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Piezoelectric Accelerometers with Integral Electronics

Piezoelectric Accelerometers with Integral Electronics Author Felix Levinzon
ISBN-10 9783319080789
Release 2014-08-06
Pages 169
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This book provides an invaluable reference to Piezoelectric Accelerometers with Integral Electronics (IEPE). It describes the design and performance parameters of IEPE accelerometers and their key elements, PE transducers and FET-input amplifiers. Coverage includes recently designed, low-noise and high temperature IEPE accelerometers. Readers will benefit from the detailed noise analysis of the IEPE accelerometer, which enables estimation of its noise floor and noise limits. Other topics useful for designers of low-noise, high temperature silicon-based electronics include noise analysis of FET amplifiers, experimental investigation and comparison of low-frequency noise in different JFETs and MOSFETs, and ultra-low-noise JFETs (at level of 0.6 nV/√Hz). The discussion also includes ultra-low-noise (at level of 3 ng/√Hz) seismic IEPE accelerometers and high temperature (up to 175 ̊C) triaxial and single axis miniature IEPE accelerometers, along with key factors for their design. • Provides a comprehensive reference to the design and performance of IEPE accelerometers, including low-noise and high temperature IEPE sensors; • Includes noise analysis of the IEPE accelerometer, which enables estimation of the its noise floor and noise limits; • Describes recently design of ultra-low-noise (at level of 3 ng/√Hz) IEPE seismic accelerometers and high temperature (up to 175 ̊C) triaxial and single axis miniature IEPE accelerometers; • Compares low-frequency noise in different JFETs and MOSFETs including measurement results of ultra-low-noise (at level of 0.6 nV/√Hz) JFET; • Presents key factors for design of low-noise and high temperature IEPE accelerometer and their electronics.

Smart Sensors and MEMS

Smart Sensors and MEMS Author Sergey Y. Yurish
ISBN-10 9781402029295
Release 2007-11-12
Pages 480
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The book Smart Sensors and MEMS provides an unique collection of contributions on latest achievements in sensors area and technologies that have made by eleven internationally recognized leading experts from Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Israel, Portugal, Switzerland, Ukraine and USA during the NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) in Povoa de Varzim, Portugal, from 8 to 19 September 2003. The aims of this volume are to disseminate wider and in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge about smart sensors and its applications, to create a clear consciousness about the effectiveness of MEMS technologies, advanced signal processing and conversion methods, to stimulate the theoretical and applied research in these areas, and promote the practical using of these techniques in the industry. With that in mind, a broad range of physical, chemical and biosensors design principles, technologies and applications were included in the book. It is a first attempt to describe in the same book different physical, chemical, biological sensors and MEMS technologies suitable for smart sensors creation. The book presents the state-of-the-art and gives an excellent opportunity to provide a systematic, in-depth treatment of the new and rapidly developing field of smart sensors and MEMS. The volume is an excellent guide for practicing engineers, researchers and students interested in this crucial aspect of actual smart sensor design.

Van Nostrand s Scientific Encyclopedia

Van Nostrand   s Scientific Encyclopedia Author Douglas M. Considine
ISBN-10 9781475769180
Release 2013-12-11
Pages 3524
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Advancements in science and engineering have occurred at a surprisingly rapid pace since the release of the seventh edition of this encyclopedia. Large portions of the reference have required comprehensive rewriting and new illustrations. Scores of new topics have been included to create this thoroughly updated eighth edition. The appearance of this new edition in 1994 marks the continuation of a tradition commenced well over a half-century ago in 1938 Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia, First Edition, was published and welcomed by educators worldwide at a time when what we know today as modern science was just getting underway. The early encyclopedia was well received by students and educators alike during a critical time span when science became established as a major factor in shaping the progress and economy of individual nations and at the global level. A vital need existed for a permanent science reference that could be updated periodically and made conveniently available to audiences that numbered in the millions. The pioneering VNSE met these criteria and continues today as a reliable technical information source for making private and public decisions that present a backdrop of technical alternatives.

Piezoelectric Sensorics

Piezoelectric Sensorics Author Gustav Gautschi
ISBN-10 9783662047323
Release 2013-06-29
Pages 264
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For the first time, this book covers the entire field of piezoelectric sensors for mechanical measurands. It gives extensive practical advice along with an overview of the most important piezoelectric materials and their properties, plus consistent terminology for describing sensors.

