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Praxiswissen Gleitschleifen

Praxiswissen Gleitschleifen Author Helmut Prüller
ISBN-10 9783658209278
Release 2018-04-27
Pages 196
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Dieses Fachbuch stellt sehr anschaulich und in verständlicher Sprache alle wichtigen Bereiche des Gleitschleifens dar. Viele Tabellen mit Richtwerten und Diagrammen geben konkrete Hinweise für die praktische Arbeit. In der vorliegenden Auflage wurden mehrere Kapitel überarbeitet und erweitert und das Bildmaterial wurde aktualisiert. Zu den Berechnungen für die Maschinenauswahl und zum Verbrauch von Betriebsstoffen wurden die Formeln überarbeitet und Beispielrechnungen angegeben.

Manufacturing Processes 2

Manufacturing Processes 2 Author Fritz Klocke
ISBN-10 9783540922599
Release 2009-04-21
Pages 433
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The future of manufacturing companies depends largely on their ability to adapt to swiftly changing global conditions. These are exemplified by international com- tition, rapidly growing intercommunication and the increased significance of en- ronmental issues [KLOC98a, ENGE02]. Precision machining with geometrically undefined cutting edges represents a key production engineering technology with high efficiency, security and machining quality. DIN norm 8589 subsumes within the group “machining with geometrically - defined cutting edges” the following material removal manufacturing processes: grinding, honing, lapping, free abrasive grinding and abrasive blast cutting. - chining is carried out in these production methods by means of more or less - regularly formed grains composed of hard substances brought into contact with the material. Of all methods understood as machining with geometrically undefined cutting edges, only grinding, honing and lapping can, strictly speaking, be considered p- cision machining. Free abrasive grinding and abrasive blast cutting, also treated in this book, represent a special group, as they generally cannot bring about geom- rical change in the material.

Procurement 4 0

Procurement 4 0 Author Alexander Batran
ISBN-10 9783593506692
Release 2017-03-09
Pages 176
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Procurement 4.0 provides insights and guidance on how to best face the current and upcoming challenges for procurement organizations. Although digitization might be considered a driving factor behind Procurement 4.0 it is far too shortsighted to limit Procurement 4.0 solely on apps and automation. To gain a clearer picture of future procurement, the authors conducted interviews with leading procurement heads of global corporates such as BMW, Lufthansa, Maersk, BP and Allianz. These industry examples combined with various other cases offer a practical view to shed light on this still rather theoretical construct. Four dimensions of a 4.0 Procurement framework are further explored to address and react to business needs of the future: Competing value chains, co-creation, leadership and digital transformation. Besides industry examples, each chapter contains "survival tips" as impulses for procurement managers to lift their teams to the next level.

Mathematical models for the simulation of combined depth and cake filtration processes

Mathematical models for the simulation of combined depth and cake filtration processes Author Sebastian Osterroth
ISBN-10 9783839612972
Release 2018-03-08
Pages 246
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In this work, mathematical models for combined depth and cake filtration are developed. Their formulation is either based on a moving or free boundary description. For the free boundary model existence and uniqueness of the solution is shown. To study the influence of the model parameters, two different tools are introduced, namely model reduction and parameter identification. Model reduction is used to study the sensitivity of the parameters and to accelerate the solution procedure. Multiple ways to construct a projection basis are discussed and reviewed. For parameter identification, an optimization framework for the free boundary problem is derived. Therefore a gradient algorithm in combination with an adjoint formulation is used. The models are compared to several experimental data and different mathematical aspects of the problem are tested, too. The results show that it is possible to reproduce the experimental data. It is further shown that a nonlinear pressure drop, often arising in cake filtration, can be explained by the model without considering compression of the cake.

Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering

Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering Author James J. (Jong Hyuk) Park
ISBN-10 9783662478950
Release 2015-07-16
Pages 513
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This volume brings together contributions representing the state-of-the-art in new multimedia and future technology information research, currently a major topic in computer science and electronic engineering. Researchers aim to interoperate multimedia frameworks, transforming the way people work and interact with multimedia data. This book covers future information technology topics including digital and multimedia convergence, ubiquitous and pervasive computing, intelligent computing and applications, embedded systems, mobile and wireless communications, bio-inspired computing, grid and cloud computing, semantic web, human-centric computing and social networks, adaptive and context-aware computing, security and trust computing and related areas. Representing the combined proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering (MUE-15) and the 10th International Conference on Future Information Technology (Future Tech 2015), this book aims to provide a complete coverage of the areas outlined and to bring together researchers from academic and industry and other practitioners to share their research ideas, challenges and solutions.

