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Pterosaur Trouble

Pterosaur Trouble Author Daniel Loxton
ISBN-10 9781554536320
Release 2013
Pages 32
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A flying Quetzalcoatlus, stopping at a stream for breakfast, is attacked by small feathered dinosaurs.

Plesiosaur Peril

Plesiosaur Peril Author Daniel Loxton
ISBN-10 9781771382984
Release 2014-03-01
Pages 32
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A group of plesiosaurs _ ocean-dwelling cousins of the dinosaurs _ keeps safe by swimming in a family pod. But then one baby plesiosaur swims too far from its mother and attracts the attention of something very large and very hungry, and the struggle for survival is on. A unique blend of digital artwork and landscape photography illustrates this thrilling encounter.


Pterosaurs Author Mark P. Witton
ISBN-10 9781400847655
Release 2013-06-23
Pages 304
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For 150 million years, the skies didn't belong to birds--they belonged to the pterosaurs. These flying reptiles, which include the pterodactyls, shared the world with the nonavian dinosaurs until their extinction 65 million years ago. Some pterosaurs, such as the giant azhdarchids, were the largest flying animals of all time, with wingspans exceeding thirty feet and standing heights comparable to modern giraffes. This richly illustrated book takes an unprecedented look at these astonishing creatures, presenting the latest findings on their anatomy, ecology, and extinction. Pterosaurs features some 200 stunning illustrations, including original paintings by Mark Witton and photos of rarely seen fossils. After decades of mystery, paleontologists have finally begun to understand how pterosaurs are related to other reptiles, how they functioned as living animals, and, despite dwarfing all other flying animals, how they managed to become airborne. Here you can explore the fossil evidence of pterosaur behavior and ecology, learn about the skeletal and soft-tissue anatomy of pterosaurs, and consider the newest theories about their cryptic origins. This one-of-a-kind book covers the discovery history, paleobiogeography, anatomy, and behaviors of more than 130 species of pterosaur, and also discusses their demise at the end of the Mesozoic. The most comprehensive book on pterosaurs ever published Features some 200 illustrations, including original paintings by the author Covers every known species and major group of pterosaurs Describes pterosaur anatomy, ecology, behaviors, diversity, and more Encourages further study with 500 references to primary pterosaur literature

Ankylosaur Attack

Ankylosaur Attack Author Daniel Loxton
ISBN-10 9781554536313
Release 2011
Pages 32
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A young ankylosaurus meets an injured older ankylosaurus that chases him away, but when the older dinosaur is attacked by a tyrannosaurus rex, the younger ankylosaurus uses his powerful tail to help fend off the giant predator.

When Dinos Dawned Mammals Got Munched and Pterosaurs Took Flight

When Dinos Dawned  Mammals Got Munched  and Pterosaurs Took Flight Author Hannah Bonner
ISBN-10 9781426308628
Release 2012
Pages 44
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A latest entry in the series that includes When Bugs Were Big chronicles the developments of the Triassic Age, from the recovery of the planet from its worst mass extinction to the first appearance of the dinosaurs, profiling the Earth's first mammals and amphibians with whimsical, cartoon-illustrated facts.


Pterosaurs Author Caroline Arnold
ISBN-10 9781630834128
Release 2014-06-30
Pages 40
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One hundred million years ago, the skies were filled with enormous flying reptiles. With wings spans up to nearly forty feet, pterosaurs were the dominant life form on earth.

Can I Bring My Pterodactyl to School Ms Johnson

Can I Bring My Pterodactyl to School  Ms  Johnson Author Lois G. Grambling
ISBN-10 9781684446520
Release 2018-03-29
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Kids are in for Jurassic-sized laughs as they follow a boy in his quest to bring a pterodactyl to school. And not just any pterodactyl: this one wards off bullies, loves to read stories, and makes an excellent science display. Hilarious illustrations capture the madcap imagination of the determined hero and his creative pleas to his teacher.

The Flight of the Pterosaurs

The Flight of the Pterosaurs Author Keith Moseley
ISBN-10 0874746884
Release 1986
Pages 24
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Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of a variety of prehistoric flying creatures. Features pop-up and movable illustrations.

DK Prehistoric Life

DK Prehistoric Life Author DK Publishing, Inc
ISBN-10 075669910X
Release 2012
Pages 512
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Presents an introduction to prehistoric life, describing dinosaurs, plant life, and the evolutionary stages of early man, with images of fossil remains and discussions of the possible events that led to the extinction of many early life forms.

Ankylosaurus Attack

Ankylosaurus Attack Author Daniel Loxton
ISBN-10 9781771383509
Release 2011-02-01
Pages 32
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Movie-quality images and a suspenseful story will enthrall young fans of dinosaur life.

Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs Prehistoric Life

Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs   Prehistoric Life Author Kitty Blount
ISBN-10 9780756638368
Release 2008
Pages 376
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Provides in-depth entries on early Earth's climates, conditions, animal and plant life forms that flourished and floundered throughout each era, along with biographies of notable figures.

