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Politicians Diplomacy and War in Modern British History

Politicians  Diplomacy and War in Modern British History Author Keith Robbins
ISBN-10 9780826460479
Release 1994-07-01
Pages 320
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The aspirations of democracy and the requirements of diplomacy have always coexisted uneasily. The politicians discussed in this book, in particular the appreciation of the careers of John Bright and James Bryce, reflect obliquely or directly on the problems of politicians who seek the 'high moral ground' either in domestic or international politics. There is also a discussion of the relationship between politicians and the press, as well as of the difficult link between cultural and political assumptions on the one hand and the facts of economic performance on the other.

Churchill s Cold War

Churchill s Cold War Author Klaus Larres
ISBN-10 0300094388
Release 2002
Pages 583
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This book explores Churchill's predilection for direct diplomatic action from his first tentative involvement in 1908 until his retirement as prime minister in 1955. Its principal focus is the period 1945-1955, during which the full force of Churchill's personal diplomacy was directed at sustaining Britain's great power status--in relation to the Soviet Union and the United States--at a time when its own economic power was declining. In particular, after October 1951 Churchill sought to revive with President Eisenhower and with Stalin's successors in Soviet Russia the "Big Three" summitry he saw as the most effective means to forestall a nuclear holocaust and achieve a lasting peace. Based on an exhaustive scrutiny of official documents and private archives in Europe and the United States, this book breaks vital new ground in terms of both Churchill scholarship and the international history of the Cold War.

The Politics of Diplomacy

The Politics of Diplomacy Author David Dutton
ISBN-10 1860641121
Release 1998-07-15
Pages 248
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Drawing on previously unopened archive material, this book examines the Salonika Campaign, an Anglo-French operation in WW1. The campaign had little effect on the outcome of the war, but highlighted serious differences between Britain and France.

The Politics of Furniture

The Politics of Furniture Author Fredie Floré
ISBN-10 9781317020479
Release 2017-02-10
Pages 214
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In many different parts of the world modern furniture elements have served as material expressions of power in the post-war era. They were often meant to express an international and in some respects apolitical modern language, but when placed in a sensitive setting or a meaningful architectural context, they were highly capable of negotiating or manipulating ideological messages. The agency of modern furniture was often less overt than that of political slogans or statements, but as the chapters in this book reveal, it had the potential of becoming a persuasive and malleable ally in very diverse politically charged arenas, including embassies, governmental ministries, showrooms, exhibitions, design schools, libraries, museums and even prisons. This collection of chapters examines the consolidating as well as the disrupting force of modern furniture in the global context between 1945 and the mid-1970s. The volume shows that key to understanding this phenomenon is the study of the national as well as transnational systems through which it was launched, promoted and received. While some chapters squarely focus on individual furniture elements as vehicles communicating political and social meaning, others consider the role of furniture within potent sites that demand careful negotiation, whether between governments, cultures, or buyer and seller. In doing so, the book explicitly engages different scholarly fields: design history, history of interior architecture, architectural history, cultural history, diplomatic and political history, postcolonial studies, tourism studies, material culture studies, furniture history, and heritage and preservation studies. Taken together, the narratives and case studies compiled in this volume offer a better understanding of the political agency of post-war modern furniture in its original historical context. At the same time, they will enrich current debates on reuse, relocation or reproduction of some of these elements.

Britain s Korean War

Britain s Korean War Author Thomas Hennessey
ISBN-10 9781784991630
Release 2015-05-01
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Available in paperback for the first time, this book assesses the strains within the 'Special Relationship' between London and Washington and offers a new perspective on the limits and successes of British influence during the Korean War. The interaction between the main personalities on the British side - Attlee, Bevan, Morrison, Churchill and Eden - and their American counterparts - Truman, Acheson, Eisenhower and Dulles - are chronicled. By the end of the war the British were concerned that it was the Americans, rather than the Soviets, who were the greater threat to world peace. British fears concerning the Korean War were not limited to the diplomatic and military fronts these extended to the 'Manchurian Candidate' threat posed by returning prisoners of war who had been exposed to communist indoctrination. The book is essential reading for those interested in British and US foreign policy and military strategy during the Cold War.

Intelligence Defence and Diplomacy

Intelligence  Defence  and Diplomacy Author Richard James Aldrich
ISBN-10 0714641405
Release 1994
Pages 273
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What was Britain's reaction to the death of Stalin? How has Britain reconciled a modern nuclear strategy with its traditional imperial defence commitments around the world? How has secret intelligence affected the Special Relationship' since 1945? Certain clear questions and perennial themes run through British overseas policy since 1945. This book examines them, drawing on new research by leading historians and scholars in the field.

