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Profession of Medicine

Profession of Medicine Author Eliot Freidson
ISBN-10 0226262286
Release 1988-05-15
Pages 419
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"Must be judged as a landmark in medical sociology."—Norman Denzin, Journal of Health and Social Behavior "Profession of Medicine is a challenging monograph; the ideas presented are stimulating and thought provoking. . . . Given the expanding domain of what illness is and the contentions of physicians about their rights as professionals, Freidson wonders aloud whether expertise is becoming a mask for privilege and power. . . . Profession of Medicine is a landmark in the sociological analysis of the professions in modern society."—Ron Miller, Sociological Quarterly "This is the first book that I know of to go to the root of the matter by laying open to view the fundamental nature of the professional claim, and the structure of professional institutions."—Everett C. Hughes, Science

Intensive Care

Intensive Care Author Robert Zussman
ISBN-10 0226996352
Release 1992-01
Pages 252
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In riveting case studies, Robert Zussman describes how medical decisions in ICUs are considered and reconsidered, made and remade, negotiated and renegotiated. He concentrates on the practice of medical ethics, on the ways in which right and wrong are interpreted and used in the ward—how definitions of right and wrong emerge from the social situations of patients, families, doctors, and nurses and from the workings of hospitals and the courts. His book is a portrait of the way careful planning is undermined by the unpredictability of illness and the persistence of self-interest, by high principle and curious compromise.

Anti Vivisection and the Profession of Medicine in Britain

Anti Vivisection and the Profession of Medicine in Britain Author A.W.H. Bates
ISBN-10 9781137556974
Release 2017-07-24
Pages 217
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This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This book explores the social history of the anti-vivisection movement in Britain from its nineteenth-century beginnings until the 1960s. It discusses the ethical principles that inspired the movement and the socio-political background that explains its rise and fall. Opposition to vivisection began when medical practitioners complained it was contrary to the compassionate ethos of their profession. Christian anti-cruelty organizations took up the cause out of concern that callousness among the professional classes would have a demoralizing effect on the rest of society. As the nineteenth century drew to a close, the influence of transcendentalism, Eastern religions and the spiritual revival led new age social reformers to champion a more holistic approach to science, and dismiss reliance on vivisection as a materialistic oversimplification. In response, scientists claimed it was necessary to remain objective and unemotional in order to perform the experiments necessary for medical progress.

Against the Odds

Against the Odds Author Wilbur H. Watson
ISBN-10 1412816653
Pages 198
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Racial separatism, gender discrimination, and white dominance have historically thwarted black Americans' occupational aspirations. Access to medical education has also been limited, and mobility within the profession, leading to unequal access to health care. There have, however, been notable triumphs. In "Against the Odds, "Wilbur Watson describes successful efforts by determined individuals and small groups of black Americans, since the early nineteenth century, to establish a strong black presence in the medical profession. Changes in medical education and hospital management, desegregation of the medical establishment, and the contemporary challenges of managed-care organizations all attest to their achievements. Watson analyzes sociocultural, political, and psychological factors associated with African-American medical practice; race and gender differences in medical education and professional development; and doctor-patient relationships during and since the period of racial separatism. He discusses the policy implications of physicians' viewpoints on issues such as folk practitioners as health care providers, medical care for the poor, abortion and euthanasia, the Tuskegee syphilis experiments, and the emergence of managed-care organizations. Through in-depth interviews with older physicians and comparative analyses of their situated techniques of coping with racial discrimination and segregation, we gain insight into the effects of separatism on the minds, selves, and social interactions of African-American physicians. Finally, Watson outlines current ethics, demographic changes since desegregation, the contemporary status of black physicians, and recent changes in the socioeconomic organization of the profession of medicine. "Against the Odds "is a unique study of the history, ethnography, and social psychology of blacks in medicine. Watson successfully debunks the myth that black physicians were less competent providers than their white counterparts: a myth that persists to this day. First-person accounts, from periods of socially and legally sanctioned racial separatism and the first three decades of desegregation in the United States, bring readers closer to the physicians' lived experiences than mere social or quantitative description. This engaging account will interest those in the fields of African-American studies, medicine, and sociology.

Restoring the Balance

Restoring the Balance Author Ellen S More
ISBN-10 0674041232
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 352
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From about 1850, American women physicians won gradual acceptance from male colleagues and the general public, primarily as caregivers to women and children. By 1920, they represented approximately five percent of the profession. But within a decade, their niche in American medicine--women's medical schools and medical societies, dispensaries for women and children, women's hospitals, and settlement house clinics--had declined. The steady increase of women entering medical schools also halted, a trend not reversed until the 1960s. Yet, as women's traditional niche in the profession disappeared, a vanguard of women doctors slowly opened new paths to professional advancement and public health advocacy. Drawing on rich archival sources and her own extensive interviews with women physicians, Ellen More shows how the Victorian ideal of balance influenced the practice of healing for women doctors in America over the past 150 years. She argues that the history of women practitioners throughout the twentieth century fulfills the expectations constructed within the Victorian culture of professionalism. "Restoring the Balance" demonstrates that women doctors--collectively and individually--sought to balance the distinctive interests and culture of women against the claims of disinterestedness, scientific objectivity, and specialization of modern medical professionalism. That goal, More writes, reaffirmed by each generation, lies at the heart of her central question: what does it mean to be a woman physician?