Queer City

Queer City Author Peter Ackroyd
ISBN-10 9781683353010
Release 2018-05-08
Pages 272
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PRAISE FOR QUEER CITY “Always entertaining . . . much to be recommended.”—The Spectator “A nimble, uproarious pocket history of sex in his beloved metropolis.”—Independent “Ackroyd has an encyclopedic knowledge of London, and a poet’s instinct for its strange, mesmerizing drives and urges . . . Queer City contains something to alarm or fascinate on every page.”—The Mail on Sunday “Droll, provocative and crammed to busting with startling facts.”—The Guardian “Succinct, perceptive and robust.”—Daily Telegraph In Queer City, the acclaimed Peter Ackroyd looks at London in a whole new way–through the complete history and experiences of its gay and lesbian population. In Roman Londinium, the city was dotted with lupanaria (“wolf dens” or public pleasure houses), fornices (brothels), and thermiae (hot baths). Then came the Emperor Constantine, with his bishops, monks, and missionaries. And so began an endless loop of alternating permissiveness and censure. Ackroyd takes us right into the hidden history of the city; from the notorious Normans to the frenzy of executions for sodomy in the early nineteenth century. He journeys through the coffee bars of sixties Soho to Gay Liberation, disco music, and the horror of AIDS. Ackroyd reveals the hidden story of London, with its diversity, thrills, and energy, as well as its terrors, dangers, and risks, and in doing so, explains the origins of all English-speaking gay culture.

Constructive Side Channel Analysis and Secure Design

Constructive Side Channel Analysis and Secure Design Author Junfeng Fan
ISBN-10 9783319896410
Release 2018-05-21
Pages 263
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This book constitutes revised selected papers from the 9th International Workshop on Constructive Side-Channel Analysis and Secure Design, COSADE 2018, held in Singapore, in April 2018.The 14 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 31 submissions. They were organized in topical sections named: countermeasures against side-channel attacks; tools for side-channel analysis; fault attacks and hardware trojans; and side-channel analysis attacks.

Religion migration and conflict

Religion  migration and conflict Author Carl Sterkens
ISBN-10 9783643906205
Release 2015
Pages 197
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In various parts of the world, the act of migration can result in an increase of religious and cultural plurality. However, can this also result in more interreligious conflict? And, if so, which factors stimulate and which inhibit conflict? These and other related questions are addressed in this volume. (Series: Nijmegen Studies in Development and Cultural Change [NICCOS] - Vol. 51) [Subject: Sociology, Migration Studies, Religious Studies, Cultural Studies]

Reading Kant s Lectures

Reading Kant s Lectures Author Robert R. Clewis
ISBN-10 9783110384499
Release 2015-09-14
Pages 624
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This collection of more than twenty original essays by prominent Kant scholars covers the various aspects of Kant's teaching in relation to his published works. It addresses every area of Kant's lecturing activity, from metaphysics, logic, mathematics, and physics to ethics, anthropology, theology, and pedagogy. Reading Kant’s Lectures shows how the lectures formed the backdrop of the development of the Critical Philosophy.

Harmony Search Algorithm

Harmony Search Algorithm Author Joong Hoon Kim
ISBN-10 9783662479261
Release 2015-08-08
Pages 470
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The Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) is one of the most well-known techniques in the field of soft computing, an important paradigm in the science and engineering community. This volume, the proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Harmony Search Algorithm 2015 (ICHSA 2015), brings together contributions describing the latest developments in the field of soft computing with a special focus on HSA techniques. It includes coverage of new methods that have potentially immense application in various fields. Contributed articles cover aspects of the following topics related to the Harmony Search Algorithm: analytical studies; improved, hybrid and multi-objective variants; parameter tuning; and large-scale applications. The book also contains papers discussing recent advances on the following topics: genetic algorithms; evolutionary strategies; the firefly algorithm and cuckoo search; particle swarm optimization and ant colony optimization; simulated annealing; and local search techniques. This book offers a valuable snapshot of the current status of the Harmony Search Algorithm and related techniques, and will be a useful reference for practising researchers and advanced students in computer science and engineering.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Advances in Artificial Intelligence Author Ebrahim Bagheri
ISBN-10 9783319896564
Release 2018-05-14
Pages 396
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 31th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Canadian AI 2018, held in Toronto, ON, Canada, in May 2018. The 16 regular papers and 18 short papers presented together with 7 Graduate Student Symposium papers and 4 Industry Track papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 72 submissions. The focus of the conference was on artificial intelligence research and advanced information and communications technology.

