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Powerful words

Powerful words Author Wade Hudson
ISBN-10 0439409705
Release 2006
Pages 178
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A collection of speeches and writings by African Americans, with commentary about the time period in which each person lived, information about the speaker/writer, and public response to the words.

Verbalisation The power of words to drive change

Verbalisation  The power of words to drive change Author Sven Hughes
ISBN-10 9781326946531
Release 2017-05-25
Pages 214
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Verbalisation: The power of words to drive change In our hyper-connected age, audiences have changed, but our ways of reaching them haven't. Our ability to understand, engage, and influence them, using new methods and media, is both our biggest challenge and our biggest opportunity. This is your practical guide to harnessing the power of words to reliably change behaviour. On the battlefield, on the campaign trail and in the boardroom.

Power Words

Power Words Author Joyce Meyer
ISBN-10 1473635535
Release 2016-01-28
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Power Words has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Power Words also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Power Words book for free.

Power of Words

Power of Words Author S. Chase
ISBN-10 OCLC:966114539
Release 1996
Pages 308
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Power of Words has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Power of Words also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Power of Words book for free.

The Power of Words

The Power of Words Author Dwight Wright
ISBN-10 9781612154305
Release 2011-01
Pages 166
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"The book you hold in your hand is a result of intense research, prayer and experience. This is atopic I teach on very often especially to young people and the author Dwight Wright has outdonehimself with timeless truths and amazing biblical illustrations that will change your life forever ifapplied. This is riveting stuff! Whether you are in the Body of Christ or an unbeliever, shouldyou apply these principles you will get results that have for years seemed illusive. Now at lastliving your dream, living a victorious successful life is right within your grasp.Read on!" Rev. Paul Blake, Co-founder of Sold Out Ministries Int'l, Montego Bay, JamaicaThe Power of Words is about how the words we see, hear, and speak brought us to where we arenow, and will determine where we will be in the next day, month, year, or the next trillion yearsfrom now. Words determine our future, our successes and failures in every aspect of our lives.This book will show you how to use words to - Change your life from bad habits to more successful ones Overcome any sin and temptation Do, be, and have anything God says you can do, be, and have.The Word of God is the most powerful of all spoken, written, quoted, published, and lived wordsknown to man. Absolutely nothing can be achieved without the eternal words of the living Godbecause the essence of word is God.Dwight Wright is a graduate of the Jamaica Theological Seminary (JTS) with a B.A. in theology.He is a minister of religion with the New Testament Church of God denomination (Jamaica andthe Cayman Islands). He also has a Diploma in Freelance Writing from Penn Foster CareerSchool.

The Power of Words

The Power of Words Author Sean Clouden
ISBN-10 9780982422748
Release 2009-07-21
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This book teaches a simple, special method of approaching new subjects or activities that will allow you to quickly grasp them and get results.


Churchill Author Winston Churchill
ISBN-10 9780306821615
Release 2012-06-05
Pages 536
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Winston Churchill knew the power of words. In public speeches and published books, in newspaper and magazine articles, he expressed his feelings and laid out his vision for the future. His wartime writings and speeches have fascinated generation after generation with their powerful narrative style and thoughtful reflection. This book contains one hundred extracts from his books, articles and speeches. They range from his memories of his schooldays, to his contributions to the debates on social policy and on war, his contributions in both world wars to the events and discourse, and his efforts after 1945 to see the world a better place. Martin Gilbert, Churchill's official biographer, has chosen passages that express to him the essence of Churchill's thoughts, and which describe--in his own inimitable words--the main adventures of his life, and the main crises of his career with Gilbert's own introduction and interlinking text. They give, from first to last, an insight into his life and thought, how it evolved, and how he made his mark on the British and world stage.

