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Portraits of Promise

Portraits of Promise Author Michael Sadowski
ISBN-10 1612505163
Release 2013
Pages 182
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By 2040, more than 30 percent of students in the United States will be immigrants or the children of immigrants. What factors can help these young people thrive in school, despite the many obstacles they face? And how can school staff best support immigrant students' academic and personal success? In Portraits of Promise, educators hear from the ultimate experts--successful newcomer students. Drawing on the students' own stories, the book highlights the kinds of support and resources that help students engage positively with school culture, establish supportive peer networks, form strong bonds with teachers, manage competing expectations from home and school, and navigate the challenges of high-stakes testing and the college application process.

LGBTQ Voices in Education

LGBTQ Voices in Education Author Veronica E. Bloomfield
ISBN-10 9781317285915
Release 2016-04-14
Pages 226
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LGBTQ Voices in Education: Changing the Culture of Schooling addresses the ways in which teachers can meet the needs of LGBTQ students and improve the culture surrounding gender, sexuality, and identity issues in formal learning environments. Written by experts from a variety of backgrounds including educational foundations, leadership, cultural studies, literacy, criminology, theology, media assessment, and more, these chapters are designed to help educators find the inspiration and support they need to become allies and advocates of queer students, whose safety, well-being, and academic performance are regularly and often systemically threatened. Emphasizing socially just curricula, supportive school climates, and transformative educational practices, this innovative book is applicable to K-12, college-level, and graduate settings, and beyond.

Understanding Adolescent Immigrants

Understanding Adolescent Immigrants Author Mary Amanda Stewart
ISBN-10 9781498544948
Release 2017-02-13
Pages 170
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This book shares the stories of adolescent immigrants in the American education system and highlights what teachers need to know about their unique challenges, strengths, and potential contributions to their new country.

Keep It R E A L

Keep It R E A L Author Mary Amanda Stewart
ISBN-10 9780807758700
Release 2017
Pages 168
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This book introduces a set of pedagogical practices designed to assist adolescent English learners in developing their English skills in a way that honors and leverages their native language(s) and cultures. Responding to the linguistic and educational diversity of adolescents, the R.E.A.L. (Relevant, Engaging, and Affirming Literacy) method offers teachers a range of scalable activities, reading lists, and other resources, along with numerous suggestions on how to adapt them for students' particular needs. By sharing experiences from actual secondary English classes, the author presents diverse learners making meaningful connections to texts and responding through writing, speaking, and other artistic means. These students are developing high levels of literacy, English language skills, and even biliteracy through R.E.A.L. instruction that all English teachers can use with their students.

Children of Immigration

Children of Immigration Author Carola Suárez-Orozco
ISBN-10 0674044126
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 218
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Children of Immigration has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Children of Immigration also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Children of Immigration book for free.

In a Queer Voice

In a Queer Voice Author Michael Sadowski
ISBN-10 9781439908037
Release 2013-01-18
Pages 196
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Adolescence is a difficult time, but it can be particularly stressful for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identifying youth. In order to avoid harassment and rejection, many LGBTQ teens hide their identities from their families, peers, and even themselves. Educator Michael Sadowski deftly brings the voices of LGBTQ youth out into the open in his poignant and important book, In a Queer Voice. Drawing on two waves of interviews conducted six years apart, Sadowski chronicles how queer youth, who were often “silenced” in school and elsewhere, now can approach adulthood with a strong, queer voice. In a Queer Voice continues the critical conversation about LGBTQ youth issues—from bullying and suicide to other risks involving drug and alcohol abuse—by focusing on the factors that help young people develop positive, self-affirming identities. Using the participants’ heartfelt, impassioned voices, we hear what schools, families, and communities can do to help LGBTQ youth become resilient, confident adults.

Safe Is Not Enough

Safe Is Not Enough Author Michael Sadowski
ISBN-10 1612509436
Release 2016-08
Pages 232
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Safe Is Not Enough illustrates how educators can support the positive development of LGBTQ students in a comprehensive way so as to create truly inclusive school communities. Using examples from classrooms, schools, and districts across the country, Michael Sadowski identifies emerging practices such as creating an LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum; fostering a whole-school climate that is supportive of LGBTQ students; providing adults who can act as mentors and role models; and initiating effective family and community outreach programs. While progress on LGBTQ issues in schools remains slow, in many parts of the country schools have begun making strides toward becoming safer, more welcoming places for LGBTQ students. Schools typically achieve this by revising antibullying policies and establishing GSAs (gay-straight student alliances). But it takes more than a deficit-based approach for schools to become places where LGBTQ students can fulfill their potential. In Safe Is Not Enough, Michael Sadowski highlights how educators can make their schools more supportive of LGBTQ students' positive development and academic success.

Adolescents at school

Adolescents at school Author Michael Sadowski
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105131751443
Release 2008-06-30
Pages 247
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Adolescents at school has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Adolescents at school also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Adolescents at school book for free.

