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Pain Free Biochemistry

Pain Free Biochemistry Author Paul Engel
ISBN-10 9780470060452
Release 2010-02-15
Pages 344
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If you are an undergraduate nursing or healthcare student about to embark on a short course in biochemistry and feel daunted by the prospect because you’ve done very little chemistry in the past, found it difficult or studied it so long ago you’ve forgotten it all, then this is the book for you. Equally, if clinical practice has brought you back to biochemistry just when you were hoping you could forget it all, this could be your lifeline! Having taught biochemistry to all sorts of students, from nurses to chemical engineers, for more than 30 years, Professor Paul Engel knows how to take the ‘pain’ out of your studies. For those who are a bit wobbly on molecules, bonds, ions, etc. this text also has just enough supporting chemistry slipped in where appropriate to help things make sense. Accessible, enjoyable to read and packed with a wealth of clinical examples from heart disease to cancer and blood clotting to antibiotics, this handy textbook will reveal how biochemistry is fundamental to clinical practice and everyday life. Drugs, diet, disease, DNA – it all comes down to biochemistry. Key Features: Easy to digest: ‘Bite sized’ topics lead you through essential biochemistry without going into intimidating detail. Doesn’t assume you’ve studied chemistry before: Focuses on key concepts and provides all the basic chemistry you might need. Colour coded: Specially designed so you can see, at a glance, which chapters focus on underpinning chemistry, which on basic biochemistry and which on clinical applications. Clinically relevant:Topical examples throughout the text show how getting to grips with biochemistry will help you succeed in healthcare practice. Reinforces your learning: Includes numerous self-test questions with answers throughout. Companion website includes: A complete set of figures from within the book. Extended MCQs with answers and further explanation where relevant.

Ever Seen a Fat Fox

Ever Seen a Fat Fox Author Mike Gibney
ISBN-10 1910820083
Release 2016-05-18
Pages 250
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Ever seen a fat fox? Didn't think so. Why is it that only humans - or animals in the care of humans - develop obesity? In this book, Professor Mike Gibney delves into the history of the human relationship with food. He traces the evolution of our modern diet and looks to science to offer solutions to the phenomenon of human obesity. He calls on governments to cease the single-issue ad-hoc approach and demands a massive governmental long-term investment in weight management.

The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology

The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology Author Jack R. Cooper
ISBN-10 0195140087
Release 2003-01
Pages 405
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Aside from a general updating of material, this text re-writes the chapter on memory and learning to emphasize the idea that the genes that are involved in behaviour are not immutable but their expression can be modified by transcription factors.

Chronic Pain in Small Animal Medicine

Chronic Pain in Small Animal Medicine Author Steven M. Fox
ISBN-10 9781840765670
Release 2009-12-15
Pages 256
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Chronic pain is unlike acute pain, it lasts beyond the time necessary for healing and resists normal treatment. No one patient feels pain in the same way and yet in veterinary medicine the patient's gain is generally assessed based on a single standard. There is an increasing focus in veterinary medicine on measuring and resolving pain and suffering. This focus is being supported by an increased understanding of pain neurophysiology, a greater offering of innovative pharmacological treatments, and consumer demand. This book is written for the veterinary health care professional seeking a greater depth of knowledge in the mechanisms of pain accompanying chronic disease states, and the potential targets for treatment. It goes beyond common protocols by focusing on the latest evidence and our understanding of 'why and how to treat'. It describes and evaluates current physiological and biochemical theories of pain transmission, without losing sight of the practical need for such information. Chronic Pain in Small Animal Medicine provides a foundation for advances in animal care and welfare and is of value to veterinarians in practice and training.

Neuroimaging of Pain

Neuroimaging of Pain Author Luca Saba
ISBN-10 9783319480466
Release 2017-06-08
Pages 508
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Authored by world renowned scientists, this book expertly reviews all the imaging techniques and exciting new methods for the analysis of the pain, including novel tracers, biomarker, metabolomic and gene-array profiling, together with cellular, genetic, and molecular approaches. Recent advances in human brain imaging techniques have allowed a better understand of the functional connectivity in pain pathways, as well as the functional and anatomical alterations that occur in chronic pain patients. Modern imaging techniques have permitted rapid progress in the understanding of networks in the brain related to pain processing and those related to different types of pain modulation. Neuroimaging of Pain is designed to be a valuable resource for radiologists, neuroradiologists, neurologists and neuroscientists, working in hospitals and universities from junior trainees to consultants.

