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Patrick Moore s Data Book of Astronomy

Patrick Moore s Data Book of Astronomy Author Patrick Moore
ISBN-10 9781139495226
Release 2014-01-16
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Packed with up-to-date astronomical data about the Solar System, our Galaxy and the wider Universe, this is a one-stop reference for astronomers of all levels. It gives the names, positions, sizes and other key facts of all the planets and their satellites; discusses the Sun in depth, from sunspots to solar eclipses; lists the dates for cometary returns, close-approach asteroids, and significant meteor showers; and includes 88 star charts, with the names, positions, magnitudes and spectra of the stars, along with key data on nebulae and clusters. Full of facts and figures, this is the only book you need to look up data about astronomy. It is destined to become the standard reference for everyone interested in astronomy.

The Data Book of Astronomy

The Data Book of Astronomy Author Patrick Moore
ISBN-10 9781420033441
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 340
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The Data Book of Astronomy is a one-stop reference for astronomers at all levels of experience, from beginners to experienced observers. Filled with data about the Earth, Moon, the planets, the stars, our Galaxy, and the myriad galaxies in deep space, it also reveals the latest scientific discoveries about black holes, quasars, and the origins of the Universe. Written by a premier astronomy expert, this book begins with a discussion of the Sun, from sunspots to solar eclipses. It then features over 100 tables on characteristics of the Moon, and the names, positions, sizes, and other key descriptors of all the planets and their satellites. The book tabulates solar and lunar eclipse, comets, close-approach asteroids, and significant meteor showers dates. Twenty-four maps show the surface features of the planets and their moons. The author then looks to the stars, their distances and movements, and their detailed classification and evolution. Forty-eight star charts cover both northern and southern hemispheres, enabling you to track down and name the main stars in all the constellations. The maps are supported by detailed tables of the names, positions, magnitudes, and spectra of the main stars in each constellation, along with key data on galaxies, nebulae, and clusters. There is a useful catalogue of the world's great telescopes and observatories, a history of astronomy and of space research, and biographies of 250 astronomers who have been most influential in developing the current understanding of the subject.

Patrick Moore s Astronomy A Complete Introduction Teach Yourself

Patrick Moore s Astronomy  A Complete Introduction  Teach Yourself Author Patrick Moore
ISBN-10 9781473608764
Release 2015-07-30
Pages 288
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Astronomy: A Complete Introduction will ensure you recognize what you are seeing in the night sky. You will investigate the sun, moon, planets comets and stars and learn how to observe them. This comprehensive guide, complete with star charts, will map out the skies and allow you to impress your friends with your knowledge of the sky at night. Astronomy: A Complete Introduction includes: Chapter 1: Introducing Astronomy Chapter 2: The spinning sky Chapter 3: Sky-watchers Chapter 4: The astronomer's telescope Chapter 5: Into space Chapter 6: The Sun Chapter 7: The Moon Chapter 8: The Sun's family Chapter 9: The inner planets Chapter 10: The outer planets Chapter 11: Minor members of the Solar System Chapter 12: The stars Chapter 13: Pattern of stars Chapter 14: Double and variable stars Chapter 15: The life and times of a star Chapter 16: The Star-clusters and nebulae Chapter 17: The depths of the universe Chapter 18: Into the future - life beyond the Earth

Patrick Moore s Passion for Astronomy

Patrick Moore s Passion for Astronomy Author Patrick Moore
ISBN-10 0393033821
Release 1992
Pages 208
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A survey of astronomy, from humankind's first tentative efforts at stargazing to modern theories on the origins of black holes, offers full-color photos, a multitude of interesting facts, and fascinating anecdotes. BOMC.

A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud

A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud Author Brian May
ISBN-10 0387777059
Release 2008-08-05
Pages 215
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In the summer and autumn of 2006 I read several interviews with Brian May in which he mentioned his desire to complete the PhD that he had abandoned in 1974. I looked up the papers he had published while a PhD student, which were on spectroscopic studies of the motion of the dust responsible for the zodiacal light, and felt that there was a basis for a thesis. Since he had been a student at Imperial, I knew, as Head of the Astrophysics Group at Imperial, that it would be good for the Group if he came and worked with us. I got in touch with him by email and suggested he come and talk about it. He replied enthusiastically and said that he was working on typing up what he had completed by 1974. I gradually realized that I was the only staff member at Imperial who had previously worked on zodiacal dust, so that I would have to act as his supervisor. Eventually we met and I tried to assess whether he would be able to find time for the huge amount of work that finishing off a thesis involves, particularly if it has not been touched for over 30 years. Since some of Brian’s emails were coming from the recording studio I knew there was strong competition for his time.

