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Philip II

Philip II Author Geoffrey Woodward
ISBN-10 9781317897743
Release 2013-11-14
Pages 144
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Any assessment of Philip II's rule assumes the appearance of a paradox. In analysing the nature and impact of Philip II's rule and government, the author seeks to examine the extent of the changes in royal finance, the economic and social issues, the impact of religion -- both within Spain and throughout its Empire -- and the aims and motives behind the king's foreign policy.

The Society of Jesus in Ireland Scotland and England 1541 1588

The Society of Jesus in Ireland  Scotland  and England 1541 1588 Author Thomas M. McCoog
ISBN-10 9004104828
Release 1996
Pages 316
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Through a thorough investigation of Jesuit involvement in Ireland, Scotland, and England from 1541 to 1588, this study illuminates how the Society of Jesus grew from small beginnings to the Counter-Reformation order "par excellence."

The Dutch Revolt 1559 1648

The Dutch Revolt 1559   1648 Author P. Limm
ISBN-10 9781317880585
Release 2014-05-12
Pages 152
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The Dutch Revolt 1559-1648 begins by illustrating the historical background and causes of the revolt. This is followed by chronological sections devoted to each phase of the revolt and an assesment section that takes a more thematic approach, looking at the military, economic, political and constitutional issues.

Philip II

Philip II Author Geoffrey Parker
ISBN-10 UOM:39015026925506
Release 1995
Pages 240
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This biography of Philip II of Spain uses his personal papers to paint an intimate portrait of the individual who played an important part in shaping the modern world. The book describes Philip's inability to trust anyone, his obsessions with religion and magic, his family relations and more.

The Reign of Charles V

The Reign of Charles V Author William S. Maltby
ISBN-10 9781137159540
Release 2002-03-25
Pages 176
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Why should we remember the reign of Charles V? What happened in those years that altered the course of history and helped to shape the world we live in today? Few ages have been more important to the history of Europe and America than the reign of Charles V. Charles ruled the first truly global empire, his sovereignty extending beyond Spain to the Netherlands, much of Italy, the Americas, and the Holy Roman Empire. His life saw the waning of the Renaissance, the religious transformation of Europe by the Protestant and Catholic Reformations, and the emergence of Spain as a leading international power. At the same time, the conquests of Mexico and Peru, the establishment of a Habsburh empirein eastern Europe, and a series of wars with France, the Ottoman Empire and the German Protestants transformed European politics and the global economy. William Maltby's engaging new study not only looks at Charles V as a person, but also examines important critical issues: the emperor's policies and their consequences; the institional, economic and intellectual development of his various realms; and his military and diplomatic struggles. Concise and readable, it provides students and the general reader with an indispensable introduction to a reign that defies historical comparison, and an era that changed the world.

England and Europe 1485 1603

England and Europe 1485 1603 Author Susan Doran
ISBN-10 9781317888109
Release 2013-12-16
Pages 152
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This Seminar Study introduces students to England's foreign policy during the reigns of the Tudor monarchs. In this succinct introduction the author addresses the key questions facing students - for example, to what extent did monarch or minister make policy. Each reign is analysed in turn providing a narrative and explanation of the major events and policy decisions throughout the Tudor period.

AQA A level History The Tudors England 1485 1603

AQA A level History  The Tudors  England 1485 1603 Author David Ferriby
ISBN-10 9781471837500
Release 2015-07-31
Pages 264
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AQA approved Enhance and expand your students' knowledge and understanding of their AQA breadth study through expert narrative, progressive skills development and bespoke essays from leading historians on key debates. - Builds students' understanding of the events and issues of the period with authoritative, well-researched narrative that covers the specification content - Introduces the key concepts of change, continuity, cause and consequence, encouraging students to make comparisons across time as they advance through the course - Improves students' skills in tackling interpretation questions and essay writing by providing clear guidance and practice activities - Boosts students' interpretative skills and interest in history through extended reading opportunities consisting of specially commissioned essays from practising historians on relevant debates - Cements understanding of the broad issues underpinning the period with overviews of the key questions, end-of-chapter summaries and diagrams that double up as handy revision aids The Tudors: England 1485-1603 A revised edition of Access to History: An Introduction to Tudor England 1485-1603, this title explores the consolidation of the Tudor Dynasty under Henry VII and Henry VIII, the years of instability and religious turmoil in the mid-Tudor period and the period of relative stability during Elizabeth I's reign. It considers breadth issues of change, continuity, cause and consequence in this period through examining key questions on themes such as power, religion, opposition, relations with foreign powers and the impact of key individuals.

Philip of Spain

Philip of Spain Author Henry Kamen
ISBN-10 0300078005
Release 1999-02-08
Pages 384
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Reassesses King Philip II's reputation as narrow-minded tyrant, describes the major events of his reign, and presents a more rounded depiction of his personality

The Course of French History

The Course of French History Author Pierre Goubert
ISBN-10 9781134919284
Release 2002-09-11
Pages 336
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This stimulating one-volume history traces the social and economic evolution of France as a nation from the founding of the monarchy in 987, to the present day. Against a background of structural change, Goubert etches a vivid account of key events and personalities. His perspective is a popular one, and his main interest is in how political events and famous people affect the nation as a whole. The book incorporates the findings and perspectives of recent monographic studies with clarity and precision, but it is Goubert's own judgements, direct, forceful and iconoclastic, which make this an invaluable text.

