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Promoting and Marketing Events

Promoting and Marketing Events Author Nigel Jackson
ISBN-10 9781136666506
Release 2013-10-28
Pages 260
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This accessible book introduces students to the theories, concepts and skills required to promote an event successfully. To promote an event effectively it is essential to understand marketing, but it is also important to recognise that it is not just consumers who are the audience: other publics who may not necessarily attend can have a fundamental effect on the success of an event as well. Uniquely therefore, this book covers two related themes: marketing and public relations in an events context. This will offer events planners a comprehensive guide on how to promote events to a range of audiences, and on how to use this to manage an event’s long-term reputation. The book focuses on core marketing and PR current theory specifically relevant to the events industry and introduces topics such as marketing strategy, the consumer, marketing PR and how to use the internet to promote events. It integrates a range of international case studies from small-scale events to mega-events to help show how theory can be applied in practice. It further includes inserts of interviews with practitioners in the field, to offer insight into the realities of event communication and to show how to overcome potential pitfalls. Learning outcomes, discussion questions and further reading suggestions are included to aid navigation throughout the book, spur critical thinking and further students’ knowledge. The book is essential reading for all students studying Events Management, and provides valuable reading for students, academics and practitioners interested in marketing and public relations in general.

Advanced Theory and Practice in Sport Marketing

Advanced Theory and Practice in Sport Marketing Author Eric C. Schwarz
ISBN-10 9781351667623
Release 2017-12-14
Pages 380
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Effective marketing is essential for any successful sport organization, from elite international teams to local leagues. Now in a fully revised and updated third edition, Advanced Theory and Practice in Sport Marketing is still the only text to introduce key theory and best practice at an advanced level. This new edition goes beyond the introductory marketing course by exploring advanced marketing theories related to social responsibility, global issues, information systems, consumer behavior, product management, logistics, sales, promotions, and social/digital/mobile media. New to the edition are sections on branding, destination marketing, and performance evaluation that demonstrate how to measure impacts through sport marketing and how to use analytics to determine sport marketing success. Every chapter contains extended case studies and theory-to-practice insights from marketing professionals around the world and a companion website includes an impressive array of additional teaching and learning resources. Advanced Theory and Practice in Sport Marketing goes further than any other textbook to prepare students for the real world of sport marketing. It is essential reading for any upper-level undergraduate or postgraduate course in sport marketing or sport business.

Health Promotion

Health Promotion Author J. R. Kemm
ISBN-10 9781349129713
Release 1995-11-11
Pages 383
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This book on health promotion is ideal for nurses, midwives and health visitors but will also be used by others involved in health promotion. The book is organised into three sections: the first section presents the theory of health promotion including principles and models, factors influencing health as well as ill health and behavioural change. The second section examines the skills required by health promoters and the third explores health promotion in specific settings, such as schools, hospitals, community settings and the workplace. Discussion exercises and questions are used throughout to encourage application to local situations.

Insurance Theory and Practice

Insurance Theory and Practice Author Rob Thoyts
ISBN-10 9781136963445
Release 2010-06-21
Pages 344
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of the theory, functioning, management and legal background of the insurance industry. Written in accessible, non-technical style, Insurance Theory and Practice begins with an examination of the insurance concept, its guiding principles and legal rules before moving on to an analysis of the market, its players and their roles and relationships. The model is the UK insurance market which is globally recognized and forms the basis of the insurance system in a range of countries in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean as well as Australia and Canada. The book covers the underlying ideas behind insurance transactions, together with the legal and financial principles that permit these concepts to function in the real world. Key issues considered include: the role of the constituent parts of the insurance market the operation of both life and general insurers with special reference to the operation of the Lloyd’s market the nature and function of reinsurers, brokers and loss adjusters the influence of government, both in terms of market regulation and consumer protection alternatives to the established private sector insurers, such as government schemes, Islamic insurance and alternative risk financing.

