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Quantum Optics

Quantum Optics Author Girish S. Agarwal
ISBN-10 9781107006409
Release 2012-11-15
Pages 491
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Ideal for graduate courses on quantum optics, this textbook provides an up-to-date account of the basic principles and applications. It features end-of-chapter exercises with solutions available for instructors at It is invaluable to both graduate students and researchers in physics and photonics, quantum information science and quantum communications.

Quantum Optics

Quantum Optics Author Marlan O. Scully
ISBN-10 0521435951
Release 1997-09-04
Pages 630
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An in-depth and wide-ranging introduction to the field of quantum optics.

Quantum Optics An Introduction

Quantum Optics   An Introduction Author Mark Fox
ISBN-10 0198566735
Release 2006-04-27
Pages 396
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Quantum Optics An Introduction has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Quantum Optics An Introduction also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Quantum Optics An Introduction book for free.

Quantum Optics

Quantum Optics Author Miguel Orszag
ISBN-10 9783319290379
Release 2016-04-18
Pages 485
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This new edition gives a unique and broad coverage of basic laser-related phenomena that allow graduate students, scientists and engineers to carry out research in quantum optics and laser physics. It covers quantization of the electromagnetic field, quantum theory of coherence, atom-field interaction models, resonance fluorescence, quantum theory of damping, laser theory using both the master equation and the Langevin theory, the correlated emission laser, input-output theory with applications to non-linear optics, quantum trajectories, quantum non-demolition measurements and generation of non-classical vibrational states of ions in a Paul trap. In this third edition, there is an enlarged chapter on trapped ions, as well as new sections on quantum computing and quantum bits with applications. There is also additional material included for quantum processing and entanglement. These topics are presented in a unified and didactic manner, each chapter is accompanied by specific problems and hints to solutions to deepen the knowledge.

Quantum Optics

Quantum Optics Author D.F. Walls
ISBN-10 9783642795046
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 351
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Quantum Optics gives a comprehensive coverage of developments in quantum optics over the past twenty years. In the early chapters the formalism of quantum optics is elucidated and the main techniques are introduced. These are applied in the later chapters to problems such as squeezed states of light, resonance fluorescence, laser theory, quantum theory of four-wave mixing, quantum non-demolition measurements, Bell's inequalities, and atom optics. Experimental results are used to illustrate the theory throughout. This yields the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of experiment and theory in quantum optics in any textbook.

Introductory Quantum Optics

Introductory Quantum Optics Author Christopher Gerry
ISBN-10 052152735X
Release 2005
Pages 317
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This book provides an elementary introduction to the subject of quantum optics, the study of the quantum mechanical nature of light and its interaction with matter. The presentation is almost entirely concerned with the quantized electromagnetic field. Topics covered include single-mode field quantization in a cavity, quantization of multimode fields, quantum phase, coherent states, quasi-probability distribution in phase space, atom-field interactions, the Jaynes-Cummings model, quantum coherence theory, beam splitters and interferometers, dissipative interactions, nonclassical field states with squeezing etc., 'Schrödinger cat' states, tests of local realism with entangled photons from down-conversion, experimental realizations of cavity quantum electrodynamics, trapped ions, decoherence, and some applications to quantum information processing, particularly quantum cryptography. The book contains many homework problems and an extensive bibliography. This text is designed for upper-level undergraduates taking courses in quantum optics who have already taken a course in quantum mechanics, and for first and second year graduate students.

Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics

Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics Author Leonard Mandel
ISBN-10 0521417112
Release 1995-09-29
Pages 1166
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This book presents a systematic account of optical coherence theory within the framework of classical optics, as applied to such topics as radiation from sources of different states of coherence, foundations of radiometry, effects of source coherence on the spectra of radiated fields, coherence theory of laser modes, and scattering of partially coherent light by random media.