Britain s War in the Middle East

Britain   s War in the Middle East Author Martin Kolinsky
ISBN-10 9781349276363
Release 2016-07-27
Pages 308
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During the early years of the Second World War, Britain devoted immense resources to building military bases in Egypt and Palestine. The political stability of the two countries was of prime concern to avoid diverting troops away from fighting the external enemy to internal security tasks. The paradox of Britain's eventual victory was that it could not perpetuate its political authority. Demands for independence intensified in Egypt and among Palestinian Jewry, and led to postwar struggles.

Britain Germany and the Road to the Holocaust

Britain  Germany and the Road to the Holocaust Author Russell Wallis
ISBN-10 9781786723871
Release 2014-02-21
Pages 336
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In the 1930s, the British public’s emotional response to the atrocities of the Spanish Civil War, including the bombing of Guernica, shaped the mass-politics of the age. Similarly, alleged German atrocities in World War I against the Belgians and the French had led to campaigns in Britain for donations to support the victims. Why then, was the British public seemingly less concerned with the treatment of Jews in Hitler’s Germany? Outlining a ‘hierarchy of compassion’, Russell Wallis seeks to show how and why the Holocaust met initially with such a muted response in Britain. Drawing on primary source material, Wallis shows why the Nuremberg laws were reported without great protest, along with Kristallnacht and the creation of the Prague Ghetto. Even after the reality of the ‘Final Solution’ was announced by Antony Eden to the British Parliament in 1942, the Holocaust remained a footnote to the war effort. Britain, Germany and the Road to the Holocaust is a study of the British relationship with Germany in the period, and a dissection of British attitudes towards the genocide in Europe.

A Cornerstone of Modern Diplomacy

A Cornerstone of Modern Diplomacy Author Kai Bruns
ISBN-10 9781628921557
Release 2014-06-19
Pages 224
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The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (VCDR) was signed at the height of the Cold War more than fifty years ago. The agreement and its negotiation have become a cornerstone of diplomatic law. A Cornerstone of Modern Diplomacy, which is based on archival research in the National Archives (London), the Austrian State Archives (Vienna) and the Political Archive (Berlin), delivers the first study of the British policy during the negotiation of the key convention governing diplomatic privileges and immunities: the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. The book provides a complete commentary on the political aspects of the codification process of diplomatic law. By clearly presenting the case with accessible analysis, author Kai Bruns makes the relations between international law and politics understandable, stressing the impact of the emergence of the third world in UN diplomacy. This unique study is a crucial piece of scholarship, shedding light on the practice of United Nations conference diplomacy and the codification of diplomatic law at the height of the Cold War.

The Oxford Handbook of Modern British Political History 1800 2000

The Oxford Handbook of Modern British Political History  1800 2000 Author David Brown
ISBN-10 9780198714897
Release 2018-04-05
Pages 624
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The two centuries after 1800 witnessed a series of sweeping changes in the way in which Britain was governed, the duties of the state, and its role in the wider world. Powerful processes--from the development of democracy, the changing nature of the social contract, war, and economic dislocation--have challenged, and at times threatened to overwhelm, both governors and governed. Such shifts have also presented challenges to the historians who have researched and written about Britain's past politics. This Handbook shows the ways in which political historians have responded to these challenges, providing a snapshot of a field which has long been at the forefront of conceptual and methodological innovation within historical studies. It comprises thirty-three thematic essays by leading and emerging scholars in the field. Collectively, these essays assess and rethink the nature of modern British political history itself and suggest avenues and questions for future research. The Oxford Handbook of Modern British Political History thus provides a unique resource for those who wish to understand Britain's political past and a thought-provoking 'long view' for those interested in current political challenges.

Transforming the World

Transforming the World Author Keith Robbins
ISBN-10 9781137295620
Release 2012-12-11
Pages 392
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An ambitious and engaging narrative survey that charts the history of the world from a political perspective, from 1937 to the post-9/11 era. Providing a wide-ranging assessment of global interactions in peace and war since World War II, Robbins connects the crises, conflicts and accommodations that have brought us to the still-troubled present.

Barbed Wire Diplomacy

Barbed Wire Diplomacy Author Neville Wylie
ISBN-10 9780199547593
Release 2010-03-25
Pages 312
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This book examines how the British government sought to protect the interests of its prisoners in Nazi Germany during the Second World War. It explores the various ways that were used to hold Germany to its obligations under the 1929 Geneva Convention and sheds light on the key role played by neutral intermediaries in this process. It charts British efforts to maintain the flow of Red Cross parcels to German camps, explores some of the tensions created by POWissues with Britain's imperial and wartime partners, and highlights the way in which international norms can, even under conditions of total war, influence state behaviour towards the treatment of enemycombatants.

