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Performance Theories in Education

Performance Theories in Education Author Bryant Keith Alexander
ISBN-10 9781135616854
Release 2004-12-13
Pages 456
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Performance Theories in Education: Power, Pedagogy, and the Politics of Identity breaks new ground by presenting a range of approaches to understanding the role, function, impact, and presence of performance in education. It is a definitive contribution to a beginning dialogue on how performance, as a theoretical and pragmatic lens, can be used to view the processes, procedures, and politics of education. The conceptual framework of the volume is the editors' argument that performance and performativity help to locate and describe repetitive actions plotted within grids of power relationships and social norms that comprise the context of education and schooling. The book brings together performance studies and education researchers, teachers, and scholars to investigate such topics as: *the relationship between performance and performativity in pedagogical practice; *the nature and impact of performing identities in varying contexts; *cultural and community configurations that fall under the umbrella of teaching, education, and schooling; and *the hot button issues of educational policies and reform as performances. With the aim of developing a clearer understanding of the effect, affect, and role of performance in education, the volume provides a crucial starting point for discourse among theorists and teacher practitioners who are interested in understanding and acknowledging the politics of performance and the practices of performative social identities that always and already intervene in the educational endeavor.

Teaching Performance Studies

Teaching Performance Studies Author Nathan Stucky
ISBN-10 0809324660
Release 2002
Pages 290
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Edited by Nathan Stucky and Cynthia Wimmer, Teaching Performance Studies is the first organized treatment of performance studies theory, practice, and pedagogy. This collection of eighteen essays by leading scholars and educators reflects the emergent and contested nature of performance studies, a field that looks at the broad range of human performance from everyday conversation to formal theatre and cultural ritual. The cross-disciplinary freedom enacted by the writers suggests a new vision of performance studies--a deliberate commerce between field and classroom.

Theories of Performance

Theories of Performance Author Elizabeth Bell
ISBN-10 9781412926386
Release 2008-02-11
Pages 303
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Theories of Performance invites students to explore the possibilities of performance for creating, knowing, and staking claims to the world. Each chapter surveys, explains, and illustrates classic, modern, and postmodern theories that answer the questions, "What is performance?" "Why do people perform?" and "How does performance constitute our social and political worlds?" The chapters feature performance as the entry point for understanding texts, drama, culture, social roles, identity, resistance, and technologies.

Geographies of Learning

Geographies of Learning Author Jill Dolan
ISBN-10 0819564680
Release 2001-05-31
Pages 209
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Maps the divisions that stall the production of knowledge in theatre and performance studies, queer studies, and women's studies.

Assessing Educational Leaders

Assessing Educational Leaders Author Douglas B. Reeves
ISBN-10 076193801X
Release 2004
Pages 163
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This critical resource demonstrates the need for a new form of leadership evaluation for all leaders in the field of education and offers a new model of leadership evaluation.

Psychology and Education

Psychology and Education Author Susan Bentham
ISBN-10 0415227623
Release 2002
Pages 205
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Deals with the theoretical contributions and practical applications of psychology to education.

Motivation for Learning and Performance

Motivation for Learning and Performance Author Bobby Hoffman
ISBN-10 9780128011256
Release 2015-06-20
Pages 426
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Designed for educators, researchers, practitioners, or anyone interested in maximizing human potential, Motivation for Learning and Performance outlines 50 key motivation principles based on the latest scientific evidence from the disciplines of psychology, education, business, athletics, and neurology. Using a highly applied and conversational style, the book is designed to inform the reader about how to diagnosis, analyze, and mediate learning and performance challenges influenced by motivation. The book features chapters on the biopsychology of motivation, how motivation changes across the lifespan, and the important influence of culture on motivated behavior. Three chapters are devoted to practical strategies and the implementation of motivational change. Special sections are included on enhancing motivation at work, in the classroom, in competitive environments, and during online education. Hoffman employs the innovative approach of using his interviews with "real" people including many notable personalities across diverse cultures and disciplines to illustrate motivated behavior. For example, readers will learn what motivated the colossal investment fraud masterminded by Bernie Madoff, the intimate thoughts of former NFL superstar Nick Lowery when he missed a field goal, and the joys and tribulations of Emmy-nominated "Curb your Enthusiasm" actress Cheryl Hines. The book provides a practical, applied, and multi-disciplinary resource for anyone interested in motivation and performance, but especially for university students at the graduate or undergraduate level studying education, psychology, business, leadership, hospitality, sports management, or military science. Additionally, the writing style and eclectic nature of the text will appeal to readers of non-fiction who can use the book to gain self-awareness to enhance performance of themselves or others. Considers motivation for both learning and performance Identifies 50 foundational principles relating to motivation Provides research evidence supporting the foundational principles Includes interviews from famous individuals, identifying what motivated them and why Includes research from psychology, education, neuroscience, business, and sports

