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Promoting Mental Emotional and Social Health

Promoting Mental  Emotional and Social Health Author Katherine Weare
ISBN-10 9781134702633
Release 2013-01-11
Pages 176
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Schools are now seen as being one of the key agents which can help redress society's most fundamental problems, create more cohesive communities and promote citizenship and a sense of social conscience in the young. Promoting Mental, Emotional and Social Health: A Whole School Approach provides a clear and practical overview of ways in which mainstream schools can promote the health of all those who work and learn in them. Supported by the latest new evidence from the UK and Europe as well as findings from the USA, it outlines and examines: * evidence that social and emotional learning and academic achievement can go hand in hand and that the same key factors underlie both happy and effective schools * the areas of school life that are the key to promoting social and affective health, including relationships with families and the community, management and the curriculum * the competencies that we all need to become more emotionally literate and relate to more effectively.

Children s Mental Health and Emotional Well being in Primary Schools

Children   s Mental Health and Emotional Well being in Primary Schools Author Colin Howard
ISBN-10 9781526413833
Release 2017-06-05
Pages 160
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The mental health and emotional wellbeing of children is fantastically important. It has a huge impact on learning and development and more and more, there is recognition of the importance of mental health for everyone. Despite this, many school staff feel overwhelmed and lack confidence when it comes to dealing with these issues in their classrooms. This new text is written for all those working in primary schools. It supports schools to develop strategies to enhance the importance of mental health and emotional wellbeing, to work on preventative strategies and to support children when they need more intervention. The text explores what we mean by mental health and wellbeing. Many children will not reach the threshold for clinical diagnosis, but they nonetheless need support. This text will outline lots of effective strategies for working with children who are struggling to manage the school day. It offers advice for engaging meaningfully with parents and considers the importance of working with school staff to ensure they are fully supported.

Developing the Emotionally Literate School

Developing the Emotionally Literate School Author Katherine Weare
ISBN-10 9781847877406
Release 2003-10-23
Pages 240
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`As someone with an interest in emotional literacy and in developing emotional literacy work in schools, I found this book an impressive resource. I would recommend it for those interested in this area, those working within schools on emotional literacy, and for school staff interested in developing their schools as emotionally literature organizations' - Debate `This is an authoritative and scholarly book that does not attempt to offer a simple fix-it solution but one that should lead to an informed and workable approach that will address the needs and circumstances of individual schools as such . I would recommend it as an essential read for anyone contemplating the research or promotion of emotional literacy in school' - Special Children `There is much to encourage exploration by schools, educators and managers in an informed way. Helpful appendices list experienced agencies schools may approach in their work on emotional well-being'- Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties `The book provides a useful guide to ways in which school policies for promoting emotional wellbeing can be developed' - Times Educational Supplement, Teacher `This book is written in a refreshingly well-balanced style and it deserves a similarly even-handed review. Katherine Weare never exaggerates a point or pretends to have found the Holy Grail. Instead; each argument is carefully counter pointed by a caveat' - Nurturing Potential `This is a handbook for teachers and LEAs with clearly headed sections, useful tables and list of resources and contacts. There are helpful suggestions for auditing emotional literacy in schools, deciding whether to use off-the-shelf programmes, tailoring programmes to the school's own needs, and working with the wider community' - The Psychology of Education Review 'Visionary and easy to read. This vision resides in the authors' convictions about the vital role schools can play in developing and widening the literacy of emotions... worth reading... opens up a picture of what can achieved in schools in the best interests of the children' - Young Minds Magazine `Katherine Weare brings a good track record to this useful handbook. The full list of contacts, sources of support and resources and the useful bibliography are clearly a product of her comprehensive knowledge of the field in UK and beyond. They provide a solid platform for future researches' - Journal of In-Service Education Emotional literacy refers to our ability to understand and use information about our own and others' emotional states, with skill and competence. It is increasingly accepted in schools, and this book shows how it is central to mainstream education. The author defines concepts and terms in ways that make sense to practitioners, outlines the scientific evidence behind the concept, explores ways in which schools can become more emotionally literate, and demonstrates the educational benefits. The book is a practical and up-to-date account of ways in which schools can use emotional literacy to realize their goals of school improvement and effectiveness, increased learning, more efficient management of teaching and learning and improved relationships. Katherine Weare shows how emotional literacy can help address persistent educational problems, such as emotional and behavioural disturbance, school exclusion, and teacher stress and disaffection. Emotional literacy is relevant to mainstream education, is most effective when it permeates the whole school culture, ethos, relationships and management. It is as relevant for secondary as it is for primary students, and applies to teachers and parents as well as to students.

