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Personal History

Personal History Author Katharine Graham
ISBN-10 9780394585857
Release 1997
Pages 642
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The author describes her privileged but lonely childhood, her tragic marriage to the charismatic Phil Graham, her struggles as the head of the Washington Post, and the colorful politicians and celebrities she has known


Franco Author Stanley G. Payne
ISBN-10 9780299302108
Release 2014-11-24
Pages 617
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Chronicles the life and rule of the Spanish dictator, from his early years to his military career to his leadership of the nation.

The Personal Pronouns in the Germanic Languages

The Personal Pronouns in the Germanic Languages Author Stephen Howe
ISBN-10 3110146363
Release 1996
Pages 390
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The Personal Pronouns in the Germanic Languages has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Personal Pronouns in the Germanic Languages also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Personal Pronouns in the Germanic Languages book for free.

The Business of Personal Training

The Business of Personal Training Author Scott Roberts
ISBN-10 0873226054
Release 1996
Pages 134
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Whether you are considering a career as a personal trainer or searching for ways to increase revenue and gain new clients for your existing business, you'll find The Business of Personal Training to be an indispensable reference. Written by some of the most successful personal trainers in the country, this book provides the foundation for building your personal training business. The Business of Personal Training discusses not only how to build a solid business but also how to be an effective trainer. After an outline of the history of the profession and the qualifications needed to be a personal trainer, the book explains how to develop a mission statement and business plan, create strategic and creative marketing plans, establish prices for services, hire and train staff members, improve client-trainer communication, motivate clients and help them set goals, and design appropriate exercise programs. Nineteen sample forms make it easy for you to put the ideas presented into practice. Learn from veteran personal trainers what it takes to succeed. The practical advice provided in The Business of Personal Training is valuable for new and established trainers as well as for health and fitness administrators who supervise personal trainers.

Personal Nutrition

Personal Nutrition Author Marie Ann Boyle
ISBN-10 9780495560081
Release 2008-12-19
Pages 624
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PERSONAL NUTRITION, 7th Edition, helps you acquire the skills and knowledge you need to become a savvy evaluator of the nutrition issues and controversies you will encounter throughout your life. Presented in a vibrant design with clarifying figures, many

The Complete Book of Personal Training

The Complete Book of Personal Training Author Douglas Brooks
ISBN-10 0736000135
Release 2004
Pages 589
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This books is "the most comprephensive and authoritative resource for you as a personal trainer, whether you are a newcomer to the field or have a well-established business. The book is truly a complete resource - it's full of information about working with clients and designing programs, and it's a practical guide to all aspects of the personal training business. .... [It] will help you in all aspects of your profession: learn applicable information on fitness testing and assessment ; identify your clients' goals and create fitness tests specifically for them ; learn how to develop cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training programs ; properly train and help special populations ; understand the business side of personal training, including marketing yourself as a trainer, getting and retaining clients, and learning time management ; learn how to expand your business." - back cover.

Personal Life

Personal Life Author Carol Smart
ISBN-10 9780745639161
Release 2007-10-22
Pages 220
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Offers a conceptual approach to understanding 'personal life', which realigns empirical research with theoretical analysis. This work emphasises ideas of connectedness, relationality and embeddedness, rejecting many of the assumptions found in theories of individualisation and de-traditionalisation by authors such as Beck and Beck Gernsheim.

American Artifacts of Personal Adornment 1680 1820

American Artifacts of Personal Adornment  1680 1820 Author Carolyn L. White
ISBN-10 0759105898
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 147
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The first comprehensive guide to identifying and interpreting items such as buttons, clasps, buckles, combs, and other items of personal adornment in early American museum collections and archaeological sites.

Personal Identity

Personal Identity Author John Perry
ISBN-10 0520256425
Release 2008
Pages 346
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This volume brings together the vital contributions of distinguished past and contemporary philosophers to the important topic of personal identity. The essays range from John Locke's classic seventeenth-century attempt to analyze personal identity in terms of memory, to twentieth-century defenses and criticisms of the Lockean view by Anthony Quinton, H.P. Grice, Sydney Shoemaker, David Hume, Joseph Butler, Thomas Reid, and Bernard Williams. New to the second edition are Shoemaker's seminal essay "Persons and Their Pasts," selections from the important and previously unpublished Clark-Collins correspondence, and a new paper by Perry discussing Williams.

