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Practical Philosophy

Practical Philosophy Author Immanuel Kant
ISBN-10 0521654084
Release 1999-06-13
Pages 668
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This is the first English translation of all of Kant's writings on moral and political philosophy collected in a single volume. No other collection competes with the comprehensiveness of this one. The translation of the Metaphysics of Morals by Mary Gregor appears in a new edition to conform to the guidelines of the Cambridge Edition and to reflect some widely accepted textual emendations adopted in a recent German edition of that work. The volume has been furnished with a substantial editorial apparatus including translator's introductions an explanatory notes to each text by Mary Gregor, and a general introduction to Kant's moral and political philosophy by Allen Wood.

Theoretical Philosophy 1755 1770

Theoretical Philosophy  1755 1770 Author Immanuel Kant
ISBN-10 0521531705
Release 2003-06-02
Pages 543
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First volume of the first comprehensive edition of the works of Kant in English translation.

Religion and Rational Theology

Religion and Rational Theology Author Immanuel Kant
ISBN-10 0521799988
Release 2001-03-19
Pages 548
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This volume collects all of Kant's writings on religion and rational theology.

Lectures on Metaphysics

Lectures on Metaphysics Author Immanuel Kant
ISBN-10 0521000769
Release 2001-10-01
Pages 696
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This volume contains the first translation into English of notes from Kant's lectures on metaphysics.

Lectures on Logic

Lectures on Logic Author Immanuel Kant
ISBN-10 0521546915
Release 2004-09-13
Pages 695
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This volume includes three previously untranslated transcripts of Kant's logic lectures.

Kant Religion Within the Boundaries of Mere Reason

Kant  Religion Within the Boundaries of Mere Reason Author Immanuel Kant
ISBN-10 0521599644
Release 1998-11-26
Pages 229
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Religion within the Boundaries of Mere Reason is a key element of the system of philosophy which Kant introduced with his Critique of Pure Reason, and a work of major importance in the history of Western religious thought. It represents a great philosopher's attempt to spell out the form and content of a type of religion that would be grounded in moral reason and would meet the needs of ethical life. It includes sharply critical and boldly constructive discussions on topics not often treated by philosophers, including such traditional theological concepts as original sin and the salvation or 'justification' of a sinner, and the idea of the proper role of a church. This volume presents it and three short essays that illuminate it in new translations by Allen Wood and George di Giovanni, with an introduction by Robert Merrihew Adams that locates it in its historical and philosophical context.

Lectures on Ethics

Lectures on Ethics Author Immanuel Kant
ISBN-10 0521788048
Release 1997
Pages 507
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Lecture notes taken by Kant's students of his university courses in ethics.

Theoretical Philosophy after 1781

Theoretical Philosophy after 1781 Author Immanuel Kant
ISBN-10 1139433091
Release 2002-05-20
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This volume, originally published in 2002, assembles the historical sequence of writings that Kant published between 1783 and 1796 to popularize, summarize, amplify and defend the doctrines of his masterpiece, the Critique of Pure Reason of 1781. The best known of them, the Prolegomena, is often recommended to beginning students, but the other texts are also vintage Kant and are important sources for a fully rounded picture of Kant's intellectual development. As with other volumes in the series there are copious linguistic notes and a glossary of key terms. The editorial introductions and explanatory notes shed light on the critical reception accorded Kant by the metaphysicians of his day and on Kant's own efforts to derail his opponents.

Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant Author Otfried Höffe
ISBN-10 0791420949
Release 1994-09-08
Pages 290
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A general introduction to the thought of the 18th-century German philosopher, explaining his contribution and influence in ethics, politics, law, history, religion, and art. First published in German in 1992. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Cambridge Companion to Kant s Critique of Pure Reason

The Cambridge Companion to Kant s Critique of Pure Reason Author Paul Guyer
ISBN-10 9780521710114
Release 2010-06-14
Pages 461
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The first collective commentary in English on Kant's landmark 1871 publication.


Kant Author Paul Guyer
ISBN-10 9781135015633
Release 2014-03-05
Pages 502
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In this updated edition of his outstanding introduction to Kant, Paul Guyer uses Kant’s central conception of autonomy as the key to his thought. Beginning with a helpful overview of Kant’s life and times, Guyer introduces Kant’s metaphysics and epistemology, carefully explaining his arguments about the nature of space, time and experience in his most influential but difficult work, The Critique of Pure Reason. He offers an explanation and critique of Kant’s famous theory of transcendental idealism and shows how much of Kant’s philosophy is independent of this controversial doctrine. He then examines Kant’s moral philosophy, his celebrated ‘categorical imperative’ and his theories of duty, freedom of will and political rights. This section of the work has been substantially revised to clarify the relation between Kant’s conceptions of "internal" and "external" freedom. In his treatments of Kant’s aesthetics and teleology, Guyer focuses on their relation to human freedom and happiness. Finally, he considers Kant’s view that the development of human autonomy is the only goal that we can conceive for both natural and human history. Including a chronology, glossary, chapter summaries and up-to-date further reading, Kant, second edition is an ideal introduction to this demanding yet pivotal figure in the history of philosophy, and essential reading for all students of philosophy.