Understanding Personal Social Health and Economic Education in Primary Schools

Understanding Personal  Social  Health and Economic Education in Primary Schools Author Nick Boddington
ISBN-10 9781473904712
Release 2014-03-20
Pages 296
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'This book is a gift for anyone teaching PSHE whether they are new to the profession or experienced practitioners. Sound pedagogical discussion is combined with practical advice to ensure lessons are relevant, meet the needs of learners and allow sensitive issues to be explored in a safe and supportive way.' - Liz Griffiths, Lead Assessor, National PSHE CPD Programme Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEe) is a challenging subject and when well taught, of great value. Drawing from theory and practice in education, health and welfare it encompasses sensitive issues, such as relationships, drugs, safety, and bullying, and is influenced by political concerns of the day such as childhood obesity and the health of the economy. This book, written for those training to teach and early career primary teachers, provides clear guidance on how to tackle sensitive issues and informed ideas to help you to develop into a confident PSHE educator. It has been endorsed as a PSHE Association quality assured resource. The PSHE Association is the national subject association supporting teachers and other professionals working in the field of personal, social, health and economic education ( Key features: Full of practical strategies and examples from schools that clearly demonstrate how to teach PSHEe with primary-aged children. A focus on best practice teaching enabling you to plan flexibly to meet the needs of your learners. Nick Boddington acts as National Subject Adviser for the PSHE Association, Jenny McWhirter is the Research Associate for the PSHE Association, and both her and Adrian King are experienced PSHE authors and education consultants.

Changing Behaviour in Schools

Changing Behaviour in Schools Author Sue Roffey
ISBN-10 1446259536
Release 2010-11-12
Pages 232
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Good teachers know that positive relationships with students and school connectedness lead to both improved learning and better behaviour for all students, and this is backed up by research. This book will show you how to promote positive behaviour and wellbeing in your setting. Taking an holistic approach to working with students, the author provides examples of effective strategies for encouraging pro-social and collaborative behaviour in the classroom, the school and the wider community. Chapters look at the importance of the social and emotional aspects of learning, and ways to facilitate change. Issues covered include: -developing a sense of belonging in the classroom -teaching approaches that maximise engagement and participation -how to respond effectively to challenging situations -ways to re-engage with students who have become marginalized. Each chapter has case studies from primary and secondary schools, activities, checklists and suggestions for further reading. This is an essential textbook for trainee and newly-qualified teachers, and is also useful for more experienced teachers, as it offers advice to all on how to manage student relationships with confidence, respect and resilience.

Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom Author Kenneth W. Merrell
ISBN-10 9781606235515
Release 2010-01-29
Pages 174
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This highly engaging, eminently practical book provides essential resources for implementing social and emotional learning (SEL) in any K–12 setting. Numerous vivid examples illustrate the nuts and bolts of this increasingly influential approach to supporting students' mental health, behavior, and academic performance. Helpful reproducibles are included. The authors offer clear-cut guidance on how to: *Choose the right SEL program for a particular school. *Teach SEL concepts to students, teachers, and administrators. *Weave SEL into the classroom curriculum to boost academic success. *Adapt interventions for culturally and linguistically diverse students and those with special needs. *Monitor outcomes and maximize the quality of interventions. This book is in The Guilford Practical Intervention in the Schools Series, edited by T. Chris Riley-Tillman.

Wellbeing A Complete Reference Guide Interventions and Policies to Enhance Wellbeing

Wellbeing  A Complete Reference Guide  Interventions and Policies to Enhance Wellbeing Author Felicia A. Huppert
ISBN-10 9781118716168
Release 2014-02-05
Pages 704
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Using an evidence-based approach and case studies from a wide range of life domains, Interventions and Policies to Enhance Wellbeing examines the most successful existing strategies to promote wellbeing and mental health. Discusses the results of the latest research in the science of wellbeing and their implications for improved learning, creativity, productivity, relationships, and health Covers interventions for individuals across the lifespan, as well as those for organizations, communities, and entire populations Looks at policy initiatives and approaches with a focus on the integration of new technology and the role of the media Part of the six-volume Wellbeing: A Complete Reference Guide, which brings together leading research from across the social sciences

Promoting Emotional and Social Development in Schools

Promoting Emotional and Social Development in Schools Author Simon Blake
ISBN-10 9781849203623
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 144
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The social and emotional needs of children have become increasingly important to educators in recent years, as the impact they have on improving behaviour and promoting inclusion has become evident. Written in an accessible style for busy practitioners, this book gives advice on creating an emotionally and socially 'healthy' school. The book: - shows why schools should promote emotional and social development - includes practical ideas & activities for those working in primary & secondary schools - uses a range of case studies to illustrate the impact of good practice - includes INSET / personal review materials, and audit tools

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness Author Amanda Ie
ISBN-10 9781118294918
Release 2014-03-12
Pages 1248
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The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness brings together the latest multi-disciplinary research on mindfulness from a group of international scholars: Examines the origins and key theories of the two dominant Western approaches to mindfulness Compares, contrasts, and integrates insights from the social psychological and Eastern-derived perspectives Discusses the implications for mindfulness across a range of fields, including consciousness and cognition, education, creativity, leadership and organizational behavior, law, medical practice and therapy, well-being, and sports 2 Volumes

Implementing Mental Health Promotion

Implementing Mental Health Promotion Author Margaret M. Barry
ISBN-10 9780443100253
Release 2007
Pages 355
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A comprehensive overview to implementing mental health promotion programmes with different population groups across a range of settings. This work shows how information from research can be used to inform programme development and best practice. It provides examples of successful international programmes.

