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Pigs Poultry and Poo

Pigs  Poultry and Poo Author Jason Gibbs
ISBN-10 9781847974587
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 200
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Pigs, Poultry and Poo is the story of two people who change their lives and discover a whole new world. Their first step is a move from living and working in the city to rural life and a two-hour commute. Over the five years recounted in the book they mature from feckless beginners to hardened country folk, shedding only the occasional tear when an animal dies. Their animal adventures start with a cat, before they move on to goats, and then chickens. Slowly building confidence they haphazardly add cows, pigs, alpacas, geese and ducks to their smallholding, before reaching a limit. On their journey they discover that cats like to sleep, that goats are poor predictors of the weather and that there is a serious possibility that a cow could jump over the moon. They pick up new skills, such as fencing, which they get to practise again and again as various animals helpfully demonstrate where they have gone wrong. There is occasionally the semblance of a plan, but often events overtake the couple and they have to learn to be resilient in the face of adversity. The animals have plenty of character, from the nervous goat and the grumpy cow to the randy pig. Looking after animals is often not easy, but at least for one newly countrified pair, it's deeply satisfying.


Pigs Author Neville Beynon
ISBN-10 9781847977533
Release 2014-06-30
Pages 240
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Pigs - A guide to Management - Second Edition provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of pig-keeping: how pigs have developed, the influence of the market on the breeds and pig-keeping systems, nutrition, the pig and its environment, reproduction, piglet birth, survival, growth and development, and the important place of artificial insemination in both modern commercial production and maintaining our rare breeds. The welfare, care and managemet of the pig through to its sale as a finished pig, along with that of the breeding sow, gilt, boar, is a central theme. Covers all aspects of pig husbandry and provides a comprehensive guide to developing pig management skills and illustrates the range of pedigree and commercial pig breeds and how they are influenced by the market. Fully illustrated with over 120 colour photographs including the current BPA-registered pig breeds.

Plant Protection Volume 2

Plant Protection Volume 2 Author Ruth MacNeil Kerruish
ISBN-10 1875907017
Release 2001
Pages 520
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This book is a guide to an understanding of the methods of disease, pest and weed control with each method being described.

One Woman Farm

One Woman Farm Author Jenna Woginrich
ISBN-10 9781603427180
Release 2013
Pages 207
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A popular blogger and homesteader shares the joys, sorrows, trials, tribulations and blessings she experienced during a year spent farming on her own land, during which she found deep fulfillment in the practical tasks and timeless rituals of agricultural life.

Cold Antler Farm

Cold Antler Farm Author Jenna Woginrich
ISBN-10 9780834829671
Release 2014-06-10
Pages 192
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Jenna Woginrich is well loved for her essays on all that accompanies the life of a true homesteader: the mud and mess, the beautiful and tragic, the grime and passion. In Cold Antler Farm, she draws our attention to the timekeeper of such a lifestyle: the ancient agricultural year, filled with celebrations and seasonal touchstones that mark turning points in the cycles of life. Amidst these new-old holidays, we learn the stories of her beloved animals and crops. May apple blossoms become sweet fruit for rambunctious sheep in June. Come September, the apple harvest draws together neighbors for cider making under the waning summer sun. These living beings fuel one another—and the community—day to day, season by season. If we examine what living seasonally truly means, the agrarian calendar becomes a source of wisdom. How do we set down roots and break new ground in spring? How can we best nourish body and soul in the heat of deep summer? And what can we learn by simply paying more attention to the weather? Cold Antler Farm encourages us to eat and live well with respect for the natural rhythms of the year. In turn we learn what it means to be truly connected.

A Crime So Monstrous

A Crime So Monstrous Author E. Benjamin Skinner
ISBN-10 9780743290081
Release 2009-03-24
Pages 330
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An exposâe of the modern slave trade in more than a dozen countries worldwide describes the illicit brothels, slave quarries, and child markets of the world's human trafficking networks, while also documenting the current state of abolitionist efforts.

