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Prayer for the Dead

Prayer for the Dead Author James Oswald
ISBN-10 9781683310273
Release 2017-02-07
Pages 352
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Detective Inspector Tony McLean is on the case when the search for a missing journalist uncovers the scene of a carefully staged murder. In a sealed chamber, deep in the heart of Gilmerton Cove, a mysterious network of caves and passages sprawling beneath Edinburgh, the body is discovered in a seemingly macabre ritual of purification. But McLean knew the dead man and can't shake off the suspicion that there is far more to this case than meets the eye. For one thing, the baffling lack of forensics at the crime scene seems impossible. But that's just the first in a series of revelations about this case that seems beyond belief. Teamed with the most unlikely and unwelcome of allies, McLean must track down a killer--driven by the darkest compulsions and who will answer only to a higher power--until it's his own blood on the altar. Shocking and suspenseful, Prayer for the Dead, the fifth installment in James Oswald's internationally bestselling series, plunges readers into the bone-chilling darkness of an underground world filled with ancient secrets.

The doctrine of Purgatory and the practice of praying for the dead as maintained by the Romish Church examined

The doctrine of Purgatory and the practice of praying for the dead  as maintained by the Romish Church  examined Author William John Hall
ISBN-10 OXFORD:590455633
Release 1843
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The doctrine of Purgatory and the practice of praying for the dead as maintained by the Romish Church examined has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The doctrine of Purgatory and the practice of praying for the dead as maintained by the Romish Church examined also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The doctrine of Purgatory and the practice of praying for the dead as maintained by the Romish Church examined book for free.

Roman Missal

Roman Missal Author Usccb
ISBN-10 1601371926
Release 2011-10
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The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has designed a reverent book to engage the congregation to fully participate in the Mass. The chapel Edition of the Roman Missal Third Edition preserves the same expert quality, design, and affordability of previous liturgical ritual books. Page size: 6.5 x 9.

Practicing Prayer for the Dead

Practicing Prayer for the Dead Author James B. Gould
ISBN-10 9781498284561
Release 2016-11-04
Pages 318
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Throughout history Christians have prayed for the dead. This book challenges Protestants, who seldom pray for the dead, to begin doing so, and Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox, who pray only for the Christian dead, to include the unsaved as well. Gould discusses the meaning of prayer for final consummation of all things, growth of the blessed in heaven, purification of the imperfect in purgatory, and salvation of the unsaved in hell--identifying the necessary conception of the afterlife required by each particular prayer. He also reflects on the spiritual value of prayer for the departed--how it enhances faith, builds hope, and sharpens discipleship--and provides some sample prayers for public liturgy and private devotion. In essence, Practicing Prayer for the Dead offers an outline of theology from the perspective of death, arguing that prayer for all the departed is one aspect of a tightly knit web of doctrines. The argument, while revisionary in some respects, is orthodox, ecumenical, and integrative, engaging a range of academic disciplines so as to be biblically accurate, historically informed, and philosophically reasoned.

Consorting with saints

Consorting with saints Author Molly Megan McLaughlin
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105004701087
Release 1985
Pages 1410
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Consorting with saints has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Consorting with saints also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Consorting with saints book for free.

Consorting with Saints

Consorting with Saints Author Megan McLaughlin
ISBN-10 0801426480
Release 1994
Pages 306
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In this book Megan McLaughlin explores the social and cultural significance of prayer for the dead in the West Frankish realm from the late eighth century through the end of the eleventh century. She argues that the primary function of funerary and commemorative rituals in the early middle ages was to sustain the dead as members of the Christian community on earth, and to link them symbolically with the community of saints in heaven. Prayer reflected a network of relationships that bound together the intercessor, the dead, and the divine. Drawing her evidence from liturgical books, theological treatises, sermons, saints' lives, chronicles, and charters, McLaughlin considers both ceremonies precipitated by an individual's death and those performed for the dead as a group. After discussing the commemoration of ordinary people, she focuses on the commemoration of more powerful individuals and enumerates and classifies the meanings attributed to prayer for the dead in the period before the "birth" of purgatory. By studying prayer in its social context rather than treating it as a chapter in the history of theology, Consorting with Saints makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of the social, economic, and cultural structures of early medieval society.

