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Postwar British Politics in Perspective

Postwar British Politics in Perspective Author David Marsh
ISBN-10 0745620302
Release 1999-06-02
Pages 264
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This broad-ranging and original text provides an accessible introduction to British politics since 1945, challenging many well-established orthodoxies.

Postwar British Politics

Postwar British Politics Author Peter Kerr
ISBN-10 9781134571529
Release 2005-07-26
Pages 256
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This book offers a fresh view of postwar British politics, very much at odds to the dominant view in contemporary scholarship. The author argues that postwar British politics, up to and including the Blair Government, can be largely characterised in terms of continuity and a gradual evolution from a period of conflict over the primary aims of government strategy to one of recent relative consensus. This book provides a provocative and challenging account of the historical background to the election of the Blair Government and will be of interest to a wide audience.

Thatcherism and British Politics

Thatcherism and British Politics Author Dennis Kavanagh
ISBN-10 UOM:39015017749972
Release 1990
Pages 339
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Margaret Thatcher is the only 20th-century prime minister to have given her name to a style as well as a doctrine. Although the final balance sheet of the successes and failures of Thatcherism is yet to be tallied, this book places the government of Mrs. Thatcher in the perspective of postwar British politics. Here, Kavanagh describes how a postwar political consensus--covering full employment, welfare, conciliation of the trade unions, a mixed economy with state intervention, and social engineering--was established with the support of dominant groups in the Conservative and Labour parties. He then shows how that settlement broke down in the face of economic problems, changes in policies and personnel in the main parties, and the challenge to the intellectual bases of the consensus mounted by groups on the New Right. The book concludes with an insightful analysis of the government's record, and of prospects for a new consensus. Mrs. Thatcher has cited the breaking of the consensus as one of her primary political objectives, and in this penetrating study she emerges both as the architect of the collapse of consensus and as its product.

Post war Britain 1945 64

Post war Britain  1945 64 Author Anthony Gorst
ISBN-10 0861877608
Release 1989
Pages 246
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Post war Britain 1945 64 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Post war Britain 1945 64 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Post war Britain 1945 64 book for free.

British government and politics since 1945

British government and politics since 1945 Author Frederick Fernand Ridley
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105023056471
Release 1995
Pages 248
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Since 1945 Britain has moved from a Cabinet to a Prime Ministerial style of government, and from confrontational to consensual politics and back again. This volume surveys the state of British politics over the last fifty years and charts the changes in the central features of the Britishsystem of government and the types of individuals who become politicians.

British politics in perspective

British politics in perspective Author R. L. Borthwick
ISBN-10 0718512472
Release 1984
Pages 251
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British politics in perspective has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from British politics in perspective also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full British politics in perspective book for free.

The IMF Crisis of 1976 and British Politics

The IMF Crisis of 1976 and British Politics Author Kevin Hickson
ISBN-10 1850437254
Release 2005-05-13
Pages 259
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The IMF crisis of 1976 was a seminal event in British political history, with the government seen as going 'cap in hand' to the International Monetary Fund in order to avert financial meltdown. This text uses original source material in order to identify the economic thought and practice which caused the crisis.

Cameron and the Conservatives

Cameron and the Conservatives Author Timothy Heppell
ISBN-10 9780230314108
Release 2012-02-07
Pages 268
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Specialists in Conservative Party politics examine the effectiveness of the Cameron led coalition. The contributors examine Cameron as leader and Prime Minister; the Conservatives' modernization strategy; the level of ideological coherence in "liberal conservatism"; and the impact of the coalition on a range of policy areas and on "New" Labour.

The Political Economy of New Labour

The Political Economy of New Labour Author Colin Hay
ISBN-10 0719054826
Release 1999
Pages 242
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This work provides a systematic assessment and evaluation of the modernization of the British Labour Party in light of its landslide victory in 1997. It also represents an attempt to locate Labour's modernization in terms of the distincitive political economy of contemporary British capitalism and the impact of globalization, the evolution and transformation of the British State in the post-war period, the legacy of Thatcherism, and the specifics of electoral strategy and competition in contemporary Britain.

British Politics A Critical Introduction

British Politics  A Critical Introduction Author Stuart McAnulla
ISBN-10 0826461557
Release 2006
Pages 211
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This book provides students with a critical introduction to the British political system and the context of contemporary British policy making. Too often the importance of interpretation, to any understanding of British politics is neglected. Attention to conveying factual information takes precedence over developing theoretical understandings. This book is different, in that it provides an account of British politics that is conceptually and theoretically driven. It not only outlines the key features of British politics but which also provides critical perspectives on them. McAnulla uses particular concepts and theories to illuminate the key dynamics of British politics i.e. to the ideas, practices and relationships that sustain the political system. Particular attention is devoted to understanding contemporary developments through an appreciation of the traditional dynamics of British politics. >