Testimony of an African Immigrant

Testimony of an African Immigrant Author Saikou Camara
ISBN-10 0999829602
Release 2018-01-30
Pages 168
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An excellent resource of inspiration for young people all over the world. It is a story about a young man, Saikou Camara, from West Africa, the Gambia, who persevered through some very difficult times in his early life to becoming one of the most influential young leaders of his generation. The author efficiently addressed multitudes of topics ranging from poverty in the African society, child labor, poor educational systems in Africa, brain drain, the dream of travelling abroad (by all means necessary), illegal migration, his experiences with race/racism, poor governance in Africa, and economic discrepancy. Critics described the literature as an inspirational bible for young people everywhere. We have all witnessed the glory and success of the author today, but this literature lead us into the author's continuous journey, struggles, and painful days of his life that he and many young Africans are facing today. The book is orderly and neatly written. Mr. Camara took his readers on a journey of his life encounters which were filled with obstacles, perseverance, and triumphs, which many young people can relate to. The message throughout the entire book was to follow your dreams and to never give up. This message is relevant to young people all over the world today, especially to young Africans. His message is that without perseverance, commitment, and consistency to your ideas, dreams, and, aspirations you will not succeed in your endeavors. The author never relented or despaired when the going got tough on him, he got tougher instead. In a nutshell the "Testimony of An African Immigrant" is a summary (open letter) of the struggles and plights of young Africans to African and world leaders. Go and pick up your own copy today and be inspired.

Teaching immigrant and second language students

Teaching immigrant and second language students Author Michael Sadowski
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105128305930
Release 2004-09-30
Pages 132
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Teaching immigrant and second language students has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Teaching immigrant and second language students also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Teaching immigrant and second language students book for free.

Resources in Education

Resources in Education Author
ISBN-10 PSU:000068698058
Release 1997
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Resources in Education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Resources in Education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Resources in Education book for free.

Improving the Odds for America s Children

Improving the Odds for America s Children Author Kathleen McCartney
ISBN-10 1612506895
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 296
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Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Children's Defense Fund, this book examines the challenges we must meet now and in the future on behalf of our young people. The book examines critical issues - prenatal and infant health and development, early child care and education, school reform, the achievement gap, vulnerable children, juvenile justice and child poverty - and highlights the crucial practical and policy measures we need to consider and undertake if we are to better serve our children.


Ethnicities Author Rubén G. Rumbaut
ISBN-10 0520230124
Release 2001
Pages 334
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"Ethnicities is a timely and important book. Rumbaut and Portes have brought together a group of stimulating essays by leading scholars in immigration studies that deal with issues at the heart of debates about the new second generation. From Mexicans to Vietnamese and Haitians, the essays show how the children of immigrants in diverse groups are faring and, in different ways, "becoming American." This volume is sure to become a standard reference for future research in the field."--Nancy Foner, author of From Ellis Island to JFK: New York's Two Great Waves of Immigration "The authors take the reader on an instructive cross country journey to understand the newest immigrants and their children. Ethnicities fills a big gap in the sociological portrait of today's American mosaic."--Herbert Gans, author of The War Against the Poor "This pathbreaking book, rich in new data and incisive analyses, is the first to bring together a collection of studies of the second generation's diverse origins, pathways, and challenges. Ethnicities will spark many lively discussions among my students, many of whom belong to this brave new second generation."--Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, author of Doméstica: Immigrant Workers Cleaning and Caring in the Shadows of Affluence "This tightly focused collection makes it clear that the children of immigrants are key to understanding the nation's new immigrant experience. It reveals contradictory trends among, for example, Haitians, Filipinos, Cubans, Vietnamese, and Mexicans, such as high praise for American society along with increased reports of discrimination. This book contributes significantly to major empirical and theoretical debates."--Rodolfo O. de la Garza, co-author of Making Americans, Remaking America "Remarkably coherent, readable and insightful, this volume makes important contributions to theory, particularly in recasting the concept of assimilation. By combining survey data with interviews and historical background, Ethnicities (and its companion, Legacies) provides a wealth of information about the long-term effects of contemporary immigration--examining what happens to the second and subsequent generations. It is both an exciting and a disturbing book."--Bryan R. Roberts, author of The Making of Citizens: Cities of Peasants Revisited