Electronics from the Ground Up Learn by Hacking Designing and Inventing

Electronics from the Ground Up  Learn by Hacking  Designing  and Inventing Author Ronald Quan
ISBN-10 9780071837293
Release 2014-11-05
Pages 544
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Discover the inner-workings of electronics through innovative hands-on experiments Are you fascinated by the power of even the smallest electronic device? Electronics from the Ground Up guides you through step-by-step experiments that reveal how electronic circuits function so you can advance your skills and design custom circuits. You’ll work with a range of circuits and signals related to optical emitters and receivers, audio, oscillators, and video. This practical resource explains components, construction techniques, basic test equipment, circuit analysis, and troubleshooting. Photographs, schematics, equations, and graphs are included throughout. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to hack and modify existing circuits to create your own unique designs. Do-it-yourself experiments cover: Batteries, lamps, and flashlights Light emitters and receivers Diodes, rectifiers, and associated circuits Transistors, FETs, and vacuum tubes Amplifiers and feedback Audio signals and circuits Oscillators AM and FM signals and circuits Video basics, including video signals Video circuits and systems “Excellent... Nothing can replace hands-on experience and Quan immerses the hobbyist/designer right into the fray up to their elbows.”—EDN Magazine

Shock and Vibration Handbook

Shock and Vibration Handbook Author Cyril M. Harris
ISBN-10 UOM:39015048321825
Release 1996
Pages 1000
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A revision of a reference work on shock and vibration. This edition covers shock and vibration fundamentals, instrumentation and measurements, and data analysis and testing.

Handbook of Modern Sensors

Handbook of Modern Sensors Author Jacob Fraden
ISBN-10 9783319193038
Release 2015-10-15
Pages 758
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This book presents a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the theory (physical principles), design, and practical implementations of various sensors for scientific, industrial and consumer applications. This latest edition focuses on the sensing technologies driven by the expanding use of sensors in mobile devices. These new miniature sensors will be described, with an emphasis on smart sensors which have embedded processing systems. The chapter on chemical sensors has also been expanded to present the latest developments. Digital systems, however complex and intelligent they may be, must receive information from the outside world that is generally analog and not electrical. Sensors are interface devices between various physical values and the electronic circuits that "understand" only a language of moving electrical charges. In other words, sensors are the eyes, ears, and noses of silicon chips. Unlike other books on sensors, the Handbook of Modern Sensors is organized according to the measured variables (temperature, pressure, position, etc.). This book is a reference text for students, researchers interested in modern instrumentation (applied physicists and engineers), sensor designers, application engineers and technicians whose job it is to understand, select and/or design sensors for practical systems.

Micro Mechanical Transducers

Micro Mechanical Transducers Author Min-hang Bao
ISBN-10 0080524036
Release 2000-10-16
Pages 392
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Some years ago, silicon-based mechanical sensors, like pressure sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes, started their successful advance. Every year, hundreds of millions of these devices are sold, mainly for medical and automotive applications. The airbag sensor on which research already started several decades ago at Stanford University can be found in every new car and has saved already numerous lives. Pressure sensors are also used in modern electronic blood pressure equipment. Many other mechanical sensors, mostly invisible to the public, perform useful functions in countless industrial and consumer products. The underlying physics and technology of silicon-based mechanical sensors is rather complex and is treated in numerous publications scattered throughout the literature. Therefore, a clear need existed for a handbook that thoroughly and systematically reviews the present basic knowledge on these devices. After a short introduction, Professor Bao discusses the main issues relevant to silicon-based mechanical sensors. First a thorough treatment of stress and strain in diaphragms and beams is presented. Next, vibration of mechanical structures is illuminated, followed by a chapter on air damping. These basic chapters are then succeeded by chapters in which capacitive and piezoresistive sensing techniques are amply discussed. The book concludes with chapters on commercially available pressure sensors, accelerometers and resonant sensors in which the above principles are applied. Everybody, involved in designing silicon-based mechanical sensors, will find a wealth of useful information in the book, assisting the designer in obtaining highly optimized devices.


