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Never Trust a Saint

Never Trust a Saint Author Melissa Jane
ISBN-10 1523848138
Release 2016-02-03
Pages 212
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A SAINT. A protector from evil. One who without fear will lead you safely through darkness. LOS SANTOS. Cold and ruthless. A CARTEL who cares only for revenge and glory. My name is Nina Cross, and I'm the Los Santos's newest prey. Determined to prove my partners innocence and avenge his violent death, I stumbled naively into the spider's web. Tangled with lies and hunted for truth I was shadowed with each step I took. That was until one man, relentless in his touch and his desire threatened to bring me to my knees in ways I both craved and feared. Jair Ruiz. Powerful, brooding and confident and not at all who he seems. He has me in his sights and has every intention of toying with his newest target while fighting to keep us both alive. When the FBI turns it back on you and Los Santos cartel have already dug your grave, who is there left to trust? Only one man. A saviour. But if I look my saint in the eye and all I see is the I run? "I'm not entirely good. I'm not entirely bad. But I'm enough of a little of each to ruin you."

Perfect Lies

Perfect Lies Author Melissa Jane
ISBN-10 1548729973
Release 2017-08-06
Pages 264
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I am America's most wanted. The number one suspect in my partners brutal murder.My world as I know it has crumbled, revealing those who lurk in the dark shadows. They wait & watch for their moment to strike, ready to bring me down. The FBI has turned its back on me, & Los Santos Cartel has placed a bounty on my capture. I hold the truth & I'm a dead woman for it. Until one man, both jaded & brutal, offers me protection when I need it most. All good deeds however, carry a price...

Men of Courage

Men of Courage Author Lori Foster
ISBN-10 9781460382639
Release 2015-01-19
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Three sexy stories together in one collection, for the first time! The men are heroes—strong, fearless… Fireman Ethan Winters ran headlong into a burning building to find Rosie Carrington. Rescue worker Brett Gannon defied the aftershocks of a San Francisco earthquake to prevent Haley Brubaker from entering her collapsing home. And emergency-room doctor Matt Walker braved gale force winds and rising floodwater to rescue scientist Molly Stanton. And impossible to resist! For Rosie, the heat in Ethan's eyes was enough to start a three-alarm blaze! As for Haley, being trapped amidst the rubble with Brett meant heightened tension—and heightened passion. And sheltering together from the storm, Molly needed Matt to make love to her. It was the only way for her to know she was still alive…and that she'd stay that way.

Cocky Fianc

Cocky Fianc  Author Melissa Jane
ISBN-10 1386336750
Release 2017
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He wasn’t meant to be on my radar, he was definitely the off-limits guy.My brother’s best friend, my friend’s ex, but most of all he was my boss.Hawk Carnage resembled one thing, and one thing only. Sex.He used it, he knew it, he lived it. Hawk owned the largest lingerie company in the world, and I was his leading lady.In business.But now business and friendship were about to be crossed. The lines blurred, and I was ready to dip my toes in the forbidden water. Because no matter how much I said I could refrain from Hawk Carnage, now was not the time.He was to be my fake fiancé.And I was about to sink into that forbidden water, with Hawk’s hands clutching my sides.Lord help me because I was about to enjoy every moment of it.Even if it was just for fun.Even if it would ruin everything.I was going to dive in head first.

Perfect Lies

Perfect Lies Author Kiersten White
ISBN-10 0062135848
Release 2014-02-18
Pages 240
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This explosive sequel to Mind Games, which New York Times bestselling author Holly Black called "a brutal, exciting gem of a book," is a lightning-fast, wickedly smart tale of two sisters trapped in a web of deceit—perfect for fans of Sara Shepard's Lying Game series. For years, Annie and Fia have been in an endless battle for survival against the Keane Foundation. Now the sisters have found allies who can help them escape. But Annie's visions of the future and Fia's flawless instincts can't always tell them who to trust. The sisters can only rely on each other—and even their extraordinary gifts may not be enough to save them.

Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger Author Melissa Jane
ISBN-10 197432561X
Release 2017-08-06
Pages 358
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He ripped my world apart by destroying everything I ever loved. He was cruel, twisted, and showed no mercy. And now, he threatened to do it all again. This time with the help of his sadistic nephew. Gabriel had his sights fixed on FBI Agent Nina Cross. Strong. Beautiful. And none-the-wiser of those who shadowed her every move. She was the one thing stopping LOS SANTOS from taking full control. Keeping her safe while planning to take down the cartel would see my past fighting the future. But one thing was certain... Los Santos men were as good as dead.