Events Marketing Management

Events Marketing Management Author Ivna Reic
ISBN-10 9781136289798
Release 2016-09-19
Pages 308
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This textbook provides students with an essential introduction to the theoretical underpinnings and practicalities of managing the marketing of events. In order to market events effectively, it is vital to consider marketing of events from the organiser’s perspective and to link it to that of the consumers attending events. As such, this is the first book on the topic which reflects the unique characteristics of marketing in the Events industry by exploring both sides of the marketing coin – the supply and the demand – in the specific context of events. The book takes the reader from core marketing mix principles to exploring the event marketing landscape to consumer experience and involvement with event marketing and finally strategies and tactics employed to manage the marketing activities related to events. The use of technology, importance of sponsorship and PR are also considered. International case studies are integrated throughout to show practical realities of marketing and managing events and a range of useful learning aids are incorporated to aid navigation throughout the book, spur critical thinking and further students’ knowledge. This accessible and comprehensive account of Events Marketing and Management is essential reading for all students and future managers.

International Event Management

International Event Management Author Hugues Seraphin
ISBN-10 1536136646
Release 2018-06
Pages 225
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The event industry is a robust economic force worldwide. It spans into many other important sectors like travel, tourism, hospitality, technology, media and communication, inter alia. In America, it is estimated that 18 million events are organised yearly, generating approximately $280 billion in spending and $66.8 billion in labour income (Event Industry Outlook 2016). Events showcase talent and are perhaps those moments when societies and communities group together to revive certain traditions and cultures, which are otherwise dormant. In other contexts, like the case of tourism, events create economic value for the hosting destination, which boosts the economy. In contrast to permanent attractions, an event has the potential to promote authenticity and hence, is increasingly tapped by marketers for the purpose of differentiation. For instance, destinations celebrate their unique culture and heritage through events which represent important milestones in their tourism history. Given their capacity to attract visitors and generate profit, tourism destinations are increasingly capitalising on events as a diversification strategy. This trend has undoubtedly precipitated popularity in event studies and hence the writing of this book. The landscape of the book covers a broad spectrum of research. The chapters explore the changing dimensions in the industry based on the following themes: - Event Management Trends and Policies - Events and Destination Image and Preference - Events and Education - Events, Attendees and Organisers In the present book, an attempt is made to cover a wide range of events (sport, cultural, festivals and weddings) and issues related to the organisation and management of these events (policies, terrorism, etc.). The chapters also provide solutions and strategies for the organisation of successful events (protocol, etc.). The book also offers an opportunity to understand attendees from a consumer behaviour point of view. More importantly, some chapters cover events from an education point of view by examining the question from both a Higher Education perspective (universities) and an event organiser angle (what is done to make people aware of sustainability). The editors have invited academics from Africa (Kenya, Algeria), South America (Argentina), Europe (England, Italy and Greece), and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi) to contribute thirteen chapters in the fields of their expertise. With its perfect combination of theoretical and practical issues, this book aims to share with readers the knowledge needed to professionally manage events in different fields. The latest trends including the key theories, concepts and case studies related to event management are presented in a manner that intellectually stimulates readers to get ready for an experiential learning journey. This book will enable readers to understand the impact of events on destination management organisations, explain the role of events in promoting international sport competitions, and understand the key issues in planning and designing collaborative partnerships in event management. Each chapter features a real-life case study to highlight key concepts and replace theoretical concepts with practical solutions to effectively approach the organisation of events, as well as preparing readers to tackle any challenges they might face in their future opportunities to manage events.


