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Partnership Taxation

Partnership Taxation Author Joni Larson
ISBN-10 1611632722
Release 2013
Pages 454
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This textbook breaks the complex world of partnership taxation into manageable groupings. Within each group the topics are presented in an organized and easy-to-follow manner. Each topic covered includes numerous examples and practice tips and raises questions about the actual application of specific rules. At the end of each grouping, students are encouraged to bridge the gap between the technical rules and real-life application by applying the rules to a comprehensive fact pattern. The second edition incorporates the latest information on the treatment of start up expenses, the special allocation rules, and qualified joint ventures. It also includes a series of practitioner checklists.

Partnership Taxation

Partnership Taxation Author Richard M. Lipton
ISBN-10 9780769849034
Release 2012
Pages 435
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Partnership Taxation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Partnership Taxation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Partnership Taxation book for free.

Mastering Partnership Taxation

Mastering Partnership Taxation Author Stuart Lazar
ISBN-10 1594608652
Release 2013
Pages 321
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Mastering Partnership Taxation guides students through the complex tax rules affecting partnerships and their partners. The discussion of each topic is designed to provide a basic understanding of the rules of Subchapter K of the Internal Revenue Code. It is specifically designed for students taking a class in partnership tax. Each chapter begins with a roadmap to introduce the material to be presented and ends with checkpoints that summarize the information covered.Mastering Partnership Taxation takes students through the entire life cycle of a partnership, beginning with partnership formations and ending with partnership liquidations and partnership mergers. The topics covered include: the entity v. aggregate theories of taxation; the “check the box” regulations; a comparison of partnerships to corporations and S corporations; the consequences of partner contributions to a partnership; transfers of compensatory partnership interests; an introduction to partnership accounting; an introduction to partnership debt; allocations of partnership income; partnership distributions; transactions between partnerships and their partners; and dispositions of partnership interests.This book is part of the Carolina Academic Press Mastering Series edited by Russell L. Weaver, University of Louisville School of Law.

Partnership Taxation

Partnership Taxation Author George K. Yin
ISBN-10 9781454879596
Release 2016-06-13
Pages 456
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Partnership Taxation, Third Edition is a concise, tightly-edited casebook, written by Distinguished Professor of Law and Taxation George K. Yin, and Richard B. Stephens Eminent Scholar in Taxation at the University of Florida Levin College of Law Karen C. Burke, that focuses on core principles and policies so that students can learn the major patterns and themes of partnership taxation. Key Features of the New Edition: • Economic substance doctrine guidance and partnership audit rules enacted in 2015 • Proposed regulations implementing section 704(c)(1)(C) for contributed built-in loss property • Final regulations under section 706 when partners’ interests vary during the year • Proposed regulations under sections 707 and 752 on disguised sales, fee waivers, and sharing of partnership liabilities • Proposed regulations under section 751(b) addressing shifts in ordinary income

Taxation of U S Investment Partnerships and Hedge Funds

Taxation of U S  Investment Partnerships and Hedge Funds Author Navendu P. Vasavada
ISBN-10 0470642580
Release 2010-07-13
Pages 320
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A new, lucid approach to the formulation of accounting policies for tax reporting Unraveling the layers of complexity surrounding the formulation of accounting policies for tax reporting, Taxation of US Investment Partnerships and Hedge Funds: Accounting Policies, Tax Allocations and Performance Presentation enables your corporation to implement sound up-front accounting and tax policies in order to reduce the overall cost of CFO and legal functions within a U.S. Investment partnership. Understand the pitfalls and optimize across legitimate policies that are consistent with the IRS regulations Presents a clear roadmap for accounting, tax policies, tax filing and performance presentation for US investment partnerships and hedge funds Providing tremendous understanding to a complex topic, Taxation of US Investment Partnerships and Hedge Funds is guaranteed to demystify the inner workings of the formulation of accounting policies for tax reporting.

The Logic of Subchapter K

The Logic of Subchapter K Author Laura E. Cunningham
ISBN-10 0314199853
Release 2011
Pages 263
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This product is designed to guide students through the conceptual framework of subchapter K. The material avoids neither the hard questions nor the conceptual difficulties, leaving students with a firm understanding of partnership taxation. Each chapter begins with a basic explanation of the relevant provisions and the roles that they play in the overall structure of subchapter K. It includes an increasingly detailed discussion of the specific rules, including multiple illustrative examples. Each chapter builds on the earlier chapters, leading the student through subchapter K. It is appropriate for J.D. or graduate-level law school courses on partnership taxation.

