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Probability The Classical Limit Theorems

Probability  The Classical Limit Theorems Author Henry McKean
ISBN-10 9781107053212
Release 2014-11-27
Pages 488
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A leading authority sheds light on a variety of interesting topics in which probability theory plays a key role.

A History of the Central Limit Theorem

A History of the Central Limit Theorem Author Hans Fischer
ISBN-10 0387878572
Release 2010-10-08
Pages 402
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This study discusses the history of the central limit theorem and related probabilistic limit theorems from about 1810 through 1950. In this context the book also describes the historical development of analytical probability theory and its tools, such as characteristic functions or moments. The central limit theorem was originally deduced by Laplace as a statement about approximations for the distributions of sums of independent random variables within the framework of classical probability, which focused upon specific problems and applications. Making this theorem an autonomous mathematical object was very important for the development of modern probability theory.

Limit Theorems of Probability Theory

Limit Theorems of Probability Theory Author Yu.V. Prokhorov
ISBN-10 9783662041727
Release 2013-03-14
Pages 273
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A collection of research level surveys on certain topics in probability theory by a well-known group of researchers. The book will be of interest to graduate students and researchers.

Limit Theorems in Probability Statistics and Number Theory

Limit Theorems in Probability  Statistics and Number Theory Author Peter Eichelsbacher
ISBN-10 9783642360688
Release 2013-04-23
Pages 317
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​Limit theorems and asymptotic results form a central topic in probability theory and mathematical statistics. New and non-classical limit theorems have been discovered for processes in random environments, especially in connection with random matrix theory and free probability. These questions and the techniques for answering them combine asymptotic enumerative combinatorics, particle systems and approximation theory, and are important for new approaches in geometric and metric number theory as well. Thus, the contributions in this book include a wide range of applications with surprising connections ranging from longest common subsequences for words, permutation groups, random matrices and free probability to entropy problems and metric number theory. The book is the product of a conference that took place in August 2011 in Bielefeld, Germany to celebrate the 60th birthday of Friedrich Götze, a noted expert in this field.

Theory of Probability

Theory of Probability Author Boris V. Gnedenko
ISBN-10 9056995855
Release 1998-05-13
Pages 520
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This book is the sixth edition of a classic text that was first published in 1950 in the former Soviet Union. The clear presentation of the subject and extensive applications supported with real data helped establish the book as a standard for the field. To date, it has been published into more that ten languages and has gone through five editions. The sixth edition is a major revision over the fifth. It contains new material and results on the Local Limit Theorem, the Integral Law of Large Numbers, and Characteristic Functions. The new edition retains the feature of developing the subject from intuitive concepts and demonstrating techniques and theory through large numbers of examples. The author has, for the first time, included a brief history of probability and its development. Exercise problems and examples have been revised and new ones added.

Stable Convergence and Stable Limit Theorems

Stable Convergence and Stable Limit Theorems Author Erich Häusler
ISBN-10 9783319183299
Release 2015-06-09
Pages 228
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The authors present a concise but complete exposition of the mathematical theory of stable convergence and give various applications in different areas of probability theory and mathematical statistics to illustrate the usefulness of this concept. Stable convergence holds in many limit theorems of probability theory and statistics – such as the classical central limit theorem – which are usually formulated in terms of convergence in distribution. Originated by Alfred Rényi, the notion of stable convergence is stronger than the classical weak convergence of probability measures. A variety of methods is described which can be used to establish this stronger stable convergence in many limit theorems which were originally formulated only in terms of weak convergence. Naturally, these stronger limit theorems have new and stronger consequences which should not be missed by neglecting the notion of stable convergence. The presentation will be accessible to researchers and advanced students at the master's level with a solid knowledge of measure theoretic probability.

Martingale Limit Theory and Its Application

Martingale Limit Theory and Its Application Author P. Hall
ISBN-10 9781483263229
Release 2014-07-10
Pages 320
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Martingale Limit Theory and Its Application discusses the asymptotic properties of martingales, particularly as regards key prototype of probabilistic behavior that has wide applications. The book explains the thesis that martingale theory is central to probability theory, and also examines the relationships between martingales and processes embeddable in or approximated by Brownian motion. The text reviews the martingale convergence theorem, the classical limit theory and analogs, and the martingale limit theorems viewed as the rate of convergence results in the martingale convergence theorem. The book explains the square function inequalities, weak law of large numbers, as well as the strong law of large numbers. The text discusses the reverse martingales, martingale tail sums, the invariance principles in the central limit theorem, and also the law of the iterated logarithm. The book investigates the limit theory for stationary processes via corresponding results for approximating martingales and the estimation of parameters from stochastic processes. The text can be profitably used as a reference for mathematicians, advanced students, and professors of higher mathematics or statistics.