ISBN-10 9781912234493
Release 2016-04-04
Pages 367
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Globalization has produced opportunities and challenges that countries and firms respond to with a variety of policies and strategies. Approaches that scholars may find intuitively appealing may be considered inappropriate in some contexts. This book highlights the diversity of challenges, opportunities as well as the policy and strategy options that governments and businesses have considered useful in different operational contexts. It brings together research done by scholars at the International Business Centre, Department of Business and Management at Aalborg University, Denmark, and seeks to provide inspiration for further research into some key international business issues.Issues discussed include the following: A* The role of social capital in the internationalization process of firms. A* Downstream and upstream aspects of internationalization. A* Network organizational perspective on globalized innovation processes. A* Performance assessment in cross-border mergers and acquisitions. A* The human side of national and firm-level competitiveness. A* Country-of-origin effect on brand perception. A* Role of culture international joint venture management. A* Multiculturalism and strategizing in international firms.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising Author Shelly Rodgers
ISBN-10 9781317225461
Release 2017-02-17
Pages 466
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Digital Advertising offers a detailed and current overview of the field that draws on current research and practice by introducing key concepts, models, theories, evaluation practices, conflicts, and issues. With a balance of theory and practice, this book helps provide the tools to evaluate and understand the effects of digital advertising and promotions campaigns. New to this edition is discussion of big data analysis, privacy issues, and social media, as well as thought pieces by leading industry practitioners. This book is ideal for graduate and upper-level undergraduate students, as well as academics and practitioners.

Handbook of Product Placement in the Mass Media

Handbook of Product Placement in the Mass Media Author Mary-Lou Galician
ISBN-10 9781136781278
Release 2013-05-13
Pages 306
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Leading experts present cutting-edge ideas and current research on product placement! The Handbook of Product Placement in the Mass Media: New Strategies in Marketing Theory, Practice, Trends, and Ethics is the first serious book in English to examine the wider contexts and varied texts of product placement, related media marketing strategies, and audience impacts. The contributors are national experts in a variety of mass media specialties-history, law, and ethics (both media ethics and medical ethics); cultural and critical analysis; content analysis and effects; visuality; marketing, advertising, public relations, and promotion; and digital technology and futures. Handbook of Product Placement in the Mass Media is a part of The Haworth Press, Inc. promotion book series edited by Richard Alan Nelson, PhD, APR.This first-of-its-kind book features interviews with leading critics and proponents of product placement (including the Pulitzer Prize-winning media critic of the LA Times and the Director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington, DC). You’ll also find a lively roundtable of many of the major contributors (in Q&A format), a review of a recent video on product placement, and a helpful resource guide to publications and Web sites that further enhance the value of the book. From the editor: The influence of product placement is perceived as so great that its detractors have sought federal regulation of the practice. This book examines the wider contexts and varied texts of product placement and related mass media marketing strategies. The contributors represent a rich variety of methodological approaches and viewpoints, which should stimulate readers to think about this complex issue in an appropriately multifaceted fashion and to triangulate their own study. The Handbook of Product Placement in the Mass Media: New Strategies in Marketing Theory, Practice, Trends, and Ethics presents careful research, expert opinion, and insiders’ perspectives on: product placement’s historical context—from its origins in early radio and television programming to the evolution of the practice and the advent of “advertainment” and brand promotion via online computer games the evolution of product placement in Hollywood—with a trend analysis of the 15 top-grossing motion pictures of 1977, 1987, and 1997 the use of product placement to generate additional production revenue for motion pictures brand synergy and building brand identity legal aspects of product placement—how it relates to the First Amendment and to the Supreme Court’s commercial speech doctrine ethical issues related to product placement, product integration, and video insertion . . . plus fascinating case studies focusing on important aspects of product placement: its use in movie and television programs in general, and in the 2000 movie Cast Away in particular its use as a marketing technique for medical products the impact upon brand recognition of adding an audible reference to a visually prominent brand placement the inclusion of brand names in book storylines the impact upon viewers of the use of fake (generic, fictitious) products in “realistic” films