Commun icat ing Bodies

Commun icat ing Bodies Author Alexander Darius Ornella
ISBN-10 9783290220273
Release 2014-06-06
Pages 428
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As a basic medium of human interaction, the body is fundamental to socio-cultural communication systems, in particular the communication system «religion». Over time, religious traditions – in all their various cultural and historical forms and incarnations – have developed elaborated symbolic systems with the body at their center. This volume proposes to study these systems and the role that body plays in their organization through the perspective of the concept of body as a medium and by drawing on media and communication theory. The papers collected in this volume explore this perspective in relation to different religious traditions, historical periods and theoretical as well as theological themes. They also engage in specific theoretical frameworks in order to discuss the scope and limitations of thinking of the body as a medium in religious symbol systems. Topics covered range from ancient mythology to contemporary Parsi rituals to the boundaries between body and technology.

John the Baptist and the Jewish Setting of Matthew

John the Baptist and the Jewish Setting of Matthew Author Brian C. Dennert
ISBN-10 3161540050
Release 2015-09-11
Pages 349
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Although recent discussions on Matthew have emphasized the document's setting within Judaism, these studies have not analyzed how the Jewish figure of John the Baptist functions within this setting. Brian Dennert steps into this gap, arguing that Matthew presents Jesus to be the continuation and culmination of John's ministry in order to strengthen the claims of Matthew's group and to vilify the opponents of his group. By doing this he encourages Jews yet to align with Matthew's group (particularly those who esteem the Baptist) and to gravitate away from its opponents. The author examines texts roughly contemporaneous with Matthew which reveal respect given to John the Baptist at the time of Matthew's composition. The examination of Matthew shows that the first Evangelist more closely connects the Baptist to Jesus while highlighting his rejection by Jewish authorities.

Structures of Epic Poetry

Structures of Epic Poetry Author Christiane Reitz
ISBN-10 3110492008
Release 2018-11-30
Pages 1800
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This compendium studies the continuity, flexibility, and variation of structural elements in epic narratives. It provides an overview of the structural patterns of epic poetry by means of a standardized, stringent terminology. Both diachronic developments as well as changes within indivudual epics are scrutinized in order to provide a comprehensive structural approach and a key to intra- and intertextual characteristics of ancient epic poetry.

Patents Pills and the Press

Patents  Pills  and the Press Author Thomas Owen
ISBN-10 1433123509
Release 2015-05
Pages 217
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HIV/AIDS is a global health crisis of unprecedented proportions. Afflicting millions worldwide, its social, political, economic, and ethical dimensions have rendered explicit the vast inequalities of our negatively globalized planet. Since the late 1990s, a major feature of the crisis has been the dispute over intellectual property protection and medicines access. In this book, Thomas Owen examines the mediatization of this dispute. Weaving together contemporary media theory and interdisciplinary research with computer-assisted news analysis and interviews with journalists and civil society campaigners, the book illuminates the intersecting constitutive relationships between global crises, global governance, and global media. In a context of changing media technologies, logics, and practices, this book observes where the mediatized conflict surrounding global medicines access has at times consolidated elite political economic power, and at other times provided civil society campaigners their greatest opportunities for global social change. With an interdisciplinary approach, this book is suitable for courses on global media communication and global journalism, as well as advanced undergraduate and postgraduate courses in public health communication, political communication, social movement studies, and international relations.


Migration Author Doris Bachmann-Medick
ISBN-10 3110597675
Release 2018-08-20
Pages 280
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Recent debates on migration have demonstrated the important role of concepts in academic and political discourse. The contributions to this collection revisit established analytical categories in the study of migration such as border regimes, orders of belonging, coloniality, translation, trans/national digital culture and memory. Exploring notions, images and realities of migration in their cultural framings, this volume sheds light on the powerful work of these concepts. Including perspectives on migration from history, visual studies, pedagogy, literary and cultural studies, cultural anthropology and sociology, it explores the complex scholarly and popular notions of migration with particular focus on their often unspoken assumptions and political implications. Revisiting established analytical tools in the study of migration, the interdisciplinary contributions explore new approaches and point to the importance of conceptual nuance extending beyond academic discourse.

Comparing International Music Lessons on Video

Comparing International Music Lessons on Video Author Christopher Wallbaum
ISBN-10 3487156741
Release 2018-04-17
Pages 431
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Comparing International Music Lessons on Video has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Comparing International Music Lessons on Video also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Comparing International Music Lessons on Video book for free.