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Policing Shanghai 1927 1937

Policing Shanghai  1927 1937 Author Frederic Wakeman Jr.
ISBN-10 0520918657
Release 1995-02-17
Pages 478
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Prewar Shanghai: casinos, brothels, Green Gang racketeers, narcotics syndicates, gun-runners, underground Communist assassins, Comitern secret agents. Frederic Wakeman's masterful study of the most colorful and corrupt city in the world at the time provides a panoramic view of the confrontation and collaboration between the Nationalist secret police and the Shanghai underworld. In detailing the life and politics of China's largest urban center during the Guomindang era, Wakeman covers an array of topics: the puritanical social controls implemented by the police; the regional differences that surfaced among Shanghai's Chinese, the influence of imperialism and Western-trained officials. Parts of this book read like a spy novel, with secret police, torture, assassination; and power struggles among the French, International Settlement, and Japanese consular police within Shanghai. Chiang Kai-shek wanted to prove that the Chinese could rule Shanghai and the country by themselves, rather than be exploited and dominated by foreign powers. His efforts to reclaim the crime-ridden city failed, partly because of the outbreak of war with Japan in 1937, but also because the Nationalist police force was itself corrupted by the city. Wakeman's exhaustively researched study is a major contribution to the study of the Nationalist regime and to modern Chinese urban history. It also shows that twentieth-century China has not been characterized by discontinuity, because autocratic government—whether Nationalist or Communist—has prevailed.

The Shanghai Badlands

The Shanghai Badlands Author Frederic Wakeman, Jr
ISBN-10 0521528712
Release 2002-07-25
Pages 244
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This book details the inner workings of terrorist groups operating in China between 1937-41.

Empire Made Me

Empire Made Me Author Robert A. Bickers
ISBN-10 0231131321
Release 2003
Pages 409
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This riveting "biography of a nobody" offers a rare view of empire from the bottom up and a glimpse of the making of modern China. Robert Bickers mines the letters of Richard Tinkler along with archival files to create a fascinating and much-needed narrative of everyday life in the colonial world and an unvarnished portrait of the colonial experience that will permanently affect our view of it.

The Great Enterprise

The Great Enterprise Author Frederic E. Wakeman
ISBN-10 0520048040
Release 1985
Pages 1337
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The Great Enterprise has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Great Enterprise also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Great Enterprise book for free.


Shanghai Author Stella Dong
ISBN-10 9780060934811
Release 2001-05-22
Pages 336
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Transformed from a swampland wilderness into a dazzling, modern–day Babylon, the Shanghai that predated Mao‘s cultural revolution was a city like no other: redolent with opium and underworld crime, booming with foreign trade, blessed with untold wealth and marred by abject squalor. Journalist Stella Dong captures all the exoticism, extremes, and excitement of this legendary city as if it were a larger–than–life character in a fantastic novel.

The World s First SWAT Team

The World  s First SWAT Team Author Leroy Thompson
ISBN-10 9781783034352
Release 2012-10-24
Pages 208
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In turbulent Shanghai in the years between the World Wars, the International Settlement was a mercantile powerhouse that faced unrest from Communist labor unions, criminal gangs, spies, political agitators, armed kidnappers and assassins. Adjoining the Settlement were the French Concession and the Chinese city, both hotbeds of intrigue and crime themselves. Called the most sinful in the world, the Settlement relied on its police: the Shanghai Municipal Police, one of the most advanced forces in the world. After an incident in 1926 when the police fired upon demonstrators, which resulted in unrest and strikes, W. E. Fairbairn was charged with forming a specialized unit to deal with riots and armed encounters. The resulting Reserve Unit became the prototype for future SWAT teams, as it developed tactics for using snipers in barricade and hostage incidents, techniques for use of the submachine gun during raids, hostage rescue tactics, aggressive riot-dispersal tactics and various other tactical innovations. Out of the experiences of the unit came many of the techniques later taught by W. E. Fairbairn, E. A. Sykes, Pat O'Neill and others to the Commandos, Rangers, SOE, OSS, 1st Special Service Force and other Second World War elite units. Those same techniques still resonate today with special forces and police tactical units.

