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Proactive Child Protection and Social Work

Proactive Child Protection and Social Work Author Liz Davies
ISBN-10 9780857259721
Release 2016-04-07
Pages 256
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Protecting children from abuse and neglect is a serious and complex area of social work practice and understanding the critical skills of communicating with and listening to children's voices, and those of their advocates and survivors, is essential. In this new edition of a highly-regarded book, the authors offer a strengthened children's rights perspective and explore four main categories of child abuse - emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and physical abuse. The book also considers legal safeguards and protective processes to increase the creativity and confidence of those undertaking such work. Locating knowledge and skills within a series of case examples from real life practice and serious case reviews, this book is an indispensable resource for students, professionals and others concerned with protecting children. This second edition has been comprehensively revised and updated to include current research evidence and a focus on the neglected protection needs of sexually exploited young people, children in custody, disabled children, young carers and unaccompanied child migrants.

Social Work Intervention

Social Work Intervention Author Trevor Lindsay
ISBN-10 9781446281338
Release 2013-03-19
Pages 240
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Since launching in 2003, Transforming Social Work Practice has become the market-leading series for social work students. These books use activities and case studies to build critical thinking and reflection skills and will help social work students to develop good practice through learning. Social workers need to have a sound working knowledge of intervention as they are often balancing complex and sometime stressful circumstances with the individual needs of the service users. Also, as there are a wide range of social work interventions in current practice, students will benefit from knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each model and approach. This book on effective social work intervention will help students apply and integrate this knowledge in practice, to critically evaluate different methods and to choose the most effective in any particular set of circumstances. Fully-revised to include new material on value-based practice and direct links to the new Professional Capabilities Framework for Social Work, this second edition is essential reading for all social work students.

Introducing International Social Work

Introducing International Social Work Author Sue Lawrence
ISBN-10 9781844455492
Release 2009-06-25
Pages 160
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This book guides the reader through the international development of social work and discusses how aspects of globalisation are making it an increasingly international activity and profession. Individual chapters locate the UK population historically and currently as a multicultural community and explore the international issues that social workers in the UK confront in their daily practice with children and families, people with mental health issues and older people. This text helps students meet the academic benchmarks and National Occupational Standards that require them to locate social work practice in a European and international context.

Transforming Children S Services Social Work Neoliberalism And The Modern World

Transforming  Children S Services  Social Work  Neoliberalism And The  Modern  World Author Garrett, Paul Michael
ISBN-10 9780335234257
Release 2009-08-01
Pages 190
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"This book provides an accessible overview of the 'transformation' of Children's Services in England. In doing this, it draws on social theory, critical social policy and takes account of developments in other countries. Paul Michael Garrett argues that the many changes which have taken place within, and beyond, Children's Services are related to the politics of neoliberalism which, it is maintained, lie at the core of the Change for Children programme." --Book Jacket.

Social Work with Children and Families

Social Work with Children and Families Author Maureen O'Loughlin
ISBN-10 9781473967908
Release 2016-03-10
Pages 232
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'An excellent introduction to social work with children and families. It links practice with legislation and highlights relevant research findings'. - Mr Dan Burrows,Cardiff School of Health Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University Working with children and families is one of the most challenging, skilled, but ultimately rewarding, areas of social work practice. Social workers need to be able to work with a diverse group of children and their families: from babies to teenagers, single parents to two-parent families and multi-carer families, as well as with a diverse group of professionals, such as the police, schools, hospitals, health centres and various community organisations. They need to be able to understand the law, policy and legislation that surrounds social work with children and families, while continually developing their own skills. Such skills include communication, preparation and planning, intervention, recognition, identification and assessment of significant harm, recording and report writing, managing oneself and the work, problem solving, research and analysis and decision making. This fully revised new edition aims to guide you through all of these areas and more. There are chapters on safeguarding, substitute care for children, family support for children and families, life story work and direct work with children.

