Hoo Lum)Contemporaneous, Contemporisation, Contemporary Expressions in Dance (Caren Carino)New Asian Imaginations (Michael Sullivan)Cultural Medallion Visual Artists (Renee Lee)1980s and Beyond at NAFA (Chiew Sien Kuan & Boo Sze Yang)Education and Career (Guo Liang)Balancing an Academic with Artistic Career (Joyce Koh)Poem (Edwin Thumboo) Readership: General public; aspiring artists and artistes pursuing a career in the arts. Keywords:Art Education;Renaissance City;Singapore Art Scene