CMOS MEMS Author Henry Baltes
ISBN-10 9783527675067
Release 2013-03-26
Pages 608
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This edition of 'CMOS-MEMS' was originally published in the successful series 'Advanced Micro & Nanosystems'. Here, the combination of the globally established, billion dollar chip mass fabrication technology CMOS with the fascinating and commercially promising new world of MEMS is covered from all angles. The book introduces readers to this fi eld and takes them from fabrication technologies and material charaterization aspects to the actual applications of CMOS-MEMS - a wide range of miniaturized physical, chemical and biological sensors and RF systems. Vital knowledge on circuit and system integration issues concludes this in-depth treatise, illustrating the advantages of combining CMOS and MEMS in the first place, rather than having a hybrid solution.

Piezoelectric Based Vibration Control

Piezoelectric Based Vibration Control Author Nader Jalili
ISBN-10 1441900705
Release 2009-11-25
Pages 517
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“Piezoelectric-Based Vibration-control Systems: Applications in Micro/Nano Sensors and Actuators” covers: Fundamental concepts in smart (active) materials including piezoelectric and piezoceramics, magnetostrictive, shape-memory materials, and electro/magneto-rheological fluids; Physical principles and constitutive models of piezoelectric materials; Piezoelectric sensors and actuators; Fundamental concepts in mechanical vibration analysis and control with emphasis on distributed-parameters and vibration-control systems; and Recent advances in piezoelectric-based microelectromechanical and nanoelectromechanical systems design and implementation.

Process Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook 5th Edition

Process Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook  5th Edition Author Gregory K. McMillan
ISBN-10 0070125821
Release 1999-10-01
Pages 1200
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The latest methods for increasing process efficiency, production rate, and quality. Award-winning editor Greg McMillan has loaded Process/Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook, Fifth Edition, with advice from top technical experts to help you tackle process instrument and control assignments confidently and solve problems efficiently. This major revision of the bestselling on-the-job toolkit includes time-saving tables,selection ratings, key points, rules of thumb and hundreds of topic-defining illustrations. Updated to mirror the most common industry practices, it brings you up to speed on smart instrumentation and the latest advances sparked by increased power and miniaturization of the microprocessor. Thorough coverage of the Windows NT platform and Fieldbus... distributed control systems and field-based systems...knowledge-based operator training...instrument maintenance cost reduction and an overview of the ISA/IEC Fieldbus Standard help you get the most out of these major shifts in technology.

Localization in Wireless Networks

Localization in Wireless Networks Author Jessica Feng Sanford
ISBN-10 9781461418399
Release 2012-05-03
Pages 200
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In a computational tour-de-force, this volume wipes away a host of problems related to location discovery in wireless ad-hoc sensor networks. WASNs have recognized potential in many applications that are location-dependent, yet are heavily constrained by factors such as cost and energy consumption. Their “ad-hoc” nature, with direct rather than mediated connections between a network of wireless devices, adds another layer of difficulty. Basing this work entirely on data-driven, coordinated algorithms, the author’s aim is to present location discovery techniques that are highly accurate—and which fit user criteria. The research deploys nonparametric statistical methods and relies on the concept of joint probability to construct error (including location error) models and environmental field models. It also addresses system issues such as the broadcast and scheduling of the beacon. Reporting an impressive accuracy gain of almost 17 percent, and organized in a clear, sequential manner, this book represents a stride forward in wireless localization.

Sensor Technology Handbook

Sensor Technology Handbook Author Jon S. Wilson
ISBN-10 9780750677295
Release 2005
Pages 691
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Without sensors most electronic applications would not exist they perform a vital function, namely providing an interface to the real world. The importance of sensors, however, contrasts with the limited information available on them. Today's smart sensors, wireless sensors, and microtechnologies are revolutionizing sensor design and applications. This volume is an up-to-date and comprehensive sensor reference guide to be used by engineers and scientists in industry, research, and academia to help with their sensor selection and system design. It is filled with hard-to-find information, contributed by noted engineers and companies working in the field today. The book will offer guidance on selecting, specifying, and using the optimum sensor for any given application. The editor-in-chief, Jon Wilson, has years of experience in the sensor industry and leads workshops and seminars on sensor-related topics. In addition to background information on sensor technology, measurement, and data acquisition, the handbook provides detailed information on each type of sensor technology, covering: technology fundamentals sensor types, w/ advantages/disadvantages manufacturers selecting and specifying sensors applicable standards (w/ urls of related web sites) interfacing information, with hardware and software info design techniques and tips, with design examples latest and future developments The handbook also contains information on the latest MEMS and nanotechnology sensor applications. In addition, a CD-ROM will accompany the volume containing a fully searchable pdf version of the text, along with various design tools and useful software. *the only comprehensive book on sensors available! *jam-packed with over 800 pages of techniques and tips, detailed design examples, standards, hardware and software interfacing information, and manufacturer pros/cons to help make the best sensor selection for any design *covers sensors from A to Z- from basic technological fundamentals, to cutting-edge info. on the latest MEMS and the hottest nanotechnology applications

