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Portfolio Decision Analysis

Portfolio Decision Analysis Author Ahti Salo
ISBN-10 1441999434
Release 2011-08-12
Pages 409
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Portfolio Decision Analysis: Improved Methods for Resource Allocation provides an extensive, up-to-date coverage of decision analytic methods which help firms and public organizations allocate resources to 'lumpy' investment opportunities while explicitly recognizing relevant financial and non-financial evaluation criteria and the presence of alternative investment opportunities. In particular, it discusses the evolution of these methods, presents new methodological advances and illustrates their use across several application domains. The book offers a many-faceted treatment of portfolio decision analysis (PDA). Among other things, it (i) synthesizes the state-of-play in PDA, (ii) describes novel methodologies, (iii) fosters the deployment of these methodologies, and (iv) contributes to the strengthening of research on PDA. Portfolio problems are widely regarded as the single most important application context of decision analysis, and, with its extensive and unique coverage of these problems, this book is a much-needed addition to the literature. The book also presents innovative treatments of new methodological approaches and their uses in applications. The intended audience consists of practitioners and researchers who wish to gain a good understanding of portfolio decision analysis and insights into how PDA methods can be leveraged in different application contexts. The book can also be employed in courses at the post-graduate level.

Risk Reliability and Safety Innovating Theory and Practice

Risk  Reliability and Safety  Innovating Theory and Practice Author Lesley Walls
ISBN-10 9781315349169
Release 2016-11-25
Pages 520
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The safe and reliable performance of many systems with which we interact daily has been achieved through the analysis and management of risk. From complex infrastructures to consumer durables, from engineering systems and technologies used in transportation, health, energy, chemical, oil, gas, aerospace, maritime, defence and other sectors, the management of risk during design, manufacture, operation and decommissioning is vital. Methods and models to support risk-informed decision-making are well established but are continually challenged by technology innovations, increasing interdependencies, and changes in societal expectations. Risk, Reliability and Safety contains papers describing innovations in theory and practice contributed to the scientific programme of the European Safety and Reliability conference (ESREL 2016), held at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland (25—29 September 2016). Authors include scientists, academics, practitioners, regulators and other key individuals with expertise and experience relevant to specific areas. Papers include domain specific applications as well as general modelling methods. Papers cover evaluation of contemporary solutions, exploration of future challenges, and exposition of concepts, methods and processes. Topics include human factors, occupational health and safety, dynamic and systems reliability modelling, maintenance optimisation, uncertainty analysis, resilience assessment, risk and crisis management.

Reeds Vol 14 Stealth Warship Technology

Reeds Vol 14  Stealth Warship Technology Author Christopher Lavers
ISBN-10 9781408175521
Release 2012-12-23
Pages 176
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First book to give an insight into a growing area of interest - stealth warship technology - which is crucial for future developments in warship construction. It demonstrates the importance of materials used in warship construction and how this influences all of a naval platform's design parameters. Stealth technology is now considered a critical component within warship design, with interest in the concept of stealth increasing around the globe as naval forces adapt to new challenges. Many new developing nations are now implementing their first generation of stealth technology military hardware. This exciting book explores the full extent of threats to warships and thus the transformational change in naval architecture to incorporate these modern stealth technologies. Discussing the history of stealth technology, with references to well-known aircraft, ships and events in military history, the book also provides readers with a unique opportunity to develop an understanding of the specialist skills required in this naval sector. This is an essential read for anyone interested in stealth design and the issues involved in this evolving technology.

Multi objective Decision Analysis

Multi objective Decision Analysis Author Clinton W. Brownley
ISBN-10 9781606494530
Release 2013-03-28
Pages 172
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Whether managing strategy, operations or products, knowing how to make the best decision in a complex, uncertain business environment is difficult. You might be faced with multiple, competing objectives, which means making trade-offs. To complicate matters, any uncertainty makes it hard to explicitly understand how different objectives will impact potential outcomes. This book will help you face these problems. It provides a decision analysis framework implemented as a simple spreadsheet tool. This multi-objective decision analysis framework helps you to measure trade-offs among objectives and incorporate uncertainties and risk preferences. With this book, you will be able to identify what information is needed to make a decision, define how that information should be combined, and, finally, provide quantifiable evidence to clearly communicate and justify the decision. The process involves minimal overhead and is perfect for busy professionals who need a simple, structured process for making, tracking, and communicating decisions. This process makes decision making more efficient by focusing only on information and factors that are well-defined, measureable, and relevant to the decision at hand. The framework requires clear characterization of a decision, ensuring that it can be traced and is consistent with the intended objectives and organizational values. Using this structured decision-making framework, anyone can consistently make better decisions to gain competitive and strategic advantage.

