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Before You Say I Do

Before You Say  I Do   Author H. Norman Wright
ISBN-10 9780736961110
Release 2015-08-01
Pages 96
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Is marriage on your mind? Have you found "the one"? This popular and helpful workbook is designed to strengthen your love relationship and deepen your bond. You'll find all you need for fun and thoughtful discussions as you explore vital areas, including: What does the Bible teach about marriage? What makes you feel loved? How do you handle conflicts? Do you plan to have children? Why or why not? What are your priorities when it comes to money? Drawn from years of marriage preparation seminars and counseling sessions, these insightful questions will help you build a solid future together. With Jesus as your cornerstone, your partner and you can create a loving, successful marriage. More than 500,000 couples helped!

Sexual Wholeness in Marriage

Sexual Wholeness in Marriage Author Dean M. Busby
ISBN-10 0981957641
Release 2014-02-20
Pages 240
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Sexuality can be one of the most perplexing and yet rewarding areas of life for spiritually minded individuals. In this book the authors present a pathway to building positive sexual attitudes and a healthy sexual relationship with a spouse that can be enriching and fulfilling on the spiritual journey of this life. In addition, they address many-of the common questions LDS individuals have about sex that may not have been adequately answered by existing sources, including: How can couples manage their often very different levels of interest in sex? What types of sexual behaviors are appropriate for married LDS couples? How can couples keep their sexual relationship creative and enjoyable over decades of marriage? What are the unique sexual needs of women and men in marriage? How can couples be better prepared to start off their marriage on the right foot when they are sexually inexperienced? Book jacket.

Tying the Knot

Tying the Knot Author Rob Green
ISBN-10 194257259X
Release 2016
Pages 159
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Because the Marriage Matters Even More than the Wedding Every engaged couple hopes to build a lasting and satisfying marriage, but it doesn't happen automatically. This interactive premarital study explores how key issues like conflict, communication, finances, and intimacy are successfully navigated in a Christ-centered marriage. The nine-session study helps a new generation of newlyweds build their marriage on the lasting foundation of God's grace. Book jacket.

The Quick Reference Guide to Marriage Family Counseling

The Quick Reference Guide to Marriage   Family Counseling Author Dr. Tim Clinton
ISBN-10 1441210946
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 304
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We all know of families or marriages in crisis. When those suffering in such situations turn to us for help, where do we turn? The Quick-Reference Guide to Marriage and Family Counseling provides the answers. It is an A-Z guide for assisting people-helpers--pastors, professional counselors, youth workers, and everyday believers--to easily access a full array of information to aid them in (formal and informal) counseling situations. Issues addressed by Clinton and Trent include affairs and adultery, communication in marriage, parenting, sibling rivalry, and many more. Each of the forty topics covered follows a helpful eight-part outline and identifies: 1) typical symptoms and patterns, 2) definitions and key thoughts, 3) questions to ask, 4) directions for the conversation, 5) action steps, 6) biblical insights, 7) prayer starters, and 8) recommended resources. About the series The Quick-Reference Guides are A-Z guides that assist people-helpers--pastors, professional counselors, youth workers, and everyday believers--to easily access a full array of information to aid them in (formal and informal) counseling situations. Each of the forty topics covered follows a helpful eight-part outline and identifies: 1) typical symptoms and patterns, 2) definitions and key thoughts, 3) questions to ask, 4) directions for the conversation, 5) action steps, 6) biblical insights, 7) prayer starters, and 8) recommended resources.

Thriving Marriages

Thriving Marriages Author John A. Yzaguirre
ISBN-10 9781565481947
Release 2004
Pages 152
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Thriving Marriages responds to an urgent need today: to preserve and strengthen marriages. It offers not a list of skills to "fix" problems but a new and positive vision of how to build Christian unity between spouses, integrating psychology and spirituality. While addressing the problems of hurting couples, its main thrust is to prevent problems and to bring fullness to married life. A powerful resource for those ministering to couples, it offers a practical and effective marriage curriculum for couplesÂ’ and family ministries, or for church-related premarital and marital enrichment programs.

Desiring God

Desiring God Author John Piper
ISBN-10 9781601423092
Release 2011-01
Pages 411
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Experience the Lifelong Pleasures of Knowing God! Satisfaction…Happiness…Joy. According to John Piper, the pursuit of pleasure in God is not only permissible, it’s essential. Desiring God is a paradigm-shattering work that dramatically alters common perspectives on relating to God. Piper reveals that there really is no need to choose between duty and delight in the Christian life. In fact, for the follower of Jesus, delight is the duty as Christ is most magnified in His people when they are most satisfied in Him. Constantly drawing on Scripture to build his case, Piper shows why pursuing maximum joy is essential to glorifying God. He discusses the implications of this for conversion, worship, love, Scripture, prayer, money, marriage, missions, and suffering. Piper beckons us to approach God with the hedonist’s abandon. Finally, we are freed to enjoy Jesus—not only as our Lord and Savior, but also as our all-surpassing, soul-satisfying Treasure. Desiring God may turn your Christian world upside down. And that will be a good thing, for the glory of God, and for your deepest joy. Includes a study guide for individual and small group use.