What Works in Developing Children s Emotional and Social Competence and Wellbeing

What Works in Developing Children s Emotional and Social Competence and Wellbeing Author Katherine Weare
ISBN-10 OCLC:473066424
Release 2003
Pages 113
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What Works in Developing Children s Emotional and Social Competence and Wellbeing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from What Works in Developing Children s Emotional and Social Competence and Wellbeing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full What Works in Developing Children s Emotional and Social Competence and Wellbeing book for free.

Promoting Health and Academic Success

Promoting Health and Academic Success Author Birch, David
ISBN-10 9781492508526
Release 2015-02-20
Pages 248
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Promoting Health and Academic Success is a valuable resource for advocacy, planning, implementation, and evaluation related to the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child approach. It’s also ideal for undergraduate and graduate courses that address a coordinated approach to school health.

Bullying in Schools

Bullying in Schools Author Delwyn P. Tattum
ISBN-10 0948080221
Release 1989-01-01
Pages 117
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Bullying involves some three-quarters of a million children in the United Kingdom. For many victims the misery extends over many years and affects every day of their lives. Most people are aware of bullying yet the subject has been strangely ignored. This, the first major book devoted to bullying examines these questions: What is bullying? How does it happen? Who is likely to be involved? Where does it take place? What are the causes? And what can be done about it? The solutions offered independently by the contributors challenge the stereotype assumptions about bullies and victims and are essentially practical, suggesting strategies for establishing an ethos by which schools can become safe places for pupils, parents and teachers.

Promotion of Social and Emotional Competence

Promotion of Social and Emotional Competence Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:1021158091
Release 2015
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Abstract : Purpose: – Within the framework of Health Promoting Schools Up is an intervention using a whole school approach aimed at promoting mental health by strengthening social and emotional competence among schoolchildren. Social and emotional competence is an integral part of many school-based mental health interventions but only a minority of interventions measure changes in competences. The purpose of this paper is to present the intervention Up and document changes in social and emotional competence among schoolchildren before and after the intervention. Design/methodology/approach: – Up consists of four components: education and activities for schoolchildren; development of staff skills; involvement of parents; and initiatives in everyday life at school. Up was implemented in two Danish schools in 2010-2011. Social and emotional competence was measured among 11-15-year old schoolchildren before (response rate 96.2 per cent, n =589) and after (response rate 83.9 per cent, n =532) the intervention. Findings: – Changes in level of social competence were assessed by the prevalence of a high level of social and emotional competence before (33.3 per cent) and after (40.8 per cent) the intervention ( p -value=0.01). Research limitations/implications: – Up provides valuable experiences for adapting evidence-based mental health promotion to the Danish school system which is characterized by democracy, autonomy and inclusion. Future research should study the implementation and effect of Up in larger scale studies. Practical implications: – The comprehensive description of Up serves as important information for policymakers and practitioners working with mental health promotion. Originality/value: – The whole school approach intervention Up has the potential to promote social and emotional competence and reduce socioeconomic differences in social and emotional competence among schoolchildren.

Promoting Student Happiness

Promoting Student Happiness Author Shannon M. Suldo
ISBN-10 9781462526819
Release 2016-06-27
Pages 273
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Grounded in cutting-edge research, this book shows how interventions targeting gratitude, kindness, character strengths, optimistic thinking, hope, and healthy relationships can contribute to improved academic and social outcomes in grades 3-12. It provides a 10-session manual for promoting subjective well-being--complete with vivid case examples--that can be implemented with individuals, small groups, or whole classes. Factors that predict youth happiness are discussed, evidence-based assessment tools presented, and ways to involve teachers and parents described. In a large-size format with lay-flat binding for easy photocopying, the volume includes 40 reproducible handouts and forms. Purchasers get access to a companion website where they can download and print these materials, plus online-only fidelity checklists and parent and teacher notes. This book is in The Guilford Practical Intervention in the Schools Series, edited by T. Chris Riley-Tillman.

Promoting Resilience in the Classroom

Promoting Resilience in the Classroom Author Carmel Cefai
ISBN-10 1846427738
Release 2008-03-15
Pages 176
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Resilience is a set of qualities that enable children to adapt and transform, to overcome risk and adversity, and to develop social competence, problem-solving skills, autonomy and a sense of purpose. For children and young people it is as vital to possess these qualities in school environments as in the family and the community at large. This handbook for teachers and educators explores ways of nurturing resilience in vulnerable students. It proposes a new, positive way of thinking about schools as institutions that can foster cognitive and socio-emotional competence in all students. Individual chapters examine effective practices in schools and classrooms, and assess a range of classroom processes, such as engagement, inclusion, collaboration and prosocial behaviour. The author makes use of case studies throughout to bring to life classroom activities and concrete strategies that will promote best practice for enhancing student resilience, and offers a framework that can be adapted to the existing nature, culture and needs of each individual school community and its members. Promoting Resilience in the Classroom is a valuable resource for educational practitioners as well as educational officers and policy makers engaged in school development and educational improvement.

Making and Breaking Children s Lives

Making and Breaking Children s Lives Author Craig Newnes
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105121922590
Release 2005
Pages 179
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Making and Breaking Children's Lives examines how children are hurt in modern society.