Multi Criteria Decision Analysis to Support Healthcare Decisions

Multi Criteria Decision Analysis to Support Healthcare Decisions Author Kevin Marsh
ISBN-10 9783319475400
Release 2017-05-31
Pages 329
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Representing the first collection on the topic, this book builds from foundations to case studies, to future prospects, providing the reader with a rich and comprehensive understanding of the use of multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) in healthcare. The first section of the collection presents the foundations of MCDA as it is applied to healthcare decisions, providing guidance on the ethical and theoretical underpinnings of MCDA and how to select MCDA methods appropriate to different decision settings. Section two comprises a collection of case studies spanning the decision continuum, including portfolio development, benefit–risk assessment, health technology assessment, priority setting, resource optimisation, clinical practice and shared decision making. Section three explores future directions in the application of MCDA to healthcare and identifies opportunities for further research to support these.

New Perspectives on Applied Industrial Tools and Techniques

New Perspectives on Applied Industrial Tools and Techniques Author Jorge Luis García-Alcaraz
ISBN-10 9783319568713
Release 2017-07-26
Pages 543
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This book disseminates the current trends among innovative and high-quality research regarding the implementation of conceptual frameworks, strategies, techniques, methodologies, informatics platforms and models for developing advanced industrial tools and techniques and their application in different fields. It presents a collection of theoretical, real-world and original research works in the field of applied industrial tools and techniques. The text goes beyond the state-of-the-art in the field of industrial and software engineering, listing successful applications and use cases of studies of new approaches, applications, methods, techniques for developing advanced industrial tools, methodologies and techniques and their application in different fields. The topics covered in this book are of interest to academics, researchers, students, stakeholders and consultants.

Optimizing Corporate Portfolio Management

Optimizing Corporate Portfolio Management Author Anand Sanwal
ISBN-10 0470149604
Release 2007-07-20
Pages 224
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If where an organization allocates its resources determines its strategy, why is it that so few companies actively manage the resource allocation process? "Optimizing Corporate Portfolio Management: Aligning Investment Proposals with Organizational Strategy" goes beyond platitudes about why you should use corporate portfolio management (CPM) by offering a practical methodology to bring this powerful discipline to your organization. "Optimizing Corporate Portfolio Management" takes an expansive view of where CPM can be utilized by demonstrating that it can be used across any business line, product group or functional area, e.g., IT, R&D, innovation, marketing, salesforce, capital expenditure, etc. CPM is appropriate anywhere discretionary investments are being selected and executed. As a result, other terms used to describe portfolio management such as IT portfolio management, enterprise portfolio management, and project portfolio management are all merely subsets or slices of CPM. The book is written by Anand Sanwal, an expert on CPM, who has led American Express' CPM discipline (referred to as American Express Investment Optimization). American Express' CPM efforts are widely recognized as the most extensive, substantial and progressive deployment of CPM across any organization. Sanwal avoids academic theories and consultant jargon to ultimately deliver pragmatic and proven recommendations on how to make CPM a reality. The book features a foreword by Gary Crittenden, former CFO and EVP of American Express, and several case studies from leading financial services, technology, and government organizations utilizing CPM. Additionally, the book has received significant praise from thought leaders at Google, HP, American Express, The CFO Executive Board, Gartner, Accenture Marketing Sciences, The Wharton School of Business and many others.

Technology Portfolio Planning and Management

Technology Portfolio Planning and Management Author Oliver Yu
ISBN-10 9780387354484
Release 2007-02-24
Pages 174
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This book examines concepts and tools for selecting and modifying a combination of technologies that will be either developed by a technology supply organization, such as a national laboratory or a corporate research center, or adopted by a technology application organization, such as a government administrative office or a corporation management department, to either advance public goals or enhance corporate strategies.