Hotel Scarface

Hotel Scarface Author Roben Farzad
ISBN-10 9780698409828
Release 2017-10-17
Pages 352
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The wild, true story of the Mutiny, the hotel and club that embodied the decadence of Miami’s cocaine cowboys heyday—and an inspiration for the blockbuster film, Scarface... In the seventies, coke hit Miami with the full force of a hurricane, and no place attracted dealers and dopers like Coconut Grove’s Mutiny at Sailboat Bay. Hollywood royalty, rock stars, and models flocked to the hotel’s club to order bottle after bottle of Dom and to snort lines alongside narcos, hit men, and gunrunners, all while marathon orgies burned upstairs in elaborate fantasy suites. Amid the boatloads of powder and cash reigned the new kings of Miami: three waves of Cuban immigrants vying to dominate the trafficking of one of the most lucrative commodities ever known to man. But as the kilos—and bodies—began to pile up, the Mutiny became target number one for law enforcement. Based on exclusive interviews and never-before-seen documents, Hotel Scarface is a portrait of a city high on excess and greed, an extraordinary work of investigative journalism offering an unprecedented view of the rise and fall of cocaine—and the Mutiny—in Miami.


Beguiled Author Lori Foster
ISBN-10 9781488029998
Release 2017-02-01
Pages 384
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Romance and betrayal simmer in this unforgettable reader-favorite tale from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster, available for the first time as a standalone ebook. P.I. Dane Carter assumed his murdered twin's identity to find his killer. Angel Morris was his main suspect—a woman his twin had betrayed. Now Dane could destroy her trust again. By falling in love with her… Originally published in 1999.

Hat Trick

Hat Trick Author Kristen Mazzola
ISBN-10 0692788441
Release 2016-10-03
Pages 196
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One accident - a freaking car crash. That's all it took to send my brother's and my life into a tailspin with no end in sight. I was going to be something. I was going to be the best. I had the Olympics in my sights. And it all went to shit in one flash. Brayden wasn't ready to raise a younger sister when I was thrown into his lap. He had his life and everything going for him. Thankfully, he was still drafted to his dream hockey team. The same one dad played for when we were growing up. It took time, but I started to get better, started to open up, started skating and even dating again. I even thought I found the perfect guy for me. Isn't it funny how guys hit on you when they know you're not available, but when you're single they won't give you the freaking time of day? I guess the game is more fun that way. And for the captain of my brother's team, that's exactly what I was. A hat trick is three goals in hockey. Some say three is a crowd and they might be right. I was Gavin Hayes' unobtainable goal. *A No Cheating Standalone*


Cooked Author Michael Pollan
ISBN-10 9780143125334
Release 2014
Pages 468
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The author recounts the story of his culinary education and the roles of the four classical elements of fire, water, air and earth in transforming natural ingredients into delicious meals and drinks, in an account that traces his efforts to master classic recipes using one of the four elements. Reprint.

The Real Chopper

The Real Chopper Author Adam Shand
ISBN-10 9780857976956
Release 2014-09-24
Pages 320
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Whether you loved him or thought he was just 'a toothless monster without a social conscience', by the time he died in October 2013, everyone knew who Chopper Read was - or thought they did . . . Mark 'Chopper' Read was Australia's most popular notorious criminal. Read's fame spread in the 1990s with the success of his 11 semi-autobiographical novels, and he was immortalised in 2000 by Eric Bana's portrayal of him in the movie Chopper, a box-office and critical success. At various times, Read claimed to be involved in the killing of 19 people and the attempted murder of 11 others. In an April 2013 interview with the New York Times, Read revised the number to 'probably about four or seven, depending on how you look at it'. Bestselling author and investigative journalist Adam Shand leaves no stone unturned in his quest to find out what is real and what was manufactured by Chopper for the sake of a good story. Using police and prison records and interviews with those who were close to him, behind bars and outside, Shand unearths curious inconsistencies and bigger reveals. Now Chopper is dead, people are willing to talk on record. Shand immerses himself in the story, meeting an intriguing cast of Chopper's support acts along the way. He examines how Chopper built himself into a legend and inhabited the persona he create - so that for him, the truth was simply irrelevant.