Probability theory and mathematical statistics

Probability theory and mathematical statistics Author International Vilnius Conference on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (4, 1985)
ISBN-10 9067640697
Release 1987
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Probability theory and mathematical statistics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Probability theory and mathematical statistics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Probability theory and mathematical statistics book for free.


Probability Author Davar Khoshnevisan
ISBN-10 9780821842157
Release 2007
Pages 224
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This is a textbook for a one-semester graduate course in measure-theoretic probability theory, but with ample material to cover an ordinary year-long course at a more leisurely pace. Khoshnevisan's approach is to develop the ideas that are absolutely central to modern probability theory, and to showcase them by presenting their various applications. As a result, a few of the familiar topics are replaced by interesting non-standard ones. The topics range from undergraduate probability and classical limit theorems to Brownian motion and elements of stochastic calculus. Throughout, the reader will find many exciting applications of probability theory and probabilistic reasoning. There are numerous exercises, ranging from the routine to the very difficult. Each chapter concludes with historical notes.

The Life and Times of the Central Limit Theorem

The Life and Times of the Central Limit Theorem Author William J. Adams
ISBN-10 9780821848999
Release 2009-11-25
Pages 195
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About the First Edition: The study of any topic becomes more meaningful if one also studies the historical development that resulted in the final theorem. ... This is an excellent book on mathematics in the making. --Philip Peak, The Mathematics Teacher, May, 1975 I find the book very interesting. It contains valuable information and useful references. It can be recommended not only to historians of science and mathematics but also to students of probability and statistics. --Wei-Ching Chang, Historica Mathematica, August, 1976 In the months since I wrote ... I have read it from cover to cover at least once and perused it here and there a number of times. I still find it a very interesting and worthwhile contribution to the history of probability and statistics. --Churchill Eisenhart, past president of the American Statistical Association, in a letter to the author, February 3, 1975 The name Central Limit Theorem covers a wide variety of results involving the determination of necessary and sufficient conditions under which sums of independent random variables, suitably standardized, have cumulative distribution functions close to the Gaussian distribution. As the name Central Limit Theorem suggests, it is a centerpiece of probability theory which also carries over to statistics. Part One of The Life and Times of the Central Limit Theorem, Second Edition traces its fascinating history from seeds sown by Jacob Bernoulli to use of integrals of $\exp (x^2)$ as an approximation tool, the development of the theory of errors of observation, problems in mathematical astronomy, the emergence of the hypothesis of elementary errors, the fundamental work of Laplace, and the emergence of an abstract Central Limit Theorem through the work of Chebyshev, Markov and Lyapunov. This closes the classical period of the life of the Central Limit Theorem, 1713-1901. The second part of the book includes papers by Feller and Le Cam, as well as comments by Doob, Trotter, and Pollard, describing the modern history of the Central Limit Theorem (1920-1937), in particular through contributions of Lindeberg, Cramer, Levy, and Feller. The Appendix to the book contains four fundamental papers by Lyapunov on the Central Limit Theorem, made available in English for the first time.

Stochastic Limit Theory

Stochastic Limit Theory Author James Davidson
ISBN-10 9780198774037
Release 1994
Pages 539
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This is a survey of the recent developments in the rapidly expanding field of asymptotic distribution theory, with a special emphasis on the problems of time dependence and heterogeneity. The book is designed to be useful on two levels. First as a textbook and reference work, giving definitions of the relevant mathematical concepts, statements, and proofs of the important results from the probability literature, and numerous examples; and second, as an account of recent work in thefield of particular interest to econometricians, including a number of important new results. It is virtually self-contained, with all but the most basic technical prerequisites being explained in their context; mathematical topics include measure theory, integration, metric spaces, and topology, with applications to random variables, and an extended treatment of conditional probability. Other subjects treated include: stochastic processes, mixing processes, martingales, mixingales, and near-epoch dependence; the weak and strong laws of large numbers; weak convergence; and central limit theorems for nonstationary and dependent processes. The functional central limit theorem and its ramifications are covered in detail, including an account of the theoretical underpinnings (the weak convergence of measures on metric spaces), Brownian motion, the multivariate invariance principle, and convergence to stochastic integrals. This material is of special relevance to the theory of cointegration.