Promises Kept

Promises Kept Author Dr. Joe Brewster
ISBN-10 9780812994490
Release 2014-01-14
Pages 384
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As seen on PBS’s POV An unprecedented guide to helping black boys achieve success at every stage of their lives—at home, at school, and in the world Regardless of how wealthy or poor their parents are, all black boys must confront and surmount the “achievement gap”: a divide that shows up not only in our sons’ test scores, but in their social and emotional development, their physical well-being, and their outlook on life. As children, they score as high on cognitive tests as their peers, but at some point, the gap emerges. Why? This is the question Joe Brewster, M.D., and Michèle Stephenson asked when their own son, Idris, began struggling in a new school. As they filmed his experiences for their award-winning documentary American Promise, they met an array of researchers who had not only identified the reasons for the gap, but had come up with practical, innovative solutions to close it. In Promises Kept, they explain • how to influence your son’s brain before he’s even born • how to tell the difference between authoritarian and authoritative discipline—and why it matters • how to create an educational program for your son that matches his needs • how to prepare him for explicit and implicit racism in school and in the wider world • how to help your child develop resilience, self-discipline, emotional intelligence, and a positive outlook that will last a lifetime Filled with innovative research, practical strategies, and the voices of parents and children who are grappling with these issues firsthand, Promises Kept will challenge your assumptions and inspire you to make sure your child isn’t lost in the gap. Praise for Promises Kept “The authors offer a plethora of information and advice geared toward the specific developmental needs of black boys. . . . Thorough and detailed, this guidebook is also a call to action. As Brewster sees it, when people of color remain complacent, they not only break a tacit promise to future generations to achieve social equity, they also imperil the futures of both the nation and the planet. A practical and impassioned parenting guide.”—Kirkus Reviews “A penetrating look at the standard practices, at school and at home, that contribute to the achievement gap between the races and the sexes that seems to put black boys at a disadvantage. [Brewster and Stephenson] debunk myths and offer ten parenting and education strategies to improve the prospects for black boys to help them overcome racial stereotypes and low expectations. . . . This is a practical and insightful look at the particular challenges of raising black males.”—Booklist From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Making of a Dream

The Making of a Dream Author Laura Wides-Muñoz
ISBN-10 9780062560148
Release 2018-01-30
Pages 384
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A journalist chronicles the next chapter in civil rights—the story of a movement and a nation, witnessed through the poignant and inspiring experiences of five young undocumented activists who are transforming society’s attitudes toward one of the most contentious political matters roiling America today: immigration. They are called the DREAMers: young people who were brought, or sent, to the United States as children and who have lived for years in America without legal status. Growing up, they often worked hard in school, planned for college, only to learn they were, in the eyes of the United States government and many citizens, "illegal aliens." Determined to take fate into their own hands, a group of these young undocumented immigrants risked their safety to "come out" about their status—sparking a transformative movement, engineering a seismic shift in public opinion on immigration, and inspiring other social movements across the country. Their quest for permanent legal protection under the so-called "Dream Act," stalled. But in 2012, the Obama administration issued a landmark, new immigration policy: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, which has since protected more than half a million young immigrants from deportation even as efforts to install more expansive protections remain elusive. The Making of a Dream begins at the turn of the millennium, with the first of a series of "Dream Act" proposals; follows the efforts of policy makers, activists, and undocumented immigrants themselves, and concludes with the 2016 presidential election and the first months of the Trump presidency. The immigrants’ coming of age stories intersect with the watershed political and economic events of the last two decades: 9/11, the recession, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Obama presidency, and the rebirth of the anti-immigrant right. In telling their story, Laura Wides-Muñoz forces us to rethink our definition of what it means to be American.

When Grit Isn t Enough

When Grit Isn t Enough Author Linda F. Nathan
ISBN-10 9780807042984
Release 2017
Pages 184
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"Examines major myths informing American education and explores how educators can better serve students, increase college retention rates, and develop alternatives to college that don't disadvantage students on the basis of race or income. As the founder and co-headmaster of the Boston Arts Academy (BAA), an urban high school that boasts a 94 percent college acceptance rate, Linda Nathan could have rested on her laurels. But after ushering in fourteen years of graduating classes, Nathan took stock of the graduates: of those who went to college, 63 percent graduated and 37 percent dropped out. Although these stats are good, given that the national drop-out and transfer rate from college after the first year is 40 percent, Nathan feels like she failed the students who didn't graduate. This led her to reflect on the assumptions she herself has perpetuated about education: that college is for all, that hard work and determination are enough to get you through, that America is a land of equality. Seeing a rift between these false promises and the lived experiences of her students, Nathan argues that it is time for educators to face these uncomfortable issues head-on and ask the tough questions: How can colleges better acknowledge and address institutional racism and increase retention rates? And for those who sought a career without college, how could high school have paved an alternate path to success? Nathan includes the voices of BAA alumni/ae whose lived experiences provide a window through which to view urban education today and help imagine greater purposes for schooling"--

Learning a New Land

Learning a New Land Author Carola Suárez-Orozco
ISBN-10 9780674044111
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 436
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One child in five in America is the child of immigrants, and their numbers increase each year. Based on an extraordinary interdisciplinary study that followed 400 newly arrived children from the Caribbean, China, Central America, and Mexico for five years, this book provides a compelling account of the lives, dreams, academic journeys, and frustrations of these youngest immigrants.