Cultural Marxism in Postwar Britain

Cultural Marxism in Postwar Britain Author Dennis L. Dworkin
ISBN-10 0822319144
Release 1997
Pages 322
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In this intellectual history of British cultural Marxism, Dennis Dworkin explores one of the most influential bodies of contemporary thought. Tracing its development from beginnings in postwar Britain, through its various transformations in the 1960s and 1970s, to the emergence of British cultural studies at Birmingham, and up to the advent of Thatcherism, Dworkin shows this history to reflect a coherent intellectual tradition, one that represents an implicit and explicit theoretical effort to resolve the crisis of the postwar British Left. Limited to neither a single discipline nor a particular intellectual figure, this book comprehensively views British cultural Marxism in terms of the dialogue between historians and the originators of cultural studies and in its relationship to the new left and feminist movements. From the contributions of Eric Hobsbawm, Christopher Hill, Rodney Hilton, Sheila Rowbotham, Catherine Hall, and E. P. Thompson to those of Perry Anderson, Barbara Taylor, Raymond Williams, Dick Hebdidge, and Stuart Hall, Dworkin examines the debates over issues of culture and society, structure and agency, experience and ideology, and theory and practice. The rise, demise, and reorganisation of journals such as The Reasoner, The New Reasoner, Universities and Left Review, New Left Review, Past and Present are also part of the history told in this volume. In every instance, the focus of Dworkin's attention is the intellectual work seen in its political context. Capturing the excitement and commitment that more than one generation of historians, literary critics, art historians, philosophers, and cultural theorists have felt about an unorthodox and critical tradition of Marxist theory, Cultural Marxism in Postwar Britain will appeal to students and scholars of cultural studies as well as those interested in the broader terrain of Marxist theory and contemporary critical theory.

Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Philosophy of the Social Sciences Author Patrick Baert
ISBN-10 074562247X
Release 2005-11-18
Pages 210
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Patrick Baert analyses the central perspectives in the philosophy of social science, critically investigating the work of Durkheim, Weber, Popper, critical realism, critical theory, and Rorty's neo-pragmatism.

British Politics since the War

British Politics since the War Author Bill Coxall
ISBN-10 9781349260133
Release 1997-10-29
Pages 336
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British Politics since the War has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from British Politics since the War also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full British Politics since the War book for free.

British Politics since 1945

British Politics since 1945 Author Peter Dorey
ISBN-10 0631190759
Release 1995-10-09
Pages 400
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British Politics since 1945 offers a comprehensive overview of postwar British politics ideal for introductory students and general readers alike. The book balances a narrative of the major events and personalities of the postwar political scene with a critical assessment of the recurrent issues and concerns of political debate. It also analyses the main idealogical perspectives operating within party politics since the Second Wolrd War - from the Right, the Centre and the Left - showing how these dominant groups have viewed developments and expressed their ambitions over the last fifty years. Succinct chronological account complemented with critical, thematic assessment of ideas Covers central topic on all introductory politics and postwar history Extensive use of tabular material, and appendices for reference

Cultures of Post War British Fascism

Cultures of Post War British Fascism Author Nigel Copsey
ISBN-10 9781317539360
Release 2015-04-10
Pages 252
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In Post-War Britain cultural interventions were a feature of fascist parties and movements, just as they were in Europe. This book makes a new major contribution to existing scholarship which begins to discuss British fascism as a cultural phenomenon. A collection of essays from leading academics, this book uncovers how a cultural struggle lay at the heart of the hegemonic projects of all varieties of British fascism. Such a cultural struggle is enacted and reflected in the text and talk, music and literature of British fascism. Where other published works have examined the cultural visions of British fascism during the inter-war period, this book is the first to dedicate itself to detailed critical analysis of the post-war cultural landscapes of British fascism. Through discussions of cultural phenomena such as folk music, fashion and neo-nazi fiction, among others, Cultures of Post-War British Fascism builds a picture of Post-War Britain which emphasises the importance of understanding these politics with reference to their corresponding cultural output. This book is essential reading for undergraduates and postgraduates studying far right politics and British history.

Citizenship and Belonging

Citizenship and Belonging Author James Hampshire
ISBN-10 9780230510524
Release 2005-04-15
Pages 252
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James Hampshire explores the politics of immigration in postwar Britain and shows how ideas of race, demography and belonging intertwined to shape immigration policy. It is the first book to explain immigration in terms of the politics of demographic governance - how states manage and regulate their populations - and provides a much needed historical context to current debates. In addition, the book develops new perspectives on the ways in which racialized ideas influenced politics and policy-making.

Leaders of the Opposition

Leaders of the Opposition Author T. Heppell
ISBN-10 9780230369009
Release 2012-03-27
Pages 282
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Timothy Heppell brings together a renowned group of contributors to consider the role of the Leader of the Opposition in British Politics. The book argues that the neglect of opposition studies needs to be addressed, especially given the increasing importance attached to the performance the Leader of the Opposition in the British political system.