Power Words

Power Words Author Joyce Meyer
ISBN-10 9781455587865
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 160
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Joyce Meyer, # 1 New York Times bestselling author, helps readers tap into the life-changing power of positive words and prayer to overcome everyday problems in POWER WORDS. Developing the habit of speaking God's Word will unlock the power of transformation in readers' lives. In this compact derivative of her bestselling book, Me and My Big Mouth, Joyce Meyer draws from personal experience and Scripture to illustrate how prayer and positive words can be used to overcome every challenge that stands in the way of fulfillment. Joyce teaches readers how to to stop talking idly about their problems and use God's POWER WORDS to defeat them.

The 7 Power Words

The 7 Power Words Author Letty R. Vendramini
ISBN-10 9781600375446
Release 2009-02-01
Pages 212
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The 7 Power Words: A Guide To A Truly Happy And Meaningful Life reveals to you that it is possible to have the life you've been longing for. The answer can be found in living by the seven incredibly powerful words revealed in this book. That's right - just seven words are all that are standing between you and your dream right now. Learn and live the power of these seven simple words and live your life to the fullest!This is a turnkey to the secrets of your success, fulfillment, peace, joy, spirituality, happiness and meaning in life. Step up the next level of your life.Achieve your desire for a life well-lived. Begin it. Now!

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Power Words

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Power Words Author Scott Snair, Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9781101032787
Release 2009-05-05
Pages 240
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At a loss for words? The gift of understanding power words and phrases will allow readers to set themselves apart, be more assertive, and impress and inspire others. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Power Words also discusses how to develop and encourage clear-headed attention between parties, proactive listening techniques, genuine interest, and open-mindedness. Engaging in the craft of utilizing power words and phrases makes readers more important-and more influential. *Word power books continue to be popular *Provides practical, step-by-step advice for learning the words and phrases that will make all the difference when arguing a point

Power in Words

Power in Words Author Mary Frances Berry
ISBN-10 9780807001097
Release 2010-10-12
Pages 304
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Whatever his ratings, Obama remains personally popular, widely acknowledged for his soaring oratory. His words were one of the lasting legacies of his presidential campaign and are proving to be among his most effective governing weapons. In Power in Words, distinguished historian and civil rights activist Mary Frances Berry and former presidential speechwriter Josh Gottheimer introduce Obama’s most memorable speeches, from his October 2002 speech against the war in Iraq and his November 2008 election-night victory speech to “A More Perfect Union,” his March 2008 response to the Reverend Wright controversy, and lesser-known but revealing speeches, such as one given in Nairobi, Kenya, in August 2006. For each speech, Berry and Gottheimer add a rich introduction that includes political analysis, provides insight and historical context, and features commentary straight from the speechwriters themselves—including Jon Favreau, Obama’s chief speechwriter, and several other Obama campaign writers. Compelling and enduring,Power in Words delivers the behind-the-scenes account of Obama’s rhetorical legacy and is a collection to relish for years to come.

3000 Power Words and Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews

3000 Power Words and Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews Author Sandra E. Lamb
ISBN-10 9781607744825
Release 2013
Pages 245
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This excellent business resource outlines the best methods and proven tactics for writing and conducting meaningful and productive performance reviews that benefit both the employee and the company. Original.

