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Prepare for the Worst Plan for the Best

Prepare for the Worst  Plan for the Best Author Donna R. Childs
ISBN-10 9780470170915
Release 2008-04-18
Pages 219
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Now in its second edition, Prepare for the Worst, Plan for the Best presents you with a structured, time-tested blueprint to help you evaluate your business in terms of its vulnerability and guide you through developing a cost-effective, individualized disaster and recovery plan. This book is an essential handbook for anyone who owns, or plans to start, a small business, to help you move from paralysis to preparedness.

Hairy Situations

Hairy Situations Author Sonya Wilson
ISBN-10 9780997826913
Release 2018-04-03
Pages 198
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Hairy Situations is the first book on crisis management and disaster planning specifically written for the pet care industry. Hairy Situations: • Describes crises that can happen in the pet care industry and how disasters affect these businesses differently from companies that deal with papers or people. • Lists detailed ways to mitigate crises and prevent disasters. • Provides a roadmap that will guide you in preparing a disaster binder for your pet care business. • Uses an "all hazards" approach to crisis response that will help you become better able to recover physically, financially and emotionally from disaster.

Business and Society Ethics Sustainability and Stakeholder Management

Business and Society  Ethics  Sustainability  and Stakeholder Management Author Archie B. Carroll
ISBN-10 9781285734293
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 720
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Learn to make strong business decisions with a better understanding of business ethics, sustainability, and stakeholder management from a strong managerial perspective. BUSINESS AND SOCIETY: ETHICS, SUSTAINABILITY, AND STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT, Ninth Edition, demonstrates how the most successful business decision makers balance and protect the interests of various stakeholders, including investors, employees, the community, and the environment--particularly as business recovers from a perilous financial period. The authors effectively balance strong coverage of ethics and the stakeholder model with an increased focus on one of business's most recent, urgent mandates: sustainability. Coverage highlights the connection between business and the natural, social, and financial environments, illustrating how all three must be maintained in balance to sustain current and future generations. New actual business cases, real applications, and today's latest business examples present you with specific business challenges that test your values and require you to focus your reasoning skills for ongoing success in today's workplace. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

U S News World Report

U S  News   World Report Author
ISBN-10 UVA:X030294578
Release 2008
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U S News World Report has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from U S News World Report also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full U S News World Report book for free.

Information Security The Complete Reference Second Edition

Information Security The Complete Reference  Second Edition Author Mark Rhodes-Ousley
ISBN-10 9780071784351
Release 2013-04-03
Pages 896
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Develop and implement an effective end-to-end security program Today’s complex world of mobile platforms, cloud computing, and ubiquitous data access puts new security demands on every IT professional. Information Security: The Complete Reference, Second Edition (previously titled Network Security: The Complete Reference) is the only comprehensive book that offers vendor-neutral details on all aspects of information protection, with an eye toward the evolving threat landscape. Thoroughly revised and expanded to cover all aspects of modern information security—from concepts to details—this edition provides a one-stop reference equally applicable to the beginner and the seasoned professional. Find out how to build a holistic security program based on proven methodology, risk analysis, compliance, and business needs. You’ll learn how to successfully protect data, networks, computers, and applications. In-depth chapters cover data protection, encryption, information rights management, network security, intrusion detection and prevention, Unix and Windows security, virtual and cloud security, secure application development, disaster recovery, forensics, and real-world attacks and countermeasures. Included is an extensive security glossary, as well as standards-based references. This is a great resource for professionals and students alike. Understand security concepts and building blocks Identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risk Optimize authentication and authorization Use IRM and encryption to protect unstructured data Defend storage devices, databases, and software Protect network routers, switches, and firewalls Secure VPN, wireless, VoIP, and PBX infrastructure Design intrusion detection and prevention systems Develop secure Windows, Java, and mobile applications Perform incident response and forensic analysis

Master Your Disaster

Master Your Disaster Author Leann Hackman-Carty
ISBN-10 1979033293
Release 2017-11-07
Pages 214
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Natural disasters are happening everywhere. Earthquakes, hurricanes, and man-made perils have left communities anxious and confused about their own emergency preparedness. In this unique guide, preparedness and recovery expert Leann Hackman-Carty shows you how to prepare your family, business, and community for a number of devastating scenarios. Gleaned from years of experience with disaster recovery organizations, her specialized insight will help you understand the different levels of disaster preparation and recovery. Hackman-Carty discusses how to -understand the types and phases of a disaster, -identify available resources at your home or office, -assemble a basic disaster supply kit and emergency vehicle kit, -know when to activate your plan and evacuate, -keep your family and employees safe, -develop a business continuity plan, -create a disaster recovery plan for your community, -effectively communicate with other businesses and organizations, -use local, regional, and federal programs as resources, -foster community economic resilience, and -stop a natural disaster from catching you off guard. No one knows what tomorrow holds, but Hackman-Carty's advice can help you prepare for the worst. Master Your Disaster gives you the confidence to act calmly and efficiently when the time comes. Your new foundation in emergency preparedness, response, and recovery will make the chaos more controllable-and survivable.

