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Pachamama Tales Folklore from Argentina Bolivia Chile Paraguay Peru and Uruguay

Pachamama Tales  Folklore from Argentina  Bolivia  Chile  Paraguay  Peru  and Uruguay Author Paula Martin
ISBN-10 9781610698535
Release 2014-07-31
Pages 242
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A bilingual collection of enchanting folk tales from the peoples of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, and Paraguay, accompanied by historical and geographical background as well as color photographs. • Provides ready-to-tell stories from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, and Uruguay that both entertain and promote multicultural awareness • An ideal resource for storytellers, folklorists, parents, librarians, Spanish instructors, and other educators who conduct storytime programs • Includes color inserts that help bring the rich folklore and culture of these South American nations to life • Stories are presented in both English and Spanish

Storyteller s Sampler Tales from Tellers Around the World

Storyteller s Sampler  Tales from Tellers Around the World Author Read MacDonald Margaret
ISBN-10 9781440835285
Release 2015-06-30
Pages 185
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Looking for fresh ideas to liven up your storytimes? Here you'll find a wonderfully diverse collection of easy-to-tell tales from around the world, along with tips and profiles of the storytellers featured in the book. • Represents more than 25 cultures from around the world • Edited by a world-renowned storyteller, folklorist, former children's librarian, and author of more than 65 books who has worked with storytellers from around the world • Includes practical storytelling tips to add polish to your presentation • Presents lively stories that encourage audience involvement

Tibetan Folktales

Tibetan Folktales Author Haiwang Yuan
ISBN-10 9781610694711
Release 2014-11-25
Pages 202
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This collection of folktales provides readers with an extensive overview of the breadth of Tibetan culture, revealing the character of the region and its people as well as their traditional customs and values. • Offers more than 30 folktales—some of which have never before been published in English—that introduce readers to Tibetan cultural traditions and represent a full array of different folktale types • Includes nine recipes for Tibetan dishes specifying alternative ingredients that can be substituted for hard-to-find original ingredients • Supplies craft and game instructions that will enliven a grade school classroom and entertain young audiences as they learn about Tibetan culture and folklore • Includes color images that enable readers to better appreciate the richness of Tibetan culture

The Latin American Story Finder

The Latin American Story Finder Author Sharon Barcan Elswit
ISBN-10 9780786478958
Release 2015-09-23
Pages 328
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Anything is possible in the world of Latin American folklore, where Aunt Misery can trap Death in a pear tree; Amazonian dolphins lure young girls to their underwater city; and the Feathered Snake brings the first musicians to Earth. One in a series of folklore reference guides (" invaluable resource..."--School Library Journal), this book features summaries of 470 tales told in Mexico, Central America and South America, a region underrepresented in collections of world folklore. The volume sends users to the best stories retold in English from the Inca, Maya, and Aztec civilizations, Spanish and Portuguese missionaries and colonists, African slave cultures, indentured servants from India, and more than 75 indigenous tribes from 21 countries. The tales are grouped into themed sections with a detailed subject index.

Journey to the Heart of Pachamama

Journey to the Heart of Pachamama Author Ann Windes
ISBN-10 061566900X
Release 2012-12-10
Pages 478
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If you loved following the solo female adventures in Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert or Wild by Cheryl Strayed- this is most definitely the book for you. The author of Journey to the Heart of Pachamama was a professional athlete and adventurer, who pushed beyond all sense of limitation and convention. Hers was a life fueled by addiction and the drive to be number one. However, the number one position proved to be not only lonely, but impossible to maintain against her most ruthless competitor-herself. From a hilarious pursuit to find true love, to getting sober and realizing that love is experienced only when it is given, this is her journey from Manhattan Beach, California to the indigenous villages of Peru, and finally, to the Heart of Pachamama. Her awakening- woven with naked candor, wisdom and humor is universal- True love finds us once we realize that we are the one we've been searching for.

Bone by Bone

Bone by Bone Author Paula Martin
ISBN-10 0984619992
Release 2017-08
Pages 199
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Inspired by the author's own search for her roots, Bone by Bone: A Love Story spans 187 years (1830-2017) and is the story of seven generations of a family and the tragedies, trauma, and ultimately love that they unknowingly pass along to their future generations. Beginning in the Choctaw homeland in Mississippi, the lineage suffers displacement, abandonment, betrayal, and rejection that are repeated generation after generation, yet the ancestral love and deep spiritual connections are also passed along, and ultimately set them all free. A story of tragedy and ancestral healing, Bone by Bone reminds us that we are all connected and loved.

Red October

Red October Author Jeffrey R. Webber
ISBN-10 9789004201552
Release 2011-09-23
Pages 376
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In the opening years of this century, a left-indigenous insurrectionary cycle in Bolivia mounted the most radical challenge to neoliberalism in the Western hemisphere. This book provides a Marxist and indigenous-liberationist analysis of this revolutionary epoch and is historical context.

Folktales from the Arabian Peninsula Tales of Bahrain Kuwait Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia The United Arab Emirates and Yemen

Folktales from the Arabian Peninsula  Tales of Bahrain  Kuwait  Oman  Qatar  Saudi Arabia  The United Arab Emirates  and Yemen Author Nadia Jameel Taibah
ISBN-10 9781440842078
Release 2015-11-10
Pages 114
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This unique and diverse selection of traditional folktales from the countries of the Arabian Peninsula appeals to a broad audience, ranging from storytellers and educators to folklorists and scholars. • Offers a collective of interesting folktales that introduces the cultures of seven countries of the Arabian Peninsula • Presents unusual tales never before seen in English children's collections • Includes tale notes that document the relationship of these tales to world folklore • Features color images that serve to bring the richness of folktales from the Arabian Peninsula to life

Dispersing Power

Dispersing Power Author Raul Zibechi
ISBN-10 9781849350112
Release 2010
Pages 163
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Building power beyond the state.

