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Parrot Parrot

Parrot Parrot Author Cammie Ho
ISBN-10 194324104X
Release 2016-04
Pages 31
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Step inside the lives of parrots as they hatch from their eggs. Read with rhythm, and follow the lives of young parrots as they grow to become big and beautiful.

The Pet Parrot Book

The Pet Parrot Book Author Peter J. Snyder
ISBN-10 0764106082
Release 1998
Pages 95
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Explores the future of parrots in a world of shrinking habitats and provides instructions on daily care of pet parrots


Parrots Author Mike Parr
ISBN-10 9781408135754
Release 2010-07-30
Pages 584
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This is the first book created primarily for the field identification of parrots, one of the most familiar and colorful groups of birds. From the mighty. macaws to the diminutive pygmy parrots, the 350 species of parrots include cockatoos, parakeets, lovebirds, and Budgerigar. Most are brightly colored or even gaudy, but a few are drab, and some are nocturnal and flightess. Parrots, found throughout most of the warmer regions of the world, occur in greatest numbers in Australasian and South America. This book includes 88 superb color illustrations of every species and most identifiable subspecies of parrot, as well as range maps of their locations. It offers many firsthand insights into the ecology of each species, vocalizations, life cycle characteristics, and geographical variation. It also provides up-to-date information on the conservation status of those species of parrots that are threatened or endangered.


Parrot Author Paul Carter
ISBN-10 9781861894953
Release 2006-03-01
Pages 216
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One of the more nonconformist figures in the animal kingdom, the parrot is linked to humans by its ability to speak—a trait many have found unsettling, though this discomfort is offset by its gorgeous plumage, which makes it one of the most popular members of the avian family. Unlike previous studies that have treated parrots as simply a curious oddity, Paul Carter offers here in Parrot a thoughtful yet spirited consideration of the natural and cultural history of parrots, discussing parrot portraiture, the role and significance of parrots' mimicry in human culture, and parrot conservation, as well the parrot's role in literature, folklore and mythology, film, and television worldwide. Parrot takes three different approaches to the squawker: the first section, "Parrotics," examines the historical, cultural, and scientific classification of parrots; "Parroternalia," the second part, looks at the association of parrots with the different languages, ages, tastes, and dreams of society; and, finally, "Parrotology" investigates what the mimicry of parrots reveals about our own systems of communication. Humorously written and wide-ranging in scope, this volume takes readers beyond pirates and "Polly wants a cracker" to a new kind of animal history, one conscious of the critical and ironic mirror parrots hold up to human society.

African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrots Author Maggie Wright
ISBN-10 0764110357
Release 2001
Pages 95
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African Greys have a deserved reputation for extreme intelligence and ability to repeat words. They make fascinating pets and companions. Books in the Complete Pet Owner's Manuals series present basic information about pets for new or soon-to-be owners. Advice and instruction covers feeding, housing, health care, training, grooming, protection against hazards, and more. Texts emphasize pet care basics and are easy for all readers to understand, but most titles also present facts that even experienced pet owners and breeders will find new and useful. All books in this series are filled with high quality full-color photos and instructive line art.

Tadpole Tadpole

Tadpole Tadpole Author Cammie Ho
ISBN-10 1943241015
Release 2016-04
Pages 31
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Explore the wonders of tadpoles as they hatch from eggs and discover their fascinating transformation into grown frogs through stunning pictures.


Parrots Author Sima Rabinowitz
ISBN-10 1583411968
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 31
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Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, life cycle, and habitat of parrots and discusses specific species such as the macaw, cockatoo, and African gray.

Parrots Over Puerto Rico

Parrots Over Puerto Rico Author Susan L. Roth
ISBN-10 1620140047
Release 2013
Pages 48
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"A combined history of the Puerto Rican parrot and the island of Puerto Rico, highlighting current efforts to save the Puerto Rican parrot by protecting and managing this endangered species"--Provided by publisher.


Parrots Author Peter Murray
ISBN-10 1567660150
Release 1993
Pages 32
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Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, and life cycle of parrots.

Amazing Animals Parrots

Amazing Animals  Parrots Author Valerie Bodden
ISBN-10 0898128250
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 24
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Explores the appearance, behavior, and habitat of parrots, a family of colorful birds, and includes a story from folklore explaining why parrots can imitate speech.

Beyond Picture Books

Beyond Picture Books Author Barbara Barstow
ISBN-10 083523519X
Release 1995-01
Pages 501
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A bibliography that suggests books for beginner readers is accompanied by subject, title, illustrator, readability level, and series indexes


Macaws Author Roger G. Sweeney
ISBN-10 0764119206
Release 2002
Pages 95
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"With a special chapter: Macaw species"--Cover.