Preparing Students for College and Careers

Preparing Students for College and Careers Author Katie Larsen McClarty
ISBN-10 9781317221616
Release 2017-08-22
Pages 186
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Preparing Students for College and Careers addresses measurement and research issues related to college and career readiness. Educational reform efforts across the United States have increasingly taken aim at measuring and improving postsecondary readiness. These initiatives include developing new content standards, redesigning assessments and performance levels, legislating new developmental education policy for colleges and universities, and highlighting gaps between graduates’ skills and employers’ needs. In this comprehensive book, scholarship from leading experts on each of these topics is collected for assessment professionals and for education researchers interested in this new area of focus. Cross-disciplinary chapters cover the current state of research, best practices, leading interventions, and a variety of measurement concepts, including construct definitions, assessments, performance levels, score interpretations, and test uses.

Cognitive Load Theory

Cognitive Load Theory Author Fred Paas
ISBN-10 9781135065812
Release 2016-02-04
Pages 80
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The papers of this special issue demonstrate that cognitive load theory provides the framework for investigations into cognitive processes and instructional design. The genesis of Cognitive Load Theory emerged from an international symposium organized at the bi-annual conference of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction in 2001 in Fribourg, Switzerland. Most of the papers are based on contributions to that symposium and discuss the most recent work carried out within the cognitive load framework. As a whole, this issue is demonstrating that cognitive load theory is continuing its role of using cognitive psychology principles to generate novel instructional design procedures.

Motivation Theories and Teaching Profession in India

Motivation Theories and Teaching Profession in India Author Dr. Amarja Nargunde
ISBN-10 9781482811926
Release 2013-09-06
Pages 138
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This book is an extension of the authors one topic of PhD research i.e. motivation theories and its application to the teaching profession. It can give readers dual benefit of theoretical knowledge of motivation and existing theories of motivation in detail. This is an attempt to put all the theories in one book. Plus an analysis of these theories has also been made relating to its application to the teaching profession in colleges in India. The comments are given based on the study of elaborate literature review of various articles and books written by eminent educationists on the state of college education. At the end of book the author has suggested her own theory in order to motivate teachers.

Practice Theory and Education

Practice Theory and Education Author Julianne Lynch
ISBN-10 9781317277309
Release 2016-11-25
Pages 288
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Practice Theory and Education challenges how we think about ‘practice’, examining what it means across different fields and sites. It is organised into four themes: discursive practices; practice, change and organisations; practising subjectivity; and professional practice, public policy and education. Contributors to the collection engage and extend practice theory by drawing on the legacies of diverse social and cultural theorists, including Bourdieu, de Certeau, Deleuze and Guattari, Dewey, Latour, Marx, and Vygotsky, and by building on the theoretical trajectories of contemporary authors such as Karen Barad, Yrjo Engestrom, Andreas Reckwitz, Theodore Schatzki, Dorothy Smith, and Charles Taylor. The proximity of ideas from different fields and theoretical traditions in the book highlight key matters of concern in contemporary practice thinking, including the historicity of practice; the nature of change in professional practices; the place of discursive material in practice; the efficacy of refiguring conventional understandings of subjectivity and agency; and the capacity for theories of practice to disrupt conventional understandings of asymmetries of power and resources. Their juxtaposition also points to areas of contestation and raises important questions for future research. Practice Theory and Education will appeal to postgraduate students, academics and researchers in professional practice and education, and scholars working with social theory. It will be of particular interest to those who wish to move beyond the limiting configurations of practice found in contemporary neoliberal, new managerialist and narrow representationalist discourses.

Teaching Performance A Philosophy of Piano Pedagogy

Teaching Performance  A Philosophy of Piano Pedagogy Author Jeffrey Swinkin
ISBN-10 9783319125145
Release 2015-07-16
Pages 229
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How can the studio teacher teach a lesson so as to instill refined artistic sensibilities, ones often thought to elude language? How can the applied lesson be a form of aesthetic education? How can teaching performance be an artistic endeavor in its own right? These are some of the questions Teaching Performance attempts to answer, drawing on the author's several decades of experience as a studio teacher and music scholar. The architects of absolute music (Hanslick, Schopenhauer, and others) held that it is precisely because instrumental music lacks language and thus any overt connection to the non-musical world that it is able to expose essential elements of that world. More particularly, for these philosophers, it is the density of musical structure—the intricate interplay among purely musical elements—that allows music to capture the essences behind appearances. By analogy, the author contends that the more structurally intricate and aesthetically nuanced a pedagogical system is, the greater its ability to illuminate music and facilitate musical skills. The author terms this phenomenon relational autonomy. Eight chapters unfold a piano-pedagogical system pivoting on the principle of relational autonomy. In grounding piano pedagogy in the aesthetics of absolute music, each domain works on the other. On the one hand, Romantic aesthetics affords pedagogy a source of artistic value in its own right. On the other hand, pedagogy concretizes Romantic aesthetics, deflating its transcendental pretentions and showing the dichotomy of absolute/utilitarian to be specious.

