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MM Personal

MM  Personal Author Lois Banner
ISBN-10 0810995875
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 224
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A look at the life and career of Marilyn Monroe via her archive of artifacts, letters, and documents.

Relocating the Personal

Relocating the Personal Author Barbara Kamler
ISBN-10 0791448118
Release 2001-02-22
Pages 208
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A rich array of interesting ways to teach personal writing critically and in settings where it has typically been excluded.

Life Path

Life Path Author Luci Shaw
ISBN-10 1573833312
Release 2004
Pages 124
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Life has a way of slipping away while we're not looking. And many of us are so numbed by mundane routine that we hardly miss its passing. Keeping a journal can bring it all back . . . * Those timeless moments when the mists part and you catch a glimpse of a loving Father. * Those rare insights where you suddenly see your life from a new perspective. * those welcome moments when the pain subsides and the healing begins. "Life Path will be a delight equally to inveterate journal keepers like me, and to those who've often thought they might like to keep a journal, but haven't known how to go about it." - Madeleine L'Engle Luci Shaw is author of eight volumes of poetry, among them Listen to the Green, Water Lines, and Polishing the Petoskey Stone. Her other books include Water My Soul and God in the Dark: Through Grief and Beyond. Since 1988 she has been adjunct faculty member and Writer in Residence at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It s Personal

It s Personal Author Brian Bloye
ISBN-10 9780310494553
Release 2012-04-23
Pages 200
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Every aspect of planting a church is personal. Like giving birth to a child, church planters give all they have to start new churches. So when people leave the church or criticize it, it’s hard not to take it personally. And while many pastors feel called by God to plant new churches, few are prepared for the inevitable toll it can take on their lives...and their families and friendships. Brian and Amy Bloye know firsthand that planting churches isn’t easy. While planting a church, they learned that God does not promise to make up for mis-guided priorities. In this book they talk about having a healthy marriage, raising children, finding the right bal-ance of family and ministry, dealing with spiritual warfare, staffing and leadership challenges, and dealing with criticism—issues every church leader must deal with. An authentic manual for day -to -day life in ministry, couples will learn to identify and relate to experiences in the book, and will come away feeling empowered and inspired to thrive - not only in planting a church, but also for the long haul of life and ministry. They will also be challenged and encouraged to avoid some of the pitfalls of planting a church and be equipped to build, not just strong, prevailing ministries, but healthy marriages and families. It will also include intimate interviews in each chapter with several church planting couples who will open up their personal lives to give the reader some practical, real, authentic advice on dealing with some of the chal-lenging issues that church planters face everyday.

The Bottom Line Personal Book of Bests

The Bottom Line Personal Book of Bests Author Bottom Line Staff
ISBN-10 0312150695
Release 1997-01-15
Pages 320
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A wide range of advice from the newsletter covers such topics as new cars, self-defense, tax loopholes, pets, health, education, careers, and vacations


Personal Author Lee Child
ISBN-10 9780804178754
Release 2015-04-28
Pages 544
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A follow-up to the best-selling Never Go Back traces the fallout of game-changing events, placing Jack Reacher in a unique environment while pitting him against adversaries whose fates transform in unexpected ways. Reprint.

ACSM s Resources for the Personal Trainer

ACSM s Resources for the Personal Trainer Author American College of Sports Medicine
ISBN-10 9781469826578
Release 2013-03-22
Pages 592
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ACSM’s Resources for the Personal Trainer provides a broad introduction to the field of personal training, covering both basic science topics and practical application. It was originally designed to help people prepare for the ACSM Personal Training Certification Exam. It continues to serve that function, but the market for it has expanded to practitioners in the field looking for an additional resource, as well as in an academic setting where the book is a core text for personal training programs.

Interpreting the Personal

Interpreting the Personal Author Sue Campbell
ISBN-10 0801484081
Release 1997
Pages 204
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?While Campbell?s work is philosophically sophisticated, thanks to her grace, wit, and economy of expression, it also will be accessible to and provide compelling reading for psychologists, therapists, art critics, and actors, among others.?--Elizabeth V. Spelman, Smith College Sue Campbell reinstates the personal as an important dimension in analytic philosophy of mind. She argues that the category of feelings has a unique role in psychological explanation: the expression of feelings is the attempt to communicate personal significance. To develop a model for affective meaning, the author moves attention away from the classic emotions to feelings that are more personal, inchoate, and idiosyncratic. Drawing examples from such sources as Audre Lorde, Miriam Tlali, essayist Rick Bass, and Rostand?s Cyrano de Bergerac, Campbell argues, from a feminist perspective, that what we feel can be individuated through expression to sympathetic interpreters, or it can be distorted and constricted in unsympathetic or oppressive interpretive communities. She examines the complex role of public interpretation in the formation of personal experience, and the political use of such criticisms as bitter, sentimental, and overemotional. Her work makes the political dimension of emotional expression explicit.

The Complete Book of Personal Training

The Complete Book of Personal Training Author Douglas Brooks
ISBN-10 0736000135
Release 2004
Pages 589
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This books is "the most comprephensive and authoritative resource for you as a personal trainer, whether you are a newcomer to the field or have a well-established business. The book is truly a complete resource - it's full of information about working with clients and designing programs, and it's a practical guide to all aspects of the personal training business. .... [It] will help you in all aspects of your profession: learn applicable information on fitness testing and assessment ; identify your clients' goals and create fitness tests specifically for them ; learn how to develop cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training programs ; properly train and help special populations ; understand the business side of personal training, including marketing yourself as a trainer, getting and retaining clients, and learning time management ; learn how to expand your business." - back cover.