Teach Yourself Astronomy

Teach Yourself Astronomy Author Sir Patrick Moore
ISBN-10 0071550097
Release 2008-08-14
Pages 256
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Learn about the cosmos from your armchair Sir Patrick Moore, who has presented the BBC’s “The Sky at Night” since 1957 and has won numerous awards for his work, guides you through the major breakthroughs in astronomy over the last five years.

Patrick Moore s Yearbook of Astronomy 2016

Patrick Moore s Yearbook of Astronomy 2016 Author Patrick Moore
ISBN-10 1447287088
Release 2015-11-01
Pages 432
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Until his death in 2012, world-renowned astronomer and broadcaster Sir Patrick Moore edited this indispensable guide to the wonders of the night sky for fifty-two consecutive years. With the 2016 Yearbook of Astronomy, his friend and long-time co-editor Dr John Mason continues Sir Patrick's legacy.The Yearbook of Astronomy collects together a month-by-month guide to events to look out for over the coming year, from eclipses and planets, to comets, meteors, nebulae and phases of the Moon. It also contains authoritative charts, astronomical data and a series of specially commissioned articles by some of the world's leading astronomers - a fitting ongoing tribute to an extraordinary man who popularized astronomy for over half a century.'This hardy annual has deservedly become a mainstay for all enthusiasts . . . It is to be hoped that the Yearbook of Astronomy will long continue and carry Patrick's name far into the future' (Astronomy Now)

The Sky at Night

The Sky at Night Author Patrick Moore
ISBN-10 1441964096
Release 2010-11-01
Pages 169
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When I became the producer of the Sky at Night in 2002, I was given some friendly advice: “It’s a quiet little programme, not much happens in astronomy.” How wrong they were! It’s been a hectic and enthralling time ever since:, with missions arriving at distant planets; new discoveries in our Universe; and leaps in technology, which mean amateurs can take pictures as good as the Hubble Space Telescope. What a privilege it is to work on a programme with such a huge heritage! I am constantly amazed looking back at the flotilla of excellent programmes which have gone out over the past five decades. The Sky at Night has always been at the sharp end of science broadcasting, whether it’s showing the first view from the far side of the Moon or pictures of a new comet which has swept into our sky. Viewers can depend on Sir Patrick to tell them the latest news and explain what it means. It’s an outstanding achievement and Sir Patrick still holds the world record for being the same presenter on the longest running TV programme. Our guests love coming down to Farthings, Sir Patrick’s home. For them, me- ing him is like meeting their astronomical hero. Over the past five decades, the Sky at Night has managed to talk to the space scientists and astronomers making the landmark discoveries. No matter how busy they are, they make room for Sir Patrick.

The Cosmic Tourist

The Cosmic Tourist Author Brian May
ISBN-10 1780978375
Release 2016-09
Pages 192
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Take your seats for an out-of-this-word tour through the Cosmos! Brian May, Patrick Moore, and Chris Lintott authors of Bang! fly us from Earth to the farthest-out galaxies, stopping along the way to explain 100 amazing sights, from asteroids to zodiacal dust. Extraordinary images present the universe as seen through the biggest and best telescopes, and occasionally from those of expert amateur observers."

Building a Roll Off Roof Observatory

Building a Roll Off Roof Observatory Author John Stephen Hicks
ISBN-10 0387766111
Release 2009-03-02
Pages 160
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Almost every amateur astronomer who has taken the pursuit to its second level aspires to a fixed, permanent housing for his telescope, permitting its rapid and comfortable use avoiding hours of setting-up time for each observing session. A roll-off roof observatory is the simplest and by far the most popular observatory design for today’s practical astronomers. Building a Roll-off Roof Observatory is unique, covering all aspects of designing a roll-off roof observatory: planning the site, viewing requirements, conforming to by-laws, and orientation of the structure. The chapters outline step-by-step construction of a typical building. The author, both an amateur astronomer and professional landscape architect, is uniquely qualified to write this fully-detailed book. A professionally designed roll-off observatory could cost as much as $3000 just for the plans – which are provided free with Building a Roll-off Roof Observatory.