Lessons for a Happy Marriage

Lessons for a Happy Marriage Author Paul Friedman
ISBN-10 0578017490
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 146
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Through his own family's experiences, Paul Friedman discovered how dangerous modern western psychology has been to relationships and families. The current divorce rate (the same for psychologists and the general population) is a clear testimony to the fact that western psychologists' principles are simply incorrect. As a successful pragmatist, Paul decided to skip the psychobabble and self-serving excuses for poorly working marriages. He found scientific explanations that could be communicated in simple language for dealing directly with the root causes of failing relationships. Paul does not believe therapy is the answer for the vast majority of individuals in unhappy marriages. In fact, he believes all married couples need to know what thoughts and actions will cause what results and why. The behaviors and thinking that cause the trend of an unhappy marriage need to be stopped. Then, new and correct thinking and effort needs to be exercised to move the marriage in the beneficial direction of happiness. Lessons For A Happy Marriage explains the science of marriage. It is written as a step by step format to guide each reader to guaranteed success and happiness. Paul thoroughly explains the steps so you can put them into practice with foundational knowledge instead of blind faith. He also prioritizes which things need to be done to turn your marriage around quickly. It is all common sense and immediately usable.Utilizing this book is no different than using a manual to get the most out of a computer program; it covers everything. Paul states, "An epiphany is the collapse of bad habits under the weight of accumulated wisdom." This book shares wisdom accumulated over 15 years of experience.

Ready to Wed

Ready to Wed Author Greg Smalley
ISBN-10 9781624054167
Release 2015-04-16
Pages 304
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Rings. Dress. Cake. You’re engaged, and the checklist for the day of your dreams is a mile long. In the who, what, where, and how of planning, the why can be forgotten. Ready to Wed discusses 12 Traits of a thriving marriage and offers a variety of topics to guide and advise those preparing to say, “I do!” Learn to:Define a vision statement unique to your marriage.Positively engage conflict to build a foundation of trust and forgiveness.“Leave and cleave,” even if you are a child of divorce.Manage expectations—and your in-laws!Navigate hot-button issues including, sex and the chore wars.Cope with change, stress, and crisis—especially in your first year.Build a community of support and find mentors.Assess your progress using the Couple Checkup.Loaded with advice, tips, and instructions, this valuable resource is ideal for soon-to-be-newlyweds and those who support them!

12 Questions to Ask Before You Marry

12 Questions to Ask Before You Marry Author Clayton King
ISBN-10 9780736941952
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 208
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Today, marriages have a 50 percent chance of lasting. Longing to improve those odds, pastor Clayton King, author of the popular Dying to Live, and his wife, Charie, reveal a revolutionary biblical perspective--at the heart of a godly union is a heart of service. Love is more about understanding one's spouse than being understood. Offering wisdom from God's Word and beneficial advice from their decade of marriage, the Kings present 12 relationship-building questions for couples to ask before they wed. They guide and encourage couples to discuss their: religious backgrounds past relationships desires for family and future financial habits and goals vocational aspirations These questions reveal expectations and concerns and help each person understand the needs and hopes of their loved one. A great resource for churches, counselors, dating couples, and young men and women who dream of a forever marriage.

Love Is A Decision

Love Is A Decision Author Gary Smalley
ISBN-10 9781418570231
Release 2000-12-30
Pages 224
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In this practical book, family counselor and best-selling author Gary Smalley, with John Trent, reveals a simple yet profound plan for a marriage of depth, warmth, and excitement. Guide your marriage for a lifetime by learning how to make your spouse feel truly honored, keep courtship alive, rebuild trust, and become best friends with your family. According to Smalley, good marriages are no accident. And deciding to love-in the practical ways outlined here-can result in relationships that are tougher than tough times.


Couples Author John Updike
ISBN-10 9780679645726
Release 2012-03-13
Pages 576
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One of the signature novels of the American 1960s, Couples is a book that, when it debuted, scandalized the public with prose pictures of the way people live, and that today provides an engrossing epitaph to the short, happy life of the “post-Pill paradise.” It chronicles the interactions of ten young married couples in a seaside New England community who make a cult of sex and of themselves. The group of acquaintances form a magical circle, complete with ritualistic games, religious substitutions, a priest (Freddy Thorne), and a scapegoat (Piet Hanema). As with most American utopias, this one’s existence is brief and unsustainable, but the “imaginative quest” that inspires its creation is eternal. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Anxious in Love

Anxious in Love Author Carolyn Daitch
ISBN-10 9781608822331
Release 2012-12-01
Pages 208
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Healthy relationships require trust, intimacy, effective communication, and understanding. However, if you suffer from chronic anxiety you may have trouble dealing with everyday conflicts and tensions that can arise in relationships. No matter how committed you are, anxiety can leave you feeling distanced from your partner. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to overcome the anxiety-fueled reactions that keep you from achieving true closeness in your relationship. Written by two experts on anxiety disorders, Anxious in Love offers easy-to-use techniques for calming anxieties and strengthening communication in your relationship. With this book, you will learn to stay centered when faced with conflict, understand your partner’s perspective, and become more independent. By changing the way you react to triggers and stress, you will be able to focus on enjoying time with the one you love, without anxiety getting in the way.

