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Property Rights

Property Rights Author Terry L. Anderson
ISBN-10 9780817939137
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 116
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Drawing on the thoughts of various philosophers, political thinkers, economists, and lawyers, Terry Anderson and Laura Huggins present a blueprint for the nonexpert-expert on how societies can encourage or discourage freedom and prosperity through their property rights institutions. This Hoover Classic edition of Property Rightsdetails step-by-step what property rights are, what they do, how they evolve, how they can be protected, and how they promote freedom and prosperity.

Justice in a Changing World

Justice in a Changing World Author Cecile Fabre
ISBN-10 9780745658131
Release 2013-04-30
Pages 184
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Should governments give special rights to ethnic and cultural minorities? Should rich countries open their borders to economic immigrants or transfer resources to poor countries? When framing and implementing economic and environmental policies, should current generations take into account the interests of future generations? If our political community committed a wrong against another group a hundred years ago, do we owe reparations to current members of that group? These are just some of the pressing questions which are fully explored in this accessible new analysis of justice in the contemporary world. They force us to reconsider the extent of our obligations to our fellow citizens, future generations and foreigners. Justice in a Changing World introduces the moral debates around issues such as immigration, national self-determination, cultural rights and reparations, as well as resource transfers from one generation to the next and from rich to poor countries, through the lenses of liberalism, communitarianism and libertarianism. In so doing, it helps to unravel the complexity of key ethical dilemmas facing us today. The book will be a valuable resource for students of political theory, and will appeal to anyone wishing to reflect on their deepest values and commitments by putting them to the test of practical politics.

The Flat Tax

The Flat Tax Author Robert E. Hall
ISBN-10 0817993134
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 244
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This new and updated edition of The Flat Tax—called "the bible of the flat tax movement" by Forbes—explains what's wrong with our present tax system and offers a practical alternative. Hall and Rabushka set forth what many believe is the most fair, efficient, simple, and workable tax reform plan on the table: tax all income, once only, at a uniform rate of 19 percent.

Property Rights

Property Rights Author Terry L. Anderson
ISBN-10 9780691190365
Release 2018-06-26
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The institution of property is as old as mankind, and property rights are today deemed vital to a prosperous economic system. Much has been written in the last decade on the economics of the legal institutions protecting such rights. This unprecedented book provides a magnificent introduction to the subject. Terry Anderson and Fred McChesney have gathered twelve leading thinkers to explore how property rights arise, and how they bolster economic development. As the subtitle indicates, the book examines as well how controversies over valuable property rights are resolved: by agreement, by violence, or by law. The essays begin by surveying the approaches to property taken by early political economists and move to colorful applications of property rights theory concerning the Wild West, the Amazon, endangered species, and the broadcast spectrum. These examples illustrate the process of defining and defending property rights, and demonstrate what difference property rights make. The book then considers a number of topics raised by private property rights, analytically complex topics concerning pollution externalities, government taking of property, and land use management policies such as zoning. Overall, the book is intended as an introduction to the economics and law of property rights. It is divided into six parts, with each featuring an introduction by the editors that integrates prior chapters and material in coming chapters. In the end, the book provides a fresh, comprehensive overview of an intriguing subject, accessible to anyone with a minimal background in economics. With chapters written by noted experts on the subject, Property Rights offers the first primer on the subject ever produced. In addition to the editors, the contributors are Louise De Alessi, Yoram Barzel, Harold Demsetz, Thráinn Eggertsson, Richard A. Epstein, William A. Fischel, David D. Haddock, Peter J. Hill, Gary D. Libecap, Dean Lueck, Edwin G. West, and Bruce Yandle.

The Road to Serfdom

The Road to Serfdom Author Friedrich August Hayek
ISBN-10 0415253896
Release 2001
Pages 256
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Hayek argues convincingly that, while socialist ideals may be tempting, they cannot be accomplished except by means that few would approve of.

Remaking Domestic Intelligence

Remaking Domestic Intelligence Author Richard A. Posner
ISBN-10 9780817946838
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 144
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The author reveals the dangerous weaknesses undermining domestic intelligence in the United States and tells why a new national security service should not be part of the FBI. He explains the need for a new domestic intelligence agency, modeled on the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and lodged in the Department of Homeland Security.

Greener Than Thou

Greener Than Thou Author Terry Lee Anderson
ISBN-10 9780817948511
Release 2008
Pages 146
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Saving the environment through free market enterprise

Prosperity through freedom

Prosperity through freedom Author Lawrence Fertig
ISBN-10 UOM:39015008181821
Release 1961
Pages 278
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Prosperity through freedom has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Prosperity through freedom also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Prosperity through freedom book for free.

Prosperity Through Competition

Prosperity Through Competition Author Ludwig Erhard
ISBN-10 9781610163538
Release 1958
Pages 260
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Prosperity Through Competition has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Prosperity Through Competition also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Prosperity Through Competition book for free.

