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Painting as a Pastime

Painting as a Pastime Author Winston S. Churchill
ISBN-10 9780795329791
Release 2014-05-15
Pages 49
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Best known as a stalwart wartime leader and statesman, Winston Churchill was a man of many talents—not the least of which was painting. Throughout his life, Churchill painted to relieve his mind from the demands of leadership—and to stave off depression. Included in this volume are Churchill’s meditations on painting as a salve for the spirit and an important method of relaxation—particularly for people under considerable stress over a long period of time. In addition, it includes 18 reprints of Churchill’s original work in oil, giving the reader a window into the little-known creative and artistic talent of this prominent figure in contemporary history.

Painting as a Pastime

Painting as a Pastime Author Winston S. Churchill
ISBN-10 1906509336
Release 2013-07-01
Pages 91
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A classic essay on the joys and pleasure given by painting and paintings Out of print since 1964 50th commemoration of Churchill's death in 2015. There are planned exhibitions of his life and paintings Painting as a Pastime "is pure enchantment to read, throbbing as it does with enthusiasm and encouragement to others to seize brush and canvas and have a go, as Winston himself had done before, when, under the flail of misfortune, he had discovered in painting a companion with whom he was to walk for the greater part of the long years which remained to him." Mary Churchill, 1990

Painting as a Pastime

Painting as a Pastime Author Winston Churchill
ISBN-10 1929154119
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 49
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Painting as a Pastime has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Painting as a Pastime also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Painting as a Pastime book for free.

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill Author David Coombs
ISBN-10 0956771513
Release 2013-08-01
Pages 256
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A complete look at the paintings of Sir Winston Churchill throughout his life. Written and compiled by Minnie Churchill (granddaughter) and David Coombs.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill Author Mary Soames
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822005218722
Release 1990-11-05
Pages 224
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Om den britiske politiker og forfatter (1874-1965) og hans arbejde som maler.

Evaluating Water Projects

Evaluating Water Projects Author Per-Olov Johansson
ISBN-10 9783642367908
Release 2013-04-08
Pages 67
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Should more water be diverted to or from electricity generation? This timely question is addressed in this short volume. Two different approaches are introduced and compared: The first is a cost-benefit analysis, examining the case of re-regulating a Swedish hydropower plant in which water is diverted from electricity generation to the downstream dryway. The proposed scenario generates environmental and other benefits, but comes at a cost in terms of lost electricity. The second study introduces an approach very different from the one used in conventional cost-benefit analysis, and provides a set of measures designed so that most, if not all, affected parties will be better off. Thus, in contrast to a conventional cost-benefit analysis, which draws on hypothetical compensation measures, the new approach envisages actual compensation. Comparing two different theoretical frameworks on the basis of a real-world case, this study can be seen as a manual that can be used to evaluate reasonably small re-regulation of rivers.

Portraits of Courage

Portraits of Courage Author George W. Bush
ISBN-10 9780804189781
Release 2017-02-28
Pages 192
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#1 New York Times bestseller | Amazon "Best Books of the Month" A vibrant collection of oil paintings and stories by President George W. Bush honoring the sacrifice and courage of America’s military veterans. With Forewords by former First Lady Laura Bush and General Peter Pace, 16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Growing out of President Bush’s own outreach and the ongoing work of the George W. Bush Institute's Military Service Initiative, Portraits of Courage brings together sixty-six full-color portraits and a four-panel mural painted by President Bush of members of the United States military who have served our nation with honor since 9/11—and whom he has come to know personally. Our men and women in uniform have faced down enemies, liberated millions, and in doing so showed the true compassion of our nation. Often, they return home with injuries—both visible and invisible—that intensify the challenges of transitioning into civilian life. In addition to these burdens, research shows a civilian-military divide. Seventy-one percent of Americans say they have little understanding of the issues facing veterans, and veterans agree: eighty-four percent say that the public has "little awareness" of the issues facing them and their families. Each painting in this meticulously produced hardcover volume is accompanied by the inspiring story of the veteran depicted, written by the President. Readers can see the faces of those who answered the nation’s call and learn from their bravery on the battlefield, their journeys to recovery, and the continued leadership and contributions they are making as civilians. It is President Bush’s desire that these stories of courage and resilience will honor our men and women in uniform, highlight their family and caregivers who bear the burden of their sacrifice, and help Americans understand how we can support our veterans and empower them to succeed. President Bush will donate his net author proceeds from PORTRAITS OF COURAGE to the George W. Bush Presidential Center, a non-profit organization whose Military Service Initiative works to ensure that post-9/11 veterans and their families make successful transitions to civilian life with a focus on gaining meaningful employment and overcoming the invisible wounds of war.

Churchill Style

Churchill Style Author Barry Singer
ISBN-10 9781613122853
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 240
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A look at the towering twentieth-century leader and his lifestyle that goes beyond the political and into the personal. Countless books have examined the public accomplishments of the man who led Britain in a desperate fight against the Nazis with a ferocity and focus that earned him the nickname “the British Bulldog.” Churchill Style takes a different kind of look at this historic icon—delving into the way he lived and the things he loved, from books to automobiles, as well as how he dressed, dined, and drank in his daily life. With numerous photographs, this unique volume explores Churchill’s interests, hobbies, and vices—from his maddening oversight of the renovation of his country house, Chartwell, and the unusual styles of clothing he preferred, to the seemingly endless flow of cognac and champagne he demanded and his ability to enjoy any cigar, from the cheapest stogies to the most pristine Cubans. Churchill always knew how to live well, truly combining substance with style, and now you can get to know the man behind the legend—from the top of his Homburg hat to the bottom of his velvet slippers. “All readers will appreciate Singer’s highly intelligent observations about how Churchill’s style contributed to, and was ultimately an integral part of his brilliant career.” —Gentleman’s Gazette

The Dream

The Dream Author Winston S. Churchill
ISBN-10 9780795329388
Release 2014-05-15
Pages 62
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Renowned for his nonfiction accounts of the historical events of which he was both an eyewitness and shaper, Churchill was also an occasional writer of fiction. This is one of his fictional works—a short story in which the ghost of his father, Randolph, pays him a visit. Churchill reveals to his father all the goings-on in the world since his death in 1985, leaving out one crucial detail—his own important part in determining the unfolding of these events. At once lyrical and nostalgic, The Dream is a fascinating foray into creative narration for Churchill—demonstrating a surprising weightiness of emotion and significance.