Elements of Quantum Optics

Elements of Quantum Optics Author Pierre Meystre
ISBN-10 9783540742111
Release 2007-09-04
Pages 507
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With a new chapter on quantum entanglement and quantum information, as well as added discussions of the quantum beam splitter, electromagnetically induced transparency, slow light and the input-output formalism, this fourth edition of the brilliant work on quantum optics has been much updated. It still gives a self-contained and broad coverage of the basic elements necessary to understand and carry out research in laser physics and quantum optics, including a review of basic quantum mechanics and pedagogical introductions to system-reservoir interactions and to second quantization. The text reveals the close connection between many seemingly unrelated topics, such as probe absorption, four-wave mixing, optical instabilities, resonance fluorescence and squeezing.

Fundamentals of Quantum Optics

Fundamentals of Quantum Optics Author John R. Klauder
ISBN-10 9780486450087
Release 2006
Pages 279
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This graduate-level text surveys the fundamentals of quantum optics, including the quantum theory of partial coherence and the nature of the relations between classical and quantum theories of coherence.1968 edition.

Introduction to Quantum Optics

Introduction to Quantum Optics Author Gilbert Grynberg
ISBN-10 9781139490849
Release 2010-09-02
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Covering a number of important subjects in quantum optics, this textbook is an excellent introduction for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students, familiarizing readers with the basic concepts and formalism as well as the most recent advances. The first part of the textbook covers the semi-classical approach where matter is quantized, but light is not. It describes significant phenomena in quantum optics, including the principles of lasers. The second part is devoted to the full quantum description of light and its interaction with matter, covering topics such as spontaneous emission, and classical and non-classical states of light. An overview of photon entanglement and applications to quantum information is also given. In the third part, non-linear optics and laser cooling of atoms are presented, where using both approaches allows for a comprehensive description. Each chapter describes basic concepts in detail, and more specific concepts and phenomena are presented in 'complements'.

Statistical Methods in Quantum Optics 2

Statistical Methods in Quantum Optics 2 Author Howard J. Carmichael
ISBN-10 9783540713203
Release 2009-04-25
Pages 542
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This second volume of Howard Carmichael’s work continues the development of the methods used in quantum optics to treat open quantum systems and their fluctuations. Its early chapters build upon the phase-space methods introduced in Volume 1. Written on a level suitable for debut researchers or students in an advanced course in quantum optics, or a course in quantum mechanics or statistical physics that deals with open quantum systems.

Directions in Quantum Optics

Directions in Quantum Optics Author H.J. Carmichael
ISBN-10 9783540408949
Release 2008-01-11
Pages 372
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This collection of papers written by leading researchers reflects the forefront of research in the dynamic field of quantum optics. Topics covered include BEC, atomic optics, quantum information, cavity QED and quantum noise processes. This volume forms an indispensable reference source for all those who want to keep up with the latest developments in this area.

Quantum Optics

Quantum Optics Author John Garrison
ISBN-10 0199689997
Release 2014-02
Pages 736
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This book develops the theoretical and experimental basis of quantum optics, i.e. the interaction of individual particles of light (photons) with matter, starting from elementary quantum theory. The self-contained exposition will be useful to graduate and senior undergraduate students in physics, engineering, chemistry. r s

Quantum Optics for Beginners

Quantum Optics for Beginners Author Zbigniew Ficek
ISBN-10 9789814411769
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 350
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Atomic correlations have been studied in physics for over 50 years and known as collective effects until recently when they came to be recognized as a source of entanglement. This is the first book that contains detailed and comprehensive analysis of two currently extensively studied subjects of atomic and quantum physics—atomic correlations and their relations to entanglement between atoms or atomic systems—along with the newest developments in these fields. This book assembles accounts of many phenomena related to or resulting from atomic correlations. The essential language of the book is in terms of density matrices and master equations that provide detailed theoretical treatments and experimental analysis of phenomena such as entanglement between atoms, spontaneously or externally induced atomic coherence, engineering of atomic correlations, storage and controlled transfer of correlations, and dynamics of correlated systems.