Diplomacy Between the Wars

Diplomacy Between the Wars Author George W. Liebmann
ISBN-10 9780857712110
Release 2008-07-30
Pages 288
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Diplomacy Between the Wars is a detailed inside story of diplomacy seen through the careers of five remarkable career diplomatists. Here is a unique and authentic picture of practical diplomacy and its effect during periods of international crisis which shaped the twentieth century. These were not the statesmen and politicians who dominated the international stage but practical diplomats with long experience, linguistic competence, deep knowledge of the local conditions, history, culture and of the people of the countries where they served. George Liebmann also brings acute political awareness to the subject. _x000D_ _x000D_ The achievements of these diplomats - often unsung during their careers and gleaned largely from history books - were considerable and a monument to practical, professional diplomacy. Lewis Einstein was influential in demonstrating the central role - and its control - of finance and credit in modern wars and urging massive US economic assistance to Europe and after World War II providing the intellectual underpinnings of the Marshall Plan; Sir Horace Rumbold's work was vital in avoiding war between Great Britain and Turkey and in warnings of the dangers of Hitler; Johann von Bernstorff opposed Germany's `naval militarism', supported a negotiated end to the First World War and peaceful revision of the Treaty of Versailles; Count Carlo Sforza urged restraint on Italy's territorial ambitions and tolerance for former Fascists and Communists; and Ismet Inonu kept Turkey out of war, preserved her national interest at the Treaty of Lausanne and maintained friendship with the great powers. He worked for religious toleration and the limitation of dictatorship in Ataturk's secular Turkish Republic. _x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_

International Politics and Warfare in the Age of Louis XIV and Peter the Great

International Politics and Warfare in the Age of Louis XIV and Peter the Great Author William Young
ISBN-10 9780595329922
Release 2004-09-01
Pages 544
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The Peace of Westphalia (1648), ending the Thirty Years' War, resulted in the rise of the modern European states system. However, dynasticism, power politics, commerce, and religion continued to be the main issues driving International politics and warfare. Dr. William Young examines war and diplomacy during the Age of Louis XIV and Peter the Great. His study focuses on the later part of the Franco-Spanish War, the Wars of Louis XIV, and the Anglo-Dutch Wars in the West. In addition, the author explores the wars of the Baltic Region and East Europe, including the Thirteen Years' War, Second Northern War, War of the Holy League, and the Great Northern War. The study includes a guide to the historical literature concerning war and diplomacy during this period. It includes bibliographical essays and a valuable annotated bibliography of over six hundred books, monographs, dissertations, theses, journal articles, and essays published in the English language. International Politics and Warfare in the Age of Louis XIV and Peter the Great is a valuable resource for individuals interested in the history of diplomacy, warfare, and Early Modern Europe.

Modern British History

Modern British History Author Anthony Gorst
ISBN-10 186064208X
Release 1997-11-15
Pages 310
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Providing practical research methods and acomprehensive survey of the current state of historical research on 20th century British history, this book complements other works on historiography. It is suitable for undergraduates and teachers.

On the Fringes of Diplomacy

On the Fringes of Diplomacy Author John Fisher
ISBN-10 9781409401209
Release 2011
Pages 306
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This volume gives further impetus to the recent trend of looking beyond the major figures of diplomats and foreign secretaries when seeking to understand of British foreign policy and diplomacy during the height of empire. By focusing on the legion of influential but less well-known figures on the fringes of diplomatic circles, it reveals how it is possible to observe the ways that such individuals, often overlooked by historians, can affect government decisions.

The First World War

The First World War Author Keith Robbins
ISBN-10 0192803182
Release 2002-08-22
Pages 200
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The tragic slaughter of the trenches is imprinted on modern memory; but it is more difficult to grasp the wider extent and significance of the First World War. This book gives a clear chronological account of the campaigns on the Western and Eastern Fronts and then moves on to investigate areas that many studies ignore - the war poets, the diplomacy of war aims and peace moves, logistics, and 'the experience of the war'. It was soon seen that `war has nothing to do with chivalry any more', but it was harder to say what the First World War was fought for, or what the combatants gained. Professor Robbins approaches this problem from two angles: he analyses the complex political and diplomatic background to the alliances between the Great Powers; he also explores the mood of Europe between 1914 and 1918 by examining the experience of war from the different standpoints of the nations and individuals caught up in it.