Probability and Finance

Probability and Finance Author Glenn Shafer
ISBN-10 9780471461715
Release 2005-03-11
Pages 440
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Provides a foundation for probability based on game theory rather than measure theory. A strong philosophical approach with practical applications. Presents in-depth coverage of classical probability theory as well as new theory.

Strong Limit Theorems in Noncommutative L2 Spaces

Strong Limit Theorems in Noncommutative L2 Spaces Author Ryszard Jajte
ISBN-10 9783540475125
Release 2006-12-08
Pages 113
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The noncommutative versions of fundamental classical results on the almost sure convergence in L2-spaces are discussed: individual ergodic theorems, strong laws of large numbers, theorems on convergence of orthogonal series, of martingales of powers of contractions etc. The proofs introduce new techniques in von Neumann algebras. The reader is assumed to master the fundamentals of functional analysis and probability. The book is written mainly for mathematicians and physicists familiar with probability theory and interested in applications of operator algebras to quantum statistical mechanics.

Probability Theory

Probability Theory Author Yakov G. Sinai
ISBN-10 9783662028452
Release 2013-03-09
Pages 140
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Sinai's book leads the student through the standard material for ProbabilityTheory, with stops along the way for interesting topics such as statistical mechanics, not usually included in a book for beginners. The first part of the book covers discrete random variables, using the same approach, basedon Kolmogorov's axioms for probability, used later for the general case. The text is divided into sixteen lectures, each covering a major topic. The introductory notions and classical results are included, of course: random variables, the central limit theorem, the law of large numbers, conditional probability, random walks, etc. Sinai's style is accessible and clear, with interesting examples to accompany new ideas. Besides statistical mechanics, other interesting, less common topics found in the book are: percolation, the concept of stability in the central limit theorem and the study of probability of large deviations. Little more than a standard undergraduate course in analysis is assumed of the reader. Notions from measure theory and Lebesgue integration are introduced in the second half of the text. The book is suitable for second or third year students in mathematics, physics or other natural sciences. It could also be usedby more advanced readers who want to learn the mathematics of probability theory and some of its applications in statistical physics.

Gaussian Processes Function Theory and the Inverse Spectral Problem

Gaussian Processes  Function Theory  and the Inverse Spectral Problem Author Harry Dym
ISBN-10 9780486462790
Release 2008
Pages 333
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This text offers background in function theory, Hardy functions, and probability as preparation for surveys of Gaussian processes, strings and spectral functions, and strings and spaces of integral functions. It addresses the relationship between the past and the future of a real, one-dimensional, stationary Gaussian process. 1976 edition.

Probability and Stochastics

Probability and Stochastics Author Erhan Çınlar
ISBN-10 0387878599
Release 2011-02-21
Pages 558
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This text is an introduction to the modern theory and applications of probability and stochastics. The style and coverage is geared towards the theory of stochastic processes, but with some attention to the applications. In many instances the gist of the problem is introduced in practical, everyday language and then is made precise in mathematical form. The first four chapters are on probability theory: measure and integration, probability spaces, conditional expectations, and the classical limit theorems. There follows chapters on martingales, Poisson random measures, Levy Processes, Brownian motion, and Markov Processes. Special attention is paid to Poisson random measures and their roles in regulating the excursions of Brownian motion and the jumps of Levy and Markov processes. Each chapter has a large number of varied examples and exercises. The book is based on the author’s lecture notes in courses offered over the years at Princeton University. These courses attracted graduate students from engineering, economics, physics, computer sciences, and mathematics. Erhan Cinlar has received many awards for excellence in teaching, including the President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching at Princeton University. His research interests include theories of Markov processes, point processes, stochastic calculus, and stochastic flows. The book is full of insights and observations that only a lifetime researcher in probability can have, all told in a lucid yet precise style.

Probabilities on Algebraic Structures

Probabilities on Algebraic Structures Author Ulf Grenander
ISBN-10 9780486462875
Release 2008-02
Pages 218
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This systematic approach covers semi-groups, groups, linear vector spaces, and algebra. It states and studies fundamental probabilistic problems for these spaces, focusing on concrete results. 1963 edition.