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Our Own Worst Enemy as Protector of Ourselves

Our Own Worst Enemy as Protector of Ourselves Author Byron Ben Renz
ISBN-10 9780761847045
Release 2010
Pages 163
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Much communication today argues a point. An argument, by definition, involves an attack and a counterattack not only using logic, but also incorporating non-logical feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and values. Much of the non-logical element in our argument taps the reservoir of unconscious understandings, feelings, expectations, and values that we have coded and stored in our unconscious minds in the form of stereotypes, schemas, and typifications. Our internal packets of stored values and beliefs may constitute our own worst enemy as they militate against creative thought and forward-looking change. At the same time, they may provide solace for our inner being and provide a framework for developing persuasive campaigns to further our interests. The book takes us through the persuasive process, particularly as it is used in terrorist persuasive settings and as it has been used in some of the major propaganda battles of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Language Power

Language Power Author Byron Renz
ISBN-10 9781475971477
Release 2013-03-08
Pages 522
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The focus of Language Power: Dynamic Progression from Word to Message is on words and how they convey meaning and feeling. The microscopic focus on the word itself evolves into the logical organization of words into meaningful sentences, paragraphs, and document sections. The focus is on the somewhat divergent nonfiction elements of information and persuasion. From an examination of the principles of information and persuasion, the book evolves into an examination of specific applications of the informative and persuasive principles in business letter writing, the résumé, the cover letter, the business plan, and the grant proposal. Language Power gets the serious student of writing away from the glib advice about writing do’s and don’ts or templates that can simply be copied. This is a book about the process of thinking that goes into effective informative and persuasive writing. The book teaches the writing process. Although the discussion of process is illustrated with examples, the examples serve not as templates but to help teach the process. The book’s rationale is that solid academics will ultimately outperform the mundane. After examining how words convey meaning, words are next examined as collective structures to convey information or persuasion. Finally, language structures are analyzed in specific forms of business writing.

Law and the Philosophy of Privacy

Law and the Philosophy of Privacy Author Janice Richardson
ISBN-10 9781134097586
Release 2015-08-20
Pages 226
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Situating privacy within the context of political philosophy, this book highlights the way in which struggles concerning the meaning of privacy have always been political. Different conceptions of privacy are here shown to involve diverse assumptions about ontology: our conceptions of self, culture, society and communication. Privacy theory’s debt to Locke, Kant or Mill, and what is at stake in their conceptual frameworks, is examined. The extent to which the term "privacy" has been used to the detriment of - and to create - weaker parties in marriage, in the workplace and now as citizens (or non-citizens) and consumers, as well as employees, is also demonstrated. In contrast, Janice Richardson pursues the relevance of Floridi’s philosophy of information, before turning to her application of Spinoza, the philosopher of communication, in order to outline a more useful framework through which to think about privacy today. The book will be of interest to those working in political philosophy, feminist philosophy, law, the philosophy of information, sociology, media, and cultural studies.

Folk Devils and Moral Panics

Folk Devils and Moral Panics Author Stanley Cohen
ISBN-10 9781136807046
Release 2011-04-01
Pages 328
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'Richly documented and convincingly presented' -- New Society Mods and Rockers, skinheads, video nasties, designer drugs, bogus asylum seeks and hoodies. Every era has its own moral panics. It was Stanley Cohen’s classic account, first published in the early 1970s and regularly revised, that brought the term ‘moral panic’ into widespread discussion. It is an outstanding investigation of the way in which the media and often those in a position of political power define a condition, or group, as a threat to societal values and interests. Fanned by screaming media headlines, Cohen brilliantly demonstrates how this leads to such groups being marginalised and vilified in the popular imagination, inhibiting rational debate about solutions to the social problems such groups represent. Furthermore, he argues that moral panics go even further by identifying the very fault lines of power in society. Full of sharp insight and analysis, Folk Devils and Moral Panics is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand this powerful and enduring phenomenon. Professor Stanley Cohen is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics. He received the Sellin-Glueck Award of the American Society of Criminology (1985) and is on the Board of the International Council on Human Rights. He is a member of the British Academy.

Communicating Racism

Communicating Racism Author Teun A. van Dijk
ISBN-10 OCLC:641159112
Release 1995
Pages 435
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Communicating Racism has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Communicating Racism also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Communicating Racism book for free.