Summer Pleasures

Summer Pleasures Author Nora Roberts
ISBN-10 0263246620
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 496
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Second Nature

One Summer

One Summer Author Nora Roberts
ISBN-10 9781460399538
Release 2016-08-15
Pages 384
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Bryan Mitchell and Shade Wilder. She was America's greatest celebrity photographer. He was one of the world's most respected photojournalists. They were working together, traveling across the country, recording two views of one American summer. They we complete opposites. And yet they each felt a passion that was destined to draw them together. It took the eye of the camera to show them how close they could become. And it took their mounting desire to lower their defenses and allow them to revel in the fulfillment of love…. Originally published in 1986.

The Cobra

The Cobra Author Frederick Forsyth
ISBN-10 9781101442470
Release 2010-08-17
Pages 432
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For decades, the West has been fighting the cocaine cartels-and losing- until the president decides enough is enough and asks one man to take charge. His task: to destroy the cocaine industry. His name: Cobra. It is the ultimate secret war. But only one side can win...


Mistrust Author Matthew Carey
ISBN-10 0997367520
Release 2017-05-15
Pages 134
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Trust occupies a unique place in contemporary discourse. Seen as both necessary and virtuous, it is variously depicted as enhancing the social fabric, lowering crime rates, increasing happiness, and generating prosperity. It allows for complex political systems, permits human communication, underpins financial instruments and economic institutions, and generally holds society together. Against these overwhelmingly laudable qualities, mistrust often goes unnoticed as a positive social phenomenon, treated as little more than a corrosive absence, a mere negative of trust itself. With this book, Matthew Carey proposes an ethnographic and conceptual exploration of mistrust that raises it up as legitimate stance in its own right. While mistrust can quickly ruin relationships and even dissolve extensive social ties, Carey shows that it might have other values. Drawing on fieldwork in Morocco s High Atlas Mountains as well as comparative material from regions stretching from Eastern Europe to Melanesia, he examines the impact of mistrust on practices of conversation and communication, friendship and society, and politics and cooperation. In doing so, he demonstrates that trust is not the only basis for organizing human society and cooperating with others. The result is a provocative but enlightening work that makes us rethink social issues such as suspicion, doubt, and uncertainty. "

Murder and Politics in Mexico

Murder and Politics in Mexico Author Sara Schatz
ISBN-10 1441980687
Release 2011-02-28
Pages 243
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Murder and Politics in Mexico studies the causes of political killings in Mexico’s liberalization-democratization within the larger context of political repression. Mexico’s democratization process has entailed a little known but highly significant cost of human lives in pre- and post-election violence. The majority of these crimes remain in a state of impunity: in other words, no person had been charged with the crime and/or no investigation of it had occurred. This has several consequences for Mexican politics: when the level of violence is extreme and when political killings that are systematic and invasive are involved, this could indicate a real fracture in the democratic system. This book analyzes several dimensions regarding impunity and political crime, more specifically, the political killings of members of the PRD in the post-1988 period in Mexico. The main argument proposed in this book is that impunity for political killings is a structured system requiring one central precondition, namely the failure of the legal system to function as a system of restraint for killings. Dr Schatz’s research finds that political assassinations are indeed rational, targeted actions but they do not occur within an institutional vacuum. Political assassinations are calculated strategies of action aimed at eliminating political rivals. As a form of interpersonal violence, political assassination involves direct or implied authorization from political leaders, the availability of assassins for hire and the willingness of some political leaders to utilize them against political opponents, and violent interactions between political parties combined with judicial system ineffectiveness. A corrupt legal system facilitates the use of political assassination and explains the persistence of impunity for political murder over time. To reduce political violence in the transition to electoral democracy, specific institutional conditions, namely a structured system of impunity for murder, must be overcome.

A Summer of You

A Summer of You Author Melissa Jane
ISBN-10 1539884821
Release 2015-11-05
Pages 294
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His name was Leo. Leo Santiago.Gloriously smooth, tanned, and carved to perfection... and naked. He smiled. He winked. I choked. This was not going to be a regular Tuesday night art class. In fact, this was only the beginning. This is a story of how a dare, a chance meeting, and an off-beat birthday present would throw my life into a beautiful tail-spin. Pulled into an unfamiliar world that both dazzled and consumed me, I would be left with one life-altering decision. A decision that through a series of events would have fate both smiling and cringing. All it took was three months. Ninety agonizingly beautiful days filled with sun, sand, and hot salsa nights. Together, we fell hard, and we loved even harder. His name was Leo Santiago. He was my moment of perfection. My summer of love.