Opioids and Pain Relief

Opioids and Pain Relief Author Marcia Meldrum
ISBN-10 UOM:39015058254445
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 222
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Presents 14 papers from the second conference sponsored by the John C. Liebeskind History of Pain Collection (held in August of 2000). The conference brought together scientists and historians in order to examine the history of the opioids--opium, morphine, heroin, and others--as a "Janus drug," showing two faces of therapeutics on the one hand and addiction and degradation on the other. The focus is on the use of opioids within medicine and the growth of scientific understanding about them and their impact on human beings.

Sleep and Pain

Sleep and Pain Author Gilles Lavigne
ISBN-10 9781496332042
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 474
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Many in the research and clinical communities are becoming increasingly aware of the interactions between sleep disorders and chronic pain syndromes. There are a number of obstacles on the path to better patient care, and there is considerable room for improvement in the way knowledge is shared between professionals in the sleep and pain communities. This book serves as the first step toward enhancing communication between the sleep and pain communities with the intent of improving patient care.

MCQs in Biochemistry

MCQs in Biochemistry Author G. Vidya Sagar
ISBN-10 9788122423570
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 300
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MCQs in Biochemistry has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from MCQs in Biochemistry also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full MCQs in Biochemistry book for free.

Food Science and Technology

Food Science and Technology Author Geoffrey Campbell-Platt
ISBN-10 9781118846247
Release 2017-09-22
Pages 576
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Food Science and Technology, Second Edition is a comprehensive text and reference book designed to cover all the essential elements of food science and technology, including all core aspects of major food science and technology degree programs being taught worldwide. The book is supported by the International Union of Food Science and Technology and comprises 21 chapters, carefully written in a user-friendly style by 30 eminent industry experts, teachers, and researchers from across the world. All authors are recognized experts in their respective fields, and together represent some of the world’s leading universities and international food science and technology organizations. All chapters in this second edition have been fully revised and updated to include all-new examples and pedagogical features (including discussion questions, seminar tasks, web links, and glossary terms). The book is designed with more color to help enhance the content on each page and includes more photos and illustrations to bring the topics to life. Coverage of all the core modules of food science and technology degree programs internationally Crucial information for professionals in the food industry worldwide Chapters written by subject experts, all of whom are internationally respected in their fields A must-have textbook for libraries in universities, food science and technology research institutes, and food companies globally Additional interactive resources on the book's companion website, including multiple choice questions, web links, further reading, and exercises Food Science and Technology, 2nd Edition is an indispensable guide for food science and technology degree programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and for university libraries and food research facilities.

Interventional Radiology of the Spine

Interventional Radiology of the Spine Author J. Kevin McGraw
ISBN-10 9781592594184
Release 2003-11-24
Pages 229
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A panel of world-renowned experts presents a complete course on evaluating and treating patients with back pain, including interventional spinal procedures, spinal imaging, and the clinical evaluation of the spine patient. The authors focus on all the critical spinal procedures, ranging from such traditional methods as selective nerve root blocks, epidural injections, facet injections, sacroiliac joint injections, to such state-of-the art techniques as spinal biopsy, percutaneous vertebroplasty, spinal imaging, nucleoplasty, discography, intradiscal electrothermal therapy, and transcatheter therapy for tumors of the spine. Additional material is provided on basic spinal anatomy, CT, MRI, the nuclear medicine of the spine, and the pharmacology of the medications used in injection procedures.

The Peace of Mind Prescription

The Peace of Mind Prescription Author Dennis Charney
ISBN-10 0547347073
Release 2006-01-16
Pages 272
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The Ultimate Guide to Identifying, Treating, and Overcoming Depression and Anxiety Two world-renowned psychiatrists have created a comprehensive and empowering guide to the science and treatment of anxiety and depression. At the heart of their message is the idea that treatment can and must be tailored to the individual and that armed with the right information, patients can get the support they need from their health-care providers. Practical and authoritative, The Peace of Mind Prescription has been unanimously praised as a valuable resource that offers hope to millions of sufferers. Dennis S. Charney, M.D., is the Dean of Research and the Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Professor in the departments of psychiatry, neuroscience, and pharmacology and biochemistry at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Charles B. Nemeroff, M.D., Ph.D., is the Reunette W. Harris Professor and chairman of the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory University's School of Medicine.