Notes and Fragments

Notes and Fragments Author Immanuel Kant
ISBN-10 1139443151
Release 2005-03-21
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This 2005 volume provides an extensive translation of the notes and fragments that survived Kant's death in 1804. These include marginalia, lecture notes, and sketches and drafts for his published works. They are important as an indispensable resource for understanding Kant's intellectual development and published works, casting fresh light on Kant's conception of his own philosophical methods and his relations to his predecessors, as well as on central doctrines of his work such as the theory of space, time and categories, the refutations of scepticism and metaphysical dogmatism, the theory of the value of freedom and the possibility of free will, the conception of God, the theory of beauty, and much more.

Kantian Ethics

Kantian Ethics Author Allen W. Wood
ISBN-10 9781139465885
Release 2007-12-10
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In this book, Allen Wood investigates Kant's conception of ethical theory, using it to develop a viable approach to the rights and moral duties of human beings. By remaining closer to Kant's own view of the aims of ethics, Wood's understanding of Kantian ethics differs from the received 'constructivist' interpretation, especially on such matters as the ground and function of ethical principles, the nature of ethical reasoning and autonomy as the ground of ethics. Wood does not hesitate to criticize and modify Kant's conclusions when they seem inconsistent with his basic principles or fail to make the best use of the resources Kantian principles make available. Of special interest are the book's treatment of such topics as freedom of the will, the state's role in securing economic justice, sexual morality, the justification of punishment, and the prohibition on lying.

Toward Perpetual Peace and Other Writings on Politics Peace and History

Toward Perpetual Peace and Other Writings on Politics  Peace  and History Author Immanuel Kant
ISBN-10 0300110707
Release 2006
Pages 265
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Immanuel Kant's views on politics, peace, and history have lost none of their relevance since their publication more than two centuries ago. This volume contains a comprehensive collection of Kant's writings on international relations theory and political philosophy, superbly translated and accompanied by stimulating essays. Pauline Kleingeld provides a lucid introduction to the main themes of the volume, and three essays by distinguished contributors follow: Jeremy Waldron on Kant's theory of the state; Michael W. Doyle on the implications of Kant's political theory for his theory of international relations; and Allen W. Wood on Kant's philosophical approach to history and its current relevance.

Knowledge Reason and Taste

Knowledge  Reason  and Taste Author Paul Guyer
ISBN-10 9781400824472
Release 2009-04-11
Pages 288
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Immanuel Kant famously said that he was awoken from his "dogmatic slumbers," and led to question the possibility of metaphysics, by David Hume's doubts about causation. Because of this, many philosophers have viewed Hume's influence on Kant as limited to metaphysics. More recently, some philosophers have questioned whether even Kant's metaphysics was really motivated by Hume. In Knowledge, Reason, and Taste, renowned Kant scholar Paul Guyer challenges both of these views. He argues that Kant's entire philosophy--including his moral philosophy, aesthetics, and teleology, as well as his metaphysics--can fruitfully be read as an engagement with Hume. In this book, the first to describe and assess Hume's influence throughout Kant's philosophy, Guyer shows where Kant agrees or disagrees with Hume, and where Kant does or doesn't appear to resolve Hume's doubts. In doing so, Guyer examines the progress both Kant and Hume made on enduring questions about causes, objects, selves, taste, moral principles and motivations, and purpose and design in nature. Finally, Guyer looks at questions Kant and Hume left open to their successors.

Kant Lectures and Drafts on Political Philosophy

Kant  Lectures and Drafts on Political Philosophy Author
ISBN-10 0521843081
Release 2016-08-18
Pages 464
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This book is the first translation into English of the Reflections which Kant wrote whilst formulating his ideas in political philosophy: the preparatory drafts for Theory and Practice, Toward Perpetual Peace, the Doctrine of Right, and Conflict of the Faculties; and the only surviving student transcription of his course on Natural Right. Through these texts one can trace the development of his political thought, from his first exposure to Rousseau in the mid 1760s through to his last musings in the late 1790s after his final system of Right was published. The material covers such topics as the central role of freedom, the social contract, the nature of sovereignty, the means for achieving international peace, property rights in relation to the very possibility of human agency, the general prohibition of rebellion, and Kant's philosophical defense of the French Revolution.

Symbolic Representation in Kant s Practical Philosophy

Symbolic Representation in Kant s Practical Philosophy Author Heiner Bielefeldt
ISBN-10 0521818133
Release 2003-05-29
Pages 202
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Explores in detail the role that symbolic representation plays in the architecture of Kant's philosophy.