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Perla la Loca

Perla la Loca Author Jaime Hernandez
ISBN-10 9781560978831
Release 2007-12-17
Pages 290
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In these classic "Locas" stories, Jaime drops a narrative bomb on Hopey (and us) in "Wigwam Bam"; Maggie contends with her inner demons, a murderous hooker, and an amorous lady wrestler; and Maggie, getting married?

Love and Rockets

Love and Rockets Author Jaime Hernandez
ISBN-10 1845765281
Release 2008-02
Pages 288
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Maggie, Hopey, and the rest of the Locas prowl Los Angeles, the East Coast. This title unlocks the secret of Maggie and Hopey's relationship. In 1982, brothers Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez created "Love & Rockets", an astonishing mixture of magical realism, science fiction, and meditations on the human condition which became one of the most critically acclaimed series of all time. Perla la Loca includes the long story "Wigwam Bam", as Maggie, Hopey, and the rest of the Locas prowl Los Angeles, the East Coast, and parts in between trying to recapture the carefree spirit of those early days, and unlocks the secret of Maggie and Hopey's relationship - which develops further in the many other tales collected here.Award-winning writer and artist Jaime Hernandez presents his third collection of "Love & Rockets" stories - a must for any fan of truly adult comics! It is intended for adults!.

Penny Century

Penny Century Author Jaime Hernandez
ISBN-10 9781606993422
Release 2010-04-06
Pages 257
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Picking up right after Perla La Loca, the third volume of the definitive “Maggie” series repackaging, this compilation of stories from Jaime Hernandez’s solo comic Penny Century and his subsequent return to Love and Rockets (Volume II) charts the further lives of his beloved “Locas.” But first... wrestling! Penny Century starts off with a blast with “Whoa, Nellie!,” a unique graphic novelette in which Maggie, who has settled in with her pro-wrestler aunt for a while, experiences that wild and woolly world first-hand.


Esperanza Author Jaime Hernandez
ISBN-10 9781606994498
Release 2011-08-17
Pages 250
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In this batch of “Locas” stories by Jaime Hernandez from the pages of Love and Rockets Volume II (picking up where 2010’s Penny Century collection left off), an older and wiser Maggie faces down her old demons and the “Ghost of Hoppers” in a full-length graphic novel (which also introduces one of Jaime’s greatest recent characters, Vivian the “Frogmouth,” the near-psychotic bombshell). Meanwhile, the ever-feisty but maturing Hopey (her Spanish birth name giving this collection its title) transitions from tending bar to teaching kindergarten (while still juggling a complex love life), and the final quarter of the book shows Maggie’s lovable ex Ray Dominguez being dragged into the aftermath of a grisly murder thanks to his falling for the Frogmouth.

Maggie the Mechanic

Maggie the Mechanic Author Jaime Hernandez
ISBN-10 9781560977841
Release 2007-03-17
Pages 271
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The first of three volumes chronicles the globe-trotting adventures and exploits of Maggie, her best friend and occasional lover Hopey, and their companions, Peggy Century, her weirdo mentor Izzy, aging wrestler Rena Titanon, and Maggie's new love interest, Rand Race. Original.


LOCAS Author Jaime Hernández
ISBN-10 UOM:39015060660142
Release 2004-10-27
Pages 704
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One of the great American novels of the last 30 years, graphic orotherwise. Created over 15 years from 1981-96 in the pages of thelegendary comic Love and Rockets and collected here in a giant deluxe hardcover.

Wigwam Bam

Wigwam Bam Author Jaime Hernandez
ISBN-10 1560971207
Release 1994-01
Pages 122
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Jaime's definitive statement on post-punk culture. Maggie, Hopey, and the rest of Las Locas prowl Los Angeles, the East Coast, and parts in between trying to recapture the carefree spirit of those early days a decade ago.

The Girl from H O P P E R S

The Girl from H O P P E R S Author Jaime Hernandez
ISBN-10 9781560978510
Release 2007-07-17
Pages 290
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This volume collects the adventures of the spunky Maggie; her annoying, pixie-ish best friend and sometime lover Hopey; and their circle of friends, including their bombshell friend Penny Century, Maggie's weirdo mentor Izzy―as well as the aging but still heroic wrestler Rena Titanon and Maggie's handsome love interest, Rand Race. After the sci-fi trappings of his earliest stories (as seen in Maggie the Mechanic, the first volume in this series), Hernandez refined his approach, settling on the more naturalistic environment of the fictional Los Angeles barrio, Hoppers, and the lives of the young Mexican-Americans and punk rockers who live there. A central story and one of Jaime's absolute peaks is "The Death of Speedy." Such is Jaime's mastery that even though the end of the story is telegraphed from the very title, the downhill spiral of Speedy, the local heartthrob, is utterly compelling and ultimately quite surprising. Also in this volume, Maggie begins her on-again off-again romance with Ray D., leading to friction and an eventual separation from Hopey.

Luba and Her Family

Luba and Her Family Author Gilbert Hernandez
ISBN-10 9781606997536
Release 2014-07-19
Pages 229
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Gilbert Hernandez’s sprawling family saga focuses on the United States, where newly immigrated Luba and her sisters, body-builder Petra and therapist/film star Fritz, find their families’ and friends’ lives becoming more and more intertwined. As the three sisters have “memories of sweet youth,” the next generation finds the spotlight: Luba’s adult daughter Doralís emcees the proceedings in her role as mischievous host of a children’s TV show, while Petra’s little girl, Venus, has adventures with her aunt Fritz and her best friend Yoshio. At her mother’s urging, Venus also writes missives to her fierce, one-armed cousin Casimira, who’s back in Palomar. In these stories ― never before collected together ― Venus tells it like it is!