African Urban Harvest

African Urban Harvest Author Gordon Prain
ISBN-10 9781441962492
Release 2010-09-17
Pages 300
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This book seeks to answer the question of how much urban agriculture helps feed and support people living in towns and cities with evidence and proposals based on studies in Eastern and Central Africa.

How to Be Idle

How to Be Idle Author Tom Hodgkinson
ISBN-10 9780062313416
Release 2013-07-30
Pages 304
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From the founding editor of The Idler, the celebrated magazine about the freedom and fine art of doing nothing, comes not simply a book, but an antidote to our work-obsessed culture. In How to Be Idle, Tom Hodgkinson presents his learned yet whimsical argument for a new universal standard of living: being happy doing nothing. He covers a whole spectrum of issues affecting the modern idler—sleep, work, pleasure, relationships—while reflecting on the writing of such famous apologists for it as Oscar Wilde, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Nietzsche—all of whom have admitted to doing their very best work in bed.


Agropolis Author Luc J. A. Mougeot
ISBN-10 9781552501863
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 305
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?A rare achievement, one of the first books to link technological and behavioural change to the sustainability agenda?Charles Landry, author of The Creative City?Any course interested in sustainable development in practice would benefit from the case studies here?Dr Adrian Smith, SPRU Science and Technology Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, UKTwo disjointed voices can be identified in the prevailing sustainability discourse: one technology-focused, the other favouring behavioural solutions. This new, practical text bridges the gap in a 'co-evolutionary' framework, enabling more sustainable policies and projects to be developed.Arguing that technical and social realms are much more connected than most people concerned with sustainability tend to admit, the author has developed an innovative and integrated strategy that encourages planners, architects and politicians to work with end-users in 'co-designing' technologies and infrastructures that make socially desired behaviours more attractive. Having explained the nature of the problem, the author outlines key concepts and shared characteristics of co-evolutionary projects and anticipates possible criticisms. Through detailed analysis and diverse case studies, the reader is presented with a clear picture of a more holistic approach to planning sustainable cities and regions, which will be invaluable for students and professionals alike.This will be an invaluable textbook and planning tool suitable for students of science and technology studies (STS), regional policy and planning, and practitioners including city and regional planners, policy makers and consultants.

The Interpretation of Cultures

The Interpretation of Cultures Author Clifford Geertz
ISBN-10 9780465093564
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 576
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In The Interpretation of Cultures, the most original anthropologist of his generation moved far beyond the traditional confines of his discipline to develop an important new concept of culture. This groundbreaking book, winner of the 1974 Sorokin Award of the American Sociological Association, helped define for an entire generation of anthropologists what their field is ultimately about.

The Vegetarian s Guide to Eating Meat

The Vegetarian s Guide to Eating Meat Author Marissa Landrigan
ISBN-10 9781771642750
Release 2017-04-29
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Growing up in a household of food-loving Italian-Americans, Marissa Landrigan was always a black sheep—she barely knew how to boil water for pasta. But at college, she thought she’d found her purpose. Buoyed by animal rights activism and a feminist urge to avoid the kitchen, she transformed into a hardcore vegan activist, complete with shaved head. But Landrigan still hadn’t found her place in the world. Striving to develop her career and maintain a relationship, she criss-crossed the U.S. Along the way, she discovered that eating ethically was far from simple—and cutting out meat was no longer enough. As she got closer to the source of her food, eventually even visiting a slaughterhouse and hunting elk, Landrigan realized that the most ethical way of eating was to know her food and prepare it herself, on her own terms, to eat with family and friends. Part memoir and part investigative journalism, The Vegetarian’s Guide to Eating Meat is as much a search for identity as it is a fascinating treatise on food.

Six legged Livestock

Six legged Livestock Author Yupa Hanboonsong
ISBN-10 9251075786
Release 2013
Pages 57
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Six legged Livestock has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Six legged Livestock also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Six legged Livestock book for free.

Cities Farming for the Future

Cities Farming for the Future Author René van Veenhuizen
ISBN-10 9781552502167
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 473
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Cities Farming for the Future has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cities Farming for the Future also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cities Farming for the Future book for free.