Abominable Science

Abominable Science Author Daniel Loxton
ISBN-10 9780231526814
Release 2013-08-06
Pages 432
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Throughout our history, humans have been captivated by mythic beasts and legendary creatures. Tales of Bigfoot, the Yeti, and the Loch Ness monster are part of our collective experience. Now comes a book from two dedicated investigators that explores and elucidates the fascinating world of cryptozoology. Daniel Loxton and Donald R. Prothero have written an entertaining, educational, and definitive text on cryptids, presenting the arguments both for and against their existence and systematically challenging the pseudoscience that perpetuates their myths. After examining the nature of science and pseudoscience and their relation to cryptozoology, Loxton and Prothero take on Bigfoot; the Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, and its cross-cultural incarnations; the Loch Ness monster and its highly publicized sightings; the evolution of the Great Sea Serpent; and Mokele Mbembe, or the Congo dinosaur. They conclude with an analysis of the psychology behind the persistent belief in paranormal phenomena, identifying the major players in cryptozoology, discussing the character of its subculture, and considering the challenge it poses to clear and critical thinking in our increasingly complex world.

Flying Reptiles

Flying Reptiles Author Jinny Johnson
ISBN-10 1770921621
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 24
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This book provides dinosaur lovers with an exciting look at the flying reptiles that once ruled the skies. This book examines the different types of flying reptiles from the inside out. Helpful illustrations and pronunciation guides teach young readers about these ancient creatures.


Pterosaurs Author Andre J. Veldmeijer
ISBN-10 9789088900938
Release 2012
Pages 134
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Pterosaurs or flying reptiles were the first vertebrates to evolve flight. These distant relatives of modern reptiles and dinosaurs lived from the Late Triassic (over 200 million years ago) to the end of the Cretaceous (about 65 million years ago) a span of some 135 million years. When they became extinct, no relatives survived them and as a result these prehistoric animals cannot readily be compared with our modern-day fauna. So what do we know of these highly succsessful animals? The present summary answers this and many more questions based on the most recent results of modern scientific research. After a short introduction to palaeontology as a science and its history related to pterosaurs, it explains what pterosaurs were, when and where they lived, and what they looked like. Topics such as disease, injury and reproduction are also discussed. Separated from this text are 'Mark explains' boxes. Each of these explanations puts one specific species in the spotlight and focuses on its lifestyle. They show how diverse pterosaurs were, from small insectivorous animals with a wingspan of nearly 40 centimetres to the biggest flying animals ever to take to the air, with wingspans of over 10 metres and with a way of life comparable to modern-day storks. The text is illustrated with many full colour photographs and beautiful palaeo-art prepared by experts in the field.

The Pterodactyl Cryptofiction Classics Weird Tales of Strange Creatures

The Pterodactyl  Cryptofiction Classics   Weird Tales of Strange Creatures Author Thomas Charles Sloane
ISBN-10 9781473399952
Release 2015-02-16
Pages 44
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This early work by Thomas Charles Sloane was originally published in 1907 and we are now republishing it as part of our Cryptofiction Classics series. 'The Pterodactyl' is a short story about a forgotten creature from a prehistoric age. The Cryptofiction Classics series contains a collection of wonderful stories from some of the greatest authors in the genre, including Ambrose Bierce, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Jack London. From its roots in cryptozoology, this genre features bizarre, fantastical, and often terrifying tales of mythical and legendary creatures. Whether it be giant spiders, werewolves, lake monsters, or dinosaurs, the Cryptofiction Classics series offers a fantastic introduction to the world of weird creatures in fiction.

Dinosaur Trouble

Dinosaur Trouble Author Dick King-Smith
ISBN-10 142999858X
Release 2008-03-18
Pages 128
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SOMETIMES THE MOST UNLIKELY PAIRS MAKE THE BEST OF FRIENDS. A hilarious prehistoric yarn for newly-independent readers from a master of children's animal stories. All pterodactyls know that flying dinosaurs are superior, and all apatosauruses know that any dinosaur with only two legs is surely second-class. Nosy, a pterodactyl, and Banty, an apatosaurus, become great friends even though their parents have forbidden them to play together. With Nosy's fast flying and Banty's smarts, the two take on the biggest predator on the Great Plain, and conquer their parents' prejudices in one great adventure.

Fossil Legends of the First Americans

Fossil Legends of the First Americans Author Adrienne Mayor
ISBN-10 9781400849314
Release 2013-10-24
Pages 488
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The burnt-red badlands of Montana's Hell Creek are a vast graveyard of the Cretaceous dinosaurs that lived 68 million years ago. Those hills were, much later, also home to the Sioux, the Crows, and the Blackfeet, the first people to encounter the dinosaur fossils exposed by the elements. What did Native Americans make of these stone skeletons, and how did they explain the teeth and claws of gargantuan animals no one had seen alive? Did they speculate about their deaths? Did they collect fossils? Beginning in the East, with its Ice Age monsters, and ending in the West, where dinosaurs lived and died, this richly illustrated and elegantly written book examines the discoveries of enormous bones and uses of fossils for medicine, hunting magic, and spells. Well before Columbus, Native Americans observed the mysterious petrified remains of extinct creatures and sought to understand their transformation to stone. In perceptive creation stories, they visualized the remains of extinct mammoths, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and marine creatures as Monster Bears, Giant Lizards, Thunder Birds, and Water Monsters. Their insights, some so sophisticated that they anticipate modern scientific theories, were passed down in oral histories over many centuries. Drawing on historical sources, archaeology, traditional accounts, and extensive personal interviews, Adrienne Mayor takes us from Aztec and Inca fossil tales to the traditions of the Iroquois, Navajos, Apaches, Cheyennes, and Pawnees. Fossil Legends of the First Americans represents a major step forward in our understanding of how humans made sense of fossils before evolutionary theory developed.