Selfhood Identity and Personality Styles

Selfhood  Identity and Personality Styles Author Giampiero Arciero
ISBN-10 0470749369
Release 2009-08-14
Pages 278
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A key text for Psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, as well as trainees in the area. Presenting a clinical model which has close connections with American constructivist psychotherapy and Bowlby’s Attachment Theory. Delineates a set of principles in the study of consciousness that place the first-person perspective at the heart of the analysis of emotional disorders Differentiates six personality styles, describing the origin of the subjective emotional experience; the ordering and the regulation of the emotional domain, and the psychopathological disorders Provides neuroscientific evidence showing that brain activity could be related to personality styles Praise for Selfhood, Identity and Personality Styles: “Arciero and Bondolfi show in fine detail how the sense of self emerges in first- and second-person experiences, forming a dynamic, emotive and narrative identity; they then brilliantly demonstrate how this self-identity gets distorted and disrupted in the pathologies that directly undermine this process. This is a landmark study that brings together materials from multiple disciplines. Their analysis provides a clear account of how our existential being-in-the-world is modulated by narrative practices. They show how the ongoing construction of personality delineated by the various emotional tendencies that are sedimented in the individual’s life comes to be reflected in personal narrative. Arciero and Bondolfi continuously make insightful connections between research in developmental psychology, neuroscience, and emotion studies and then carry these basic insights into the realm of psychiatry. The psychiatric analyses offered here are thus enriched by clinical vignettes and enlightened by the integration of philosophical (especially phenomenological and hermeneutical), psychological, neuroscientific, and literary dimensions”. Shaun Gallagher, Professor of Philosophy, University of Central Florida “Arciero and Bondolfi have written a timely, thought-provoking and challenging book, providing the reader with a refreshingly new account of Self-identity and its disorders. A cogent and novel contribution to psychiatric thought that wonderfully integrates philosophy, psychopathology and contemporary neuroscience. This book will push psychiatry in new directions. A must read!.” Vittorio Gallese, Professor of Human Physiology, University of Parma ,Italy “Selfhood, Identity, and Personality Styles is a highly ambitious work of theoretical synthesis: neuroscience, phenomenology, and social constructionism are joined together with the study of both literature and psychopathology. Arciero and Bondolfi offer sophisticated and intriguing discussions not only of mirror neurons and developmental psychology, but also of ideas from Aristotle, Kant, and Heidegger, of characters from Dostoevsky, Kleist, and Pessoa, and of patients from clinical practice. A ground-breaking, first attempt to show the relevance of the interdisciplinary study of basic self-experience for our understanding of character styles and personality disorders.” Louis A. Sass, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Rutgers University “This is a scholarly book which will provide the reader with plenty to chew on. This book will make you think, will illuminate how people function and will help you understand how self disordered experience, such as the feeling that one disappears or doesn’t exist when another leaves, occurs. The authors tackle with great sophistication, the big questions of how sameness, changing experience and temporality are woven together by language and narrative. Refusing to be reduced to the simplicity of objectivist account of functioning they o

The Myths of Management

The Myths of Management Author Adrian Furnham
ISBN-10 1897635982
Release 1996-01-01
Pages 114
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Is management any more than common sense? Do employers really know how to recruit the best people for their firms? How important is training to employee development? Which management techniques motivate employees best? Is money the best motivator? These are key questions which every ambitious organisation should be asking about itself and the way it operates. Or do they simply represent the latest fashionable management fads promoted by trendy consultants? The Myths of Management scrutinises these and other management issues. Its author, Adrian Furnham, is Professor of Psychology at the Business Psychology Unit, University College London and director of Applied Behavioural Research Associates Ltd. He also writes a column for the Financial Times and makes frequent media appearances. This book presents his latest thoughts on a wide range of recurrent themes which managers and organisations regularly have to address. It provides a useful collection of points to consider for the purposeful manager or those who aspire to that position.

Handbook of the Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Relations

Handbook of the Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Relations Author Hernan Vera
ISBN-10 9780387708454
Release 2007-08-03
Pages 494
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The study of racial and ethnic relations has become one of the most written about aspects in sociology and sociological research. In both North America and Europe, many "traditional" cultures are feeling threatened by immigrants from Latin America, Africa and Asia. This handbook is a true international collaboration looking at racial and ethnic relations from an academic perspective. It starts from the principle that sociology is at the hub of the human sciences concerned with racial and ethnic relations.