Multicriteria and Multiobjective Models for Risk Reliability and Maintenance Decision Analysis

Multicriteria and Multiobjective Models for Risk  Reliability and Maintenance Decision Analysis Author Adiel Teixeira de Almeida
ISBN-10 9783319179698
Release 2015-07-01
Pages 395
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This book integrates multiple criteria concepts and methods for problems within the Risk, Reliability and Maintenance (RRM) context. The concepts and foundations related to RRM are considered for this integration with multicriteria approaches. In the book, a general framework for building decision models is presented and this is illustrated in various chapters by discussing many different decision models related to the RRM context. The scope of the book is related to ways of how to integrate Applied Probability and Decision Making. In Applied Probability, this mainly includes: decision analysis and reliability theory, amongst other topics closely related to risk analysis and maintenance. In Decision Making, it includes a broad range of topics in MCDM (Multi-Criteria Decision Making) and MCDA (Multi-Criteria Decision Aiding; also known as Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis). In addition to decision analysis, some of the topics related to Mathematical Programming area are briefly considered, such as multiobjective optimization, since methods related to these topics have been applied to the context of RRM. The book addresses an innovative treatment for the decision making in RRM, thereby improving the integration of fundamental concepts from the areas of both RRM and decision making. This is accomplished by presenting an overview of the literature on decision making in RRM. Some pitfalls of decision models when applying them to RRM in practice are discussed and guidance on overcoming these drawbacks is offered. The procedure enables multicriteria models to be built for the RRM context, including guidance on choosing an appropriate multicriteria method for a particular problem faced in the RRM context. The book also includes many research advances in these topics. Most of the multicriteria decision models that are described are specific applications that have been influenced by this research and the advances in this field. Multicriteria and Multiobjective Models for Risk, Reliability and Maintenance Decision Analysis is implicitly structured in three parts, with 12 chapters. The first part deals with MCDM/A concepts methods and decision processes. The second part presents the main concepts and foundations of RRM. Finally the third part deals with specific decision problems in the RRM context approached with MCDM/A models.

ECEI2009 4th European conference on entrepreneurship and innovation

ECEI2009  4th European conference on entrepreneurship and innovation Author Johan Breat
ISBN-10 9781906638429
Release 2009
Pages 58
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ECEI2009 4th European conference on entrepreneurship and innovation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from ECEI2009 4th European conference on entrepreneurship and innovation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full ECEI2009 4th European conference on entrepreneurship and innovation book for free.

Strategic Decision Making

Strategic Decision Making Author Craig W. Kirkwood
ISBN-10 UVA:X004874644
Release 1997
Pages 345
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This work on strategic decision making focuses on multi-objective decision analysis with spreadsheets

IT Information Technology Portfolio Management Step by Step

IT  Information Technology  Portfolio Management Step by Step Author Bryan Maizlish
ISBN-10 9781118005057
Release 2010-10-07
Pages 400
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Praise for IT Portfolio Management Step-by-Step "Bryan Maizlish and Robert Handler bring their deep experience in IT 'value realization' to one of the most absent of all IT management practices--portfolio management. They capture the essence of universally proven investment practices and apply them to the most difficult of challenges--returning high strategic and dollar payoffs from an enterprise's IT department. The reader will find many new and rewarding insights to making their IT investments finally return market leading results." --John C. Reece, Chairman and CEO, John C. Reece & Associates, LLC Former deputy commissioner for modernization and CIO of the IRS "IT Portfolio Management describes in great detail the critical aspects, know-how, practical examples, key insights, and best practices to improve operational efficiency, corporate agility, and business competitiveness. It eloquently illustrates the methods of building and integrating a portfolio of IT investments to ensure the realization of maximum value and benefit, and to fully leverage the value of all IT assets. Whether you are getting started or building on your initial success in IT portfolio management, this book will provide you information on how to build and implement an effective IT portfolio management strategy." --David Mitchell, President and CEO, webMethods, Inc. "I found IT Portfolio Management very easy to read, and it highlights many of the seminal aspects and best practices from financial portfolio management. It is an important book for executive, business, and IT managers." --Michael J. Montgomery, President, Montgomery & Co. "IT Portfolio Management details a comprehensive framework and process showing how to align business and IT for superior value. Maizlish and Handler have the depth of experience, knowledge, and insight needed to tackle the challenges and opportunities companies face in optimizing their IT investment portfolios. This is an exceptionally important book for executive leadership and IT business managers, especially those wanting to build a process-managed enterprise." --Peter Fingar, Executive Partner Greystone Group, coauthor of The Real-Time Enterprise and Business Process Management (BPM): The Third Wave "A must-read for the non-IT manager who needs to understand the complexity and challenges of managing an IT portfolio. The portfolio management techniques, analysis tools, and planning can be applied to any project or function." --Richard "Max" Maksimoski, Senior Director R&D, The Scotts Company "This book provides an excellent framework and real-world based approach for implementing IT portfolio management. It is a must-read for every CIO staff considering how to strategically and operationally impact their company's bottom line." --Donavan R. Hardenbrook, New Product Development Professional, Intel Corporation