Prayer for the Dead

Prayer for the Dead Author David Wiltse
ISBN-10 9781631680519
Release 2016-09-26
Pages 297
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An FBI agent quits retirement to hunt a methodical serial killer with a passion for human blood. The man comes to slowly, feeling caught in a spider’s web. His arms and legs are secured, his mouth is taped shut, and the drugs are keeping him docile. When his captor returns, the man does not even scream. Roger Dyce removes the container of blood he has been draining from his prisoner, brushes the man’s hair, and prepares to indulge in make-believe. Once his prisoner is dressed exactly like his dead grandfather, Roger Dyce can eat. Only the man’s breathing spoils the effect, but soon the breathing will stop. Fifteen men have gone missing from this small Connecticut town, and only John Becker can bring them justice. An FBI agent who retired out of fear that he was too sympathetic towards criminals, he will push himself to the brink to stop Dyce’s sadistic game.

The Book of Common Prayer

The Book of Common Prayer Author Church of England
ISBN-10 OXFORD:N11392755
Release 1762
Pages 438
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The Book of Common Prayer has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Book of Common Prayer also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Book of Common Prayer book for free.

Dead Man s Prayer

Dead Man s Prayer Author Jackie Baldwin
ISBN-10 0008200963
Release 2016-12-15
Pages 400
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A dark and gripping crime debut, the first in an exciting new series. Eighteen years ago, DI Frank Farrell turned his back on the church. But when an ex-priest is murdered in his hometown, he has no choice but to delve into his past. Perfect for fans of Stuart MacBride, James Oswald and Val McDermid. Ex-priest DCI Frank Farrell has returned to his roots in Dumfries, only to be landed with a disturbing murder case. Even worse, Farrell knows the victim: Father Boyd, the man who forced him out of the priesthood eighteen years earlier. With no leads, Farrell must delve into the old priest's past, one that is inexorably linked with his own. But his attention is diverted when a pair of twin boys go missing. The Dumfries police force recover one in an abandoned church, unharmed. But where is his brother? Are the two cases linked, or is the church just a coincidence? It's clear someone is playing a sinister game - and Farrell can't help but feel it's directed at him. Either way, it's a game he needs to win, before someone else turns up dead.

Understanding Prayer for the Dead

Understanding Prayer for the Dead Author James B. Gould
ISBN-10 0718895002
Release 2017-08-31
Pages 258
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A defence of the practice of prayer for the dead, expanding upon the biblical and philosophical background and exploring the theological ramifications

Prayers for The Dead

Prayers for The Dead Author Faye Kellerman
ISBN-10 0061842087
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 544
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The brutal murder of Dr. Azor Sparks in an alley behind a restaurant is greeted with public outrage and a demand for swift, sure justice. But the investigation into the well-known surgeon's death is raising too many questions and providing too few answers for homicide detective Lieutenant Peter Decker. Why, for example, would the family of a man so beloved respond to his slaying with more surprise than grief? And what linked a celebrated doctor with strict fundamentalist beliefs to a gang of outlaw bikers? But the most unsettling connection of all is the one that ties the tormented Sparks family to Peter Decker's own -- and the secrets shared by a renegade Catholic priest...and Decker's wife, Rina Lazarus.

