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Plato Alcibiades

Plato  Alcibiades Author Plato
ISBN-10 0521634148
Release 2001-09-06
Pages 254
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The first modern edition of Plato's Alcibiades, aimed at both students and scholars.

Plato Meno and Phaedo

Plato  Meno and Phaedo Author David Sedley
ISBN-10 0521676770
Release 2010-11-25
Pages 161
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Plato's Meno and Phaedo are two of the most important works of ancient western philosophy and continue to be studied around the world. The Meno is a seminal work of epistemology. The Phaedo is a key source for Platonic metaphysics and for Plato's conception of the human soul. Together they illustrate the birth of Platonic philosophy from Plato's reflections on Socrates' life and doctrines. This edition offers new and accessible translations of both works, together with a thorough introduction that explains the arguments of the two dialogues and their place in Plato's thought.

                               Author Plato
ISBN-10 9780521847766
Release 2011-05-26
Pages 270
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Provides all the tools necessary to read and understand Plato's Phaedrus in the original Greek.

Plato s Phaedrus

Plato s Phaedrus Author Paul Ryan
ISBN-10 9780806188157
Release 2012-09-05
Pages 374
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Composed in the fourth century b.c., the Phaedrus—a dialogue between Phaedrus and Socrates—deals ostensibly with love but develops into a wide-ranging discussion of such subjects as the pursuit of beauty, the nature of humanity, the immortality of the soul, and the attainment of truth, ending with an in-depth discussion of the principles of rhetoric. This erudite commentary, which also includes the original Greek text, is designed to help intermediate-level students of Greek read, understand, and enjoy Plato’s magnificent work. Drawing on his extensive classroom experience and linguistic expertise, Paul Ryan offers a commentary that is both rich in detail and—in contrast to earlier, more austere commentaries on the Phaedrus—fully engaging. Line by line, he explains subtle points of language, explicates difficulties of syntax, and brings out nuances of tone and meaning that students might not otherwise notice or understand. Ryan sections his commentary into units of convenient length for classroom use, with short summaries at the head of each section to orient the reader. Never straying far from the text itself, Ryan provides useful historical glosses and annotations for the student, introducing information ranging from the architecture of the Lyceum to Athenian politics. Further historical and philosophical context is provided in the introduction by Mary Louise Gill, who outlines the issues addressed in the Phaedrus and situates it in relation to Plato’s other dialogues.

Plato Phaedo

Plato  Phaedo Author Plato
ISBN-10 052131318X
Release 1993-09-16
Pages 301
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Plato's dialogue Phaedo portrays Socrates in prison awaiting execution and discussing with his friends the fate of the soul after death. In this edition, consisting of introduction, text and commentary, Professor Rowe guides the reader through the difficulties--linguistic, literary and philosophical--of individual passages and of the dialogue as a whole. The comparative beginner is not neglected, but the commentary is intended for any student, classical scholar, or philosopher with an interest in the close reading of Plato.

The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy

The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy Author David Sedley
ISBN-10 0521775035
Release 2003-07-31
Pages 396
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This volume does not aim to reveal all of the mysteries of ancient philosophy to the novice, but it does aim to equip that reader with enough background material that he will be able to enter that world. Twelve overviews, each written by an authority in that area of philosophy, guides the reader through the principal schools of thought and the ideas of their main proponents. Concepts are sometimes explained in tables and are always supported by extracts but the main attraction of this work is that the contributors explain in layman's terms the basic ideas of philosophy and discuss clearly the logic of the ancient arguments. The book gets off to a good start with David Sedley's introduction which argues that Greek and Roman philosophers were mainly concerned with two dilemmas: what is a good life and why doesn't the earth fall. Includes a useful glossary.

Plato on Poetry

Plato on Poetry Author Plato
ISBN-10 0521349818
Release 1996-03-07
Pages 250
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This is a commentary on selected texts of Plato concerned with poetry: the Ion and relevant sections of the Republic. It is the first commentary to present these texts together in one volume, and the first in English on Republic 2 and 3 and Ion for nearly 100 years. The introduction sets Plato's views in their Greek context and outlines their influence on later aesthetic thought. An important feature of the commentary is its exploration of the ambivalence of Plato's pronouncements through an analysis of his own skill as a writer.

Synopsis An Annual Index of Greek Studies 1993 3

Synopsis  An Annual Index of Greek Studies  1993  3 Author Andrew D. Dimarogonas
ISBN-10 9057025620
Release 1998-10-28
Pages 508
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Presents 12,860 entries listing scholarly publications on Greek studies. Research and review journals, books, and monographs are indexed in the areas of classical, Hellenistic, Biblical, Byzantine, Medieval, and modern Greek studies., but no annotations are included. After the general listings, entries are also indexed by journal, text, name, geography, and subject. The CD-ROM contains an electronic version of the book. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Culture Suicide and the Human Condition

Culture  Suicide  and the Human Condition Author Marja-Liisa Honkasalo
ISBN-10 9781782382355
Release 2014-03-30
Pages 230
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Suicide is a puzzling phenomenon. Not only is its demarcation problematic but it also eludes simple explanation. The cultures in which suicide mortality is high do not necessarily have much else in common, and neither is a single mental illness such as depression sufficient to lead a person to suicide. In a word, despite its statistical regularity, suicide is unpredictable on the individual level. The main argument emerging from this collection is that suicide should not be understood as a separate realm of pathological behavior but as a form of human action. As such it is always dependent on the decision that the individual makes in a cultural, ethical and socio-economic context, but the context never completely determines the decision. This book also argues that cultural narratives concerning suicide have a problematic double function: in addition to enabling the community to make sense of self-inflicted death, they also constitute a blueprint depicting suicide as a solution to common human problems.