The Book of Ghosts

The Book of Ghosts Author Sabine Baring-Gould
ISBN-10 9783736810907
Release 2018-04-24
Pages 497
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This remarkably diverse collection of historical ghost stories includes something for everyone -- true horror tales, psychological suspense, parables with a fable-like quality, and myths specific to particular cultures. It's a satisfyingly broad collection that reaches far beyond the stale, narrow smattering of Victorian ghost stories found in many collections from the same era.

Atlantis Lemuria

Atlantis   Lemuria Author Tom T. Moore
ISBN-10 9781622337729
Release 2015-08-01
Pages 256
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Sixty thousand years ago, Earth had two more continents than it does today, each larger than what we now know as Australia. Why are they no longer there? One of these additional continents, Atlantis, was located in the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Africa. The other, Lemuria, was located in the Pacific Ocean. In this book, you’ll learn all about these huge continents and the great civilizations who called them home. What did they look like? What was daily life like for them? What happened to them? Tom asks these intriguing questions and many more. The answers revealed on the pages within dig into the mysteries surrounding the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria and their eventual destructions.

The Book of Snobs

The Book of Snobs Author William Makepeace Thackeray
ISBN-10 BSB:BSB10753599
Release 1856
Pages 100
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The Book of Snobs has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Book of Snobs also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Book of Snobs book for free.

Comfort Found in Good Old Books

Comfort Found in Good Old Books Author George Fitch
ISBN-10 9785040826063
Release 2018-07-11
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Comfort Found in Good Old Books has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Comfort Found in Good Old Books also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Comfort Found in Good Old Books book for free.

Human Accomplishment

Human Accomplishment Author Charles Murray
ISBN-10 9780061745676
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 688
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A sweeping cultural survey reminiscent of Barzun's From Dawn to Decadence. "At irregular times and in scattered settings, human beings have achieved great things. Human Accomplishment is about those great things, falling in the domains known as the arts and sciences, and the people who did them.' So begins Charles Murray's unique account of human excellence, from the age of Homer to our own time. Employing techniques that historians have developed over the last century but that have rarely been applied to books written for the general public, Murray compiles inventories of the people who have been essential to the stories of literature, music, art, philosophy, and the sciences—a total of 4,002 men and women from around the world, ranked according to their eminence. The heart of Human Accomplishment is a series of enthralling descriptive chapters: on the giants in the arts and what sets them apart from the merely great; on the differences between great achievement in the arts and in the sciences; on the meta-inventions, 14 crucial leaps in human capacity to create great art and science; and on the patterns and trajectories of accomplishment across time and geography. Straightforwardly and undogmatically, Charles Murray takes on some controversial questions. Why has accomplishment been so concentrated in Europe? Among men? Since 1400? He presents evidence that the rate of great accomplishment has been declining in the last century, asks what it means, and offers a rich framework for thinking about the conditions under which the human spirit has expressed itself most gloriously. Eye-opening and humbling, Human Accomplishment is a fascinating work that describes what humans at their best can achieve, provides tools for exploring its wellsprings, and celebrates the continuing common quest of humans everywhere to discover truths, create beauty, and apprehend the good.

Applied Quantitative Methods for Trading and Investment

Applied Quantitative Methods for Trading and Investment Author Christian L. Dunis
ISBN-10 9780470871348
Release 2004-01-09
Pages 426
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This book provides a manual on quantitative financial analysis. Focusing on advanced methods for modelling financial markets in the context of practical financial applications, it will cover data, software and techniques that will enable the reader to implement and interpret quantitative methodologies, specifically for trading and investment. Includes contributions from an international team of academics and quantitative asset managers from Morgan Stanley, Barclays Global Investors, ABN AMRO and Credit Suisse First Boston. Fills the gap for a book on applied quantitative investment & trading models Provides details of how to combine various models to manage and trade a portfolio

Patrick Moore s Millennium Yearbook

Patrick Moore   s Millennium Yearbook Author Patrick Moore
ISBN-10 1852336196
Release 2000
Pages 99
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Doctor Moore and Chapman were given the job of compiling a wide-ranging review of the astronomical state of the art at the end of the millennium. Whether they chose the millennium ending at 1000 A.D. by accident or design is unclear, but the outcome of their labour is particularly fascinating. The Yearbook surveys achievements in Astronomy during the first millennium, and looks at the latest astronomical instruments. It also features a review of a new Star Atlas, and a seminal paper on the properties of light. Allan Chapman is a historian at the University of Oxford. All the history in this book - as far as can be known - is accurate. Neither of the authors would have it otherwise.