Angels and Magpies

Angels and Magpies Author Jaime Hernandez
ISBN-10 9781683960904
Release 2017-12-20
Pages 260
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This collects the stories from Vol. 3 of the Love and Rockets comic book, including the LA Times Book Prize-winning Love Bunglers, and much more. The sublime, the superpowered, and the senior citizen converge in Angels and Magpies, which collects the Gods and Science: Return of the Ti-Girls and Love Bunglers storylines from the Love and Rockets: New Stories series, as well as Hernandez’s 2006 serial for the New York Times. In the latter, Maggie pays a visit to Queen Rena, who is living out her twilight days on an island after a lifetime as a wrestler and an adventuress. In the Ti-Girls segment, superheroics get a screwball spin when Angel of Tarzana and Maggie square off against Dark Penny Century. In the "Love Bunglers," held as perhaps Hernandez’s greatest masterpiece in his thirty-five-year career, and one of the great graphic novels of all time (it was hailed by Slate and Publishers Weekly as one of the best stories of the year), the past and present converge as Maggie and Ray’s reunion is threatened by long-buried family secrets.

The Love Bunglers

The Love Bunglers Author Jaime Hernandez
ISBN-10 9781606997291
Release 2014-05-14
Pages 114
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The suppression of family history is the initial thread that ties together The Love Bunglers, featuring Hernandez's longtime Love and Rockets heroine Maggie. Because these secrets can't be dealt with openly, their lingering effect is even more powerful. But Maggie's ability to navigate and find meaning in her life - despite losing her culture, her brother, her profession, and her friends - is what's made her a compelling character. After a lifetime of losses, Maggie finds, in the second half, her longtime off and on lover, Ray Dominguez. Much like John Updike in his four Rabbitnovels, Jaime Hernandez has been following his longtime character Maggie around for several decades, all of which has seemed to be building towards this book in particular.

Amor y Cohetes

Amor y Cohetes Author Gilbert Hernandez
ISBN-10 9781560979265
Release 2008-05-21
Pages 289
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To a very great extent, Love and Rockets is synonymous with Hoppers' Maggie & Hopey and Palomar's Luba & Carmen & Heraclio & Tonantzin... but there was always more to L and R than that. Amor y Cohetes finally collects together in one convenient package all the non-Maggie and non-Palomar stories by all three Hernandez Brothers from that classic first, 50-issue Love and Rockets series—a dizzying array of styles and approaches that re-confirms these groundbreaking cartoonists' place in the history of comics.

The Love and Rockets Companion

The Love and Rockets Companion Author Marc Sobel
ISBN-10 9781606995792
Release 2013-08-03
Pages 240
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The Love and Rockets Companion: 30 Years (and Counting) contains three incredibly in-depth and candid interviews with creators Gilbert, Jaime and Mario Hernandez: one conducted by writer Neil Gaiman (Coraline); one conducted some six years into the comic’s run by longtime L&R publisher Gary Groth; and one conducted by the book’s author, spanning Gilbert’s, Jaime’s and Mario’s careers, and looking to the future of the ongoing series, with a follow-up conversation with Groth. This book has foldout family trees for both Gilbert’s Palomar and Jaime’s Locas storylines; unpublished art; a character glossary (which is handy, considering that Gilbert alone has created 50+ characters!); highlights from the original series’ anarchic letters columns; timelines; and the most wide-ranging Hernandez Brothers bibliography ever compiled, including album and DVD covers, posters and more.

Love and Rockets X

Love and Rockets X Author Gilbert Hernandez
ISBN-10 UOM:39015060646810
Release 1999
Pages 60
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Palomar Author Gilbert Hernandez
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059173014009019
Release 2003
Pages 522
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Collects stories featuring the inhabitants of a mythical South American town called Palomar and the interconnected lives of its unusual inhabitants.

Caste and Outcast

Caste and Outcast Author Dhan Gopal Mukerji
ISBN-10 0804744343
Release 2002
Pages 277
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Mukerji (1890-1936) holds the distinction of being the first South Asian immigrant to have a successful career in the United States as a man of letters. This reissue of his classic autobiography, with a new Introduction and Afterword, seeks to revitalize interest in Mukerji and his work and to contribute to the exploration of the South Asian experience in America.

Chester Square

Chester Square Author Jaime Hernandez
ISBN-10 UOM:39015060646737
Release 1996
Pages 156
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The original, seminal Love & Rockets comic book series, which ran for 50 issues from 1981 to 1996, singlehandedly defined the post-underground generation of comics that spawned Daniel Clowes, Chris Ware, and so many others. Now collected into 15 volumes, Love & Rockets is a body of work that The Nation has described as "one of the hidden treasures of our impoverished culture." Created by brothers Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez, three Southern California Mexican-Americans armed with a passion for pop culture and punk rock, Love & Rockets gave a voice to minorities and women for the first time in the medium's then 50-year history and remains one of the greatest achievements in comic book history.