Modern Pig Production Technology

Modern Pig Production Technology Author John Gadd
ISBN-10 9781907284472
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 600
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The important management techniques of the most successful pig producers today are made available in this textbook through the practical advice of an award-winning pig consultant. The book describes and analyzes likely future developments and how they might fit into the economic scene—incorporating a unique econometric (cost-effective) interpretation in addition to research and field trial performance results. The groundbreaking “Business Management” section is based on the experience of advising on some 3,500 pig farms across 32 countries and is just one of the many in-depth features of this essential guide.

Restoration Agriculture

Restoration Agriculture Author Mark Shepard
ISBN-10 1601730357
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 329
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Restoration Agriculture has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Restoration Agriculture also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Restoration Agriculture book for free.

Style and Intersubjectivity in Youth Interaction

Style and Intersubjectivity in Youth Interaction Author Dwi Noverini Djenar
ISBN-10 9781614516439
Release 2018-02-19
Pages 274
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This book examines how style and intersubjective meanings emerge through language use. It is innovative in theoretical scope and empirical focus. It brings together insights from discourse-functional linguistics, stylistics, and conversation analysis to understand how language resources are used to enact stances in intersubjective space. While there are numerous studies devoted to youth language, the focus has been mainly on face-to-face interaction. Other types of youth interaction, particularly in mediated forms, have received little attention. This book draws on data from four different text types - conversation, e-forums, comics, and teen fiction - to highlight the multidirectional nature of style construction. Indonesia provides a rich context for the study of style and intersubjectivity among youth. In constructing style, Indonesian urban youth have been moving away from conventions which emphasized hierarchy and uniformity toward new ways of connecting in intersubjective space. This book analyzes how these new ways are realized in different text types. This book makes a valuable addition to sociolinguistic literature on youth and language and an essential reading for those interested in Austronesian sociolinguistics.

The 100 Mile Diet

The 100 Mile Diet Author Alisa Smith
ISBN-10 9780307371171
Release 2009-02-24
Pages 288
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The remarkable, amusing and inspiring adventures of a Canadian couple who make a year-long attempt to eat foods grown and produced within a 100-mile radius of their apartment. When Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon learned that the average ingredient in a North American meal travels 1,500 miles from farm to plate, they decided to launch a simple experiment to reconnect with the people and places that produced what they ate. For one year, they would only consume food that came from within a 100-mile radius of their Vancouver apartment. The 100-Mile Diet was born. The couple’s discoveries sometimes shook their resolve. It would be a year without sugar, Cheerios, olive oil, rice, Pizza Pops, beer, and much, much more. Yet local eating has turned out to be a life lesson in pleasures that are always close at hand. They met the revolutionary farmers and modern-day hunter-gatherers who are changing the way we think about food. They got personal with issues ranging from global economics to biodiversity. They called on the wisdom of grandmothers, and immersed themselves in the seasons. They discovered a host of new flavours, from gooseberry wine to sunchokes to turnip sandwiches, foods that they never would have guessed were on their doorstep. The 100-Mile Diet struck a deeper chord than anyone could have predicted, attracting media and grassroots interest that spanned the globe. The 100-Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating tells the full story, from the insights to the kitchen disasters, as the authors transform from megamart shoppers to self-sufficient urban pioneers. The 100-Mile Diet is a pathway home for anybody, anywhere. Call me naive, but I never knew that flour would be struck from our 100-Mile Diet. Wheat products are just so ubiquitous, “the staff of life,” that I had hazily imagined the stuff must be grown everywhere. But of course: I had never seen a field of wheat anywhere close to Vancouver, and my mental images of late-afternoon light falling on golden fields of grain were all from my childhood on the Canadian prairies. What I was able to find was Anita’s Organic Grain & Flour Mill, about 60 miles up the Fraser River valley. I called, and learned that Anita’s nearest grain suppliers were at least 800 miles away by road. She sounded sorry for me. Would it be a year until I tasted a pie? —From The 100-Mile Diet From the Hardcover edition.