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Presidents and Civil Liberties from Wilson to Obama

Presidents and Civil Liberties from Wilson to Obama Author Samuel Walker
ISBN-10 9781107016606
Release 2012-04-16
Pages 546
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This book is a history of the civil liberties records of American presidents from Woodrow Wilson to Barack Obama. It examines the full range of civil liberties issues: First Amendment rights of freedom of speech, press, and assembly; due process; equal protection, including racial justice, women's rights, and lesbian and gay rights; privacy rights, including reproductive freedom; and national security issues. The book argues that presidents have not protected or advanced civil liberties, and that several have perpetrated some of worst violations. Some Democratic presidents (Wilson and Roosevelt), moreover, have violated civil liberties as badly as some Republican presidents (Nixon and Bush). This is the first book to examine the full civil liberties records of each president (thus, placing a president's record on civil rights with his record on national security issues), and also to compare the performance on particular issues of all the presidents covered.

Presidents Secrets

Presidents  Secrets Author Mary Graham
ISBN-10 9780300223743
Release 2017
Pages 272
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How presidents use secrecy to protect the nation, foster diplomacy, and gain power Ever since the nation's most important secret meeting--the Constitutional Convention--presidents have struggled to balance open, accountable government with necessary secrecy in military affairs and negotiations. For the first one hundred and twenty years, a culture of open government persisted, but new threats and technology have long since shattered the old bargains. Today, presidents neither protect vital information nor provide the open debate Americans expect. Mary Graham tracks the rise in governmental secrecy that began with surveillance and loyalty programs during Woodrow Wilson's administration, explores how it developed during the Cold War, and analyzes efforts to reform the secrecy apparatus and restore oversight in the 1970s. Chronicling the expansion of presidential secrecy in the Bush years, Graham explains what presidents and the American people can learn from earlier crises, why the attempts of Congress to rein in stealth activities don't work, and why presidents cannot hide actions that affect citizens' rights and values.

A Companion to Gerald R Ford and Jimmy Carter

A Companion to Gerald R  Ford and Jimmy Carter Author Scott Kaufman
ISBN-10 9781118907580
Release 2015-10-21
Pages 608
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With 30 historiographical essays by established and rising scholars, this Companion is a comprehensive picture of the presidencies and legacies of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. Examines important national and international events during the 1970s, as well as presidential initiatives, crises, and legislation Discusses the biography of each man before entering the White House, his legacy and work after leaving office, and the lives of Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter, and their families Covers key themes and issues, including Watergate and the pardon of Richard Nixon, the Vietnam War, neoconservatism and the rise of the New Right, and the Iran hostage crisis Incorporates presidential, diplomatic, military, economic, social, and cultural history Uses the most recent research and newly released documents from the two Presidential Libraries and the State Department

How Sex Became a Civil Liberty

How Sex Became a Civil Liberty Author Leigh Ann Wheeler
ISBN-10 9780190206529
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 327
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The American Civil Liberties Union has stood at the center of sexual revolutions that have transformed our culture, using the Constitution to create an expansive body of sexual rights that helped lay the old order to rest. How Sex Became a Civil Liberty is the first book to show how ACLU leaders and attorneys forged legal principles that advanced the sexual revolution.

Ending Overcriminalization and Mass Incarceration

Ending Overcriminalization and Mass Incarceration Author Anthony B. Bradley
ISBN-10 9781108427548
Release 2018-07-31
Pages 225
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Personalism points to reforming criminal justice from the person up by changing criminal law and enlisting civil society institutions.

Issues in Media

Issues in Media Author CQ Researcher,
ISBN-10 9781483385860
Release 2014-12-31
Pages 328
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What is the future of television? What is the impact of media violence on society? Is news quality better or worse online? Should we regulate internet and social media use, and if so, how? Will traditional print books disappear from the marketplace? These are just a sampling of the important, provocative questions in this new reader, sure to provide a solid foundation to spark lively classroom discussion. For current coverage of controversial and important issues centering on media, look to the balanced reporting, complete overviews and engaging writing that CQ Researcher has consistently provided for more than eighty years. This brief reader allows students to see the links between media, culture, business and politics, and an opportunity to view the issues from all sides while giving them a window into the relationships between media, culture, business, and politics. In addition, useful pedagogical features—pro/con debates, graphs, tables, photos, suggested readings, and bibliographies—advance critical thinking and help in study and review.