Strategic Allocation of Resources Using Linear Programming Model with Parametric Analysis in MATLAB and Excel Solver

Strategic Allocation of Resources Using Linear Programming Model with Parametric Analysis  in MATLAB and Excel Solver Author Dinesh Gupta
ISBN-10 9783954892808
Release 2014-05-27
Pages 76
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Since the late 1940s, linear programming models have been used for many different purposes. Airline companies apply these models to optimize their use of planes and staff. NASA has been using them for many years to optimize their use of limited resources. Oil companies use them to optimize their refinery operations. Small and medium-sized businesses use linear programming to solve a huge variety of problems, often involving resource allocation. In my study, a typical product-mix problem in a manufacturing system producing two products (each product consists of two sub-assemblies) is solved for its optimal solution through the use of the latest versions of MATLAB having the command simlp, which is very much like linprog. As analysts, we try to find a good enough solution for the decision maker to make a final decision. Our attempt is to give the mathematical description of the product-mix optimization problem and bring the problem into a form ready to call MATLAB’s simlp command. The objective of this study is to find the best product mix that maximizes profit. The graph obtained using MATLAB commands, give the shaded area enclosed by the constraints called the feasible region, which is the set of points satisfying all the constraints. To find the optimal solution we look at the lines of equal profit to find the corner of the feasible region which yield the highest profit. This corner can be found out at the farthest line of equal profit, which still touches the feasible region. The most critical part is the sensitivity analysis, using Excel Solver, and Parametric Analysis, using computer software, which allows us to study the effect on optimal solution due to discrete and continuous change in parameters of the LP model including to identify bottlenecks. We have examined other options like product outsourcing, one-time cost, cross training of one operator, manufacturing of hypothetical third product on under-utilized machines and optimal sequencing of jobs on machines.

Value Focused Thinking

Value Focused Thinking Author Ralph L. KEENEY
ISBN-10 067493198X
Release 1996
Pages 432
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This text argues that in decision-making a focus should be placed on the bottom-line objectives that give it its meaning. It states that through recognizing and articulating fundamental values, better decision opportunities can be identified, thereby creat

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis State of the Art Surveys

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis  State of the Art Surveys Author Salvatore Greco
ISBN-10 9780387230818
Release 2006-01-20
Pages 1048
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Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis: State of the Art Surveys provides survey articles and references of the seminal or state-of-the-art research on MCDA. The material covered ranges from the foundations of MCDA, over various MCDA methodologies (outranking methods, multiattribute utility and value theories, non-classical approaches) to multiobjective mathematical programming, MCDA applications, and software. This vast amount of material is organized in 8 parts, with a total of 25 chapters. More than 2000 references are listed.

Project Portfolio Management Strategies for Effective Organizational Operations

Project Portfolio Management Strategies for Effective Organizational Operations Author Romano, Luca
ISBN-10 9781522521525
Release 2017-01-30
Pages 388
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Continuous improvements in project portfolio management have allowed for optimized strategic planning and business process improvement. This not only leads to more streamlined processes, methods, and technologies, but it increases the overall productivity of companies. Project Portfolio Management Strategies for Effective Organizational Operations is a key resource on the latest advances and research regarding strategic initiatives for portfolio and program management. Highlighting multidisciplinary studies on value creation, portfolio governance and communication, and integrated circular models, this publication is an ideal reference source for professionals, researchers, business managers, consultants, and university students in economics, management, and engineering.

Dissertation Abstracts International

Dissertation Abstracts International Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105132702585
Release 2009
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Dissertation Abstracts International has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Dissertation Abstracts International also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Dissertation Abstracts International book for free.