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Protecting Your Ideas

Protecting Your Ideas Author Joy L. Bryant
ISBN-10 0080515274
Release 1998-10-15
Pages 222
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Intellectual property law is currently exploding, as demonstrated by the growth of technology transfer offices in universities. More and more scientists, companies, and institutions are rushing to secure intellectual property rights for their ideas and inventions. This process frustrates many people; patent laws are constantly changing, and most books about them are either overly technical or boring. Protecting Your Ideas: The Inventor's Guide to Patents is a succinct, straightforward guide to the system. This guide presents the steps involved in obtaining patent protection for inventions. It is easy to read and brimming with essential information and advice compounded from FAQs posed by the author's academic and industrial clientele. The text includes tips, warnings, and examples that guide the reader through the invention process so patent rights are not jeopardized. Checklists and other helpful information are provided to assist the inventor preparing to enter the patent process. The book includes valuable resource information and business guidance to protect the inventor from consumer fraud that is sometimes associated with the patent process. Protecting and Idea is a must read for every engineer, scientist, or amateur inventor. Simple, easy-to-read format demystifies the patent process Numerous example patents help to illustrate the issues involved Provides an overview of the types of intellectual property protection Incorporates up-to-date information about U.S. patent laws Advises inventors about the do's and don'ts of patenting Includes useful resources for helping inventors safeguard their ideas

The Everything Inventions And Patents Book

The Everything Inventions And Patents Book Author Barbara Russell Pitts
ISBN-10 9781440523618
Release 2005-12-12
Pages 304
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The Everything Inventions and Patents Book is your step-by-step guide to turning your bright idea into a lucrative enterprise. Authored by two successful inventors and businesswomen, this guide shows you how to make your brainchild profitable! With information on everything from protecting your idea, to learning whom you can trust, The Everything Inventions and Patents Book sets you on the right path toward turning your wildest dreams into tangible, patented reality! Includes vital tips on: Patent law Sales and marketing Developing your idea into a workable plan Filling out a patent application Getting your invention off the ground floor The Everything Inventions and Patents Book is the only resource you need for creating and protecting your idea, your investment, and your future.

Patents Demystified An Insider S Guide to Protecting Ideas and Inventions

Patents Demystified  An Insider S Guide to Protecting Ideas and Inventions Author Dylan O. Adams
ISBN-10 1634251679
Release 2015-12-07
Pages 320
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For tinkers, entrepreneurs, investors and any business with products or processes that can be patented, Patents Demystified provides an easy-to-understand insider guide to patents, patent law, and the patent application process. Based on the author s first-hand experience with both successful and failed companies of all sizes, readers learn the secrets of maximizing patent protection on any budget, with strategies that can be tailored to companies with any business plan or product. Instead of being intimidated and confused by patents, readers will discover how to proactively work with a patent attorney to craft a customized patent strategy, thereby taking the mystery out of what can be an arduous and complicated process."

Entrepreneur s Guide To Patents Copyrights Trademarks Trade Secrets

Entrepreneur s Guide To Patents  Copyrights  Trademarks  Trade Secrets Author Gilbert Guide
ISBN-10 9781440627767
Release 2004-08-03
Pages 336
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Today, virtually all companies, artists, and innovators run the risk of losing their competititve edge-and big money-by not adequately safeguarding their intellectual property. Written by an expert in intellectual property law, this is the first book to address the full range of legal protections available-patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and licensing-with innovative information you won't find elsewhere, including: € Legal landmines every successful entrepreneur must avoid € Business practices that can be protected-but are often overlooked € Protecting your intellectual property on the Internet € What are your ideas and the rights to them really worth? € Why trade secrets are a powerful and under-utilized protection € Lessons learned from, Microsoft, and other elite entrepreneurs € How even smart, savvy AOL lost exclusive trademarks, including "YOU'VE GOT MAIL!" The Entrepreneur's Guide to Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets and Licensing is the definitive guide for the entrepreneur and innovator who is ready to protect what he or she has created-a