The Jonesreport Plus

The Jonesreport Plus Author
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924110488024
Release 2008
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The Jonesreport Plus has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Jonesreport Plus also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Jonesreport Plus book for free.

The Wall Street Journal Complete Small Business Guidebook

The Wall Street Journal  Complete Small Business Guidebook Author Colleen DeBaise
ISBN-10 9780307462589
Release 2009-12-29
Pages 240
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Because starting a small business is not only a huge financial risk but also a complete lifestyle change, anyone who wants to be his or her own boss needs to approach entrepreneurship thoughtfully and with careful planning. That’s why there is no better resource than The Wall Street Journal Complete Small Business Guidebook, a practical guide for turning your entrepreneurial dreams into a successful company, from America’s most trusted source of financial advice. It answers would-be business owners’ biggest question—how do I fund my venture?—then explains the mechanics of building, running and growing a profitable business. You’ll learn: • How to write a winning business plan • Secrets to finding extra money during the lean years and beyond • Ways to keep your stress in check while maintaining a work/life balance • How to manage your time, including taking vacations and dealing with sick days • Strategies for keeping your business running smoothly—from investing in technology to hiring the right people • Marketing and management basics • When angel investors or venture capital might be an appropriate way to grow • How to execute your exit strategy Running the show may not always be easy, but the rewards can be tremendous. You may be on the job 24/7, but you have the freedom to call the shots, to hire whomever you want, to work when you want and to take your business as far as you want to go. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Preparing for the Worst Planning for the Best

Preparing for the Worst  Planning for the Best Author Johanna G. Wellheiser
ISBN-10 UOM:39015059277502
Release 2005
Pages 192
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Proceedings of a conference sponsored by the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Section, the IFLA Core Activity for Preservation and Conservation and the Council on Library and Information Resources, Inc., with the Akademie der Wissenschaften and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. Berlin, Germany, July 30-August 1,2003.

Wiley Pathways Small Business Accounting

Wiley Pathways Small Business Accounting Author Lita Epstein
ISBN-10 9780470198636
Release 2008-08-25
Pages 410
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When it comes to operating a small business, it doesn't matter how good the idea is if the accounting behind the operations isn't solid. Now readers have a resource that covers the accounting tools and strategies that will help them run a successful company. They'll gain a strong foundation in basic accounting and then progress to accounting strategies for service businesses. They'll also learn about basic accounting procedures and find ways to utilize accounting techniques for a merchandising business.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Disaster Recovery Testing Author Philip Jan Rothstein
ISBN-10 1931332428
Release 2007-05-16
Pages 358
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Rather than providing readers with only one perspective on testing contingency plans, Mr. Rothstein has taken the powerful approach of carefully assembling a panel of thirty professionals to contribute their unique expertise in 36 detailed chapters, 350+ pages,covering such subject areas as:- test planning and management, including management's role, budgeting, justification and politics- test participants and resources, including professional development, human factors, the test team, self-assessment, the roles of vendors, consultants, auditors, clients, software- testing methods, including walkthroughs, simulations, joint testing, surprise testing, real disasters as the ultimate test- what is being tested, including business units, locations, data centers, voice / data communications, trading floors, local area networks- any other practical considerations, such as test monitoring, first-time testing, feedback, reporting and follow-up;even a sample test plan is included.

Designing and Integrating a Disaster Preparedness Curriculum

Designing and Integrating a Disaster Preparedness Curriculum Author Sharon Stanley
ISBN-10 9781940446042
Release 2015-05-06
Pages 416
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We live in a world where disaster incidents are on the rise. From natural disasters to war and conflict to infectious diseases, being prepared for such events takes tremendous preparation and practice. Nurses are on the frontlines of disaster relief and care, but too few are trained in disaster prep, response, and recovery. Further, too few nurse faculty have personal, real-world experience in responding to natural and man-made disasters. So, where to start? How do nurse faculty members fit one more thing into a course or curriculum? And how do nurses stay on top of their game when it comes to disaster and emergency preparedness? Designing and Implementing a Disaster Preparedness Curriculum: Readying Nurses for the Worst presents a curriculum blueprint for nurse educators that provides readers with the best practices for implementation while avoiding pitfalls and mistakes. Disaster preparation experts Sharon Stanley and Thola Wolanski help ensure that nursing students are as prepared as possible to respond to disasters, whether in their own neighborhoods or around the world, by giving nurse educators strategies and solutions for incorporating disaster preparedness into their curriculum.