A Personal Country

A Personal Country Author A. C. Greene
ISBN-10 1574410539
Release 1998
Pages 348
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This book brings alive what one man feels about his childhood home. The place is West Texas, seen across a long vista in which today’s events and people merge with the author’s boyhood and young manhood. It is a harsh, remote country, where the weather is always very close and the horizon far away. The Brazos country of long-ago Fourth of July fishing expeditions; the grass-grown remains of a way station of the Butterfield Stage Line; the streets of Abilene; the sparse grazing lands under infinite skies—all are made resonant by a native son’s affection and understanding. It is a way of life—resilient and persnickety—that is almost gone. Above all, it is people: the author’s grandmother, who had a mortal fear of bridges and whose premonitions of unnamed calamities (that as often as not happened), both alarmed and pleased the young boy; Uncle Aubrey, “who married late”; the blacksmith they awakened in the dead of night; the familiar neighbors; the rare and deliciously mysterious strangers. With humor and strong, unsentimental feeling, A. C. Greene conserves for us the priceless eccentricities of place and person that are being flattened out—almost literally bulldozed away—by the impatient, insatiable onrush of the twentieth century. His West Texas is a very personal country, but what he seeks to share will be familiar to all who take pleasure in the memories that tie them to their own special region of America.

The Personal President

The Personal President Author Theodore J. Lowi
ISBN-10 0801494265
Release 1986
Pages 221
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Looks at how the office of the presidency has changed, argues that the president has become too central to national politics, and suggests ways to restore the constitutional balance.

A Step By Step Guide to Personal Writing

A Step By Step Guide to Personal Writing Author Lauren Spencer
ISBN-10 1404202161
Release 2004-06
Pages 48
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Explains how to write a report or journal giving personal information about the writer, with text boxes highlighting suggestions for vocabulary, grammar, and organization, and check-lists to help readers examine what they have written.

A Personal Aristocracy

A Personal Aristocracy Author True Blue Indigo
ISBN-10 9781556438660
Release 2010-01
Pages 303
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A book that draws on Renaissance values and philosophy gives those interested in New Thought, consciousness and spiritual growth a fresh perspective on classical values, encouraging them to explore beauty and graciousness. Original.

Personal Trainer s Guide to Program Design

Personal Trainer s Guide to Program Design Author IDEA Health & Fitness
ISBN-10 1887781242
Release 2002-01-01
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Personal Trainer s Guide to Program Design has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Personal Trainer s Guide to Program Design also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Personal Trainer s Guide to Program Design book for free.

An Entire and Complete History Political and Personal of the Boroughs of Great Britain

An Entire and Complete History  Political and Personal  of the Boroughs of Great Britain Author Thomas Hinton Burley Oldfield
ISBN-10 OCLC:1001024037
Release 1792
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An Entire and Complete History Political and Personal of the Boroughs of Great Britain has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from An Entire and Complete History Political and Personal of the Boroughs of Great Britain also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full An Entire and Complete History Political and Personal of the Boroughs of Great Britain book for free.

The Business of Personal Training

The Business of Personal Training Author Scott Roberts
ISBN-10 0873226054
Release 1996
Pages 134
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Whether you are considering a career as a personal trainer or searching for ways to increase revenue and gain new clients for your existing business, you'll find The Business of Personal Training to be an indispensable reference. Written by some of the most successful personal trainers in the country, this book provides the foundation for building your personal training business. The Business of Personal Training discusses not only how to build a solid business but also how to be an effective trainer. After an outline of the history of the profession and the qualifications needed to be a personal trainer, the book explains how to develop a mission statement and business plan, create strategic and creative marketing plans, establish prices for services, hire and train staff members, improve client-trainer communication, motivate clients and help them set goals, and design appropriate exercise programs. Nineteen sample forms make it easy for you to put the ideas presented into practice. Learn from veteran personal trainers what it takes to succeed. The practical advice provided in The Business of Personal Training is valuable for new and established trainers as well as for health and fitness administrators who supervise personal trainers.

The Personal Credibility Factor

The Personal Credibility Factor Author Sandy Allgeier
ISBN-10 0132703963
Release 2009-02-09
Pages 192
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You'd trust your life with some people. Others, you wouldn't trust for an instant, even when the stakes are low. Why? What builds the personal credibility that some people simply exude? What do they do differently? This book shows you and helps you build your own personal credibility, the #1 attribute in earning trust and achieving success. Renowned personal coach Sandra K. Allgeier begins with a set of powerful stories that demonstrate what personal credibility really consists of, how it's earned, and how easily it can be destroyed. You'll discover how small daily actions, together with specific communication techniques and decisions, shape others' view of whether you can be trusted. Next, Allgeier illuminates three oft-neglected, crucial secrets of personal credibility. You'll find a hands-on assessment tool designed to help you bring more personal authenticity and transparency to your interactions; as well as practical guidance on suspending judgment and really listening, thereby earning others' trust even if you ultimately choose to disagree. Allgeier concludes with seven specific steps you can take every day to increase your personal credibility, and rebuild credibility you may have already lost. Following her easy-to-understand, easy-to-use guidance, you can live a life that's not just more successful, but happier and more fulfilled, too.