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Psychiatric Consultation in Long Term Care

Psychiatric Consultation in Long Term Care Author Abhilash Desai
ISBN-10 9781316738290
Release 2017-08-11
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Building on the first edition, Psychiatric Consultation in Long-Term Care has been fully revised and updated, integrating DSM-5 classification throughout. It delivers an essential resource for psychiatrists, neurologists, geriatricians, palliative care physicians, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and physician assistants involved in prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and management of neuropsychiatric disorders in long-term care (LTC) populations, as well as for nurses, social workers, and other professionals involved in important day-to-day care. The book provides comprehensive descriptions of practical, strengths-based, individualized, psychosocial, spiritual, and environmental approaches, and high-quality mental healthcare utilizing pharmacological interventions when appropriate to improve the emotional and spiritual well-being of LTC residents. It details key elements in creating genuine person-centered long-term care: the reduction of inappropriate medications and counter-therapeutic staff approaches, treating serious psychiatric disorders with evidence-based interventions, and a road-map for owners and administrators of LTC facilities.

Vulnerable Populations in the Long Term Care Continuum

Vulnerable Populations in the Long Term Care Continuum Author Paul R. Katz, MD
ISBN-10 0826168345
Release 2003-11-17
Pages 158
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Since publication of the last series volume focusing on emerging systems, long term care has continued to evolve. This present volume brings to the forefront issues related to populations of varying age groups that have been neglected or under-reported. The chapters focus on populations or groups of professionals that are integral to long term care as recipients of services or as care providers. The authors present evidence to foster the creation of new paradigms of care and inform policy makers of the need for innovation. Topics examined include: Pediatric Skilled Nursing Facilities Mental Health Services Management of AIDS Patients Chronic Illness and Disability in the Prison Setting Sexuality in long Term Care Decision Making for Vulnerable Populations in the Nursing Home

Geropsychology and Long Term Care

Geropsychology and Long Term Care Author Erlene Rosowsky
ISBN-10 0387726489
Release 2010-01-23
Pages 158
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It is with great pride that the Psychologists in Long Term Care (PLTC) have sponsored The Professional Educational Long-Term Care Training Manual, and now its second iteration, Geropsychology and Long Term Care: A Practitioner’s Guide. Education of psychologists working in long-term care settings is consistent with PLTC’s mission to assure the provision of high-quality psychological services for a neglected sector of the population, i.e., residents in nursing homes and assisted-living communities. To this end, direct training of generalist psychologists in the nuances of psychological care delivery in long-term care settings has been a major priority. It is a tribute to the accelerating nature of research in long-term care settings that a revision is now necessary. After all, the Professional Educational Training Manual’s initial publication date was only in 2001. However, in the intervening years, much progress has been made in addressing assessment and intervention strategies tailored to the needs of this frail but quite diverse population. It is so gratifying to be able to say that there is now a corpus of scientific knowledge to guide long-term care service delivery in long-term care settings.

Physician Staffing for the Va

Physician Staffing for the Va Author Bobbie J. Alexander
ISBN-10 0309045495
Release 1991-08-01
Pages 432
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Physician Staffing for the Va has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Physician Staffing for the Va also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Physician Staffing for the Va book for free.

Behavioral Consultation and Primary Care

Behavioral Consultation and Primary Care Author Patricia J. Robinson
ISBN-10 9783319139548
Release 2015-10-20
Pages 347
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“In this 2nd edition, Robinson and Reiter give us an updated blueprint for full integration of behavioral health and primary care in practice. They review the compelling rationale, but their real contribution is telling us exactly HOW to think about it and how to do it. This latest book is a must for anyone interested in population health and the nuts and bolts of full integration through using the Primary Care Behavioral Health Consultation model.” Susan H McDaniel Ph.D., 2016 President, American Psychological Association Professor, University of Rochester Medical Center The best-selling guide to integrating behavioral health services into primary care is now updated, expanded and better than ever! Integration is exploding in growth, and it is moving inexorably toward the model outlined here. To keep pace, this revised text is a must for primary care clinicians and administrators. It is also essential reading for graduate classes in a variety of disciplines, including social work, psychology, and medicine. This updated edition includes: · A refined presentation of the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model · The latest terms, trends and innovations in primary care · Comprehensive strategies and resource lists for hiring and training new Behavioral Health Consultants (BHC) · Step-by-step guidance for implementing the PCBH model · A plethora of evolved practice tools, including new Core Competency Tools for BHCs and primary care providers · Sample interventions for behaviorally influenced problems · The use of “Third Wave” behavior therapies in primary care · Detailed program evaluation instructions and tools · The latest on financing integrated care · An entire chapter on understanding and addressing the prescription drug abuse epidemic · Experienced guidance on ethical issues in the PCBH model · Improved patient education handouts With all of the changes in health care, the potential for the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model to improve primary care—and the health of the population—is greater than ever. This book should be the first read for anyone interested in realizing the potential of integration.