A AS Level History for AQA Spain in the Age of Discovery 1469 1598 Student Book

A AS Level History for AQA Spain in the Age of Discovery  1469   1598 Student Book Author
ISBN-10 9781107587281
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A AS Level History for AQA Spain in the Age of Discovery 1469 1598 Student Book has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A AS Level History for AQA Spain in the Age of Discovery 1469 1598 Student Book also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A AS Level History for AQA Spain in the Age of Discovery 1469 1598 Student Book book for free.

Philip II

Philip II Author Sheila Randall
ISBN-10 0007173253
Release 2004
Pages 64
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An accessible biography for A-level history students that concentrates on the issues which come up regularly in the AS and A2 exams. Topics include: why historians differ; whether Philip's government was a dictatorship; and an evaluation of his foreign policy.

Atlantic History

Atlantic History Author Philip D. Morgan
ISBN-10 9780195320336
Release 2009
Pages 371
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This title offers an incisive look at how interpretations of the Atlantic world have changed over time and from a variety of national perspectives. This volume discusses key areas of the Atlantic world, including the British, Dutch, French, Iberian, and African Atlantic, as well as the movement of ideas, peoples, and goods.

On Grand Strategy

On Grand Strategy Author John Lewis Gaddis
ISBN-10 9780525557296
Release 2018-04-03
Pages 384
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A master class in strategic thinking, distilled from the legendary program the author has co-taught at Yale for decades For almost two decades, Yale students have competed for admission each year to the "Studies in Grand Strategy" seminar taught by John Lewis Gaddis, Paul Kennedy, and Charles Hill. Its purpose has been to prepare future leaders for responsibilities they will face, through lessons drawn from history and the classics. Now Gaddis has distilled that teaching into a succinct, sharp and potentially transformational book, surveying statecraft from the ancient Greeks to Franklin D. Roosevelt and beyond. An unforgettable guide to the art of leadership, On Grand Strategy is, in every way, its own master class.

Britain Before the Reform Act

Britain Before the Reform Act Author Eric J. Evans
ISBN-10 0582002656
Release 1989
Pages 138
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This book explains how Britain survived during the period between the end of the Napoleonic Wars and the First Reform Act. It looks at important social and political developments, including the effects of the Industrial Revolution and incorporates supporti

Britain under Thatcher

Britain under Thatcher Author Anthony Seldon
ISBN-10 9781317882916
Release 2014-01-14
Pages 160
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This concise, accessible, and balanced historical analysis of the Thatcher years and their consequences analyzes many controversial aspects of Margaret Thatcher's premiership, including the Falklands War, the miner's strike, bitter relations with Europe and the ill-fated poll tax. Books in this Seminar Studies in History series bridge the gap between textbook and specialist survey and consists of a brief "Introduction" and/or "Background" to the subject followed by a substantial and authoritative section of "Analysis" focusing on the main themes and issues. There is a succinct "Assessment" of the subject, a generous selection of "Documents" and a detailed bibliography.

The Third Reich

The Third Reich Author David G. Williamson
ISBN-10 9781317862451
Release 2013-11-04
Pages 264
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Since publication of the first edition in 1982, David Williamson's The Third Reich has become established as one of the most successful books in the Seminar Studies in History series. The author draws on up-to-date scholarship to guide students through the maze of historical controversies concerning the Third Reich and to offer a comprehensive analysis of the key issues of the period. In a clear and accessible manner, the new edition provides chapters that: introduce readers to the historiography of the Third Reich analyse the reasons for Hitler's rise to power look at how the Nazi regime consolidated it's grip on power during the period March 1933- August 1934 explain how Nazi Germany was governed and discuss to what extent Hitler can be viewed as a 'weak dictator' analyse Hitler's economic, foreign and social policies in both war and peace up to 1945, as well as the development of Nazi racial and eugenic policies. The analysis of these themes is backed up with an increased selection of documents, which enable students to discuss the key issues more fully. Providing a concise but comprehensive account of the origins, course and downfall of the Third Reich, this new edition of an already classic text will be an invaluable introduction to the subject for students.


Crusades Author Benjamin Z. Kedar
ISBN-10 9781351389044
Release 2017-10-23
Pages 272
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Crusades covers seven hundred years from the First Crusade (1095-1102) to the fall of Malta (1798) and draws together scholars working on theatres of war, their home fronts and settlements from the Baltic to Africa and from Spain to the Near East and on theology, law, literature, art, numismatics and economic, social, political and military history. Routledge publishes this journal for The Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East. Particular attention is given to the publication of historical sources in all relevant languages - narrative, homiletic and documentary - in trustworthy editions, but studies and interpretative essays are welcomed too. Crusades also incorporates the Society's Bulletin.