Women Culture and Politics in Latin America

Women  Culture  and Politics in Latin America Author Seminar on Feminism & Culture in Latin America
ISBN-10 0520909070
Release 1992-02-25
Pages 284
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The result of a collaboration among eight women scholars, this collection examines the history of women’s participation in literary, journalistic, educational, and political activity in Latin American history, with special attention to the first half of this century.

Weaving the Past

Weaving the Past Author Susan Kellogg
ISBN-10 0198040423
Release 2005-09-02
Pages 352
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Weaving the Past offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary history of Latin America's indigenous women. While the book concentrates on native women in Mesoamerica and the Andes, it covers indigenous people in other parts of South and Central America, including lowland peoples in and beyond Brazil, and Afro-indigenous peoples, such as the Garifuna, of Central America. Drawing on primary and secondary sources, it argues that change, not continuity, has been the norm for indigenous peoples whose resilience in the face of complex and long-term patterns of cultural change is due in no small part to the roles, actions, and agency of women. The book provides broad coverage of gender roles in native Latin America over many centuries, drawing upon a range of evidence from archaeology, anthropology, religion, and politics. Primary and secondary sources include chronicles, codices, newspaper articles, and monographic work on specific regions. Arguing that Latin America's indigenous women were the critical force behind the more important events and processes of Latin America's history, Kellogg interweaves the region's history of family, sexual, and labor history with the origins of women's power in prehispanic, colonial, and modern South and Central America. Shying away from interpretations that treat women as house bound and passive, the book instead emphasizes women's long history of performing labor, being politically active, and contributing to, even supporting, family and community well-being.

Revolution Defeat and Theoretical Underdevelopment

Revolution  Defeat and Theoretical Underdevelopment Author Loren Goldner
ISBN-10 9789004325821
Release 2016-08-01
Pages 248
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The historical studies presented here examine four ideologies—Leninism, Trotskyism, anarchism , and anti-imperialism— still with us, if diffusely. They attempt to overcome the legacies of the Second, Third and Fourth Internationals, and of “real existing socialism”, in the Soviet Union and elsewhere.

Desde Los Vientos de Manguito

Desde Los Vientos de Manguito Author Elvia Pérez Nápoles
ISBN-10 1591580919
Release 2004
Pages 157
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Discusses the origins of Cuban folklore and presents traditional children's games, recipes, and tales, including stories from the country, Afro-Cuban traditions, and tales of animals and fantastic creatures.

The Organization of Information 4th Edition

The Organization of Information  4th Edition Author Arlene G. Taylor
ISBN-10 9781440861291
Release 2017-11-30
Pages 600
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This fourth edition provides an updated look at information organization, featuring coverage of the Semantic Web, linked data, and EAC-CPF; new metadata models such as IFLA-LRM and RiC, and new perspectives on RDA and its implementation in the context of ISBD and MARC. • Provides an essential overview of information organization—a central activity in library and information science—that describes approaches to organizing in libraries, archives, museums, online settings, indexing services, and other environments • Newly revised and updated to reflect changes in cataloging rules, address new standards, and introduce upcoming changes • Expands the scope of content relating to information organization in non-library settings • Features vocabulary and acronym lists at the end of each chapter to help readers stay abreast of new terminology

Road Trip USA

Road Trip USA Author Jamie Jensen
ISBN-10 9781640493858
Release 2018-03-20
Pages 952
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The Road Awaits! Criss-cross the country on America's classic two-lane highways with Road Trip USA! Inside you'll find: A flexible network of route combinations, color-coded and extensively cross-referenced to allow for hundreds of possible itineraries Mile-by-mile highlights celebrating the best of Americana, including roadside curiosities, parks, diners, and more Local history that reveals the unique personalities of small towns and big cities across the country Vintage snapshots, full-color photos, and beautiful illustrations of America both then and now Over 125 detailed driving maps covering more than 35,000 miles of classic American blacktop Expert advice from road-warrior Jamie Jensen, who cruised nearly 400,000 miles of highway in search of the perfect stretches of pavement Road Trip USA celebrates the great American road trip, and gives you the tools, resources, and inspiration to make it your own. Hit the road!

Latin American Women and the Search for Social Justice

Latin American Women and the Search for Social Justice Author Francesca Miller
ISBN-10 0874515580
Release 1991
Pages 324
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A clear and detailed study of Latin American women’s history from the late nineteenth century to the present.

Revolutionary Doctors

Revolutionary Doctors Author Steve Brouwer
ISBN-10 9781583672402
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 256
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Revolutionary Doctors gives readers a first-hand account of Venezuela’s innovative and inspiring program of community healthcare, designed to serve—and largely carried out by—the poor themselves. Drawing on long-term participant observations as well as in-depth research, Brouwer tells the story of Venezuela’s Integral Community Medicine program, in which doctor-teachers move into the countryside and poor urban areas to recruit and train doctors from among peasants and workers. Such programs were first developed in Cuba, and Cuban medical personnel play a key role in Venezuela today as advisors and organizers. This internationalist model has been a great success—Cuba is a world leader in medicine and medical training—and Brouwer shows how the Venezuelans are now, with the aid of their Cuban counterparts, following suit. But this program is not without its challenges. It has faced much hostility from traditional Venezuelan doctors as well as all the forces antagonistic to the Venezuelan and Cuban revolutions. Despite the obstacles it describes, Revolutionary Doctors demonstrates how a society committed to the well-being of its poorest people can actually put that commitment into practice, by delivering essential healthcare through the direct empowerment of the people it aims to serve.