Clinical Manual of Palliative Care Psychiatry

Clinical Manual of Palliative Care Psychiatry Author Nathan Fairman
ISBN-10 9781615370610
Release 2016-03-10
Pages 297
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In recent years, palliative care has emerged as the leading model of person-centered care focused on preserving quality of life and alleviating distress for people and families experiencing serious and life-limiting medical illness. Alongside this development has come a growing recognition of the need for expertise in psychiatric diagnosis, psychopharmacology, and psychotherapy within the interdisciplinary team of specialists tasked with identifying and addressing the varied sources of suffering in patients with advanced medical illnesses. The Clinical Manual of Palliative Care Psychiatry was written to motivate and guide readers -- whether mental health clinicians or palliative care providers -- to deepen their understanding of the psychosocial dimensions of suffering for the benefit of seriously ill patients and the support of their families. Great care has been exercised in the choice of topics and features: Chapter content emphasizes practical aspects of assessment and management that are unique to the palliative care setting, ensuring that clinicians are equipped to address the most common challenges they are likely to face. Each chapter ends with a list of supplemental materials -- including key publications (e.g., "Fast Facts" from the Center to Advance Palliative Care) and links to relevant modules from the Education in Palliative and End-of-Life Care curriculum (e.g., EPEC for Oncology) -- aimed at extending and enhancing reader knowledge of the topics covered. The authors provide thorough coverage of medication use, including off-label applications, which are common in palliative care. A wealth of tables and figures present clinically relevant information in a concise and easy-to-grasp manner. Practical and brimming with essential information and useful techniques, the Clinical Manual of Palliative Care Psychiatry empowers both mental health clinicians and palliative care practitioners to more skillfully respond to psychosocial suffering in seriously ill and dying patients.

Integrated Textbook of Geriatric Mental Health

Integrated Textbook of Geriatric Mental Health Author Donna Cohen
ISBN-10 9781421405452
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 344
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From this broader perspective, the authors describe the many factors that influence the lives, health, and well-being of older patients and their caregivers, making this an ideal text for psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and social workers.

Building The Best Training Program Your One Stop Learning Resource

Building The Best Training Program  Your One Stop Learning Resource Author Carol Marshall, Ma
ISBN-10 9781556452277
Release 2014-10-24
Pages 272
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Save nursing home staff time and improve the documentation accuracy of every department in your long-term care facility. "100 Essential Forms for Long-Term Care" provides convenient access to a compilation of essential long-term care forms that offer easy-to-understand descriptions of implementation processes and timing, and can be used as-is or customized to meet the particular needs of nursing home staff. The updated content found in this new edition will help long-term care facilities stay compliant with recent regulatory changes and ensure quality resident care is always provided. This valuable resource contains 100 of the most commonly utilized forms in long-term care facilities, including: Clinical assessment forms Survey readiness assessments Documentation forms MDS tools Regulatory forms Accountability reports Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) forms This comprehensive book will help long-term care providers: Gain immediate access to the most essential, commonly used long-term care forms Enhance the efficiency of staff procedures Improve documentation accuracy Address documentation needs and concerns for every department Table of Contents: Section 1: Audit Forms Section 2: Documentation Forms Section 3: Accountability Reports Section 4: Regulatory Forms Section 5: Performance Improvement Forms Section 6: Credentialing Forms Section 7: Financial Forms

Textbook of Disaster Psychiatry

Textbook of Disaster Psychiatry Author Robert J. Ursano
ISBN-10 9781107138490
Release 2017-05-23
Pages 364
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This book presents a decade of advances in the psychological, biological and social responses to disasters, helping medics and leaders prepare and react.

Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Author Peter Roger Breggin
ISBN-10 9780826108432
Release 2012-07-19
Pages 310
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Practical Psychiatry in the Long Term Care Home

Practical Psychiatry in the Long Term Care Home Author David K Conn
ISBN-10 9781616763411
Release 2007-05
Pages 341
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This is a practical book, aimed at providing training and guidance for staff members in long-term care facilities. The goal is to help staff understand and solve the wide range of psychiatric and behavioral problems which are encountered on a day-to-day basis. Numerous clinical illustrations are presented. This material is invaluable for all team members: nurses, physicians, social workers, psychologists and occupational therapists. It is especially helpful for frontline health aids who work most closely with the residents, and for supervisors and administrators. As a result, it also serves as a useful tool for teaching students. The emphasis is on training all members of the staff to provide the highest quality of care, in the most cost-effective and productive manner. The authors have worked together for many years at the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, a large university affiliated, multilevel geriatric center, which has an international reputation for its excellence in the care of the elderly.