How to Invent and Protect Your Invention

How to Invent and Protect Your Invention Author Joseph P. Kennedy
ISBN-10 9781118369371
Release 2012-08-28
Pages 226
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A straightforward guide to inventing, patenting, and technology commercialization for scientists and engineers Although chemists, physicists, biologists, polymer scientists, and engineers in industry are involved in potentially patentable work, they are often under-prepared for this all-important field. This book provides a clear, jargon-free, and comprehensive overview of the patenting process tailored specifically to the needs of scientists and engineers, including: Requirements for a patentable invention How to invent New laws created by President Obama's 2011 America Invents Act The process of applying for and obtaining a patent in the U.S. and in foreign countries Commercializing inventions and the importance of innovation Based on lecture notes refined over twenty-five years at The University of Akron, How to Invent and Protect Your Invention contains practical advice, colorful examples, and a wealth of personal experience from the authors.

What is a Patent

What is a Patent Author
ISBN-10 1604428058
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 24
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What is a Patent has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from What is a Patent also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full What is a Patent book for free.

The Inventor s Desktop Companion

The Inventor s Desktop Companion Author Richard C. Levy
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105060464422
Release 1995
Pages 440
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This guide to marketing and protecting ideas and inventions takes the reader step-by-step through the protection process - from how to patent, trademark or copyright an idea, to saving money in legal fees. It includes the names, addresses and phone numbers of over 2000 associations, public and private marketing services and sources of information. there are sample legal and licensing agreements and dozens of reproducable forms to help the reader save time and money. A section on Ripoffs presents findings of US Senate hearings (September 1994) on invention marketing scams, as well as the FTC's Dirty Dozen list.

The Patent Guide

The Patent Guide Author Carl W. Battle
ISBN-10 9781621536277
Release 2018-04-10
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Coming up with a million-dollar idea is only the first step in what might seem like a long and difficult process. In The Patent Guide, Second Edition, experienced patent attorneys Carl W. Battle and Andrea D. Small deliver basic and comprehensive advice that is easy to understand and will allow you to protect, promote, and profit from your ideas. Chapters discuss such topics as: How to commercialize your invention Where to find sources of information and assistance What guidelines you should follow when obtaining a patent How to obtain foreign patent rights How to maintain confidentiality of your ideas When to use patent attorneys and agents How to deal with invention brokers and promotion firms How to enforce your patent against infringement Fully updated and revised, this new edition includes information on inventor notebooks and records, updates to the patent filing process in the United States and abroad, the latest USPTO forms and templates, and changes to electronic filing and submission procedures. With easy-to-use forms and step-by-step instructions, The Patent Guide is an indispensable tool to help minimize costs and maximize profits of your ideas and inventions.

Patent It Yourself

Patent It Yourself Author David Pressman
ISBN-10 9781413322576
Release 2016-07-20
Pages 672
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Attorney David Pressman and updater Thomas Tuytschaevers take you through the entire patent process, providing scrupulously updated information and clear instructions to help you: determine if you can patent your invention understand patent law evaluate the commercial potential of your idea perform your own patent search file a provisional patent application prepare a formal patent application respond to patent examiners amend an application enforce and maintain your patent market and license your invention Thoroughly updated to reflect the latest changes in intellectual property law, this edition provides the latest U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rules and forms. It includes up-to-date discussions of the new "first to file" rule, which has to revolutionized patent law.

Bold Ideas

Bold Ideas Author J. D. Houvener
ISBN-10 0692633200
Release 2016-03-18
Pages 126
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This book demystifies the seemingly convoluted Patent Laws of the United States and answers the most commonly asked questions related to Patent Law and breaks it down into simple, easy to follow language. This book is for the wise inventor who wishes to educate him or herself first before approaching a Patent Attorney.