Prayer for the Dead

Prayer for the Dead Author Margaret Dornaus
ISBN-10 0998211206
Release 2016-10-24
Pages 108
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"In Prayer for the Dead, Margaret Dornaus highlights the warp and weave of life, stepping carefully among memories with love, humor and compassion. She captures the imprint of interactions with her mother, father, other family members, even strangers, not only in meditative haibun and tanka but also in surprising links and shifts between narratives. With insight gained from joining heart to mind, her reflections on people, places, and time illustrate what it means to be human. A captivating, courageous book, Prayer for the Dead is elegantly life affirming."--Marilyn Shoemaker Hazelton, President, Tanka Society of America


Crazy Author MR Steven LaChance
ISBN-10 1539146421
Release 2016-10-14
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Based on his 2010 Truck Stop Hell short story, Steven LaChance delivers one of the scariest stories ever told with the frightening full-length version. Crazy, A Prayer for the Dead, surrounds a group of misfits who find themselves stuck in their own version of Hell within an old truck stop on Route 66. Years later, paranormal investigators are brought to the location and end up uncovering the truth and horror of the souls damned within. The book is based upon, and inspired by, an actual paranormal case led by Steven LaChance in 2006. Steven LaChance weaves the one night of horror and its aftermath using historical fact, police reports, urban legend, actual psychic impressions and findings from the real life paranormal investigation. When put together, these elements profile a story which will terrify and haunt you long after you put it down. This is one you don't want to read in the dark alone. Sound crazy? Well maybe it is not that crazy after all. What we do to others in this life does, and will, effect what happens to us in the afterlife. Hell is truly other people. And that is Crazy.

A Prayer for the Dying

A Prayer for the Dying Author Stewart O'Nan
ISBN-10 9781466853256
Release 2013-10-08
Pages 195
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New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the Year “A new masterpiece of American literature.” —Dennis Lehane, Entertainment Weekly “A Prayer for the Dying reads like the amazing, unrelenting love child of Shirley Jackson and Cormac McCarthy. It’s twisted proof that God will do worse to test a faithful man than the devil would ever do to punish a sinner.” —Chuck Palahniuk Set in Friendship, Wisconsin, just after the Civil War, A Prayer for the Dying tells of a horrible epidemic that is suddenly and gruesomely killing the town's residents and setting off a terrifying paranoia. Jacob Hansen, Friendship's sheriff, undertaker, and pastor, is soon overwhelmed by the fear and anguish around him, and his sanity begins to fray. Dark, poetic, and chilling, Stewart O'Nan's A Prayer for the Dying examines the effect of madness and violence on the morality of a once-decent man.

The Live Dead Journal

The Live Dead Journal Author Dick Brogden
ISBN-10 1680671685
Release 2016-04-26
Pages 172
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To LIVE DEAD is to live life wholly for Jesus. To die to self, know God will do a greater work through you. To announce the life of God among those who are unreached. This journal, in 30 day meditations, examines character-based mission among those unengaged by the Gospel. Each day includes an informed way to pray for an unreached people in East Africa and a challenge to live and die for Jesus in order that He might be made famous among all peoples of Earth.

Prayers with the Dying

Prayers with the Dying Author David Philippart
ISBN-10 1568541155
Release 1997
Pages 64
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These pocket-sized prayer books have distinctive designs that reflect the dignity of prayer. Each can be used as you pray daily, for an with those in pain, those in need of comfort or those in need of inspiration. Special quantity pricing allows you to keep a supply on hand for group use or gift giving. Titles can also be combined for quantity discounts.

Catholic Prayers

Catholic Prayers Author
ISBN-10 9780895559128
Release 1998-03
Pages 128
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This is probably the greatest little Catholic prayerbook you will ever encounter because it has over 100 Traditional Catholic prayers and is comprised of 4 Parts or sections: Part I contains the common prayers every Catholic should know by heart over 25 including the Acts of Faith, Hope, Love and Contrition, plus numerous short invocations. Part II contains over 25 especially powerful prayers: to Our lady, St. Joseph, St. Anne, St. Jude, St. Philomena, St. Anthony, etc. Part III contains miscellaneous favorite prayers: e.g., Morning Offering, Prayers to Our Lady, to St. Joseph for Purity, to overcome a bad habit, for grace, the Te Deum, Consecration to the Holy Ghost, etc. And Part IV contains various other "favorite prayers," such as for a happy death, the choice of a state of life, for priests, Fatima Prayers, for safe delivery of a baby, for the dying, for the dead, for the Poor Souls, etc. For a small package, this little Prayerbook is dynamite, and should be carried by all!