Game based Learning

Game based Learning Author Youngkyun Baek
ISBN-10 1536119008
Release 2017-06-01
Pages 505
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At a time when digital games are becoming much more commonly used in classrooms, this book provides a much-needed guide to different forms and applications of digital game-based learning. The book brings together researchers and practitioners from around the world who share their theories, strategies, findings of case studies, and practical approaches to support better performance and learning outcomes when learning with digital games. This book is intended to provide readers with three main parts of information. One is a clear and practical understanding of theory and research-based principles of game-based learning. This first section of the book includes fresh perspectives and an overview of existing and emerging theories in game-based learning, which are also presented in the form of case study findings and implications. The second section of this book gives readers the how to information needed to turn the understanding of intellectual grounding into effective practices of digital games for classroom use. The third part of this book also includes some practical approaches for evaluating different aspects of learning within the game-based learning context. This information about practical approaches is presented through chapters on achievements and performance outcomes. Game-Based Learning: Theory, Strategies, and Performance Outcomes synthesizes arguments, practices, and research findings on the effectiveness of different designs and approaches within game-based learning practices. But, a major message of this book is that the joint influence of implementation, context, and learner characteristics interacting with digital games is what determines learning and achievement outcomes. This book is intended for researchers, practitioners, designers, policy makers, and current and future teachers. The teacher/-educator will benefit from topics such as practical strategies to improve student performance, while researchers can use the findings from the case studies presented in this book as a foundation for future explorations and research studies.

Enhancing Human Performance

Enhancing Human Performance Author National Research Council
ISBN-10 NAP:00173
Release 1988-01-01
Pages 299
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At the requests of the U.S. Army Research Institute, the National Research Council formed a committee to assess the field of techniques that are claimed to enhance human performance. The Institute asked the Council to evaluate the claims made by proponents of selected existing techniques and to address two general additional questions: (1) What are the appropriate criteria for evaluating claims for such techniques in the future? (2) What research is needed to advance our understanding of performance enhancement in areas related to the proposed techniques? The objectives of the committee's study are to provide aan authoritative assessment of these questions for policy makers in research and development who are consumers of the techniques, as well as to consider their possible applications to Army training. Contents: Psychological Techniques -- Learning, Improving Motor Skills, Altering Mental States, Stress Management, Social Processes; Parapsychological Techniques -- Paranormal Phenomena. (SDW).


Motivation Author Harold F. O'Neil
ISBN-10 9780805812879
Release 1994
Pages 332
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Designed for professionals and graduate students in the personality/social, military, and educational psychology, and assessment/evaluation communities, this volume explores the state of the art in motivational research for individuals and teams from multiple theoretical viewpoints as well as their effects in both schools and training environments. The great majority of education and training R&D is focused on the cognitive dimensions of learning, for instance, the acquisition and retention of knowledge and skills. Less attention has been given in the literature and in the design of education and training itself to motivational variables and their influence on performance. As such, this book is unique in the following montage of factors: * a focus on motivation of teams or groups as well as individuals; * an examination of the impact of motivation on performance (and, thus, also on cognition) rather than only on motivation itself; * research in training as well as educational settings. The data reported were collected in various venues including schools, laboratories and field settings. The chapter authors are the researchers that, in many cases, have defined the state of the art in motivation.

Leadership Styles and School Performance

Leadership Styles and School Performance Author Erasto Kano
ISBN-10 9783656159865
Release 2012-03-27
Pages 16
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Seminar paper from the year 2012 in the subject Pedagogy - The Teacher, Educational Leadership, University of Dodoma (College of Education), course: Educational Management and School Administration, language: English, abstract: Abstract This paper endeavors to explain head teachers’ leadership styles and students’ academic achievement by looking into the role of the head teachers in promoting academic performance. The paper discusses the meaning of leadership, the importance of leadership, characteristics of leaders, characteristics of high-performing schools and leadership theories .Furthermore, the paper gives details about traits and skills associated with effective leadership, dimensions of leadership practices and activities linked to student outcome, leadership styles, the relationship between leadership styles and academic achievement and recommendations.

Theories in Educational Psychology

Theories in Educational Psychology Author Alyssa R. Gonzalez-DeHass
ISBN-10 9781475802320
Release 2012-12-14
Pages 360
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Theories in Educational Psychology’s purpose is to introduce readers to the pioneering educational psychology theories that continue to shape our understanding of the classroom learning environment, present support for the theories from perspectives in the current research literature, and share how these theoretical traditions have translated into effective teaching methods.