Harris Shock and Vibration Handbook

Harris  Shock and Vibration Handbook Author Allan Piersol
ISBN-10 9780071633437
Release 2009-10-01
Pages 1168
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The classic reference on shock and vibration, fully updated with the latest advances in the field Written by a team of internationally recognized experts, this comprehensive resource provides all the information you need to design, analyze, install, and maintain systems subject to mechanical shock and vibration. The book covers theory, instrumentation, measurement, testing, control methodologies, and practical applications. Harris' Shock and Vibration Handbook, Sixth Edition, has been extensively revised to include innovative techniques and technologies, such as the use of waveform replication, wavelets, and temporal moments. Learn how to successfully apply theory to solve frequently encountered problems. This definitive guide is essential for mechanical, aeronautical, acoustical, civil, electrical, and transportation engineers. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MECHANICAL SHOCK AND VIBRATION, INCLUDING Fundamental theory Instrumentation and measurements Procedures for analyzing and testing systems subject to shock and vibration Ground-motion, fluid-flow, wind-. and sound-induced vibration Methods for controlling shock and vibration Equipment design The effects of shock and vibration on humans

Wideband Continuous time ADCs Automotive Electronics and Power Management

Wideband Continuous time      ADCs  Automotive Electronics  and Power Management Author Andrea Baschirotto
ISBN-10 9783319416700
Release 2016-08-12
Pages 352
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This book is based on the 18 tutorials presented during the 25th workshop on Advances in Analog Circuit Design. Expert designers present readers with information about a variety of topics at the frontier of analog circuit design, including low-power and energy-efficient analog electronics, with specific contributions focusing on the design of continuous-time sigma-delta modulators, automotive electronics, and power management. This book serves as a valuable reference to the state-of-the-art, for anyone involved in analog circuit research and development.

Understanding Smart Sensors

Understanding Smart Sensors Author Randy Frank
ISBN-10 9781608075072
Release 2013
Pages 367
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Now in its third edition, Understanding Smart Sensors is the most complete, up-to-date, and authoritative summary of the latest applications and developments impacting smart sensors in a single volume. This thoroughly expanded and revised edition of an Artech bestseller contains a wealth of new material, including critical coverage of sensor fusion and energy harvesting, the latest details on wireless technology, and greater emphasis on applications through the book. Utilizing the latest in smart sensor, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and microelectronic research and development, Engineers get the technical and practical information they need keep their designs and products on the cutting edge. Providing an extensive variety of information for both technical and non-technical professionals, this easy-to-understand, time-saving book covers current and emergent technologies, as well as their practical implementation. This comprehensive resource also includes an extensive list of smart sensor acronyms and a glossary of key terms.

Dynamics of Parallel Robots

Dynamics of Parallel Robots Author Sébastien Briot
ISBN-10 9783319197883
Release 2015-06-22
Pages 350
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This book starts with a short recapitulation on basic concepts, common to any types of robots (serial, tree structure, parallel, etc.), that are also necessary for computation of the dynamic models of parallel robots. Then, as dynamics requires the use of geometry and kinematics, the general equations of geometric and kinematic models of parallel robots are given. After, it is explained that parallel robot dynamic models can be obtained by decomposing the real robot into two virtual systems: a tree-structure robot (equivalent to the robot legs for which all joints would be actuated) plus a free body corresponding to the platform. Thus, the dynamics of rigid tree-structure robots is analyzed and algorithms to obtain their dynamic models in the most compact form are given. The dynamic model of the real rigid parallel robot is obtained by closing the loops through the use of the Lagrange multipliers. The problem of the dynamic model degeneracy near singularities is treated and optimal trajectory planning for crossing singularities is proposed. Lastly, the approach is extended to flexible parallel robots and the algorithms for computing their symbolic model in the most compact form are given. All theoretical developments are validated through experiments.