Latter Days of the Law

Latter Days of the Law Author Marsha Smith Weidner
ISBN-10 0824816625
Release 1994-01
Pages 481
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Latter Days of the Law has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Latter Days of the Law also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Latter Days of the Law book for free.

The Old Shanghai A Z

The Old Shanghai A Z Author Paul French
ISBN-10 9789888028894
Release 2010-11-01
Pages 252
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This richly anecdotal guide to every street in Shanghai details many landmarks and stories associated with its best-known avenues. A definitive index to the street names of Shanghai, some of which have disappeared or been removed, allows historians, researchers, tourists, and the just plain curious to navigate the city in its pre-1949 incarnations, through the former International Settlement, French Concession, and External Roads area with a detailed map and alphabetical entry for every road. The book is lavishly illustrated with old advertising, images, and postcards of the streets and businesses, the bars and nightclubs, the people and characters of old Shanghai bringing alive the city in its previous heyday as the Pearl of the Orient.The Old Shanghai A-Zshould become the standard reference work as well as being an easy-to-use guide for researchers and visitors looking to recapture the glamour and uniqueness of old Shanghai. Paul Frenchis an analyst and writer who has worked in Shanghai for many years as a founder of Access Asia. His books includeCarl Crow: A Tough Old China HandandThrough the Looking Glass: China's Foreign Journalists from Opium War to Mao.

Shanghai Splendor

Shanghai Splendor Author Wen-hsin Yeh
ISBN-10 0520933427
Release 2007-09-03
Pages 319
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Rich with details of everyday life, this multifaceted social and cultural history of China's leading metropolis in the twentieth century offers a kaleidoscopic view of Shanghai as the major site of Chinese modernization. Engaging the entire span of Shanghai's modern history from the Opium War to the eve of the Communist takeover in 1949, Wen-hsin Yeh traces the evolution of a dazzling urban culture that became alternately isolated from and intertwined with China's tumultuous history. Looking in particular at Shanghai's leading banks, publishing enterprises, and department stores, she sketches the rise of a new maritime and capitalist economic culture among the city's middle class. Making extensive use of urban tales and visual representations, the book captures urbanite voices as it uncovers the sociocultural dynamics that shaped the people and their politics.

Beyond the Neon Lights

Beyond the Neon Lights Author Hanchao Lu
ISBN-10 9780520243781
Release 2004-09-30
Pages 456
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How did people live through the extraordinary changes that have swept across modern China? How did peasants transform themselves into urbanites? This study weaves documentary data with ethnographic surveys and interviews to reconstruct the fabric of everyday life in Shanghai in early 20th century.

Shanghai Policeman

Shanghai Policeman Author E. W. Peters
ISBN-10 9881998387
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 247
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Shanghai in the 1930s was one of the world's most dangerous cities, with kidnappings and murders as daily occurrences. British police officer E. W. Peters of the Shanghai Municipal Police leads the way down the city's dark lanes and alleys, through a crime-ridden underworld of brothels, opium dens, and gambling parlors. This often riotous, true-crime chronicle is filled with colorful criminals, fumbled police raids, and gross misunderstandings, one of which lands the author on trial for murder. Here, old Shanghai is depicted at its most exciting.

The Great Enterprise

The Great Enterprise Author Frederic Wakeman, Jr.
ISBN-10 0520235185
Release 1986-01
Pages 700
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In classical Chinese, The Great Enterprise means winning The Mandate of heaven to rule over China, the Central Kingdom. This first of a two-volume work on The Great Enterprise of the Manchus is the first scholarly narrative in any language relating their conquest of China during the seventeenth century. (This book was originally published as a boxed two-volume set. It is now available as separate volumes with a plain hardcover. The page numbering continues from the first volume to the second.)