The Disaster Recovery Handbook

The Disaster Recovery Handbook Author Michael WALLACE
ISBN-10 9780814438770
Release 2017-12-28
Pages 544
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Expect the best. Plan for the worst. Survey the headlines: superstorms, data breaches, pandemics, system failures, and strikes occur regularly...somewhere. If a disaster hits your organization — will you be prepared? With the detailed guidance found in The Disaster Recovery Handbook, your company’s survival and the speedy resumption of business is assured. This thoroughly updated third edition provides readers with clear and comprehensive instructions for assessing risk; documenting recovery procedures; assembling a disaster team; testing and debugging every step; protecting material resources; and safeguarding vital records. Featuring an examination of emerging risks, developments in IT networking, and an all-new chapter on information security, this all-in-one tool kit helps you both avoid potential trouble and recover swiftly when the worst occurs. Anything can happen, but The Disaster Recovery Handbook helps you plan for every contingency, ensuring your company is responsible, ready, and resilient.

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery in School Libraries Creating a Safe Haven

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery in School Libraries  Creating a Safe Haven Author Christie Kaaland Ed.D.
ISBN-10 9781610697309
Release 2014-12-16
Pages 203
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When disaster strikes, school librarians can play a key role in keeping kids safe. This is the only book written specifically to provide school librarians with emergency preparedness and recovery tools as well as curricular tie-ins. • Covers the impact of recent natural disasters on schools and addresses the changing landscape with regard to school violence • Provides a guide to school emergency planning and ways in which school librarians can take the lead in making it a reality • Features checklists, reproducible role-playing scenarios, and other aids for creating an emergency preparedness plan • Lists equipment and resources the school library can provide during disasters • Suggests curricular tie-ins and books you can use to work with students before and after a disaster or violent incident

Dull Disasters

Dull Disasters Author Daniel J. Clarke
ISBN-10 9780198785576
Release 2016-06-24
Pages 160
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In recent years, typhoons have struck the Philippines and Vanuatu; earthquakes have rocked Haiti, Pakistan, and Nepal; floods have swept through Pakistan and Mozambique; droughts have hit Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia; and more. All led to loss of life and loss of livelihoods, and recovery will take years. One of the likely effects of climate change is to increase the likelihood of the type of extreme weather events that seems to cause these disasters. But do extreme events have to turn into disasters with huge loss of life and suffering? Dull Disasters? harnesses lessons from finance, political science, economics, psychology, and the natural sciences to show how countries and their partners can be far better prepared to deal with disasters. The insights can lead to practical ways in which governments, civil society, private firms, and international organizations can work together to reduce the risks to people and economies when a disaster looms. Responses to disasters then become less emotional, less political, less headline-grabbing, and more business as usual and effective. The book takes the reader through a range of solutions that have been implemented around the world to respond to disasters. It gives an overview of the evidence on what works and what doesn't and it examines the crucial issue of disaster risk financing. Building on the latest evidence, it presents a set of lessons and principles to guide future thinking, research, and practice in this area.

Robertson on Library Security and Disaster Planning

Robertson on Library Security and Disaster Planning Author Guy Robertson
ISBN-10 9780081000885
Release 2016-01-29
Pages 156
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Robertson on Library Security and Disaster Planning presents a collection of highly-cited, author published articles on security and disaster planning for libraries. The book represents the only place where these articles are compiled, making it a go-to volume for practitioners. It includes topics covering all aspects of preparation and response, along with articles drawn from library journals, including Feliciter, Canadian Insurance, Disaster Recovery Journal, and Canadian Bookseller. The book represents a wealth of the author's experience and expertise garnered during a distinguished career working with significant institutions on both their current security problems and their plans for future security. Offers a unique and valuable collection of the author's articles on library security and disaster planning Accompanies, and complements, Disaster Planning for Libraries, a second title by the author Presents a range of security and disaster planning topics in an accessible, narrative style Represents the only resource that contains such a broad range of security and disaster planning topics

Small Business Survival Book

Small Business Survival Book Author Barbara Weltman
ISBN-10 9780471793960
Release 2006-05-19
Pages 272
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Owning a small business can be a fulfilling and financially rewarding experience, but to be successful, you must know what to do before starting a business; what to do while the business is up and running; and, most importantly, what to do when the business runs into trouble. With a combined fifty years of small business experience between them, authors Barbara Weltman and Jerry Silberman know what it takes to make it in this competitive environment, and in Small Business Survival Book, they show you how. In a clear and concise voice, Weltman and Silberman reveal twelve surefire ways to help your small business survive and thrive in today's market. With this book as your guide, you'll discover how to: * Delegate effectively * Monitor cash flow * Extend credit and stay on top of collections * Build and maintain credit and restructure your debt * Meet your tax obligations * Grow your business with successful marketing strategies * Use legal protections * Plan for catastrophe and disaster recovery Whether you're considering starting a new business or looking to improve your current venture, Small Business Survival Book has what you need to succeed.