Medical Education Theory and Practice E Book

Medical Education  Theory and Practice E Book Author Tim Dornan
ISBN-10 9780702049866
Release 2011-12-02
Pages 396
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Medical Education: Theory and Practice is a new text linking the theory and the practice for graduate students and educators who want to go beyond the basics. The scholarship of medical education is, above all, a ‘practice’, but one that has a strong theoretical foundation. Neither theory nor practice stand still, and both are grounded in research. The novelty of this book lies in its interweaving of practice, theory, innovation and research. The book starts with a theorised, contemporary overview of the field. Next, it explores the theoretical foundations of medical education in depth. The remainder of the book reviews a whole a range of educational contexts, processes and outcomes. This work has been edited by a distinguished, international team of medical educationalists and written by equally accomplished authors from across the globe representing a spectrum of disciplines. This will be an invaluable text for all Masters Students in health professions education as well as PhD students and education researchers wanting a background to the discipline. Educators and medical students will also find it a very useful resource. Written by key figures in medical educational research combined with a strong editorial influence from the international editorial team. The text has a strong evidence-based approach that is fully cognisant of research methodology issues, The book provides a scholarly explanation on the topic, rather than aiming to say the last word. Written throughout in a clear and comprehensible style. The content is extensively referenced with additional suggestions for further reading.

Outcome Based Performance Management in the Public Sector

Outcome Based Performance Management in the Public Sector Author Elio Borgonovi
ISBN-10 9783319570181
Release 2017-07-17
Pages 448
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This book highlights the use of an outcome-oriented view of performance to frame and assess the desirability of the effects produced by adopted policies, so to allow governments not only to consider effects in the short, but also the long run. Furthermore, it does not only focus on policy from the perspective of a single unit or institution, but also under an inter-institutional viewpoint. This book features theoretical and empirical research on how public organizations have evolved their performance management systems toward outcome measures that may allow one to better deal with wicked problems. Today, ‘wicked problems’ characterize most of governmental planning involving social issues. These are complex policy problems, underlying high risk and uncertainty, and a high interdependency among variables affecting them. Such problems cannot be clustered within the boundaries of a single organization, or referred to specific administrative levels or ministries. They are characterized by dynamic complexity, involving multi-level, multi-actor and multi-sectoral challenges. In the last decade, a number of countries have started to develop new approaches that may enable to improve cohesion, to effectively deal with wicked problems. The chapters in this book showcase these approaches, which encourage the adoption of more flexible and pervasive governmental systems to overcome such complex problems. Outcome-Based Performance Management in the Public Sector is divided into five parts. Part 1 aims at shedding light on problems and issues implied in the design and implementation of “outcome-based” performance management systems in the public sector. Then Part 2 illustrates the experiences, problems, and evolving trends in three different countries (Scotland, USA, and Italy) towards the adoption of outcome-based performance management systems in the public sector. Such analyses are conducted at both the national and local government levels. The third part of the book frames how outcome-based performance management can enhance public governance and inter-institutional coordination. Part 4 deals with the illustration of challenges and results from different public sector domains. Finally the book concludes in Part 5 as it examines innovative methods and tools that may support decision makers in dealing with the challenges of outcome-based performance management in the public sector. Though the book is specifically focused on a research target, it will also be useful to practitioners and master students in public administration .

Doing Visual Analysis

Doing Visual Analysis Author Per Ledin
ISBN-10 9781526418067
Release 2018-01-27
Pages 216
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Visual communication shapes our perceptions and experiences of the world. This is not only a question of photographs or video, but also the design of websites, the use of data visualization software, the branding of packaging, and even the design of buildings and furniture. Doing Visual Analysis: From Theory to Practices provides a concrete set of tools to research and analyse this wide range of visual data. Showing students how to apply the right mix of methods to their own research projects, it equips them with the skills to break down and analyse the range of contemporary visual communication. The book: Provides examples of how and where certain tools can be used in a project or dissertation Discusses the type of research questions best suited to different tools and methods Shows students how to mix approaches and use tools alongside other methods, such as content analysis or interviews Doing Visual Analysis is an essential companion for students and researchers of visual data across the social sciences.