The Inventor s Bible Fourth Edition

The Inventor s Bible  Fourth Edition Author Ronald Louis Docie
ISBN-10 9781607749271
Release 2015
Pages 362
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The definitive guide for inventors, newly updated with the latest patenting laws, information on crowdfunding, and online resources. The path to success is clearer than it's ever been! Thanks to experienced inventor Ronald Docie, the process of commercializing your invention and receiving royalties is no longer complicated. The Inventor's Bible is an in-depth how-to manual for both beginners and skilled entrepreneurs alike that helps you develop a realistic, workable plan, research your market, target potential business partners, and strike a good deal for your inventions. It tackles vital concerns, such as: What is my invention worth? What steps should I take first? Is free government help available? Who can I trust, and how can I keep from getting ripped off? Revised to reflect recent changes and innovations, this fourth edition includes: * Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing * Open Innovation * Free Patenting Help * New U.S. Patent Laws * America Invents Act * Online Help for Inventors Features the PATENT AND NEW PRODUCT MARKETING WORKBOOK that takes you step-by-step through: * Patenting * Selecting Manufacturers * Finding the Best Markets * Developing a Strategy * Presenting Your Invention to Companies * Negotiating the Best Deal With The Inventor's Bible, your dream can become the world's next great invention.

Patent Pending in 24 Hours

Patent Pending in 24 Hours Author Richard Stim
ISBN-10 9781413322026
Release 2015-11-10
Pages 442
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Everything you need to protect your invention now The provisional patent application (PPA) is a quick, inexpensive and legal way to claim your invention—and buy yourself time to determine whether it’s worthwhile to pursue a regular patent. Learn how to: conduct a patent search online complete all the necessary forms evaluate potential hurdles prepare informal drawings file your application, and file a new PPA to reflect modifications. The book also includes important legal forms to help you preserve your rights when showing or selling your invention: nondisclosure agreement patent assignment prototype-maker agreement joint-ownership agreement The 7th edition incorporates changes from the “America Invents Act,” as well as recent revisions to patent rules and regulations. Thousands of people have used Patent Pending in 24 Hours successfully. You can, too!

Idea to Invention

Idea to Invention Author Patricia Nolan-Brown
ISBN-10 9780814432952
Release 2014-01-09
Pages 272
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You don't have to be a mechanical genius to be an inventor. Anyone can invent-a parent wrestling with a baby sling . . . a coach frustrated with slick-soled running shoes . . . an office worker determined to keep the computer cords untangled. Inventing is simply finding clever solutions to everyday challenges. Author and inventor Patricia Nolan-Brown has turned common annoyances into ingenious and money-making products. She shares the tricks of her trade in Idea to Invention, a practical guide that helps ordinary people look at their world with the eyes of an inventor. Readers will learn six simple steps to invention-and discover: * How they rate on six crucial personality traits * Creativity habits that spark invention * The power of tape-and-paper prototypes to refine their vision * How to navigate the ins and outs of licensing and patenting their product * The pros and cons of finding a licensed manufacturer vs. running a home-based assembly line * How to promote their invention-from perfecting the pitch and finding store buyers to trade-show shortcuts and strategies for creating buzz online * Product enhancements that add years to shelf life From initial concept to thriving business, this handy guide simplifies the invention process and gives creative thinkers the competitive edge they need to achieve success.

Learn from the Past Create the Future

Learn from the Past  Create the Future Author
ISBN-10 9789280514315
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 70
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"Inventions and Patents" is the first of WIPO's Learn from the past, create the future series of publications aimed at young students. This series was launched in recognition of the importance of children and young adults as the creators of our future.

The inventor s guide

The inventor s guide Author David Newton
ISBN-10 0566079941
Release 1997-11
Pages 265
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The inventor s guide has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The inventor s guide also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The inventor s guide book for free.

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics Author
Release 1957-02
Pages 326
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Popular Mechanics inspires, instructs and influences readers to help them master the modern world. Whether it’s practical DIY home-improvement tips, gadgets and digital technology, information on the newest cars or the latest breakthroughs in science -- PM is the ultimate guide to our high-tech lifestyle.

Your Complete Guide to Making Millions with Your Simple Idea Or Invention

Your Complete Guide to Making Millions with Your Simple Idea Or Invention Author Janessa Castle
ISBN-10 9781601381453
Release 2010-12-30
Pages 288
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This book offers an introduction of how to protect your idea written in layman's terms; is written for inventors, not attorneys, and for those who want to save thousands on legal fees protecting their ideas and inventions; and explains everything you need to know, from the initial patent search and licensing your idea to filing a successful and financially lucrative application.