Parrot and Olivier in America

Parrot and Olivier in America Author Peter Carey
ISBN-10 9780307358363
Release 2010-04-20
Pages 384
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From the two-time Booker Prize-winning author: an irrepressible, audacious, trenchantly funny new novel set in the 19th century and inspired in part by the life of Alexis de Tocqueville. With dazzling exuberance and all the richness of characterization, story, and language that we have come to expect from this superlative writer, Peter Carey explores the birth of democracy, the limits of friendship and whether people really can remake themselves in a New World. The two men at the heart of the novel couldn't be any more different: Olivier is the son of French aristocrats who (barely) survived the French Revolution. Parrot is the motherless son of an itinerate English printer. But when young Parrot is separated from his father (after a stupendous conflagration at a house of forgery) he runs into the powerful embrace of a one-armed marquis who will be his conduit - like it or not - into a life as closely (mis)allied with Olivier's as if they were connected by blood. And when Olivier sets sail for America - ostensibly to make a study of the American penal system, but more precisely to save his neck from the latest guillotineurs - Parrot, unable to loosen the Marquis's grip, is there too: as spy, scribe, comptroller, protector, foe and foil. As the narrative unfurls, shifting between the perspectives of Olivier and Parrot, between their picaresque adventures apart and together, in love and politics, prisons and finance, homelands and brave new lands - a most unlikely friendship begins to take hold. From the Hardcover edition.

Agatha Parrot and the Heart of Mud

Agatha Parrot and the Heart of Mud Author Kjartan Poskitt
ISBN-10 9781780313030
Release 2013-02-04
Pages 240
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Agatha Parrot is the most exciting and hilarious comedy series since Mr Gum! But don’t take our word for it . . . take hers! Hiya! What would you do if your smelly brother started getting emails from a mystery girl? Ha ha! OK, I admit it was my fault. My friend Martha had got into trouble with her mum and I was helping out, but things went a bit wrong, especially when the mystery girl started sending James loads of LOVE and KISSES like this XXXXX. Woo-hoo! Agatha Parrot. Written by the hottest new prospect in children’s books, Kjartan Poskitt, and illustrated by the artistic genius behind Andy Stanton’s Mr Gum, David Tazzyman, Agatha Parrot is more brilliant than you could possibly imagine. Seriously – Try to imagine it. Nope, not even close. Anyway, it’s the funnest of funny children’s books.

The Life Cycle of Birds

The Life Cycle of Birds Author Susan Heinrichs Gray
ISBN-10 9781432949792
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 48
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Explores the life cycle of birds, discussing how they are born, grow, and reproduce, and looking at adaptation, classification, and the habitats of birds.


Parrots Author Jinny Johnson
ISBN-10 0749667311
Release 2006
Pages 32
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Explaining the characteristics and life cycles of familiar animals, 'Zoo Animals in the Wild' explains how they live in their natural habitat, as well as showing how they are cared for by zoos.

Acquaintance Rape

Acquaintance Rape Author Andrea Parrot
ISBN-10 0471510238
Release 1991-02-07
Pages 401
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Treatment of Family Violence A Sourcebook Edited by Robert T. Ammerman and Michel Hersen This book examines the current status of therapeutic approaches for families engaged in abuse or neglect. It offers critical explorations of the various types of family violence and the interventions developed to remediate or prevent maltreatment. One of the first surveys of the literature for all major forms of family violence, this book reflects cross-disciplinary and multitheoretical approaches to its treatment and prevention. 1990 (0 471-61023-2) 461 pp. Secret Survivors Uncovering Incest and Its Aftereffects in Women E. Sue Blume "This book should be read by every adult abused as a child and by every person who loves them … should be required reading for every medical student, every criminal and every person from judge to jailor in the criminal justice system." —Elizabeth Morgan, MD This is the first book on incest that focuses not on what incest is, but what it does to those scarred by it. Based on Blume’s widely adopted "Incest Survivor’s Aftereffects Checklist," now a standard diagnostic tool for clinicians and counselors, it offers a clear path towards a rich and empowered life, and toward breaking the cycle of incest. 1990 (0 471-61843-8) 326 pp. Multiple Personality Disorder Diagnosis, Clinical Features, and Treatment Colin A. Ross This important book offers a comprehensive account of the history, etiology, diagnosis, phenomenology, and treatment of multiple personality disorder (MPD). While it offers a stimulating account of the cultural history of MPD, it also provides the most detailed description of both general principles and specific treatment methods currently available. Multiple Personality Disorder is an indispensable addition to the reference libraries of sexual abuse clinics, child abuse agencies, and correctional organizations. 1989 (0 471-61515-3) 380 pp.