Comparative Tax Law

Comparative Tax Law Author Victor Thuronyi
ISBN-10 9789041199232
Release 2003
Pages 373
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Although the details of tax law are literally endless, differing not only from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but from day to day, shared structures and currents exist across tax systems that can be learned and understood with relative ease. This book focuses on these essential patterns. Focusing on the key differences in tax systems, Thuronyi's "Comparative Tax Law" pulls together valuable material which at present is scattered over a disparate literature, much of which is not available in English. The author's clear identification of the underlying currents and fundamental structures that all tax systems have in common, and of where the differences lie, guides the reader to the best resources and provides a solid foundation for understanding the more detailed literature. Pointed questions for research throughout the presentation are of enormous help in this regard, as are numerous footnotes and an extensive bibliography.

Federal Taxation of Wealth Transfers

Federal Taxation of Wealth Transfers Author Stephanie J. Willbanks
ISBN-10 9781454874713
Release 2015-11-12
Pages 600
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With an emphasis on tax planning, Federal Taxation of Wealth Transfers: Cases and Problems integrates stimulating problems with statutes, regulations, and cases to create a highly teachable and student-friendly casebook. This casebook emphasizes problem solving, statutory construction, and policy-analysis skills, and is ideal for 2- or 3-credit courses in estate and gift taxation. The Fourth Edition has been updated to incorporate the 2012 American Taxpayer Relief Act provisions and the final portability regulations. It offers new case law, analyses and problems regarding private annuities, net gifts, and ascertainable standards. The text has been expanded to feature new cases, administrative rulings, and studies. Existing cases and text have been edited or deleted to highlight essential themes. The casebook is logically organized but its flexible organization accommodates reorganizing material to fit individual course structures, and could be used for a basic wealth transfer tax class or to complement either a wills and trust course or an estate planning course.

Federal Tax Procedures for Attorneys

Federal Tax Procedures for Attorneys Author W. Patrick Cantrell
ISBN-10 1634252594
Release 2016-12-01
Pages 508
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Experienced tax lawyers, those new to tax law, and businesspeople will each benefit from this accessible book that provides a nuts-and-bolts approach in solving specific problems that arise in everyday tax practice. The author, who is both a CPA and an attorney, provides insight and practical tips on all aspects of federal tax controversies, from audit (examination) through the administrative appeals process and subsequent litigation, and on to collection (enforcement) issues. Presenting the book s material in a useful outline format, the author deals primarily with the Internal Revenue Code sections 6000 to 9000."

International Taxation

International Taxation Author Philip F. Postlewaite
ISBN-10 1611638879
Release 2016
Pages 1360
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This two-volume treatise covers domestic taxation of foreign individuals and businesses that have income connected to the United States, as well as domestic taxation of foreign income earned by United States individuals and businesses. Volume 1 analyzes ''outbound'' transactions, where United States individuals and businesses work and invest abroad, and it includes chapters on the foreign tax credit, the section 911 exclusion for United States citizens working abroad, and controlled foreign corporations. This volume also addresses limitations and safeguard regimes for outbound transactions. Volume 2 addresses ''inbound'' transactions, where foreign individuals work and invest in the United States, and it contains comprehensive chapters on residency classification rules, income sourcing rules, taxation of foreign persons, and dispositions of interests in United States real property. The volumes also provide a new and detailed discussion of the effect of international tax treaties on both inbound and outbound transactions.

Federal taxation of partnerships and partners

Federal taxation of partnerships and partners Author William S. McKee
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105063837285
Release 1996-01-01
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Federal taxation of partnerships and partners has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Federal taxation of partnerships and partners also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Federal taxation of partnerships and partners book for free.

Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax Author Alan Schenk
ISBN-10 9781316213988
Release 2015-02-02
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This book integrates legal, economic, and administrative materials about the value added tax (VAT) to present the only comparative approach to the study of VAT law. The comparative presentation of this volume offers an analysis of policy issues relating to tax structure and tax base as well as insights into how cases arising out of VAT disputes have been resolved. Its principal purpose is to provide comprehensive teaching tools - laws, cases, analytical exercises, and questions drawn from the experience of countries and organizations around the world. This second edition includes new VAT-related developments in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia and adds new chapters on VAT avoidance and evasion and on China's VAT. Designed to illustrate, analyze, and explain the principal theoretical and operating features of value added taxes, including their adoption and implementation, this book will be an invaluable resource for tax practitioners and government officials.