Churchill Author David Cannadine
ISBN-10 9781472945228
Release 2017-10-05
Pages 256
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When Winston Churchill suffered most severely from his 'black dog' he took to painting in order to express the inexpressible. Throughout his life he would withdraw to paint. His paintings throw fascinating light upon his character and its vicissitudes and thus are key to understanding his personality as a great statesman. As fellow artist Sir Oswald Birley said of him: 'If Churchill had given the time to art that he has given to politics, he would have been by all odds the world's greatest painter'. This book, generously illustrated in full colour with examples of his painting, consists of a substantial introduction of great critical and historic importance by Professor David Cannadine but also Churchill's own writings about painting. Apart from his celebrated essay 'Painting as a Pastime' this also contains Churchill's art reviews (never reprinted) and the text of his address to the Royal Academy of Art when he was elected a Fellow. This has never been printed before. The book concludes with two more or less forgotten essays about Churchill's paintings – one by Augustus John and the other by Sir John Rothenstein. Churchill's paintings now fetch very large sums at auction. In the book will be printed the little-known self-portrait painted when the 'Black Dog' was at its most rampant.

The Art of Botanical Painting

The Art of Botanical Painting Author Margaret Stevens
ISBN-10 9780060819071
Release 2005-11-01
Pages 144
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A practical introduction to botanical illustration covers a range of key aspects, from exotic and garden flowers and plants to fruits and vegetables, sharing step-by-step demonstrations by leading artists and teachers.

The Sierra Club Guide to Painting in Nature

The Sierra Club Guide to Painting in Nature Author Cathy Johnson
ISBN-10 PSU:000047434141
Release 2000
Pages 248
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A guide to the pleasures and practicalities of painting outdoors covers choosing materials, adapting to weather conditions, and capturing the ever-changing light.

Step by Step

Step by Step Author Winston S. Churchill
ISBN-10 9780795329852
Release 2014-05-15
Pages 365
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A disturbingly prophetic account of the events leading up to World War II, this anthology is a collection of Churchill’s reporting for the Daily Telegraph and the Evening Standard from 1936 to 1939—tracing Hitler’s rise to power, the Nazi invasion of the Rhineland, and other events leading up to the declaration of war. In the first few years of Nazi ascendance, many European intellectuals and leaders advocated avoiding war and negotiating with Hitler. Churchill is one of the few who understood the scope of the Nazi threat and advocated armament against Germany early on—and his early prescience serves as a fine prediction of his determined stance against Hitler as a World War II leader and statesman.

The Art of Landscape Painting in Oil Colour

The Art of Landscape Painting in Oil Colour Author Sir Alfred East
ISBN-10 UOM:39015013440063
Release 1910
Pages 107
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The Art of Landscape Painting in Oil Colour has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Art of Landscape Painting in Oil Colour also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Art of Landscape Painting in Oil Colour book for free.

Poetry and Painting in Song China

Poetry and Painting in Song China Author Alfreda Murck
ISBN-10 0674007824
Release 2002-04-01
Pages 406
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During the Song dynasty (960-1278), some members of China's elite found an elegant and subtle means of dissent: landscape painting. By examining literary archetypes, the titles of paintings, contemporary inscriptions, and the historical context, Alfreda Murck shows that certain paintings expressed strong political opinions--some transparent, others deliberately concealed. She argues that the capacity of painting's systems of reference to allow scholars to express dissent with impunity contributed to the art's vitality and longevity.

Thoughts and Adventures

Thoughts and Adventures Author Sir Winston Churchill
ISBN-10 LCCN:90042719
Release 1991
Pages 235
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Thoughts and Adventures has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Thoughts and Adventures also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Thoughts and Adventures book for free.

The Painter

The Painter Author Peter Heller
ISBN-10 9780385352086
Release 2014-05-06
Pages 384
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Peter Heller, the celebrated author of the breakout best seller The Dog Stars, returns with an achingly beautiful, wildly suspenseful second novel about an artist trying to outrun his past. Jim Stegner has seen his share of violence and loss. Years ago he shot a man in a bar. His marriage disintegrated. He grieved the one thing he loved. In the wake of tragedy, Jim, a well-known expressionist painter, abandoned the art scene of Santa Fe to start fresh in the valleys of rural Colorado. Now he spends his days painting and fly-fishing, trying to find a way to live with the dark impulses that sometimes overtake him. He works with a lovely model. His paintings fetch excellent prices. But one afternoon, on a dirt road, Jim comes across a man beating a small horse, and a brutal encounter rips his quiet life wide open. Fleeing Colorado, chased by men set on retribution, Jim returns to New Mexico, tormented by his own relentless conscience. A stunning, savage novel of art and violence, love and grief, The Painter is the story of a man who longs to transcend the shadows in his heart, a man intent on using the losses he has suffered to create a meaningful life. This eBook edition includes a Reading Group Guide.