Helping Kids in Crisis

Helping Kids in Crisis Author Fadi Haddad
ISBN-10 9781585625475
Release 2015-04-01
Pages 227
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Helping Kids in Crisis: Managing Psychiatric Emergencies in Children and Adolescents provides expert guidance to practitioners responding to high-stakes situations, such as children considering or attempting suicide, cutting or injuring themselves purposely, and becoming aggressive or violently destructive. Children experiencing behavioral crises frequently reach critical states in venues that were not designed to respond to or support them -- in school, for example, or at home among their highly stressed and confused families. Professionals who provide services to these children must be able to quickly determine threats to safety and initiate interventions to deescalate behaviors, often with limited resources. The editors and authors have extensive experience at one of the busiest and best regional referral centers for children with psychiatric emergencies, and have deftly translated their expertise into this symptom-based guide to help non-psychiatric clinicians more effectively and compassionately care for this challenging population. The book is designed for ease of use and its structure and features are helpful and supportive: The book is written for practitioners in hospital or community-based settings, including physicians in training, pediatricians who work in office-based or emergency settings, psychologists, social workers, school psychologists, guidance counselors, and school nurses -- professionals for whom child psychiatric resources are few. Clear risk and diagnostic assessment tools allow clinicians working in settings without access to child mental health professionals to think like trained emergency room child psychiatrists--from evaluation to treatment. The content is symptom-focused, enabling readers to swiftly identify the appropriate chapter, with decision trees and easy-to-read tables to use for quick de-escalation and risk assessment. A guide to navigating the educational system, child welfare system, and other systems of care helps clinicians to identify and overcome systems-level barriers to obtain necessary treatment for their patients. Finally, the book provides an extensive review of successful models of emergency psychiatric care from across the country to assist clinicians and hospital administrators in program design. An abundance of case examples of common emergency symptoms or behaviors provides professionals with critical, concrete tools for diagnostic evaluation, risk assessment, decision making, de-escalation, and safety planning. Helping Kids in Crisis: Managing Psychiatric Emergencies in Children and Adolescents is a vital resource for clinicians facing high-risk challenges on the front lines to help them intervene effectively, relieve suffering, and keep their young patients safe.

Improving the Quality of Health Care for Mental and Substance Use Conditions

Improving the Quality of Health Care for Mental and Substance Use Conditions Author Institute of Medicine
ISBN-10 0309133661
Release 2006-03-29
Pages 528
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Each year, more than 33 million Americans receive health care for mental or substance-use conditions, or both. Together, mental and substance-use illnesses are the leading cause of death and disability for women, the highest for men ages 15-44, and the second highest for all men. Effective treatments exist, but services are frequently fragmented and, as with general health care, there are barriers that prevent many from receiving these treatments as designed or at all. The consequences of this are seriousâ€"for these individuals and their families; their employers and the workforce; for the nation’s economy; as well as the education, welfare, and justice systems. Improving the Quality of Health Care for Mental and Substance-Use Conditions examines the distinctive characteristics of health care for mental and substance-use conditions, including payment, benefit coverage, and regulatory issues, as well as health care organization and delivery issues. This new volume in the Quality Chasm series puts forth an agenda for improving the quality of this care based on this analysis. Patients and their families, primary health care providers, specialty mental health and substance-use treatment providers, health care organizations, health plans, purchasers of group health care, and all involved in health care for mental and substanceâ€"use conditions will benefit from this guide to achieving better care.

Big Book of Emergency Department Psychiatry

Big Book of Emergency Department Psychiatry Author Yener Balan
ISBN-10 9781351984188
Release 2017-09-18
Pages 354
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This book focuses on the operational and clinical strategies needed to improve care of Emergency Psychiatric patients. Boarding of psychiatric patients in ED’s is recognized as a national crisis. The American College of Emergency Physicians identified strategies to decrease boarding of psychiatric patients as one of their top strategic goals. Currently, there are books on clinical care of psychiatric patients, but this is the first book that looks at both the clinical and operational aspects of caring for these patients in ED setting. This book discusses Lean methodology, the impact of long stay patients using queuing methodology, clinical guidelines and active treatment of psychiatric patients in the ED.

Effective Management of Long Term Care Facilities

Effective Management of Long Term Care Facilities Author Associate Professor of Management School of Business and Economics Indiana University at South Bend Douglas A Singh
ISBN-10 9780763795498
Release 2010-02-18
Pages 652
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Effective Management of Long-Term Care Facilities explores the complex operations of the long-term care facility and offers critical skills to current and future nursing home administrators for delivering quality, cost-effective services. The Second Edition has been thoroughly revised and reorganized to offer a more cohesive presentation of the material, as well as new, in-depth information on licensing and important skills for becoming a nursing home administrator.Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump Author Bandy X. Lee
ISBN-10 9781250179456
Release 2017-10-03
Pages 384
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Explores the consensus of more than two dozen psychiatrists and psychologists that President Donald Trump is dangerously mentally ill and that he presents a clear and present danger to the nation. --Publisher

I Hate You Don t Leave Me

I Hate You   Don t Leave Me Author Jerold Jay Kreisman
ISBN-10 9780399536212
Release 2010
Pages 271
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Revised and updated, the classic guide to understanding borderline personality disorder includes the latest research on the neurobiological, genetic and developmental roots of the disorder as well as connections with substance abuse, PTSD, ADHD and eating disorders. Original.