ICU Manual

ICU Manual Author Prem Kumar
ISBN-10 9789352700301
Release 2017-09-30
Pages 854
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This practical guide provides a multidisciplinary, clinically oriented approach to the management of patients in intensive care. The book discusses the complete range of specialties, including cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, neurology, toxicology, and much more. Each condition is presented in a step by step process, covering pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and other considerations such as age/developmental issues. The comprehensive appendices section covers essential data and assessment for the management of critically ill patients including discussion on drugs, dosages and side effects, clinical scores, indices and equations, normal biochemical values, ICU rounds and more. The text is highly illustrated with clinical images, diagrams and tables, and includes recent articles and current guidelines on management of sepsis and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Key points Practical guide to management of patients in intensive care Covers complete range of specialties, presented in a step by step, clinically oriented approach Comprehensive appendices section covers drugs, clinical scores, biochemical values and much more Includes recent articles and current guidelines on management of sepsis and DVT

Functional Biochemistry in Health and Disease

Functional Biochemistry in Health and Disease Author Eric Newsholme
ISBN-10 9781119965244
Release 2011-09-09
Pages 560
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Functional Biochemistry in Health and Disease provides a clear and straightforward account of the biochemistry that is necessary to understand the physiological functions of tissues or organs essential to the life of human beings. Focusing on the dynamic aspects of biochemistry and its application to the basic functions of the body, the book bridges the gap between biochemistry and medical practice. Carefully structured within five sections, each biochemical, physiological or medical subject that is covered in the book is presented in one complete chapter. Consequently, each subject can be read and studied in isolation although cross-sectional links between the subjects are included where necessary. Background material, both biochemical and medical, that is necessary for an understanding of the subject, is included at the start of each chapter and clear, relevant diagrams enhance students' understanding. Focuses on medically relevant aspects of biochemistry written from a physiological rather than a chemical perspective. Clear presentation that minimises the use of jargon. Each chapter contains boxes on related topics, relevant diagrams and a brief glossary. Coverage includes athletic performance, apoptosis and the immune system. Key historical developments are included to show how modern biochemistry has evolved. By linking biochemistry, medical education and clinical practice this book will prove invaluable to students in medical and health sciences, biomedical science and human biology taking an introductory biochemistry course. In addition it will appeal to biochemistry and biology students interested in clinical applications of biochemistry.

Viva Voce

Viva Voce Author B. Prabhakar Rao
ISBN-10 9788122420296
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 232
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Viva Voce has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Viva Voce also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Viva Voce book for free.

The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils

The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils Author Kurt Schnaubelt
ISBN-10 9781594778155
Release 2011-11-08
Pages 240
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Explores science’s new biological understanding of essential oils for improved immunity and treatment of degenerative diseases • Explains how essential oils convey the complex natural healing powers of plants, offering scientifically proven advantages over synthetic drugs • Offers revolutionary essential oil treatments to ameliorate the side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments as well as for hepatitis, osteoporosis, liver detoxification, and the prevention of UV damage and melanoma • Presents simple recipes and protocols for strengthening the immune system; for treatment of common ailments, such as colds, flu, herpes, and candida; and for pain management Exploring science’s new biological understanding of essential oils and their advantages over synthetic drugs, renowned aromatherapist Kurt Schnaubelt reveals how the effectiveness of essential oil treatments stems from our common biochemical and cellular heritage with plants. He explains how essential oils preserve a plant’s complex natural life-supporting and immune-building qualities, developed through millions of years of interaction with animals and humans. Reviewing recent research in molecular, cellular, and evolutionary biology, he shows how the multilayered activity of plant essences helps maintain the integrity of our genetic code--the reason why pathogens cannot develop resistance toward essential oils as they do with antibiotics and antivirals--making essential oils a more effective and sustainable form of treatment for a variety of health problems. Laying to rest old arguments over essential oils’ alleged toxicity and whether they can be ingested or used undiluted, Schnaubelt presents simple recipes and protocols for treating and preventing common ailments, such as colds, flu, herpes, and candida, as well as for pain management. Offering new essential oil treatment opportunities for hepatitis, osteoporosis, liver detoxification, and the prevention of UV damage and melanoma, he shows how essential oils can also ameliorate the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments as well as how even home use of essential oils for relaxation or skin care can help build one’s immunity and overall well-being.

Handbook of Cannabis

Handbook of Cannabis Author Roger G. Pertwee
ISBN-10 9780199662685
Release 2014
Pages 747
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Truly global in scope and with contributions from leading researchers around the world, The Handbook of Cannabis is the definitive resource on this fascinating drug. Combining scientific perspectives and clinical applications, it covers a vast array of topics, from why over the centuries cannabis has been used as a medicine, through the regulations facing those wishing to self-administer cannabis or provide cannabis-based medicines, to the chemical structure ofits many constituents and the rapidly growing group of synthetic cannabinoids that are currently being used for 'legal highs'.The Handbook of Cannabis is a one-stop reference; essentialreading for all clinicians, pharmacologists, psychologists, and psychiatrists interested in this drug, as well as those working in the field of public health.

Prevention s Healing With Vitamins

Prevention s Healing With Vitamins Author Prevention Health Books
ISBN-10 1579540643
Release 1998-07-01
Pages 593
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Prevention s Healing With Vitamins has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Prevention s Healing With Vitamins also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Prevention s Healing With Vitamins book for free.