Inside Plea Bargaining

Inside Plea Bargaining Author D.W. Maynard
ISBN-10 9781489903723
Release 2013-06-29
Pages 257
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Negotiation is a ubiquitous part of social life. Some even say that social order itself is a negotiated phenomenon. Yet the study of negotiation as an actual discourse activity, occurring between people who have substantial interests and tasks in the real social world, is in its infancy. This is the more surprising because plea bargaining, as a specific form of negotiation, has recently been the center of an enormous amount of research attention. Much of the concern has been directed to basic ques tions of justice, such as how fair the process is, whether it is unduly coercive, and whether it accurately separates the guilty from the innocent. A study such as mine does not try to answer these sorts of questions. I believe that we are not in a position to answer them until we approach plea bargaining on its own complex terms. Previous studies that have attempted to provide a general picture of the process as a way to assess its degree of justness have neglected the specific skills by which prac titioners bargain and negotiate, the particular procedures through which various surface features such as character assessment are accomplished, and concrete ways in which justice is administered and, simultaneously, caseloads are managed.

The New Blackwell Companion to Social Theory

The New Blackwell Companion to Social Theory Author Bryan S. Turner
ISBN-10 9781444305005
Release 2009-01-30
Pages 640
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A comprehensive new collection covering the principal traditions and critical contemporary issues of social theory. Builds on the success of The Blackwell Companion to Social Theory, second edition with substantial revisions, entirely new contributions, and a fresh editorial direction Explores contemporary areas such as actor network theory, social constructionism, human rights and cosmopolitanism Includes chapters on demography, science and technology studies, and genetics and social theory Emphasizes key areas of sociology which have had an important impact in shaping the discipline as a whole

The Anthropology of Experience

The Anthropology of Experience Author Victor Witter Turner
ISBN-10 9780252012495
Release 1986
Pages 391
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"Fourteen authors, including many of the best-known scholars in the field, explore how people actually experience their culture and how those experiences are expressed in forms as varied as narrative, literary work, theater, carnival, ritual, reminiscence, and life review. Their studies will be of special interest for anyone working in anthropological theory, symbolic anthropology, and contemporary social and cultural anthropology, and useful as well for other social scientists, folklorists, literary theorists, and philosophers."--Back cover.

Being Single on Noah s Ark

Being Single on Noah s Ark Author Leonard Cargan
ISBN-10 0742559599
Release 2007
Pages 230
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Cargan provides a brief history of marriage and family life and the changes occuring in them between 1950 and 2005. This book further evaluates the stereotypes that are applied to singles, noting changes that have occured in these beliefs.

The Existential Phenomenology of Simone de Beauvoir

The Existential Phenomenology of Simone de Beauvoir Author Wendy O'Brien
ISBN-10 9789401597531
Release 2013-06-29
Pages 263
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The Existential Phenomenology of Simone de Beauvoir has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Existential Phenomenology of Simone de Beauvoir also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Existential Phenomenology of Simone de Beauvoir book for free.

Technology Gender and Power in Africa

Technology  Gender  and Power in Africa Author Patricia Stamp
ISBN-10 9780889365384
Release 1989-01
Pages 185
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Technology, Gender and Power in Africa

Images and Realities of Rural Life

Images and Realities of Rural Life Author Henk de Haan
ISBN-10 9023232887
Release 1997
Pages 384
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Images and Realities of Rural Life has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Images and Realities of Rural Life also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Images and Realities of Rural Life book for free.

Essays and Miscellanies

Essays and Miscellanies Author Leigh Hunt
ISBN-10 UCAL:B4670358
Release 1854
Pages 258
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Essays and Miscellanies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Essays and Miscellanies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Essays and Miscellanies book for free.

Geography and Geographers

Geography and Geographers Author Ron Johnston
ISBN-10 9781134065943
Release 2015-12-22
Pages 544
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Geography and Geographers continues to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date overview of human geography available. It provides a survey of the major debates, key thinkers and schools of thought in the English-speaking world, setting them within the context of economic, social, cultural, political and intellectual changes. It is essential reading for all undergraduate geography students. It draws on a wide reading of the geographical literature and addresses the ways geography and its history are understood and the debates among geographers regarding what the discipline should study and how. This extensively updated seventh edition offers a thoroughly contemporary perspective on human geography for new and more experienced students alike.