Problems and Solutions in Partnership Tax

Problems and Solutions in Partnership Tax Author Joni Larson
ISBN-10 1611634911
Release 2013
Pages 293
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The theory behind the ''flow-through'' tax treatment given partnerships is relatively straight forward -- the partnership files an information return (paying no tax) and all partnership items are allocated among and reported by the partners on their individual income tax returns (and they pay the associated tax). However, the rules that govern how the items are allocated are complex, layered, and intricate. In addition, there are related rules, such as those for the determination of basis, how to tax sales of partnership interests, and how to treat the distribution of cash or property from the partnership. Often, the best way to understand how complex rules work and the results they are intended to bring about are seen best through examples of application of the rules. Problems and Solutions in Partnership Tax does just that; it provides numerous examples of how the rules for partnerships are applied. It begins with the most basic, such as the rules governing the contribution of property to a partnership, selection of the taxable year, and computation of partnership taxable income. It also covers the more complex rules, such as those governing special allocations of recourse deductions, allocation of recourse liabilities, allocation of nonrecourse deductions, allocation of nonrecourse liabilities, and disproportionate distributions. Throughout, the examples are keyed to the partnership balance sheet, showing the effect the applicable rule has on the relationship of the partners to the partnership and the partners to each other. This book is a great resource for anyone practicing partnership taxation.

Public Private Partnerships

Public Private Partnerships Author E. R. Yescombe
ISBN-10 9780081007679
Release 2018-05-29
Pages 548
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Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure - Principles of Policy and Finance, Second Edition explains how public private partnerships are prepared, procured, financed, and managed from both the public- and private-sector perspectives. As the use of public private partnerships continues to develop world-wide, both in the area of public policy and private financing and contracting, the Second Edition of this leading textbook: Captures and explains the latest approaches, providing a comprehensive all-round guide for those on both the public- and private-sector sides of the table Emphasises a step-by-step approach within a comprehensive, cross-referenced format Includes clear explanations of PPP evaluation, structuring and financing concepts for the benefit of those new to the topic: no prior knowledge is assumed or required Provides detailed reference points for more experienced practitioners Draws from the authors’ experience and practice in PPP markets worldwide to provide a perspective on practical application of the key underlying principles Includes an extensive glossary of technical and financial terms used in the PPP sector Includes more technical information and a stronger legal perspective than other books Emphasizes a step-by-step approach within a comprehensive, cross-referenced format Expands and updates the historical backgrounds and political contexts of public-private partnerships

Impact Evaluation in Practice Second Edition

Impact Evaluation in Practice  Second Edition Author Paul J. Gertler
ISBN-10 9781464807800
Release 2016-09-12
Pages 364
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The second edition of the Impact Evaluation in Practice handbook is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to impact evaluation for policy makers and development practitioners. First published in 2011, it has been used widely across the development and academic communities. The book incorporates real-world examples to present practical guidelines for designing and implementing impact evaluations. Readers will gain an understanding of impact evaluations and the best ways to use them to design evidence-based policies and programs. The updated version covers the newest techniques for evaluating programs and includes state-of-the-art implementation advice, as well as an expanded set of examples and case studies that draw on recent development challenges. It also includes new material on research ethics and partnerships to conduct impact evaluation. The handbook is divided into four sections: Part One discusses what to evaluate and why; Part Two presents the main impact evaluation methods; Part Three addresses how to manage impact evaluations; Part Four reviews impact evaluation sampling and data collection. Case studies illustrate different applications of impact evaluations. The book links to complementary instructional material available online, including an applied case as well as questions and answers. The updated second edition will be a valuable resource for the international development community, universities, and policy makers looking to build better evidence around what works in development.

Federal Income Taxation of Partners and Partnerships in a Nutshell

Federal Income Taxation of Partners and Partnerships in a Nutshell Author Karen Burke
ISBN-10 1634607120
Release 2016-12-24
Pages 463
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This book provides a concise overview of federal partnership taxation. It covers partnership formation, including contributions of property and admission of service partners, allocation of income and loss, tax accounting, and sharing of recourse and nonrecourse liabilities. Building on this foundation, the book also addresses advanced topics, including transactions between partners and partnerships, sales of partnership interests, distributions of property, optional and mandatory basis adjustments, and planning for retirement or death of a partner. Numerous concrete examples illustrate the tax treatment of specific transactions, allowing students to grasp the principles of partnership taxation in a problem-oriented course. The revised fifth edition reflects developments through September 2016, including proposed rules relating to compensatory profits interests and fee waivers, contributed built-in loss property, sharing of partnership liabilities and disguised sales, basis adjustments under �� 734(b), 743(b) and 755, and � 751(b) distributions.

International Tax Policy and Double Tax Treaties

International Tax Policy and Double Tax Treaties Author
ISBN-10 9789087220235
Release 2007
Pages 414
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International Tax Policy and Double Tax Treaties has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from International Tax Policy and Double Tax Treaties also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full International Tax Policy and Double Tax Treaties book for free.