Slow Medicine

Slow Medicine Author Victoria Sweet
ISBN-10 9780698183711
Release 2017-10-17
Pages 304
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A radical new understanding of how medicine is best practiced, from the award-winning author of God's Hotel Over the years that Victoria Sweet has been a physician, “healthcare” has replaced medicine, “providers” look at their laptops more than at their patients, and costs keep soaring, all in the ruthless pursuit of efficiency. Yet the remedy that economists and policy makers continue to miss is also miraculously simple. Good medicine takes more than amazing technology; it takes time—time to respond to bodies as well as data, time to arrive at the right diagnosis and the right treatment. Sweet knows this because she has learned and lived it over the course of her remarkable career. Here she relates unforgettable stories of the teachers, doctors, nurses, and patients through whom she discovered the practice of Slow Medicine, in which she has been both pioneer and inspiration. Medicine, she helps us to see, is a craft and an art as well as a science. It is relational, personal, even spiritual. To do it well requires a hard-won wisdom that no algorithm can replace—that brings together “fast” and “slow” in a truly effective, efficient, sustainable, and humane way of healing.

The Ultimate Guide to the Physician Assistant Profession

The Ultimate Guide to the Physician Assistant Profession Author Jessi Rodriguez Ohanesian
ISBN-10 9780071801959
Release 2013-08-22
Pages 296
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The Ultimate Guide to the Physician Assistant Profession This indispensable guide is the next best thing to having a real-life PA mentor at your side. Based on the author's hard-won insights and extensive research as a student and professional PA, the book defines the PA's role; reveals the secrets for getting into and through a PA training program; and provides valuable tips for students to use during their clinical rotations. Above all, through the author's down-to-earth tone and use of personal vignettes, it offers encouragement when you need it most--and lays the foundation for a fulfilling career centered on optimizing patient outcomes. The Ultimate Guide to the Physician Assistant Profession begins with an instructive look at the history of the profession, and subsequent chapters highlight exactly what it takes to excel in PA school; how to transition effectively from school to work; strategies for optimizing collaboration between physicians and PAs; and much more. Supporting this practical coverage are "Day in the Life" vignettes that feature engaging, hour-by-hour accounts of PAs at work across a range of unique settings and specialties, from administration and forensics, to family practice and cardiac critical care. FEATURES: Firsthand accounts written by 6 student PAs and 39 practicing PAs relate their personal experiences in a broad range of clinical specialties, delivering an engaging, real-world snapshot of the demands and opportunities of the PA profession In-depth chapter on effectively managing the transition from school to work covers central topics such as financial planning, the job search, what to include in your first job contract, meeting the expectations of supervising physicians, and much more Valuable appendices provide key information on physician assistant schools, physician assistant affiliations, plus a valuable glossary of important, commonly used medical terminology

Sociology of Medical Profession

Sociology of Medical Profession Author Madhu Nagla
ISBN-10 UOM:39015041750046
Release 1997
Pages 268
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Sociology of Medical Profession has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sociology of Medical Profession also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sociology of Medical Profession book for free.

The Influence of women in the profession of medicine

The Influence of women in the profession of medicine Author Elizabeth Blackwell
ISBN-10 STANFORD:24503092986
Release 1889
Pages 32
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The Influence of women in the profession of medicine has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Influence of women in the profession of medicine also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Influence of women in the profession of medicine book for free.

Licensed to Practice

Licensed to Practice Author James C. Mohr
ISBN-10 9781421411422
Release 2013-10-07
Pages 216
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Licensed to Practice begins with an 1891 shooting in Wheeling, West Virginia, that left one doctor dead and another on trial for his life. Formerly close friends, the doctors had fallen out over the issue of medical licensing. Historian James C. Mohr calls the murder "a sorry personal consequence of the far larger and historically significant battle among West Virginia’s physicians over the future of their profession." Through most of the nineteenth century, anyone could call themselves a doctor and could practice medicine on whatever basis they wished. But an 1889 U.S. Supreme Court case, Dent v. West Virginia, effectively transformed medical practice from an unregulated occupation to a legally recognized profession. The political and legal battles that led up to the decision were unusually bitter—especially among physicians themselves—and the outcome was far from a foregone conclusion. So-called Regular physicians wanted to impose their own standards on the wide-open medical marketplace in which they and such non-Regulars as Thomsonians, Botanics, Hydropaths, Homeopaths, and Eclectics competed. The Regulars achieved their goal by persuading the state legislature to make it a crime for anyone to practice without a license from the Board of Health, which they controlled. When the high court approved that arrangement—despite constitutional challenges—the licensing precedents established in West Virginia became the bedrock on which the modern American medical structure was built. And those precedents would have profound implications. Thus does Dent, a little-known Supreme Court case, influence how Americans receive health care more than a hundred years after the fact.