Economics as Ideology

Economics as Ideology Author Kenneth R. Hoover
ISBN-10 0742531139
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 329
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Economics as Ideology: Keynes, Laski, Hayek and the Creation of Contemporary Politics explores the lives and thought of three powerful theorists who shaped the foundations of the center, left, and right of the political spectrum in the 20th century. Noted scholar Kenneth R. Hoover examines how each thinker developed their ideas, looks at why and how their views evolved into ideologies, and draws connections between these ideologies and our contemporary political situation. Similar in age, colleagues in academic life, and participants in the century's defining political events, the story of Keynes, Laski, and Hayek is also the story of how we in the west came to define politics as the choice between government and the market, between regulation and freedom, and between the classes and the masses.

Foreign Policy of Freedom

Foreign Policy of Freedom Author
ISBN-10 9781610164474
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Foreign Policy of Freedom has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Foreign Policy of Freedom also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Foreign Policy of Freedom book for free.

Anti Americanism in Europe

Anti Americanism in Europe Author Russell A. Berman
ISBN-10 9780817945138
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 186
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In his analysis of Europe's ambivalence toward jihadist terror and the spread of aggressive Islamism, with particular emphasis on the European responses—or lack thereof—to this violent anti-modernism, Russell A. Berman describes how some European countries opt for appeasement and apologetics, whereas others muster the strength to defend their way of life and stand up for freedom. He describes a complex continent of different nations and traditions to further our understanding of the range of reactions to Islamism.

The Essential Russell Kirk

The Essential Russell Kirk Author Russell Kirk
ISBN-10 9781497646810
Release 2014-05-06
Pages 525
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As the author of The Conservative Mind and other seminal books, Russell Kirk is usually thought of as one of the American conservative political movement’s most important progenitors. But as this collection demonstrates, Kirk was perhaps at his best as an essayist. This volume also confirms that Kirk’s was principally a literary and historical conservatism that refused to fit the irreducible complexity of human experience to the requirements of any ideological straitjacket. With The Essential Russell Kirk, literary critic George A. Panichas captures the breadth and depth of Kirk’s intellectual project by gathering together forty-four of the most masterful of Kirk’s essays, along with a unique chronology told in Kirk’s own words and a substantial introduction that articulates the deep humanism that animated Kirk’s philosophy. The result is a carefully assembled volume that gives us a fuller picture of an extraordinary man and writer, one whose labors had, and continue to have, remarkable repercussions on the American literary and political landscape.

A Practical Guide to Winning the War on Terrorism

A Practical Guide to Winning the War on Terrorism Author Adam Garfinkle
ISBN-10 9780817945435
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 226
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The military side of the war on terrorism, says Adam Garfinkle, is a necessary but not sufficient aspect of the solution. Weapons of mass destruction are activated by ideas of mass destruction, and these ideas arise from complex historical and social factors. A Practical Guide to Winning the War on Terrorism offers concrete steps for undermining the very notion that terrorism is a legitimate method of political struggle—and for changing the conditions that lead people to embrace it.


Propaganda Author Edward Bernays
ISBN-10 9781387471065
Release 2017-12-26
Pages 124
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"Bernays' honest and practical manual provides much insight into some of the most powerful and influential institutions of contemporary industrial state capitalist democracies."-Noam Chomsky A seminal and controversial figure in the history of political thought and public relations, Edward Bernays (1891-1995), pioneered the scientific technique of shaping and manipulating public opinion, which he famously dubbed "engineering of consent." During World War I, he was an integral part of the U.S. Committee on Public Information (CPI), a powerful propaganda apparatus that was mobilized to package, advertise and sell the war to the American people as one that would "Make the World Safe for Democracy." The CPI would become the blueprint in which marketing strategies for future wars would be based upon.

Liberty Defined

Liberty Defined Author Ron Paul
ISBN-10 9781455504435
Release 2011-04-19
Pages 352
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In Liberty Defined, congressman and #1 New York Times bestselling author Ron Paul returns with his most provocative, comprehensive, and compelling arguments for personal freedom to date. The term "Liberty" is so commonly used in our country that it has become a mere cliché. But do we know what it means? What it promises? How it factors into our daily lives? And most importantly, can we recognize tyranny when it is sold to us disguised as a form of liberty? Dr. Paul writes that to believe in liberty is not to believe in any particular social and economic outcome. It is to trust in the spontaneous order that emerges when the state does not intervene in human volition and human cooperation. It permits people to work out their problems for themselves, build lives for themselves, take risks and accept responsibility for the results, and make their own decisions. It is the seed of America. This is a comprehensive guide to Dr. Paul's position on fifty of the most important issues of our times, from Abortion to Zionism. Accessible, easy to digest, and fearless in its discussion of controversial topics, LIBERTY DEFINED sheds new light on a word that is losing its shape.

Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature and Other Essays

Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature  and Other Essays Author
ISBN-10 9781610164627
Release 1974
Pages 151
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Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature and Other Essays has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature and Other Essays also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature and Other Essays book for free.