Events Project Management

Events Project Management Author Hanya Pielichaty
ISBN-10 9781317565376
Release 2016-11-10
Pages 290
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This book provides events management students with an accessible and essential introduction to project management. Written by both academics and industry experts, Events Project Management offers a unique blend of theory and practice to encourage and contextualise project management requirements within events settings. Key questions include: What is project management? How does it connect to events management? What is effective project management within the events sector? How does academic theory connect to practice? The book is coherently structured into 12 chapters covering crucial event management topics such as stakeholders, supply chain management, project management tools and techniques, and financial and legal issues. Guides, templates, case study examples, industry tips and activity tasks are integrated in the text and online to show practice and aid knowledge. Written in an engaging style, this text offers the reader a thorough understanding of how to successfully project manage an event from the creative idea to the concrete product. It is essential reading for all events management students.

Health Promotion Programs

Health Promotion Programs Author Carl I. Fertman
ISBN-10 9781119163350
Release 2016-10-17
Pages 496
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Comprehensive coverage, real-world issues, and a focus on the practical aspects of health promotion Health Promotion Programs combines theory and practice to deliver a comprehensive introduction to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion programs. Presenting an overview of best practices from schools, health care organizations, workplaces, and communities, this book offers clear, practical guidance with an emphasis on hands-on learning. This new second edition has been updated to include discussion on today's important issues, including health equity, the Affordable Care Act, big data, E-health, funding, legislation, financing, and more. New coverage includes programs for underserved priority populations at a geographically-diverse variety of sites, and new practice and discussion questions promote engagement on highly-relevant topics. Public health is a critical aspect of any society, and health promotion programs play an important role. This book provides clear instruction, practical guidance, and multiple avenues to deeper investigation. Plan health promotion programs from the basis of health theory Gain in-depth insight on new issues and challenges in the field Apply what you're learning with hands-on activities Access digital learning aids and helpful templates, models, and suggestions Designed to promote engagement and emphasize action, this book stresses the importance of doing as a vital part of learning—yet each step of the process is directly traceable to health theory, which provides a firm foundation to support a robust health promotion program. Health Promotion Programs is the essential introductory text for practical, real-world understanding.

Global Marketing

Global Marketing Author Ilan Alon
ISBN-10 9781317613510
Release 2016-11-10
Pages 726
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Global Marketing provides students with a truly international treatment of the key principles that every marketing manager should grasp. International markets present different challenges that require a marketer to think strategically, and apply tools and techniques creatively in order to respond decisively in a fiercely competitive environment. Alon et al. provide students with everything they need to rise to the challenge: Coverage of small and medium enterprises, as well as multinational corporations, where much of the growth in international trade and global marketing has occurred. A shift toward greater consideration of services marketing as more companies move away from manufacturing. A focus on emerging markets to equip students with the skills necessary to take advantage of the opportunities that these rapidly growing regions present. Chapters on social media, innovation, and technology teach students how to incorporate these new tools into their marketing strategy. New material on sustainability, ethics, and corporate social responsibility; key values for any modern business. Short cases and examples throughout the text show students how these principles and techniques are applied in the real world. Longer cases provide instructors and students with rich content for deeper analysis and discussion. Covering key topics not found in competing books, Global Marketing will equip students with the knowledge and confidence they need to become leading marketing managers. A companion website features an instructor’s manual with test questions, as well as additional exercises and examples for in-class use.

Market Society

Market Society Author Ben Spies-Butcher
ISBN-10 9780521184908
Release 2012-03-21
Pages 278
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An exploration of the social structures at the heart of capitalist economies from feudal England through to the modern day.

Design in Theory and Practice

Design in Theory and Practice Author Ernest Allen Batchelder
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3258503
Release 1910
Pages 271
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Design in Theory and Practice has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Design in Theory and Practice also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Design in Theory and Practice book for free.