Preparing for Marriage

Preparing for Marriage Author Dennis Rainey
ISBN-10 9781441266866
Release 2010-12-09
Pages 256
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You're in love, and it's the real thing. You have made a joyous decision together--a decision destined to change your lives forever: You're getting married! Now, as you plan your wedding celebration, it is time to lay the foundation for a lifetime of love and romance. Today you can begin the important, lifelong task of building a strong Christian marriage. Created by FamilyLife, one of America's leading marriage and family ministries, Preparing for Marriage is a dynamic, comprehensive program designed to help you prepare for life together after the cake is cut and the guests head home. That is when the real adventure begins--the adventure of creating an intimate, lasting, and biblical marriage! Inside you'll find eight sessions of fun, romantic study that will help you target areas for growth in your relationship. You can work through Preparing for Marriage as a couple, with a pastor or premarital counselor, or with a small group. Don't just plan your wedding . . . prepare for your marriage!

Premarital Prediction of Marital Quality or Breakup

Premarital Prediction of Marital Quality or Breakup Author Thomas B. Holman
ISBN-10 9780306471865
Release 2006-04-11
Pages 328
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This book should be of interest to scholars, researchers, students, and practitioners alike. Scholars, researchers, and students of personal relationship development will recognize in this book the first serious attempt in over 40 years to do a large-scale, longitudinal study of premarital factors that predict premarital breakup and marital quality; they should also appreciate our attempt to develop a theoretical rationale for predicted paths and to test those paths with the best available statistical tools. Practitioners-while generally not as interested in the intricacies of the statistical results-will find much that is useful to them as they help individuals and couples make decisions about their intimate relationships, their readiness for marriage, and how to increase the probability for marital success. Teachers, family life educators, premarital counselors, and clergy will find helpful our “principles for practice,” particularly as described in Chapter 9, as they teach and counsel couples in any premarital situation. My interest in the development of relationships from premarital to marital probably began when I got married in 1972 and started to notice all of the characteristics my wife and I brought from our respective families and how our “new beginning” as a married couple was in many ways the continuation of our premarital relationship, only more refined and more intense. My professional interest began when I did my doctoral dissertation in 198 1 on premarital predictors of early marital satisfaction (the results of that study are reported in Chapter 8).

Defining the Relationship

Defining the Relationship Author Danny Silk
ISBN-10 0983389500
Release 2011-02
Pages 144
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Many Christian couples come to a point where they must "Define their Relationship." This awkward but pivotal conversation either pushes them apart or allows their relationship to develop into something greater. This course will help couples examine the exciting, yet unknown path they will travel together and help them carefully consider the strength of their relationship. This manual is designed to use in conjunction with a 9-session DVD series that is available at

Pathways to Marriage

Pathways to Marriage Author Dean M. Busby
ISBN-10 IND:30000081006458
Release 2002-09
Pages 368
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Pathways to Marriage is a basic book that explores intimate relationships and marriage prior and in the earlier stages of marriage. By incorporating RELATE, a comprehensive relationship inventory designed by marriage and family professionals, the authors explore the stages in a relationship that take place prior to marriage such as courtship and dating. Psychologists, family therapists, social workers and anyone interested in human relationships.

Cohabitation in Europe

Cohabitation in Europe Author Dalia Leinarte
ISBN-10 1138732745
Release 2017-08-16
Pages 146
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Originating from discussions about the reasons for, and regional variations behind, the remarkable rise in cohabitation that started in the 1970s - a rise that continues to this day - this book explores the main stimuli behind cohabitation. The variation in levels of cohabitation cannot be explained solely by regional differences, religious affiliation, nationality, levels of education, or by the varying rate in which contraceptive measures spread across Europe. The book also focuses on the ways in which cohabitants are legitimized or rejected by certain communities. Did communities develop specific terms to define cohabitation and because of which underlying reasons were these different terms created? Illegitimacy is another phenomenon inseparably tied to cohabitation, based on the hypothesis that the understanding of marriage differs between societies and regions. In 1971, Shorter, Knodel and Van de Walle found that children born in rural Slavic communities in unlawful but stable, consensual unions were not recognised by civil law and the Church, and were registered as illegitimates, but in a cultural perspective were considered as legitimate. They also found more or less the same pattern in Scandinavian countries. This book explores the correlations that exist between illegitimacy and cohabitation across space and time in Europe? This book was originally published as a special issue of The History of the Family.