Agnodike and the Profession of Medicine

Agnodike and the Profession of Medicine Author Helen King
ISBN-10 OCLC:779789433
Release 1986
Pages 25
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Agnodike and the Profession of Medicine has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Agnodike and the Profession of Medicine also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Agnodike and the Profession of Medicine book for free.

The Social Transformation of American Medicine

The Social Transformation of American Medicine Author Paul Starr
ISBN-10 9780786725458
Release 2008-08-06
Pages 352
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Winner of the 1983 Pulitzer Prize and the Bancroft Prize in American History, this is a landmark history of how the entire American health care system of doctors, hospitals, health plans, and government programs has evolved over the last two centuries. "The definitive social history of the medical profession in America....A monumental achievement."—H. Jack Geiger, M.D., New York Times Book Review

Sex and Medicine

Sex and Medicine Author Rosemary Pringle
ISBN-10 0521578124
Release 1998-06-13
Pages 240
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This insightful 1998 book uses the experiences of women doctors to explore whether they make a difference.

Medicine as a Profession for Women

Medicine as a Profession for Women Author Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell
ISBN-10 9781465592972
Release 2016-10-07
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In inviting consideration to the subject of medicine as an occupation for women, it is not a simple theory that we wish to present, but the results of practical experience. For fourteen years we have been students of medicine; for eight years we have been engaged in the practice of our profession in New York; and during the last five years have, in addition, been actively occupied in the support of a medical charity. We may therefore venture to speak with some certainty on this subject; and we are supported by the earnest sympathy of large numbers of intelligent women, both in England and America, in presenting this subject for the first time to the public. The idea of the education of women in medicine is not now an entirely new one; for some years it has been discussed by the public, institutions have been founded professing to accomplish it, and many women are already engaged in some form of medical occupation. Yet the true position of women in medicine, the real need which lies at the bottom of this movement, and the means necessary to secure its practical usefulness and success, are little known. We believe it is now time to bring this subject forward and place it in its true light, as a matter not affecting a few individuals only, but of serious importance to the community at large; and demanding such support as will allow of the establishment of an institution for the thorough education of women in medicine. When the idea of the practice of medicine by women is suggested the grounds on which we usually find sympathy expressed for it are two. The first is, that there are certain departments of medicine in which the aid of women physicians would be especially valuable to women. The second argument is, that women are much in need of a wider field of occupation, and if they could successfully practice any branches of medicine it would be another opening added to the few they already possess. In some shape or other, these two points are almost universally regarded (where the matter has been considered at all) as the great reasons to be urged in its behalf.

Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women

Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women Author Elizabeth Blackwell
ISBN-10 STANFORD:24501110578
Release 1895
Pages 265
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Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women book for free.

Being Mortal

Being Mortal Author Atul Gawande
ISBN-10 9781627790550
Release 2014-10-07
Pages 304
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In Being Mortal, bestselling author Atul Gawande tackles the hardest challenge of his profession: how medicine can not only improve life but also the process of its ending Medicine has triumphed in modern times, transforming birth, injury, and infectious disease from harrowing to manageable. But in the inevitable condition of aging and death, the goals of medicine seem too frequently to run counter to the interest of the human spirit. Nursing homes, preoccupied with safety, pin patients into railed beds and wheelchairs. Hospitals isolate the dying, checking for vital signs long after the goals of cure have become moot. Doctors, committed to extending life, continue to carry out devastating procedures that in the end extend suffering. Gawande, a practicing surgeon, addresses his profession's ultimate limitation, arguing that quality of life is the desired goal for patients and families. Gawande offers examples of freer, more socially fulfilling models for assisting the infirm and dependent elderly, and he explores the varieties of hospice care to demonstrate that a person's last weeks or months may be rich and dignified. Full of eye-opening research and riveting storytelling, Being Mortal asserts that medicine can comfort and enhance our experience even to the end, providing not only a good life but also a good end.


Hooked Author Howard Brody
ISBN-10 0742552195
Release 2008
Pages 367
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This book explores the controversial relationship between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry, identifies the ethical tensions and controversies, and proposes numerous reforms both for medicine's own professional integrity and for effective public regulation of the industry.