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass Author Liz Davies
ISBN-10 1859846092
Release 2001
Pages 214
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As New Labour prepares the ground for a second term in government, Liz Davies provides a compelling insider's account of the annihilation of the party's internal democracy. For two years prior to the party conference of September 2000, Davies sat on the highest body of the party, its National Executive Committee. From this unique viewpoint she reveals in riveting detail the extent to which cynical doublethink has come to permeate the party's leadership. Focusing particularly on the frenzied attempts to prevent Ken Livingston from becoming London's next mayor, Davies details how Blair and his acolytes sought to manipulate every detail of the NEC's proceedings, repeatedly blocking open discussion and the counting of votes. With elected representatives rendered powerless in NEC meetings, full-time officials briefed selected journalists on what was being decided, often hours before the meeting itself took place. Davies chronicles Blair's evident discomfort in the face of close questioning at the meetings, and his impatience with even the mildest dissent. She exposes the hollowness of John Prescott's Old Labour credentials as well as the relentless manipulation of Margaret McDonagh, the party's hard-nosed General Secretary. She watches aghast as trade union representatives repeatedly defy positions adopted by their members, and while special interests, notably those representing business, twist policies to suit their needs. Employing a redoubtable independence of mind, as well as verbatim notes kept in each of the meetings, Davies provides an electrifying picture of the systematic corruption of a major political institution.

Social Work Practice

Social Work Practice Author Jonathan Parker
ISBN-10 9781526416186
Release 2017-04-10
Pages 272
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This bestselling book will take you step-by-step through the four main aspects of social work practice - Assessment, Planning, Intervention and Review - giving you a complete foundation in each. It will introduce you to each process in a clear and accessible way, supporting you to both reflect on and apply what you have learnt in practice across settings and service user groups. The book will provide you with a theoretical foundation from which you can explore other aspects of social work. New to the fifth edition: an ‘ethnographic approach’ to social work focus on relationship and resilience revised exploration of the political context of social work updated emphasis on social justice and human rights.

Practice Education in Social Work

Practice Education in Social Work Author Janet Walker
ISBN-10 9781844455744
Release 2008-07-02
Pages 203
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Written specifically for practice educators, this book examines contemporary theories and knowledge in practice learning, teaching and education, with a clear emphasis on developing the skills and practice of the individual. Another key focus of the book is to help readers to reflect on the implications of this for their role as practice educators, giving them the time and space to make proactive and informed choices. The book is structured around the new Post-Qualifying Standards for Practice Education, making it an invaluable and thoroughly comprehensive guide.

Groupwork Practice in Social Work

Groupwork Practice in Social Work Author Trevor Lindsay
ISBN-10 0857255037
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 160
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Social work degree students must be confident in working with groups of service users as well as other professionals. This revised new edition introduces the practicalities of planning, establishing, facilitating and evaluating social work projects including small helping groups as well as interprofessional working parties. The authors examine the best methods in setting up a group, the issues around power and anti-oppressive practice, and how to cope with unexpected or unhelpful outcomes. This second edition features new material on sociodrama and psychodrama action methods, with more examples from actual groupwork projects.

Reflective Practice in Social Work

Reflective Practice in Social Work Author Christine Knott
ISBN-10 9781844457182
Release 2010-04-16
Pages 176
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Reflective practice is a key element of learning and development on social work courses. This fully-updated new edition explores a range of approaches to reflective practice and includes sections on gender, reflecting on emotion and using reflection as a catalyst for change, as well as asking the fundamental question ‘what is reflective practice?’ Written in three parts, this essential guide starts with a broad exploration of reflection, drawing on some key texts that have informed its development. It then moves on to real practice issues including the management of social work practice and interprofessional working.

Social Work Assessment

Social Work Assessment Author Ruben Martin
ISBN-10 9780857255853
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 176
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At a time of change and review within social care, it is relevant to explore traditional skills, knowledge and values associated with assessment in the context of changing practice. This book introduces and explores assessment in social work in a user-friendly, yet comprehensive way. The author reviews the interpersonal skills necessary for social work practice, applying them particularly to assessment and outlines fundamental knowledge and theoretical models that can inform assessment. The professional social work value base underpinning assessment and the power balance between assessor and the person being assessed are also taken into consideration.