Sense and Nonsense About Crime Drugs and Communities

Sense and Nonsense About Crime  Drugs  and Communities Author Samuel Walker
ISBN-10 9781305178144
Release 2014-06-01
Pages 448
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Samuel Walker's SENSE AND NONSENSE ABOUT CRIME, DRUGS, AND COMMUNITIES was one of the first books to challenge common misconceptions about crime, and the new Eighth Edition remains uniquely effective at doing so. Described as a masterful critique of American policies on everything from crime control, to guns, to drugs, this incisive text cuts through popular myths and political rhetoric to confront both conservative and liberal propositions in the context of current research and proven practice. The result is a lucid, research-based work that stimulates critical thinking and enlivens class discussions. This engaging text captures the full complexity of the administration of justice while providing students with a clear sense of its key principles and general patterns. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Power Wars

Power Wars Author Charlie Savage
ISBN-10 9780316286602
Release 2015-11-03
Pages 688
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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charlie Savage's penetrating investigation of the Obama presidency and the national security state Barack Obama campaigned on changing George W. Bush's "global war on terror" but ended up entrenching extraordinary executive powers, from warrantless surveillance and indefinite detention to military commissions and targeted killings. Then Obama found himself bequeathing those authorities to Donald Trump. How did the United States get here? In Power Wars, Charlie Savage reveals high-level national security legal and policy deliberations in a way no one has done before. He tells inside stories of how Obama came to order the drone killing of an American citizen, preside over an unprecendented crackdown on leaks, and keep a then-secret program that logged every American's phone calls. Encompassing the first comprehensive history of NSA surveillance over the past forty years as well as new information about the Osama bin Laden raid, Power Wars equips readers to understand the legacy of Bush's and Obama's post-9/11 presidencies in the Trump era.

In Defense of American Liberties

In Defense of American Liberties Author Samuel Walker
ISBN-10 0809322706
Release 1999
Pages 479
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Argues that the American Civil Liberties Union helped shape mainstream American ideas of freedom rather than undermine them.


Obama Author Webster Griffin Tarpley
ISBN-10 9780930852887
Release 2008
Pages 314
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Remember compassionate conservatism and a humble foreign policy? You should. Tarpley reveals that the Obama puppet's advisors are even more radical reactionaries than the neo-cons. Check out the rave reviews on Amazon: "a crash course in political science". Distils three decades of political insight and astute analysis, from a unique perspective.

Barack Obama and the Rhetoric of Hope

Barack Obama and the Rhetoric of Hope Author Mark S. Ferrara
ISBN-10 9780786467938
Release 2013-07-02
Pages 204
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"The "Rhetoric of Hope" is a form of political discourse characterized by a forward-looking vision of social progress brought about by collective effort and adherence to shared values. By combining his own personal story with national mythologies, Barack Obama creates a narrative persona that embodies the moral values and cultural mythos of his implied audience"--

Against the Grain

Against the Grain Author Geoffrey Nyarota
ISBN-10 9781770071124
Release 2006
Pages 352
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Chronicles the struggles of the media in Zimbabwe & how President Mugabe came to see Nyarota, editor of the only independent newspaper as Public Enemy #1, causing him to sacrifice everything he'd worked for - but not his pride nor his principles.

World Crisis and Underdevelopment

World Crisis and Underdevelopment Author David Ingram
ISBN-10 9781108389907
Release 2018-01-18
Pages 398
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World Crisis and Underdevelopment examines the impact of poverty and other global crises in generating forms of structural coercion that cause agential and societal underdevelopment. It draws from discourse ethics and recognition theory in criticizing injustices and pathologies associated with underdevelopment. Its scope is comprehensive, encompassing discussions about development science, philosophical anthropology, global migration, global capitalism and economic markets, human rights, international legal institutions, democratic politics and legitimation, world religions and secularization, and moral philosophy in its many varieties.

Prisoners of the White House

Prisoners of the White House Author Kenneth T. Walsh
ISBN-10 9781317253464
Release 2015-11-17
Pages 256
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Prisoners of the White House looks at the isolation experienced by presidents of the United States in the White House, a habitat almost guaranteed to keep America's commander in chief far removed from everyday life. The authors look at how this is emerging as one of the most serious dilemmas facing the American presidency. As presidents have become more isolated, the role of the presidential pollster has grown. Ken Walsh has been given exclusive access to the polls and confidential memos received by presidents over the years, and has interviewed presidential pollsters directly to gain their unique perspective. Prisoners of the White House gets inside the bubble and punctures the mythology surrounding the presidency.

Reining in the Imperial Presidency

Reining in the Imperial Presidency Author John Conyers
ISBN-10 9781437915709
Release 2009
Pages 539
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Documents the various abuses that occurred during the Bush Admin. relating to the House Judiciary Committee¿s review and jurisdiction, and to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations to prevent the recurrence of these or similar abuses in the future. Contents: Preface: ¿Deconstructing the Imperial Presidency,¿ which describes and critiques the key war power memos that gave rise to the concept of broad-based, unreviewable, and secret presidential powers in time of war. Also describes specific abuses of the Imperial Presidency relating to Judiciary Comm. inquiries. Includes a comprehensive set of 47 policy recommendations designed to respond to the abuses and excesses of the Bush Imperial Presidency.

Thabo Mbeki

Thabo Mbeki Author Mark Gevisser
ISBN-10 1868423506
Release 2007
Pages 892
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This title is a story about home and exile. It is a story, too, of political intrigue; of a revolutionary movement struggling first to defeat and then to seduce a powerful and callous enemy.

The Imperial Presidency

The Imperial Presidency Author Arthur Meier Schlesinger
ISBN-10 0618420010
Release 2004
Pages 589
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The presidential historian charts the progression of American power from George Washington to George W. Bush, revealing the exercise of power through the office as it has developed into an "imperial" seat of authority, in an updated edition of the classic history. Reprint.