Quantum Optics

Quantum Optics Author Anthony Mark Fox
ISBN-10 9780198566724
Release 2006-04-27
Pages 378
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Written primarily for advanced undergraduate and masters level students in physics, this text includes a broad range of topics in applied quantum optics such as laser cooling, Bose-Einstein condensation and quantum information processing.

Quantum Optics for Experimentalists

Quantum Optics for Experimentalists Author Zheyu Jeff Ou
ISBN-10 9789813220225
Release 2017-05-30
Pages 432
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This book on quantum optics is from the point of view of an experimentalist. It approaches the theory of quantum optics with the language of optical modes of classical wave theory, with which experimentalists are most familiar. This approach makes the transition easy from classical optics to quantum optics. The emphasis on the multimode description of an optical system is more realistic than in most quantum optics textbooks. After the theoretical part, the book goes directly to the two most basic experimental techniques in quantum optics and establishes the connection between the experiments and the theory. The applications include some key quantum optics experiments, and a few more current interests that deal with quantum correlation and entanglement, quantum noise in phase measurement and amplification, and quantum state measurement. Request Inspection Copy Contents: Theoretical Foundations of Quantum Optics:Historical Development of Quantum Optics and A Brief IntroductionMode Theory of Optical Fields and Their QuantizationQuantum States of Single-Mode FieldsQuantum States of Multi-Mode FieldsTheory of Photo-detection and Quantum Theory of CoherenceGeneration and Transformation of Quantum StatesExperimental Techniques in Quantum Optics and Their Applications:Experimental Techniques of Quantum Optics I: Photon Counting TechniqueApplications of Photon Counting Techniques: Multi-Photon Interference and EntanglementExperimental Techniques of Quantum Optics II: Detection of Continuous Photo-CurrentsApplications of Homodyne Detection Technique: Quantum Measurement of Continuous VariablesQuantum Noise in Phase MeasurementAppendices:Derivation of an Explicit Expression for Û of a Lossless Beam SplitterEvaluation of the Two Sums in Eq. (8.100) Readership: Advanced undergraduates, graduate students and researchers in quantum optics.

Quantum Optics in Phase Space

Quantum Optics in Phase Space Author Wolfgang P. Schleich
ISBN-10 9783527802555
Release 2015-12-11
Pages 716
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Quantum Optics in Phase Space provides a concise introduction to the rapidly moving field of quantum optics from the point of view of phase space. Modern in style and didactically skillful, Quantum Optics in Phase Space prepares students for their own research by presenting detailed derivations, many illustrations and a large set of workable problems at the end of each chapter. Often, the theoretical treatments are accompanied by the corresponding experiments. An exhaustive list of references provides a guide to the literature. Quantum Optics in Phase Space also serves advanced researchers as a comprehensive reference book. Starting with an extensive review of the experiments that define quantum optics and a brief summary of the foundations of quantum mechanics the author Wolfgang P. Schleich illustrates the properties of quantum states with the help of the Wigner phase space distribution function. His description of waves ala WKB connects semi-classical phase space with the Berry phase. These semi-classical techniques provide deeper insight into the timely topics of wave packet dynamics, fractional revivals and the Talbot effect. Whereas the first half of the book deals with mechanical oscillators such as ions in a trap or atoms in a standing wave the second half addresses problems where the quantization of the radiation field is of importance. Such topics extensively discussed include optical interferometry, the atom-field interaction, quantum state preparation and measurement, entanglement, decoherence, the one-atom maser and atom optics in quantized light fields. Quantum Optics in Phase Space presents the subject of quantum optics as transparently as possible. Giving wide-ranging references, it enables students to study and solve problems with modern scientific literature. The result is a remarkably concise yet comprehensive and accessible text- and reference book - an inspiring source of information and insight for students, teachers and researchers alike.