Effective Practice Learning in Social Work

Effective Practice Learning in Social Work Author Jonathan Parker
ISBN-10 1844456625
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 176
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The Department of Health requires students on the social work degree to undertake at least 200 days in direct practice learning during their course. Practice learning often raises great anxieties for students, agencies and those who supervise and assess it. This book tackles those anxieties, explaining the ways the experience can deliver a unique learning opportunity for the student. It is ideal for students undertaking or about to undertake practice learning, student supervisors and practice assessors, as well as trainers and policymakers within social care agencies and healthcare professions where practice learning is also undertaken.

Social Work with Children and Families

Social Work with Children and Families Author Steve Rogowski
ISBN-10 9781317053286
Release 2016-04-20
Pages 190
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Professional social work has changed considerably over the last forty years coinciding with the demise of the social democratic consensus of the post-war years and the emergence and now domination of neoliberalism. Rather than the state through the government of the day ensuring citizens' basic needs were met via the welfare state, the belief in free market economics entails people having to be self-reliant and self-responsible. This has involved social work with children and families moving from a helping and supportive role to one that is more authoritarian, this often involving telling parents to change their behaviour and lifestyle or face the consequences. This book outlines the development of social work with children and families over the period in question, drawing on the author's unique practice experience and his extensive writings. It charts the highs and lows of social work, the latter including the dominance of managerialism which emphasises speedy completion of bureaucracy so as to ration resources and assess/manage risk. Despite this, the argument is for a critical practice which addresses service users immediate needs while simultaneously aiming towards a more socially just and equal society. This book is essential reading for everyone interested in social work including academics, students, practitioners and managers both in the UK and overseas. Social care and allied professionals more generally will also find it insightful, as will academics, students and educators of social policy and related disciplines.

Children s Rights and Social Work

Children s Rights and Social Work Author Hanita Kosher
ISBN-10 9783319439204
Release 2017-03-31
Pages 75
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This book provides a conceptual framework for children's rights as well as specific strategies and opportunities for social workers to apply in their work. It guides social work professionals and students through the history of children's rights. It also includes a call for a paradigm shift from a focus on the right to nurturance to the right to self-determination, as well as a contrasting look at children's rights in the West versus the rest of the world.

Social Work Practice with Families and Children

Social Work Practice with Families and Children Author Anthony Maluccio
ISBN-10 0231505655
Release 2002-09-11
Pages 351
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This book emphasizes family-centered, social network, and school-based interventions in the preparation of social workers for direct and indirect practice with clients from vulnerable populations, especially the poor, people of color, and recent immigrant groups. With an eye to recent changes in social work practice and service delivery, including the impact of welfare reform and managed care on vulnerable families and children, Social Work Practice with Families and Children helps social work students and practitioners understand the increasingly complex needs of their clients. Three valuable appendixes include information about tools and instruments to support practice, child welfare resource centers, and electronic resources pertaining to the field.

Social Work Practice in Child Welfare

Social Work Practice in Child Welfare Author Professor Lawrence Shulman
ISBN-10 0871014963
Release 2015-11-01
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Social Work Practice in Child Welfare has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Social Work Practice in Child Welfare also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Social Work Practice in Child Welfare book for free.

Social Work and Spirituality

Social Work and Spirituality Author Ian Mathews
ISBN-10 9781844458219
Release 2009-06-24
Pages 160
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Social work in modern society requires practitioners to be culturally and spiritually sensitive. This book explores the often challenging relationships between spirituality, religion and social work. It considers the skills, knowledge and values that are required to incorporate a spiritual awareness into social work practice and in doing so explores in greater depth the social worker/service user relationship. By using case studies, reflective exercises and other learning features, students will begin to appreciate and understand the importance of a spiritually sensitive approach to their social work practice.