The Power of Words

The Power of Words Author David S. Kaufer
ISBN-10 9781135618124
Release 2004-02-04
Pages 272
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In 1888, Mark Twain reflected on the writer's special feel for words to his correspondent, George Bainton, noting that "the difference between the almost-right word and the right word is really a large matter." We recognize differences between a politician who is "willful" and one who is "willing" even though the difference does not cross word-stems or parts of speech. We recognize that being "held up" evokes different experiences depending upon whether its direct object is a meeting, a bank, or an example. Although we can notice hundreds of examples in the language where small differences in wording produce large reader effects, the authors of The Power of Words argue that these examples are random glimpses of a hidden systematic knowledge that governs how we, as writers or speakers, learn to shape experience for other human beings. Over the past several years, David Kaufer and his colleagues have developed a software program for analyzing writing called DocuScope. This book illustrates the concepts and rhetorical theory behind the software analysis, examining patterns in writing and showing writers how their writing works in different categories to accomplish varying objectives. Reflecting the range and variety of audience experience that contiguous words of surface English can prime, the authors present a theory of language as an instrument of rhetorically priming audiences and a catalog of English strings to implement the theory. The project creates a comprehensive map of the speaker and writer's implicit knowledge about predisposing audience experience at the point of utterance. The book begins with an explanation of why studying language from the standpoint of priming--not just meaning--is vital to non-question begging theories of close reading and to language education in general. The remaining chapters in Part I detail the steps taken to prepare a catalog study of English strings for their properties as priming instruments. Part II describes in detail the catalog of priming categories, including enough examples to help readers see how individual words and strings of English fit into the catalog. The final part describes how the authors have applied the catalog of English strings as priming tools to conduct textual research.

Every Word Has Power

Every Word Has Power Author Yvonne Oswald
ISBN-10 1416564659
Release 2008-03-04
Pages 208
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Words have power. The very words we say and think not only describe our world but actually create it. They have a profound impact on our lives; in fact, our self-talk produces 100 percent of our results. In this pioneering, practical book, Yvonne Oswald teaches us how to fi lter unsupportive words to produce outstanding results, changing our perspective, relationships, and ability to manifest our deepest desires. The easy-to-follow formula holistically blends the science of language, physical well-being, and emotional cleansing. The "Keys to Success and Happiness" reconnect you with your original empowerment blueprint and develop your understanding for a lifetime of success. Every Word Has Power charms all of the senses and delivers powerful, easy tools for change. Tips, exercises, scripts, stories, metaphors, and science are interwoven to create a dynamic blend of quantum self-growth that immediately jump-starts your transformation.

The Power of Our Words

The Power of Our Words Author Paula Denton
ISBN-10 9781892989598
Release 2013-11-19
Pages 192
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Simple changes in a teacher's language can bring about profound changes in students and classrooms. By paying attention to your words and tone of voice, you will: Increase students' engagement with academicsBuild positive communityMore effectively manage your classroom That is the message of The Power of Our Words, a book that has changed the teaching lives of tens of thousands of educators since it was first published in 2007. In this updated second edition you will find practical information to help you: Lead students in envisioning themselves achieving successUse questions that encourage deep and creative thinkingListen to students in ways that support their growthReinforce students efforts and remind or redirect them when they go off track. Throughout, you will find an increased emphasis on using teacher language to support academic engagement and critical thinking skills as called for in the Common Core State Standards. And an updated, livelier format makes this second edition even easier to read.

The 250 Power Words That Sell

The 250 Power Words That Sell Author Stephan Schiffman
ISBN-10 9781440556258
Release 2013-01-18
Pages 224
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Game-changing terms every salesperson should know Wouldn't you like your prospects to know that you can help them develop new solutions, create substantial efficiencies, and improve profit margins? In order for them to even give you the time of day, though, you'll need to be prepared with the words and phrases that will get you in the door. Stephan Schiffman, America's number-one corporate sales trainer, has gathered a powerful list of words and phrases that every successful salesperson needs in order to gain the competitive edge, leave a lasting and positive impression, and ultimately make a sale. Pulled from his sessions and key discussion points, these important terms will help you: Turn leads into prospects. Learn more about your clients' needs. Convey the ability to meet your clients' demands. Overcome objections during negotiations. With The 250 Power Words That Sell, you will watch your performance soar as you beat out the competition and surpass quota every quarter!

The Power of Words

The Power of Words Author Scott C. Greenwood
ISBN-10 9781607097280
Release 2010-09-16
Pages 232
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This book provides teachers with the hows and whys of effective vocabulary instruction, through the use of visual organizers, user-friendly appendices, classroom vignettes, and simple, clear language, encouraging professionals to truly engage their pupils.