The Personal Credibility Factor

The Personal Credibility Factor Author Sandy Allgeier
ISBN-10 0132703963
Release 2009-02-09
Pages 192
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You'd trust your life with some people. Others, you wouldn't trust for an instant, even when the stakes are low. Why? What builds the personal credibility that some people simply exude? What do they do differently? This book shows you and helps you build your own personal credibility, the #1 attribute in earning trust and achieving success. Renowned personal coach Sandra K. Allgeier begins with a set of powerful stories that demonstrate what personal credibility really consists of, how it's earned, and how easily it can be destroyed. You'll discover how small daily actions, together with specific communication techniques and decisions, shape others' view of whether you can be trusted. Next, Allgeier illuminates three oft-neglected, crucial secrets of personal credibility. You'll find a hands-on assessment tool designed to help you bring more personal authenticity and transparency to your interactions; as well as practical guidance on suspending judgment and really listening, thereby earning others' trust even if you ultimately choose to disagree. Allgeier concludes with seven specific steps you can take every day to increase your personal credibility, and rebuild credibility you may have already lost. Following her easy-to-understand, easy-to-use guidance, you can live a life that's not just more successful, but happier and more fulfilled, too.

Personal Health Perspectives and Lifestyles

Personal Health  Perspectives and Lifestyles Author Patricia Floyd
ISBN-10 9780495111573
Release 2007-06-25
Pages 572
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Respected instructors and authors Patricia Floyd, Sandra Mimms, and Caroline Yelding present an updated, modern Fourth Edition of Personal Health: Perspectives and Lifestyles that emphasizes the individual’s personal responsibility for wellness by presenting general (core) and current health information to help guide students decision making. The text presents health topics, including cultural, racial, ethnic, and gender diversity issues, identifies risk factors, and gives students useful and sensible suggestions to reduce their risk for preventable diseases and conditions in order to achieve optimal levels of wellness for themselves, friends, and family. Filled with practical advice, stimulating discussion questions and self-assessment exercises, this text takes an applied approach and empowers students to take control of their own health. Concentrated emphasis on health issues as they relate to various cultural differences make this text one of the most up-to date resources for health-related culture, gender, ethnic, and age issues. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Personal Privacy

Personal Privacy Author Vita Cornelius
ISBN-10 159033230X
Release 2002
Pages 81
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The notion of personal privacy has been long present in American society. The Bill of Rights gave constitutional recognition to several privacy aspects, including the first amendment's freedom of expression and association. However, not to be overlooked are prohibitions against quartering troops in private homes, unwarranted searches and seizures, and self-incrimination. Despite significant ambiguity about many of the aspects of personal privacy, Americans have turned increasingly to Congress for safeguarding their liberties. This book presents a select overlook of personal privacy in America, its continual evolution, and its impact on society.

Religion and Personal Law in Secular India

Religion and Personal Law in Secular India Author Gerald James Larson
ISBN-10 0253108683
Release 2001-11-28
Pages 376
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Though a directive principle of the constitution, a uniform civil code of law has never been written or instituted in India. As a result, in matters of personal law -- the segment of law concerning marriage, dowry, divorce, parentage, legitimacy, wills, and inheritance -- individuals of different backgrounds must appeal to their respective religious laws for guidance or rulings. But balancing the claims of religious communities with those of a modern secular state has caused some intractable problems for India as a nation. Religion and Personal Law in Secular India provides a comprehensive look into the issues and challenges that India faces as it tries to put a uniform civil code into practice. Contributors include Granville Austin, Robert D. Baird, Srimati Basu, Kevin Brown, Paul Courtright, Rajeev Dhavan, Marc Galanter, Namita Goswami, Laura Dudley Jenkins, Jayanth Krishnan, Gerald James Larson, John H. Mansfield, Ruma Pal, Kunal M. Parker, William D. Popkin, Lloyd I. Rudolph, Susanne Hoeber Rudolph, Sylvia Vatuk, and Arvind Verma.

Personal Autonomy

Personal Autonomy Author James Stacey Taylor
ISBN-10 1139442716
Release 2005-01-10
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Autonomy has recently become one of the central concepts in contemporary moral philosophy and has generated much debate over its nature and value. This 2005 volume brings together essays that address the theoretical foundations of the concept of autonomy, as well as essays that investigate the relationship between autonomy and moral responsibility, freedom, political philosophy, and medical ethics. Written by some of the most prominent philosophers working in these areas, this book represents research on the nature and value of autonomy that will be essential reading for a broad swathe of philosophers as well as many psychologists.

Relocating the Personal

Relocating the Personal Author Barbara Kamler
ISBN-10 0791448118
Release 2001-02-22
Pages 208
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A rich array of interesting ways to teach personal writing critically and in settings where it has typically been excluded.

The Professional Personal Chef

The Professional Personal Chef Author Candy Wallace
ISBN-10 9780471752196
Release 2008
Pages 210
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"American Personal & Private Chef Association, partners in lifestyle solutions."

Personal Selling

Personal Selling Author M. C. Cant
ISBN-10 0702166367
Release 2005-09-01
Pages 280
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Outlining 10 steps in the personal selling process—from prospecting for new business to closing a deal—this guide explains the art of the sale. The importance of listening to customers, clarifying the difference between selling a product and a service, and emphasizing the importance of business ethics are revealed. Descriptions of the options available to those seeking a career in sales are included, as is an exploration of the impact of the sales profession on the economy, and a reminder that all jobs require some amount of selling.