From the Beginning to Plato

From the Beginning to Plato Author Christopher Charles Whiston Taylor
ISBN-10 0415308739
Release 2003
Pages 494
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This first volume in the series traces the development of philosophy over two-and-a-half centuries, from Thales at the beginning of the sixth century BC to the death of Plato in 347 BC.

Routledge History of Philosophy Volume I

Routledge History of Philosophy Volume I Author C. C. W. Taylor
ISBN-10 9781134924455
Release 2003-09-02
Pages 520
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Volume 1 of the Routledge History of Philosophy covers one of the most remarkable periods in human thought. In the space of two and a half centuries, philosophy developed from quasi-mythological speculation to a state in which many of the most fundamental questions about the universe, the mind and human conduct had been vigorously pursued, and some of the most enduring masterworks of Western thought had been written. The essays present the fundamental approaches and thinkers of Greek philosophy in chronological order. Each is written by a recognised authority in the particular field, and takes account of the large amount of high-quality work done in the last few decades on Platonic and pre-Platonic philosophy. All write in an accessible style, meeting the needs of the non-specialist without loss of scholarly precision. Topics covered range from early Greek speculative thought, its cultural and social setting, to the Sophists, Socrates and culminate in three chapters on Plato's lasting contribution to all central areas of philosophy. Supplemented with a chronology, a glossary of technical terms and an extensive bibliography, this volume will prove an invaluable and comprehensive guide to the beginnings of philosophy.

Plato Phaedrus

Plato  Phaedrus Author Plato
ISBN-10 9781316154304
Release 2011-05-26
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Ostensibly a discussion about love, the debate in the Phaedrus also encompasses the art of rhetoric and how it should be practised. This new edition contains an introductory essay outlining the argument of the dialogue as a whole and Plato's arguments about rhetoric and eros in particular. The Introduction also considers Plato's style and offers an account of the reception of the dialogue from its composition to the twentieth century. A new Greek text of the dialogue is accompanied by a select textual apparatus. The greater part of the book consists of a Commentary, which elucidates the text and makes clear how Plato achieves his philosophical and literary objectives. Primarily intended for advanced undergraduates and graduate students of ancient Greek literature and philosophy, it will also benefit scholars who want an up-to-date account of how to understand the text, argument, style and background of the work.

Listening to the Cicadas

Listening to the Cicadas Author G. R. F. Ferrari
ISBN-10 0521409322
Release 1990-11-30
Pages 293
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How myth and formal argument in the dialogue, Phaedrus, complement and reinforce each other, is the focus of an account written for students of the history of literary theory or rhetoric as well as Plato's thought.


Phaedo Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:$B45525
Release 1875
Pages 108
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Phaedo has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Phaedo also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Phaedo book for free.

Plato s Phaedo

Plato s Phaedo Author David Bostock
ISBN-10 UOM:39015010862814
Release 1986
Pages 225
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Examining the theories and arguments put forward by Plato in hisPhaedo, in which he attempts to show that the soul is immortal, Bostock's introduction to Plato's often difficult arguments discusses such important philosophical problems as the nature of the mind, the idea of personal identity, the question of how we understand language, and the concept of cause, reason, and explanation.

Horace Odes Book II

Horace  Odes Book II Author Horace
ISBN-10 9781107012912
Release 2017-04-20
Pages 274
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The first substantial commentary for a generation on this book of Horace's Odes, a great masterpiece of classical Latin literature.

Socratic and Platonic Political Philosophy

Socratic and Platonic Political Philosophy Author Christopher P. Long
ISBN-10 9781139916677
Release 2014-11-28
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In the Gorgias, Socrates claims to practice the true art of politics, but the peculiar politics he practices involves cultivating in each individual he encounters an erotic desire to live a life animated by the ideals of justice, beauty and the good. Socratic and Platonic Political Philosophy demonstrates that what Socrates sought to do with those he encountered, Platonic writing attempts to do with readers. Christopher P. Long's attentive readings of the Protagoras, Gorgias, Phaedo, Apology, and Phaedrus invite us to cultivate the habits of thinking and responding that mark the practices of both Socratic and Platonic politics. Platonic political writing is here experienced in a new way as the contours of a politics of reading emerges in which the community of readers is called to consider how a commitment to speaking the truth and acting toward justice can enrich our lives together.